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Mastrad is a French company that specializes in culinary accessories. Founded in 1994, they began their journey with the invention of Deos steel soap and have been manufacturing useful kitchen fixtures ever since. Mastrad culinary and kitchen tools are made with care, and they’ve even won awards for their innovative designs. Read more

One of Mastrad’s most popular products is their silicone oven mitt. These products protect your hands, but are easier to clean than traditional oven mitts thanks to their non-staining, dishwasher safe exterior. You can also purchase Mastrad color-coded kitchen shears to help you complete your prep tasks more quickly.

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Flame Tamers and Splatter Screens

Mastrad Flame Tamers and Splatter Screens

Mastrad flame tamers and splatter screens protect employees from being burned by hot liquid as they cook with skillets.

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Crepe Maker Accessories

Mastrad Crepe Maker Accessories

Mastrad crepe maker accessories include batter spreaders designed to help your staff produce light and fluffy crepes.

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Kitchen Shears

Mastrad Kitchen Shears

Mastrad kitchen shears are a simple and safe tool to use when completing your food preparation, allowing you to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

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