Papillon Cheese Products

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Papillon Cheese Products Offer the Best in Refined French Cheeses

With over a century of cheese-making prowess, Papillon products honor the coveted AOP mark of quality in France with their highly respected fromagerie. Creating the highest quality products takes commitment: each phase of the preparation process is closely monitored to ensure its irreproachable quality every time. Respect, luxury, and refinement are at the forefront of of Papillon's mission in creating the world's best cheeses. Read more

Each cheese is crafted from the Lacaune breed of ewes, raised by shepherds of the Causses on the gorgeously green rolling hills in the Auvergne region of France. Papillon Cheese products are further ensured that they're the best quality by having a Master Refiner on staff to develop the cheeses' flavors and textures to perfection. Creating award-winning, PDO cheese is top priority with Papillon products.