Treefrog Paper Supplies

Help Fight Deforestation by Using Eco-Friendly Treefrog Paper Supplies in Your Office or School

Treefrog paper supplies are produced and owned by Treezero Paper, a paper manufacturer located in North America. Treefrog products are different from other paper solutions because they are made out of sugarcane rather than paper, which makes them much more environmentally friendly. In addition to reducing deforestation, these products are carbon neutral, which helps to reduce their impact on the environment via carbon emissions. Read more

Although they are made out of sugarcane, Treefrog paper supplies have the same printing and writing quality as wood alternatives. Because of its quality construction and eco-friendliness, Treefrog copy and multipurpose paper is an ideal option for any office, government agency, or school. As an added bonus, several of Treefrog’s products are compostable, so they won’t take up room in landfills after use.

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