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Chicken Feet Tongs Are Ideal for Buffets and Serving Appetizers at Events

Chicken feet tongs are great for wait staff to serve small appetizers or for guests to pick up vegetables at a salad bar. If you own a bar, buffet, or catering company, these tongs are excellent for back- and front-of-house use, enabling your bartenders to put limes in cocktails or your guests to select small pastries from a dessert station. Chicken feet tongs enable you to easily grip cherry tomatoes, ice cubes, pigs-in-a-blanket, or pieces of fish while maintaining a sanitary food environment.

We carry tongs of different materials, such as plastic, polycarbonate, and stainless steel, so you can choose a disposable or reusable pair of tongs that goes perfectly with your decor. Some of our tongs are excellent for casual events, while others are great for upscale events or restaurants. If you run a buffet, these tongs keep guests’ hands at a safe distance from pans, inhibiting them from burning themselves while also keeping the area sanitary. Chicken feet tongs are excellent for picking up a variety of food items, ranging from hot dogs and hamburgers to ice cubes, brownies, and cocktail garnishes. When sanitation and efficiency are top priority in your establishment, a pair of tongs can help you maintain a food safe environment while easing your food prep process.

When offering buffet-style food at events, chicken feet tongs are essential in order for guests to easily pick up wings and crab cakes or cookies and lemon bars from trays. The chicken feet at the bottom ensure easy pickup, so you can minimize messes and maximize ease of transfer. These tongs are also perfect for wait staff who are walking around to guests with hors d'oeuvres at an event or at an upscale restaurant offering supreme tableside service.

Chicken feet tongs are wonderful for behind-the-bar use because they allow bartenders to easily add garnishes, such as cherries, olives, and orange peels, to cocktails. These serving tongs are also great for cafes or candy shops with display cases full of delectable treats, as they provide your employees an easy and sanitary way to grab items from cases for your guests. Some of our chicken feet tongs boast special features, such as grips to ease comfort or tongs coated to specifically fight against microbes.

We have a large selection of chicken feet tongs, so you can pick the ideal pair for your needs. We offer disposable ones for casual catered events or stainless steel options that are perfect for upscale events, busy buffets, and high-volume eateries. Some of our serving tongs are heat-resistant, making them great for serving hot, moist meat or for transporting food out of other hot environments, such as ovens or boiling water. Chicken feet tongs expertly grip your ice cubes, burgers, onion slices, and more, so you can easily transfer food items. With such a wide range of use, tongs are essential to have at hand.