2 lb. Bag 10X Confectioners Sugar

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Granulated sugar ground to a smooth, soft powder and then sifted to give you the finest product possible, this 10X confectioners sugar is a perfect ingredient for enhancing a variety of confections. When water is added, this quick-dissolving confectioners sugar forms a glaze that can be drizzled on cakes and pastries. Light and sweet, confectioners sugar can also be dusted on pancakes, waffles, funnel cakes, and donuts for subtle decoration. It contains a small amount of corn starch to help prevent clumping and caking.

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2 lb. Bag 10X Confectioners Sugar

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Sugar great Confectioners powdered bag price baking icing love frosting
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This sugar isn't bad for the price. But if you're making high end butter cream cakes, it is not something I would recommend. It leave a very grainy feel when you use it. I have no problem using it for many other things.

from Fragrances on the run on

These 2lb confection sugar (powdered sugar) are really good and for the price you just can't beat that. We use to make cake icing and it's one of the best brands that we've bought


I have used this particular brand of confectionery sugar in every bakery I have worked at and I love this product. It is evenly priced and is a versatile product to use in any baked good


A bit grainy, so worth putting through a sifter rather than assuming it will dissolve well on its own, but it's cheap and it works. It's a bit of extra work, but powdered sugar should really be sifted anyway.


Smooth and sweet, this sugar makes delicious icing, adds thickness to peanut butter balls, and is the perfect touch dusted over cookies and brownies. Doesn't clump and keeps its flavor without tasting dusty.


This 10x confectioners sugar does exactly what you want it to with no surprises. It is consistent and great for baked goods. No complaints here. Just wish that it shipped free with plus because I would buy it more frequently. I currently get it from my local food vendor because there is no cost for shipping it with them. But if you're looking for a Webstaurant offered confectioners sugar, this one will do the trick with no issues.

from Bard & Baker Board Game Cafe on

I wasn't very impressed with this powdered sugar. It was lumpy so I needed to sift it. Was packaged well, though, and there were no leaky bags, so you if you sift or process your powdered sugar regularly anyway, you might not be deterred.

from Cakes by Denise on

Good quality powdered sugar comes in manageable two pound packages that are practical for the amount of baking we do. The amount of added of corn starch prevents clumping without affecting flavor.

from Midori's Enterprises on

Great product with a great price. This bag of confectioner sugar we were able to powder a very good amount of funnel cakes. Taste is very fresh love it!

from Funnytime on

Affordable price, easy to buy, uniform consistency, sweet, does not melt on hot baking, economical. I take powdered sugar to decorate baking, well, sometimes when I want something sweet, I can sprinkle yogurt on it. Powders leave less than sugar, so less harm is obtained. But mostly, of course, for decoration.


Exactly the same powdered sugar you buy in the supermarket, but at half the price of the big brand. It sifts beautifully into frostings or in place of bench flour. The bags are heavy enough that they don’t accidentally tear either in transit or your pantry.


Great taste for nice price. I bought for my birthday cake and the frosting i made for it was amazing! Sugar has soft, fluffy texture and nice smell. I also love the packing of 10 small bags, it's easy to use without measuring.


Great quality, finely processed, no clumping. The sugar mixed perfectly to not only bake with, but also to create delicious toppings, frostings etc. A bargain price was a plus! The final result was enjoyed by all.

from Bella Cugina's on

I love using this sugar so much! I throw it everywhere and in all desserts, as the presentation of the dish becomes even more appetizing!


Nice quality powdered sugar. It's not my usual name-brand but every recipe I used this on turned out fantastic. Tastes good and won't cake. Will buy again


Did not need to pre-sift before I used this product for my buttercream. Overall was cheaper than going to my local store and buying Confectioners sugar off the shelf.

from Devilish But Divine Bakery on

I love this powdered sugar. No weird after taste like some others. I use it fur cream cheese frosting and dusting my desserts. Just a fab price!


I didn't mind the amount due to it was in a crunch and needed it , but it was worth for what it was needed for didnt leave and after taste for my frosting so it get an A for effort.


