How To Choose The Right Pizza Pan

With so many different pizza pan options available, how do you know what type of pizza pan to use to get that delicious crispy crust you want? Or that soft, doughy crust you’ve been trying to make? The tips below will help you make the perfect pizza pan choice for whatever type of pizza you want to make in your restaurant, pizzeria, or home!

Pizza Pans

American Metalcraft CTP16 16 inch Coupe Pizza Pan - Standard Weight Aluminum

Pizza pans are great for fast-paced restaurants and pizzerias, since your pizzas can be both baked and served on the same pan. They can be used in any type of oven and are available solid, with perforations, or with nibs. A solid pizza pan will give you a very chewy, doughy crust, but will take longer to bake since the heat has to go through the pan's solid surface. A pizza pan with nibs will give you a crispier crust, since the nibs create spaces between the pan and dough for hot air to pass through.When using a perforated pizza pan, heat can hit the crust directly so the pizza will bake much faster, giving you an even crispier crust. Perforated pizza pans also help keep your crust from getting soggy after baking if you do not serve the pizza right away. For delicious deep dish pizzas, you can use any of our deep dish pizza pans. All of these pans are ideal for sit-down pizzerias and restaurants since you can serve your pizzas to your customers fresh and hot from the oven!

Pizza Screens

16 inch Aluminum Pizza Screen

Unlike pizza pans, pizza screens have a mesh-like construction so heat can easily transfer through the pan to your crust. This helps the pizza bake much faster and gives you a delicious crispy crust, making them great for fast delivery pizzas. Whereas screens are great for baking thin-crust pizzas in your restaurant as well, they do not work as well as a serving tray. You would have to transfer your pizza to another tray to serve to your customers or place it right into a delivery box. For restaurants serving pizza by the slice, these pans are great for displaying your pizza and keeping your crust from getting soggy!

Pizza Stones

American Metalcraft STONE15 15 inch Round Ceramic Pizza Baking Stone

Pizza stones will help you make a fresh, delicious pizza in any type of standard oven in your commercial kitchen or home! They are made from either an unglazed earth stone or terra cotta, which makes them great for making brick or deck oven pizzas. However, pizza stones need to be preheated in the oven, otherwise the high oven temperatures can crack the stone.

Pizza CAR Pans

American Metalcraft CAR12 12 inch CAR Pizza Pan

Pizza CAR Pans have a similar design to normal pizza pans but have a sharp edge. The pans are designed with this edge so your rolled or sheeted dough can be placed over the pan and excess dough can be easily cut off with a rolling pin or pie roller. This gives you a perfect, evenly rolled crust for an evenly baked pizza. Pizza CAR pans are available solid, with perforations, super perforations, or nibs for whatever type of crust you wish to bake.

Some extra tips...

  • It takes longer for heat to pass through solid and thicker pans. This means your pizza dough will bake slower, giving you a chewy, doughy crust.
  • Pizza pans with wider rims make your pizza easier to handle and serve after being baked.
  • The bigger the perforations, the more hot air directly hitting your crust. This means a crispier crust and a faster baking time.
  • Dark pans absorb heat while silver pans reflect heat. Therefore, silver pans slightly slow down baking. Both types of pans are great for pizzas, the choice between the two is simply a matter of preference.
  • Deep dish pizza pans help you make soft, doughy crust, which also makes these pans great for baking bread and cakes.
  • Coupe pizza pans are standard pizza pans with a slightly curved rim that makes them great for baking and serving thin crust pizzas.
  • Check out all of our pizza pan options and start baking your delicious pizzas now!

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