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  • Pre-cut and washed for convenience
  • Great for pizza toppings or creamy soups
  • Quick and easy preparation
  • Canning preserves texture and freshness
  • Perfectly portioned pieces and stems packed in water
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Enhance any meal with the umami-rich taste of these versatile Regal Foods mushroom pieces & stems.

These premium Regal mushroom pieces & stems will help provide a consistent, plump texture and fresh flavor in your meals, all at an amazing value! It is great for using as a topping on pizzas, to create savory gravies, sauces, and stocks, or for using as an ingredient in a variety of plated entrees, such as stir fries, chicken marsala, and beef stroganoff. The possibilities are endless! It is packaged in a generously-sized can for easy preparation and great service.

Quick and Easy Preparation

Conveniently pre-sliced and pre-washed, these canned mushroom stems and pieces are the perfect solution for reducing prep work in your kitchen without sacrificing quality of flavor. Quickly and easily serve your guests with these perfectly portioned pieces and stems.

Delicious, Versatile Ingredient

The mushrooms' savory, meat-like taste makes them a common meat-alternative in vegetarian and vegan dishes. Use these mushrooms to create a variety of vegetarian-friendly meals, such as meatless burgers, chilis, quiches, shepherd's pies, and even enchiladas.

Fresh and Tender Mushrooms

The canning process ensures that these mushroom pieces preserve their texture and freshness. Because they soak in their savory juice and they are packed in water, they are great for broths, roasts, soups and other delectable recipes for the most exceptional taste at a great value.

Regal Brand

Regal Foods has everything you need for your recipes at an amazing value! Offering superior quality wholesale products, Regal Foods has a variety of canned fruits and vegetables for all of your culinary needs. This #10 can of mushroom pieces & stems offers easy handling and storage, making this a great option for your bustling kitchen!

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Customer Reviews

1 out of 1 found this review helpful

These mushroom pieces are very good for salads and sauces. They add flavor and meatiness texture to many food dishes. These are indeed good mushrooms.

Tonya L. on 12/13/2016
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Regal Foods Mushroom Pieces & Stems - #10 Can I think they ran out of Regals because I got premium but did not matter Tastes the same to me

Juanell P. from Powerquee Media on 08/14/2016
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

As with all Regal products these mushrooms were supiour the can was packed full and could have passed for sliced rather than pieces and stems.

Garry W. from Jobabyllc on 01/24/2016
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

great to use this Regal Mushroom Pieces & Stems - #10 Can great for the price very worth it i use this for making a mushroom gravy sauce and for my pasta too

Alexander I. from Ashlexdrei Tradings /Sweets By Chef Jhay on 12/03/2015
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

You won't find a better buy on canned mushrooms anywhere. I live in the heart of the USA's mushroom growing capital (Reading, PA) and even the Canneries don't come close to the price-point on these. A canned mushroom is a canned mushroom. If the quantity is too large for you, you can divide these 1-gal cans up into sealed, sterile jars, and refrigerate until ready to use. They'll keep for weeks that way.

Tom M. from Myrojewelers on 02/06/2015

Great addition to soups and sauces and other foods. No. 10 can is convenient to store and the mushrooms can even by frozen for latter use.

Jerald K. on 06/18/2021

Grab yourself some 8 oz. deli containers for easy food prep. 1 can will fill approx. a dozen containers. Refrigerate immediate use. Freeze the remaining. Your ready now, just start cooking!

Julie R. on 01/08/2021

That is a long time I was searching for a good and large can of mushrooms. Here, we go, I found it with purchasing from you. We love them. :-)

Val C. on 06/01/2020

The mushroom and stems are very good quality and great for adding to our pasta sauce for a great flavor. The mushrooms are great for topping pizza as well. We love them for multiple dishes.

Heather L. on 12/03/2019

A very top notch quality can of mushroom pieces and stems that tastes great. The mushrooms are wonderful for making chicken marsala and helps cut back on preparation time.