I can't say that I've specifically run into better or worse confectioners sugars before, but this big 2 lb bag gets the job done in all my baking and cooking projects

from Whole Health Dentistry on

The 2 LB of 10X confectioners sugar is a great buy. The quality is perfect and consistent and much better pricing than buying local. Highly recommended.

from KRN Enterprise, LLC on

Little hard in bag. Seems a little dried out but I will buy it again n if it is the same I will not buy it from here.

from Forever On The Go S&S on

We appreciate your review, Christine. We wish this 2 lb. Bag 10X Confectioners Sugar would have worked out for you. Our Customer Solutions team will remain in contact with you about this.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

The small bag of sugar helps making single batches of buttercream super convenient, without the need to measure out individual cups of sugar. Great fluffy consistency.


what a great deal this is, if you bake anything this is for you. just keep in mind you will have to sift this it dose have lumps


Best way to buy powered sugar. We have bought this at a warehouse club but it comes in very large bags. After opening it must be moved to canisters to maintain its fine texture. By buying I smaller bags there is no need to move it to another container. It's also easier to store and lighter to move. It's the best way to buy larger amounts of this.

from WC CANDY on

This confectioners sugar is a great value! It's just as good of quality as the Store Brands. The more you buy the less it costs with shipping.

from Baked Blessings on

Product still in date, but all 3 bags purchased had hard pieces of powdered sugar, just like pieces of rocks, had throw out. Very unhappy.

from container solutions inc. on

Thank you for your review, Wendy! We are sorry this 2 lb. Bag 10X Confectioners Sugar has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

tried the 10 x powdered convectioners sugar due to price and noticed no difference from the more expensive brand i used to use . i am switching to this brand

from bobs bbq and grill on

A great price for a vegan powdered sugar. If you check their website, this brand doesn't use any bone char in the processing of their products.


I usually get these at the local grocery & was so happy to find here in bulk. Great price for a great product! Will buy again!

from Sweet Treats by Sonia on

I love the product, it’s great for my cake icing recipes, but my family love to dust it on homemade funnels cake or fruit topped waffles! Definitely recommended!


I use this powdered sugar in my buttercream as well as my fondant, and it is great quality. It tastes great and creates a great finished product.

from Jennie's Cake Creations on

This powder sugar is long lasting and has a great taste. You can get away with using a half of bag for american buttercream. Easy to use.


This was perfect for what I needed! Easy to use since it’s the individual bags and I had NO chunks of powdered sugar! I didn’t even have to sift it!!! Will definitely buy again!!

from The Cake Ninja on

i love the size of this bag of confectioners sugar. Most of the recipes that i use need 2 lbs of sugar, so it makes it really easy not to have to measure.

from century centimentals on

Great confectioners sugar, I use it for cake icing and dusting the top of other sweets. It is also non gmo certified which is always nice.


This is a good value for confectioners sugar. I used it in my buttercream frosting and it came out great. The bag came fully sealed without any damage.


I use so much powder sugar with all my baking I do i decided to start buying in bulk. This powdered sugar has a great taste and mixes to perfection

from Gina's Cookie Company on

I use a ton of powdered sugar in my baking business.. I’m always making icing. This is a great icing sugar.. very fine and fluffy. I love the 2lb size bags because I don’t have to measure. I can just pour the bag into my mixer and the amount is perfect with my recipe.. no counting cups. I like that I can get the 2lb bags in large bulk quantities.


This powder sugar is great sweetness. This powder sugar is great for icing and sprinkle on desert. This 10x powder sugar is fine consistency of powder sugar.

from Paradise shaved ice on

GREAT PRICE. We have ordered from many places but this sugar is the cheapest and best quality. We would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative

from Three Sisters Cake Shop on

This confectioners sugar is a nice sugar product. It is sifted well and there are basically no clumps inside this sugar. This allows it to be mixed well and smooth which makes for smooth frosting.

from Fast Casual Cafe on

The confectioners sugar is great for making any kind of glaze (lemon is my favorite). I like to use it for topping my plain cheesecakes


This 2 pound bag of confectioners sugar is all that you could ask for...all natural, simple ingredients and perfect consistency. Works perfect for topping off doughnuts or other sweets!

from Salty Paws Treats on

A delicious 10x confectioners sugar that is great for making fudge. The sugar is awesomely priced and an excellent quality. it is a great item to keep around for bakery.


