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by  Unilever Food Solutions

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Refreshing, Delicious, and Sustainable, Pure Leaf Products Create a Beverage Option for Everyone to Enjoy

At Pure Leaf, they believe in the word "no": no to artificial flavors, tea powders, and concentrates. In fact, the utmost care and precision goes into their product. Pure Leaf tea provides the perfect opportunity to stock your business with high-quality, delicious, and sustainably-grown tea at a price that is right for you. Read more

Pure Leaf products are orthodox, single-origin teas, using traditional, artisanal methods from the finest tea estates to achieve authentic-tasting teas. All ingredients are carefully selected and gently harvested to ensure quality, and tea pickers select only the top two leaves and the buds of tea plants from their 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified tea estates to become Pure Leaf long-leaf teas. The leaves are then gently rolled using orthodox rolling tables to bring out the natural essence of the tea leaves without damaging the quality.