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It's often said that variety is the spice of life. Well, if variety (and spice) is what you seek, look no further than our premium selection of Regal Spice dried herbs, spices, and seasonings! We've got you covered from basil to BBQ, garlic to ginger, paprika to poppy seeds, and everything in between. Most importantly, Regal Spice brings you wholesale prices well below the cost of national brands!


For centuries, spices have been one of the most essential ingredients in kitchens - they add flavor and aroma, enhance the taste of food, and even boost the colors in popular dishes. If you're looking for a little direction when it comes to spicing up your cuisine, this guide will take you through everything you need to know about your favorite dried spices and seasonings. Browse around for tips on how to properly use, store, and identify herbs and spices in any form. We carry both whole and pre-ground options and with sizes ranging from 1 oz. bottles to 25 lb. bags, you'll always find the perfect amount of spices and seasonings for your restaurant needs. If you prefer whole spices, we even have commercial spice grinders that allow you to finely grind cinnamon sticks, peppercorns, seeds, and more in just seconds!

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Regal Spice: Dried Herbs

Produced from the leaves, stems, or flowers of aromatic plants, herbs can be used dry or fresh. Dried herbs are readily available and convenient. Because drying herbs alters their flavors and aromas, you should slightly alter recipes when replacing fresh herbs with dried herbs. Use less dry herb than you would fresh herb, as the loss of moisture in dried herbs strengthens and concentrates their flavor.

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Regal Spice: Dried Spices

Produced from the bark, buds, or seeds of aromatic plants, spices have long been used as flavor additives for both sweet and savory recipes. They are generally used in dried form, either whole or ground. For optimum potency, purchase our whole spices and grind them just before use. However, if you're looking to cut down on preparation time, we also carry a large selection of convenient pre-ground options.

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Regal Spice: Garlic & Onions

Garlic and onion are aromatic staples used in nearly all of the world's cuisines. They are most often separated into cloves / bulbs, peeled, sliced, minced, or crushed. Our pre-prepped garlic and onion eliminates the tear-inducing task of chopping these pungent alliums! When using garlic, note that the more finely the cloves are crushed, the stronger the flavor will be. Additionally, cooking reduces garlic's pungency; the longer it is cooked, the milder it becomes.

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Regal Spice: Salt & Pepper

Available in many forms, salt (sodium chloride) is obtained from one of two different sources: mining or evaporating from seawater. Salt suppresses bitter flavors, making sweet and sour flavors more prominent. Its flavor won't evaporate or dissipate during cooking, so it should be added to food carefully.

Peppercorns are berries grown on trees in tropical regions of the world. Pepper also lends a range of distinctive flavors to a variety of dishes. Their type and flavor greatly depends on time of harvest. Whole peppercorns produce optimum potency when ground just before use. However, if you're looking to cut down on preparation time, we also carry a large selection of convenient pre-ground options.

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Regal Spice: Seasonings, Spice Mixes, & Blends

Made from a blend of popular spices and herbs, seasonings serve the purpose of enhancing the natural flavor of a recipe without drastically changing its taste. Our pre-made blends help to shorten preparation time and cut down on the number of individual ingredients needed in your recipes. Our seasonings also ensure consistency, because the ratio of spices always remains the same. Marinade meats, dress up desserts, pickle veggies, and more with our variety of spicy, sweet, and unique seasoning blends.

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Regal Spice: Seeds

An often overlooked cooking ingredient, seeds can be incorporated into your favorite recipes in many different ways. Boasting a sweet, nutty flavor, seeds are common garnishes for bread and pastry dishes, as well as popular additives in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. In addition to possessing a variety of nutritional benefits, they add a delicious flavor and unique texture to nearly any dish.