The 2 lb bag of 10X Confectioners Sugar is good for topping of desserts with a dusting of sugar. This can also be used to create glaze for doughnuts.

from Lance on

What a great buy for this 2lb bag of confectioners sugar. Great for all your holiday baking or just your everyday cooking. Has a great flavor


I really like how this powder sugar works and love that it's NON GMO. It works great in all kinds of recipes so far and makes great frosting.


This confectioners sugar is useful for both baking and as a garnish. I put it on top of my morning waffles and it tastes delicious.


Nothing special, just like normal confectioners sugar it is.. Hope it has less carb percentage. But the price is great and it was delivered fast,.


We love using this 2 ob confectioners sugar. This brand of sugar is extremely delicious and great for all types of baking. We love to sprinkle it on top of our pastries as well and it makes a great final touch.


This powdered sugar has a nice consistency! It mixed into my icing beautifully and it wasn’t lumpy, even though I didn’t sift it! I recommend this powdered sugar!


This 2 pound bag of the 10x confectioners sugar is a great deal! You get double the amount at half the cost of what it would be in my local supermarket. This is great for baking and making icing/frosting.


Great confectioners sugar at an excellent price! We use this all the time and the quality and taste is great, much better pricing than a lot of other boxed or grocery store items. Great to use for icings and thickening sweeteners.


Tastes, looks and acts just like the name brand. Buying the sugar from here, even with shipping, works out cheaper than buying the individual bags from the grocery store and the 7lb bags from the mega stores. Great buy

from Cakes + Cookies on

Great price! This sugar is tastes great, is very fine and isnt clumped at all. Great for dusting or making frosting. I will be buying much more!

from Sugar Rush on

I bought this to make cupcakes with. I was amazed when I opened the box to see all the bags! The sugar was fresh and I went through it quickly. Will buy the bigger bag next time.


I've been using powdered sugar my whole life and 2 lb. Bag 10X Confectioners Sugar is a great product, whether you're sprinkling it on french toast or making frosting!

from Mocha Choca Latte on

This package of confectioners suger was amazing for the price. We were able to save money buying this size and able to produce multiple uses for our homemade donut business. We made multiple glazes, various toppings, and even topped our donuts with a sugar sprinkle; all without having to worry about running out of our supply. Great value to invest in!

from Tastee Pastry on

This 2 pound bag of 10X sugar is for use in all sorts of confectionaries. It can be dusted over pancakes, waffles, or on top of doughnuts.

from Pancho's on

This Confectioners Sugar is an excellent product. It is great for making frosting, fillings and other baked items. I love this confectioners sugar! I love the fact that it is made in the USA!


This case if confection sugar is really great the confection sugar is sell sifted and has few lumps the price for a case is really cheap, and i dont even have to shlep it from the store!

from sweetart on

This is a really decent brand of 10 X confectioner sugar really nicely packaged when they ship it out to me I really like that I can buy a few bags at a time and not a whole case

from Place to be Bistro on

Run of the mill powdered sugar, although maybe a bit clumpier than what I'm used to. If it's a problem for a particular application, it's nothing a sieve can't fix.


this product shipped fast and was packaged perfectly. each bag of powdered sugar makes a perfect batch of buttercream for our cupcakes and cakes. I would definitely purchase this product again

from Sugar Rushed Bakery on

This two pound bag of 10X Confectioners Sugar was delivered quickly and I appreciate the ability for rapid reordering!! Definitely a time saver. I was impressed with the delicious taste in my famous buttercream icing and I would highly recommend this quality confectioners sugar. Easy to use and at a great price- I will order again.


