Olioro Oil Products

Olioro Offers Versatile Olive Oil Blends That Are Ideal for Frying Appetizers or Enhancing Entrees

AAK Foodservice, the parent company of Olioro, has been providing food products for the restaurant industry since 1975. Focused on fulfilling the needs of their customers, AAK Foodservice specializes in oils, dressings, condiments, butter blends, and cooking wines. In addition to offering important food service supplies, AAK Foodservice and Olioro are dedicated to sustainable development and responsible growth. Read more

Olioro products consist of oil blends designed to provide the quality taste of olive oil at a more budget-friendly price. These versatile products can be used to create soups, sauces, or fried offerings. Plus, Olioro combines olive oil with soybean or vegetable oil, which consists of beneficial fatty acids perfect for healthy cooking.

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