Luxor Level Up 32 Desktop Converter Unboxing

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Luxor Level Up 32
Luxor Level Up 32" Standing Desk Converter

Learn how to create a more flexible and innovative work space with the contemporary Level Up 32" from Luxor.

Luxor Level Up Pro Standing Desk
Luxor Level Up Pro Standing Desk

Take a look at the Luxor Level Up Pro to see how you can convert a desktop into a standing desk. With ample space for your computer and a durable construction, this desktop converter is a must-have for your office.

Dexter-Russell Duo-Glide Chef's Knife
Dexter-Russell Duo-Glide Chef's Knife

Slice, dice, chop, and mince all your ingredients with this Dexter-Russel Duo-Glide chef's knife! It gives you excellent cutting control and combines a sharp blade with a non-stick surface to make cutting smooth, easy, and fast.

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