This is perfect for our French toast in our pancakes. We sprinkle it on the top and I just asked the final touch and looks nice

from Lake Street Diner on

What a great deal on this 2 pounds of confectionery more powdered sugar it was delicious I made my clay fantastic I really like this product

from N/A on

This sugar has really helped our business save money. The taste is true for a fraction of the regular price, so we can increase our margins, It seemed to clump more than domino brand,

from partycakes bakery on

Great addition to our food options. This product was used to make many additional items on our menu. Very happy with purchase, we will order more.

from MDC on

It's powdered sugar! What else can I say? This powdered sugar is just like any other I have used in the past. Good sized bag.


Perfect for making drizzle for bread pudding, dusting waffles, a real all purpose powdered sugar that fills every need. Very affordable and shipped very quickly, I'm based on the west coast and received it before our waffle program rolled out.

from the black fig on

this was a great find.its very helpful being able to find smaller quantities of high quality food items here on webstaurant so that i dont to order a 50 pound case. the flavor and consistency are great


The 2 lb. Bag 10X Confectioners Sugar was definitely a great find. The price is very reasonable and the taste is excellent. I would definitely recommend.


This confectioners sugar does wonders at being able to flavor baking dishes! It's very easy to use and will make you baking taste delicious no matter the form

from Saxon on

Great powdered sugar with many uses, it tastes so great, and works well for intense fed uses. I use it on my breakfast items and desserts


The 2 lb. Bag 10X Confectioners Sugar is a great value. It's better than what you would find in your local grocery store. Highly recommended.


Great product and perfect size. Cheaper than buying confectioners sugar from the supermarket on sale. I can't tell the difference between the standard domino sugar.


Great price for a package in a smaller, home use size without having to open a giant bag and hope for the best. If you are a baker at home, highly recommend this product.


I’m a home baker and I wanted to try the Webstaurant brand vs. the kind I get from the grocery store because of the price. I honestly couldn’t tell a difference, so why pay more? I order this along with other items I need to stock up on from Webstaurant. It would be nice if this had a zip lock closure, just FYI Webstaurant :)

from j4jcline on

Perfect for all your confectionary sugar needs. Nice and fine with no clumps, this is perfect for icing or recipes of all different shapes and sizes!


This is the perfect ingredient for any Baker. If it cake or any sweet at all this powdered sugar is a must have. It is perfect.

from Tracey on

I bought this powdered sugar to sweeten my whip cream. It works really well all the way around. Mixes nicely and taste really good! Great Buy!

from Java Corner on

I have purchased this sugar in larger quantities, but have decided I prefer the smaller bags. Having the preportion into 2lbs makes measuring for icing super easy. I also find that the sugar itself has less clumps than the larger bag.


definitely a good product but with shipping and handling costs due to the weight it was not economical to order this way. Good product though if your getting an order anyway..just watch the weight

from great lakes grinders on

Just as good as any commercial 10x sugar and much cheaper, even with shipping! How can you go wrong? I use it at my restaurant with much success. Highly recommended

from Blueberries on

This product is great..it is so wonderful that it's great for icing ..I do not even need to sift it like the normal stuff u buy in store


This sugar was very fine and has worked great in many recipes including cheesecakes. I would recommend adding this onto a big order to reduce shipping and increasing value.

from Woods & McCauley LLC on

This confectioners sugar is really fine so it mixes well. It will not clumb your frosting. It taste great and the price is lower than most places.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

Excellent price for the quality. It's very fine and not clumpy. We use it in our Cannoli filling and we are very happy with it and will order more.

from Uncle Tony's Pizza on

this confectioners sugar is so smooth and easy to use. a little goes a long way. perfect buttercream when i use this powdered sugar everytime. and a great price


This confectioners sugar is nice and fluffy, unlike many store brands or off brands that are hard and super clumpy. It's a steal for the price!


