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Florida State University grads play critical roles in maintaining the exciting, energetic, and productive work environment here at WebstaurantStore. Many Florida State University grads hold prominent leadership positions that provide the drive, direction, and results that contribute to our rapid growth. In addition to all their hard work, they also have a lot of fun working at WebstaurantStore! Check out some of the bios below to meet a few of our Florida State University grads!

Will Jr. Technical Business Analyst

It's refreshing to work at a company that values ideas and substance instead of just tenure when it comes to ideas and promotions...

I graduated from Florida State in 2014 and started working at WebstaurantStore in 2018. I worked in technology for several years after college but wanted something more than just sitting in a cubicle all day. After searching for a new job for what seemed like forever, I opened the newspaper one day to see that WebstaurantStore was opening an office here in Tampa. I applied for a position in logistics and to my surprise, I got an interview and eventually was hired.

It's refreshing to work at a company that values ideas and substance instead of just tenure when it comes to ideas and promotions. I don't feel like just another person while at work, but rather someone who is listened too and is able to provide a meaningful impact to not only myself but also my co-workers. My favorite thing about working at WebstaurantStore is that when I ask a question about why something is done a certain way, the answer is never "that's how we have always done it." There is always a logical reason for the way something is done.

Jonathan Software Engineer

Our office environment is fun and everyone is incredibly friendly and always willing to help...

After graduating from Florida State University in December of 2018 I was excited but nervous to start my career as a Software Engineer. When interviewing at WebstaurantStore something just felt different than when interviewing at other companies. I felt very comfortable during the interview - which was unusual as far as interviews go for me. When I learned that they had extended a job offer I was super excited to accept it. After being with WebstaurantStore for the past three months, I know I've found the right company for me.

Since being hired I have grown and learned more than I think I ever have before. Coming into the Software Engineering industry, I knew I was going to learn a lot - but I did not know just how much and how quickly I would be learning all these new things. What I like about working at WebstaurantStore the most has to be the work culture. Our office environment is fun and everyone is incredibly friendly and always willing to help. In my very limited time here I have watched the company grow and expand a great deal. It's very motivating to not only develop software for a rapidly growing company, but also to see the immediate impact that my changes to our software have on the company.


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