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Shippensburg University grads play critical roles in maintaining the exciting, energetic, and productive work environment here at WebstaurantStore. Many Shippensburg University grads hold prominent leadership positions that provide the drive, direction, and results that contribute to our rapid growth. In addition to all their hard work, they also have a lot of fun working at WebstaurantStore! Check out some of the bios below to meet a few of our Shippensburg University grads!

Alexa Site Maintenance

Given me the opportunity to learn so much about not only the business world but also myself...

While attending Shippensburg I was hired as an intern Photo Editor for the summer. Being journalism major I wasn't sure what to expect. I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere. I found everyone to be very professional but also extremely friendly. It didn't take long for me to feel like I fit in here. This gave me the drive to work hard and do my very best at my job, which by the end of the summer got me a full-time position here at the WebstaurantStore.

The WebstaurantStore has given me the opportunity to learn so much about not only the business world but also myself. I have learned new ways to communicate effectively with people who have different personalities and skills to be better at my job every day. The management at the WebstaurantStore enables their employees to find a position that works best for them and not only listens to their goals but works hard to help them achieve those goals. Working here has helped me understand the advice my Dad gave me during college: 'all that matters is that you love what you do.'

Jackie Quality Assurance

You don't just come to work to do your job, you come to make a difference...

I graduated from Shippensburg University in 2015 and started working at WebstaurantStore in 2017. Having majored in Human Resource Management, I was in search of a career where I could work with people every day and really make a difference. I found the Customer Solutions Specialist position and immediately fell in love. At WebstaurantStore, you are so much more than your role. They give you the autonomy to make decisions and guide your career in the way that works best for you. You are encouraged to take your role and really shape it to your ideals and make it your own.

I come to work each day excited for what the day holds. You don't just come to work to do your job, you come to make a difference and have fun while you're doing it! Our company offers activities and events throughout the year from birthday lunches to food trucks, and getting to work with the products we sell first hand in our test kitchen. Coming from Shippensburg University, where the campus culture is lively and energetic, WebstaurantStore is the prefect translation in the work place environment. Coworkers quickly become your friends and you feel that the company really invests in you as an individual. I feel incredibly lucky to have found a home here at WebstaurantStore!

Tim Ecommerce Risk & Payments Manager

There is nothing more rewarding and motivating than working for a company that rewards and recognizes hard work...

After graduation from Shippensburg in 2013 with a criminal justice degree, I was hired at WebstaurantStore as a Logistics Liaison. After working hard and showing the desire to learn and grow, I was offered the opportunity to help our website fight the growing issue of online fraud. I was grateful for the opportunity to put my degree to use and become the company's first Ecommerce Risk Consultant. The problem solving approach that Shippensburg demanded for a degree in my major helped me immensely in my new role. My job requires WebstaurantStore to have a lot of faith and trust in me and I love earning that trust every day.

There is nothing more rewarding and motivating than working for a company that rewards and recognizes hard work. I always dreaded working for a company where you were just a number and not given opportunities to make a difference. WebstaurantStore is the furthest thing from that. They actually encourage you to create your own future with the company. The combination of innovative thinking, fast paced work environment, and a laid back atmosphere make WebstaurantStore an awesome place to work.


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