Good quality, love the price! My only complaint is that my boxes were extremely lumpy. I had to resift every bag before I could use it. This is the first time I've ever had to sift the powered sugar, very time consuming. Inspite of the lumps I will purchase again, can't beat the price!

from Kandi's Kitchen Sweet Treats on

Great product! Very fine consistency allows for zero clumping in frostings & icings. Very convenient for use by having 12 packages per case. Highly recommend!


Product was shipped fully packed and taste very good we had no issues with using the products for our venue that we attend this past week. Thanks again


This is a great price on a 2 pound bag of 10x sugar. It is great for use in baking for icing or just sprinkling on waffles and french toast.


Quality Powdered sugar and a great price! I will defiantly be ordering this product again. It helps buying in bulk as i use it for Homemade frosting


This is an economical must for those of us who do so much baking. It is really good for homemade icings and many baked treats.


I use powdered sugar for many different treats and breakfasts! this is a great bang for your buck. I recommend purchasing it here rather than in stores.


Perfect for funnel cakes. It is light and fluffy and when used with the stainless steel flour sifter, it is perfect. Love the price. Will definitely order again.

from The Harvest House Ministries on

A great value! There is no difference between this, and name brands. The price was awesome, and packaging was perfect...no tears. Great product and I will continue to order this!

from Yummvees on

I brought the case of Powder sugar. It blended well in my icing, and its taste good. Packaging was good. nothing was damaged. I will keep buying it, the price was right too.

from Cakes by Choice on

At last!! great confectioners sugar at a great price. This has been a life saver in terms of quality and price. The price is unbeatable. I will most definitely order this product again!!

from Tina's recipes on

This is a pretty decent 10x and tastes the same as all the major brands. Quick ship and came bundled with something else to save me on shipping.

from backwater on

The confectioners sugar is great! I've been using mine mainly for things like french toast and cake. It tastes really good and it lasts for a long time.


This 2 pound bag of sugar is a very good bag of sugar. It's good quality and it is priced extremely well. This is something we will continue to purchase.


I bought this solely for the price. I must admit that the quality is just as good as the more expensive one that I was used to purchasing. It is great to order these in small quantities and still getting such a low price.

from Capital City Creamery on

I use this 10 X sugar every day. I like the convienient size and the fact that there is minimum packaging and waste to recycle.

from Mr. A's Beignets on

This bag of confectioners sugar is a very high quality. The 10x grade means it is great for using in deserts. We use it for making icing and frosting and it works great.


I bought this confection sugar because of the price. I really love the price of this sugar. It is so good. It is the same texture as the name brand sugar.

from The Tea Room on

This is a great sugar. Needed a gluten free powdered sugar for an extremely allergic client. Most of the store brands could not guarantee that they were gluten free. However this one does! It made buying this ingredient easier for me to find as I live on an island and have to drive off island more than an hour to get specialty ingredients.

from Northwest Cakes on

So very convenient with these being in 2# bags versus the bigger bags. My recipe calls for 2 pounds and this saves me measuring time!

from Unique Treats by Jacquie on

i laways order this im very pleased to this 2 lb. Bag 10X Confectioners Sugar - 12 / Case great for making fondant as my main ingredients awesome

from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay on

Wanted to try this brand out before committing to the 25lb. bag. Good taste and texture, though a little clumpy. For the price, I don't mind sifting it.


So much better than the little 2 pound boxes my distributor has in stock. Easier to open and fill my containers up with and less cardboard to tie up.

from Confections by Kristin on

I like purchasing this in individual bags for convenient storage, since we don't use a ton of it and powdered sugar can be so messy. Great product.


I purchase this to make cake frosting. It was awesome; I did not have to sift it. My frosting was very smooth and not gritty. I loved the convenience of the resealable bag. I would recommend this to any baker.


