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Flat Bottle Opener

Item #: 407HL552

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Black Flat Bottle Opener

Item #: 407CO301BK

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Red Flat Bottle Opener

Item #: 407CO301PR

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Blue Flat Bottle Opener

Item #: 407CO301PB

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Flat Bottle Opener with Handstrap

Item #: 3592801488

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Use a bottle cap catcher at your bar, tailgate, or catered event to catch the caps of beer bottles in one convenient location. When your employees open up bottled beverages with a wall or deck-mounted bottle opener, the caps will fall into your beer cap catcher instead of rolling all over your floor. This way, you eliminate the chance of tripping on bottle caps or littering the ground indoors or outdoors.

At the end of the day, simply dump the caps out of your bottle cap catcher, wipe it down, and put it back under your bottle opener. This catcher will make your service more efficient and keep your back bar area cleaner and safer for your staff. Thanks to the convenient hole for hardware, you can attach your beer cap catcher to any wall or counter!