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Bausch & Lomb Office Products Protect Against Eye Strain and Fatigue

Bausch & Lomb got its start in 1853 when John Jacob Bausch founded an optical goods shop in Rochester, New York. A friend of Bausch, Henry Lomb, invested $60 in the new business and later became a full partner. Today, the company may be most well known for their contact lenses and eye care supplies, but Bausch and Lomb has a long history of producing innovative optical products like microscopes, binoculars, and camera lenses. Read more

Bausch & Lomb office products include magnifiers that allow for detailed inspection of printed documents. Government offices, insurance companies, and attorney’s offices that deal with fine print documents on a regular basis can benefit from using Bausch and Lomb magnifying lense products to ease eye strain. As one of the most respected eye care brands in the world, Bausch and Lomb is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the eyesight of their customers.