Regal Cocktail Mixes

Regal Cocktail Mixes

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Regal Cocktail Mixes Make Beverage Craftsmanship Convenient

From their bottles to their flavors, Regal Cocktail Mixes designs their products with bartenders in mind. Regal Cocktail Mixes’ slender bottles slide easily in and out of bar rails, allowing your staff to serve high volumes of guests with ease. Additionally, Regal Cocktail Mixes are compatible with liquor pourers, helping bartenders achieve accurate pours without spilling and losing product.   Read more

From creative to classic, Regal Cocktail Mixes help you fill every bar order. Regal Cocktail Mixes’ premium simple syrup christens your cocktails with an unadulterated sweetness that enhances without upstaging your beverages’ flavors. Additionally, Regal Cocktail Mixes help you quickly whip up the most ordered drinks by offering ready-to-use classic cocktail flavors. Create perfect Bloody Marys, margaritas, and more every time with Regal Cocktail Mixes.