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Sterno Products Heating Supplies and Equipment are Innovative and Dependable

For over 100 years, Sterno Products has been developing heating solutions for the foodservice industry and prides itself as being the first canned heating solution and first portable candle lamp in America. Sterno Products originally started in 1914 as a maker of chafing dishes, but they now have a wide range of products, most notably their Sterno candles, for anyone looking to cook with easy mobility. Sterno’s easy heating solutions can also be used as a backup heating source in emergency situations. Read more

Use a Sterno candle at any buffet line, catered event, picnic, or banquet hall as a means to keep your food warm while serving. Perfect for weddings, parties, and restaurants, candle lamps give an added touch of elegance to your tables, while also providing long burn times under chafing dishes. Choose from fuel times of 45 minutes to 6 hours with some of Sterno’s chafing fuels and 5 to 15 hours with candle lamps. Sterno Products heating supplies and equipment also includes other accessories like chafer stands and parts, table lamp candles, candelabras and restaurant candle holders, and even specialty candles for on top of birthday cakes.

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Birthday Candles

Sterno Products Birthday Candles

Colorful Sterno Products birthday candles are must-have supplies for party hosting facilities and caterers and will make your guests feel special.

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