Lisa H. from Oak Ridge Planation on 08/14/2018

this can of mushrooms is cheaper than buying pre sliced or other canned mushrooms at the grocery story this can of mushrooms is great for slow cooker meals or pasta sauces

Matthew S. from None on 07/24/2018

The service on this product and all the things I ordered from Webstaurantstore.com was Wonderful. These Regal Mushroom are wonderful making fried Mushroom fritters. Would highly recommend.

Fred D. on 07/22/2018

I’m not a huge mushroom fan but my husband really enjoys them. He likes to put them on steaks and pork chops among other foods.

Brittnie H. on 06/01/2018

Superb quality mushroom pieces and stems from Regal Foods that are great for making our mushroom gravy. These are plump and juicy and very tasty.

Dean P. from Country Fresh Snacks on 01/28/2018

A nice brand of mushroom pieces and stems that are great for making our mushroom gravy. The mushrooms have a great texture and price perfectly.

Jonathan P. from Pittman's Country Market on 01/17/2018

These mushrooms are great in sauces and on pizza and in Calzones. They are delicious sautéed with garlic and onions. Great prices as well! We will buy again and again!

Kristy P. from Fernando's Italian & American Cuisine on 11/07/2017

The mushroom pieces and stems are so good in my mushroom chicken casserole. They have a great flavor and are perfect for making chicken marsala.

Jo P. on 10/12/2017

The mushroom pieces and stems save us a lot of time from having to wash and chop up mushrooms. They taste great and blend well into our mushroom gravy. An awesome buy that you will not regret.

Jonathan P. on 08/24/2017
0 out of 1 found this review helpful

Wonderful tasting mushrooms from regal foods. Whether we fry am on the grill or include them in a sub they are great tasting. The fork and case is an awesome price. The shipping is incredible. We are very

Russell H. from Russ' Sub Shack on 01/16/2017
0 out of 1 found this review helpful

I use these for home, and a much as we love mushrooms here, we always seem to use the can. Perfect for adding to pizza, Italian dishes and even to soups and stews for added flavor.

Oliver C. on 05/11/2016

THese are some of the best mushrooms and packed pretty full....We enjoyed these and plan on ordering all the time....They are great in salads and sauteed with onions....Very low calories...

John B. from Jerseybagels on 10/15/2015

These are excellent mushrooms at a very good price point. They are a nice light color, which makes them more appealing than many canned mushrooms. We use them on pizza, in sautes and just about everthing else. I am ordering more today.

Lisa M. on 04/09/2014

This mushroom pieces are good in all kinds of dishes casserole's, spaghetti, soups, they are good to keep on hand I always keep them on hand and they are really cheap!

Mandy B. on 02/02/2013

These Mushroom Pieces and stem save you alot of prep time and they have a very good flavor. Good Price. You sure can not get this at the store for this price.

Anita T. from Nitas Place on 01/03/2013

The Mushroom pieces & Stems sold in #10 Cans. They are great for sautaing in stir fry, or adding to any dish. They come pre cut so it sure saves alot of time preping.

Angela H. from Harrison Familey Restaurant on 12/27/2012

These mushroom are good to make your own cream of mushroom soup or sautee to go in soups. I always keep plenty on hand. Good buy.

Sheila M. from Sheila's Homestyle on 11/12/2012

This is a great item for slowly simmering and blitzing up for a nice soup that costs little to nothing! I like blending these mushroom pieces and stems into a silky puree!

Eric K. on 10/24/2012

These canned Mushroom pieces and stems are pretty good. Fresh mushrooms from the vendor are always better, but these are close enough to work in a pinch if you run out or something.

Michelle H. on 10/11/2012

Best mushrooms around. We've ordered this several times, the price beats my local supplier and the mushrooms, when cooked always taste fresh, for the price with shipping it's a great deal.

Shelah M. on 11/28/2011
0 out of 1 found this review helpful

Excellent quality and a great buy! We used them in a variety of recipes including topping off our pizzas, and using in stir fry recipes.

Kristin S. from Country Floral on 01/09/2011

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