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Serve Your Customers a Taste of Pennsylvania with High-Quality Hometown Pride Meat Products

Based in south central Pennsylvania, Hometown Pride specializes in providing tasty, cost-efficient, and quality meat to their customers. You can find their products in a variety of foodservice establishments, such as pizzerias, diners, and Philadelphia-style restaurants. Regardless of where their meat products are served, Hometown Pride is dedicated to serving their customers high-quality meat that is packed with flavor. Read more

Hometown Pride meat products are perfect for any restaurant or diner that wants to serve authentic Philly cheesesteaks or chicken cheesesteaks. Additionally, most Hometown Pride meat products are frozen, giving them a longer shelf life than raw products and allowing you to cut down on your food waste. As an added bonus, the company offers meat in various portion sizes, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs and your customers’ appetites.