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High Quality Table Coverings and Napkins for Restaurants

Marko by Carlisle has become a trusted brand in the restaurant textiles. A relatively new brand to the foodservice industry, Marko uses vinyl and polyester to weave tasteful and elegant additions to any business. Their catalog covers a wide range of linen table skirting that perfectly accent any style of decor. Read more

Marko by Carlisle crafts multiple lines of popular fabrics to complement nearly any business's color scheme. With a number of unique and recognizable patterns, these table skirting clips provide an eye-catching and enticing presentation without drawing the full attention of your customers away from their food.

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Bun Pan Rack Covers

Marko by Carlisle Bun Pan Rack Covers

Marko by Carlisle bun pan rack covers are designed to fit over most racks to keep food safe from contaminants, insulated, and ready to serve.

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Table Padding

Marko by Carlisle Table Padding

Providing a soft surface for your customers' hands, Marko by Carlisle table padding is the convenient way to make your patrons comfortable or to transform an old hard table into something new.

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