This is a great deal and the product was excellent! Used all bags quickly with the many orders i had. Shipping was very fast and efficient!

from BusyMama Cupcakes on

I make a lot of cakes and cookies that calls for icing. I am not one who likes to buy can icing in the grocery store as you have no idea what is in it. Making homemade is a lot better. I use this 10x sugar to make a very old receipe called Butter cream icing. Buying in this size package is much easy to have on hand. The price is fantastic I kept my 10x sugar in a 1 gallon storage container that comes with a lid also.Keeps it fresh and you can tell how much you have left to reorder from WEB.COM.

from Retired Psychologist ,Homemaker on

What a great deal on this confectioners sugar in a 2 lb bag! It tastes great, works well, and stores easily. I will use this on a variety of desserts.


The quality is great and the price is right, too. I use this for many of my frostings, and makes consistent products--very important for a baker! I would buy again.


These sugar bags are of great quality! I use this for all my icing for my cakes! The pricing is FANTASTIC! Try getting a 2 lb. bag this price locally.


Buy this and you won't regret it. You will get perfect delicious buttercream every time. You will not want to use another brand ever again.


This is an excellent product, for an excellent price. Will purchase again, and would suggest to anybody that is looking for this quantity of sugar.

from Bake My Day on

I will never use another powdered sugar when making my frostings. You can't beat its quality or price and my frostings turn out the same every time,


Great value and great quality. Very fine and not clumpy. Couldn't ask for a better option for powdered sugar. We are happy with this purchase

from Bake Me Happy, LLC on

Price is much cheaper than name brand 10X sugar, but performance is the same. Product arrived clump free and smooth pouring. One bag had a little leak...but that was not a big deal as hardly any product came out.


Very affordable high quality confectioners sugar. Works well for making icing, fondant and candies. We use this sugar every day and we\\\'ve never been disappointed in it.


This sugar surpasses any store bought sugar I have purchased. The sugar is ground to perfection. It had a very long expiration date (not that it will sit long on my shelf). I also love that the more I order the price goes down. I will be ordering more soon.

from Cakes by Jennie on

This sugar is perfecy for my frostings. You HAVE To make sure that its 10x because it really plays a role in how your icing feels/tastes. I never buy anything else.


This 10x powdered sugar is a great deal. I go thgrough pound after pound of powdered sugar and this is by far superiour quality and makes great icing for decorating.

from Danger Cakes Bakery on

I used this sugar for frostings and royal icing. I had to sift it first, of course, to make sure there were no lumps and it worked just fine.


This confectioners sugar is great for making frosting to decorate cakes and cupcakes! I also use it to top cream puffs and other baked goods. I tend to buy several bags of this at once since I use so much of it.


Great 10x Confectioners sugar. It makes such wonderful light fluffy icing. I never get lumps and it gets so creamy and smooth and tastes great.

from Countryside Cakes on

great price for confectioners sugar, I use it for all my baking and it yields amazing results, specially for this price, it is a great buy

from Doula Flor Miami on

Such a great deal! Tastes great, makes great frosting! Thank you webstraurnt! You always have great deals! Anytime I need anything I always check here first!


I like this confectioners sugar. I go trough a ton of this around the holidays. I use it for baking and it is perfect for frosting.


Great price for confectioners sugar. We go through this like crazy for royal icing, glazes, and rolling out cookies. Great product and inexpensive too!


I'm a baker by nature, use lots of powdered sugar for making frostings, and fillings mostly. This is a decent confectioner's sugar for the price- just wish they offered more organic items!

from butters-n-bars on

I use alot of confectioners sugar in my home bakery and I must say i was very pleased that The Webstaurant Store offered this product in bulk.


We use alot of confectioners sugar for baking.And we have looked at prices alot of places. But i am so happy i can come to webstaurant and order anything i need and know i will get it fast and always be very Satisfied!!

from Sheila's Homestyle on

Powdered sugar is great for garnishing desserts! Good for making the best whipped cream from scratch! I love it personally to dust fried dough and cover homemade doughnuts with!!!


This product is sure great. great for anything that we would use sugar at the restaurant. the price in great and cant beat it and very happy with.

from The new haven cafe on

This product is sure great making icing as it stated. The price is very competitive. I got this as a tried out and I am very happy with. I definitely will buy more.

from Kajun Burger on

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