Small Multi-Use Yellow Rubber Flock Lined Gloves - Pair

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These "handsaver" multi-use, yellow rubber gloves feature a durable exterior and a flock-lined interior. Flock-lined gloves such as these feature a protective coating inside the glove which helps to keep hands dry, making them perfect for dishwashing, cleaning, and other applications! Small size.

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Small Multi-Use Yellow Rubber Flock Lined Gloves - Pair

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These Small Multi-Use Yellow Rubber Fully Lined Gloves have been great for light weight kitchen duties. Size is definitely on the small size. The price was great for the quality. will continue to buy in the future if I ever come to need such small gloves.


Perfect cleaning gloves! Our employees use these to do dishes. Keeps the water out and are long enough to keep the arm dry. Used everyday!

from Spring Street Treats on

Great value rubber gloves that we use everyday. Can be used for dishwashing, cleaning tables or cleaning the bathroom or kitchen at the end of the night

from Alpha Dogs 187 LLC on

Works as described. Very very thin material. But good for cleaning. Cannot reuse too many times though however. I would definitely order again if i need thin gloves to protect from chemicals.

from Silapheth LLC // DBA: Asian Street Cravings on

We really like this gloves, they fit really nice, we buy them in different sizes for all of our employees that do cleaning, we will continue to buy them in bulk


Used theses to clean our cooking equipment and they worked great. They did not get any tears and kept the harsh chemicals away from my hands.


Gloves are almost inferior in quality to analogues of other manufacturers, and the price is half that. Serve for a long time. The length of the gloves is good, above the hand.


Great rubber gloves which help me and my daughter to wash dishes without damaging our hand skin. They are definitely moisture resistant and don't slip from our hands. And we love this bright color!


When its comes to heavy dishes and hot water these gloves gets the job done. Very durable and comfortable. We use daily and very happy with the performance

from Leaff Inc. on

I use gloves every day for a multitude of uses so the type and quality of the glove it is very important. These gloves fit well and do the job, my only 'complaint' is that they are a bit slippery when you first use them so it takes a bit getting used to. Once you use them a bit, they grip things better but overall, they do the job they are meant for.

from Neuhaus Inc on


from mack's ice cream by wendy on

Washing those sheet pans and pots and pans can be really hard on your hands. These gloves come in handy when using handy clean tough stains.

from Sarda's Fusion Catering on

used for a couple of times and they ripped off so quickly. Tried others from a different place and works so much longer. Not going to buy this anymore

from Bookery Inc on

Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

these gloves have a snug fit and grippers on the palm to ensure no slips! when purchasing gloves in store I can never get a proper fit but these are perfect

from Kays Cupcakes on

These gloves are good for heavy duty cleaning and for dishes when using really hot water. They are sturdy enough to use more than once but I wouldn't keep for too long. For this price, and the amount that comes in each package, it is worth getting a bundle and using for big cleaning jobs whenever they come up.


I am one of the few people on earth that LOVES to wash dishes. However, I also LOVE to have my nails done. Therefore... I am in love with these gloves because I can wash all the dishes I want and my manicure stays in tact!


Nice multi use rubber gloves are great for any cleaning task or dishes. They are flock lined and grippy. Small size fits me perfectly, and the price can't be beat!

from Sig Services on

These are really functional for duties around the kitchen. It’s thicker than I expected for such a cheap price. I just ordered a dozen more.

from Restaurant on

These gloves come in all sizes and are great for protecting ones hands against any dirt, grime and harmful chemicals. I recommend buying a few pair to have on hand as they can become useful for anything really, even washing cars.


My wife hates doing dishes and I mean with a passion. But, there’s no way around it. At least with these gloves, they protect her hands so she can take care of her specialty hand-wash only items. They do not withstand temperatures above boiling…you can feel the heat.


These were too small for my hands but I have tried the product in my correct size and they work well for washing dishes or cleaning.


Though these gloves do help to securely hold on to slippery dishes due to texture, I cannot find the interior lining. I am surprised by that.


We appreciate your review, Antonia! We are sorry these gloves did not meet your expectations. If you have any issues with the product you purchased, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

The multi-use rubber gloves are great for dishes, cleaning, and other tasks that require protecting your hands. We would rate these gloves and low to medium duty and are great for basic tasks. We would not recommend these gloves if you are needing a very heavy duty glove for use with extremely hot water. The small size is great for female hands.

from Dig & Serve on

These yellow cleaning gloves are lined with a soft material that prevents your hands from getting sweaty. they can be reused without fear of deterioration

from Pancho's on

These are great large rubber gloves. Good size for most hands. The flock lining does a great job of preventing the gloves from sticking on the hands. Slide on and off easily and protect from chemicals and germs.

from Mike's Mindful Plate on

Not as thick as the dishwashing gloves sold at Safeway but for the quantity and the price it is a good purchase. The pairs come individually wrapped which is great so that I can add it to a housewarming gift basket.

from San Jose Macarons on

This small Multi-Use Yellow Rubber Flock Lined Gloves yellow latex gloves is perfect for dish washing, cleaning and even gardening. It keep your hands clean and away from harsh chemicals. I will buy them again.


This will be a good fit for smaller petite females. They are so cheap so I have all the sizes so everyone could have gloves that fits them.


These size small yellow rubber gloves worked great for scrubbing everything from dishes to tiled floors. They were easy to clean with and clean themselves. I would recommend and would order again.


These gloves are useful in protecting from germs while cleaning, etc., but I found the lack of dexterity difficult to work with. Kind of like how it's hard to zip your winter coat when your gloves are already on, that is what it felt like wearing these and trying to clean things.


Washing dishes can be hard on the hands. If you're doing them all day, its a great idea to wear dish gloves. These small gloves work for people with medium to small hands.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

fit perfectly, I would highly recommend the Small Multi-Use Yellow Rubber Flock Lined Gloves are a great value, are soft and comfortable and no weird smells.

from Mocha Choca Latte on

The small multi use yellow rubber gloves are highly durable and I use them whenever I clean around my house. They are some of the best gloves I have used.


Hard to find dishwashing gloves in small size, so these are a find! Good texture and quality so seem that they will last long. Have used them a lot and no holes yet. Great for smaller hands!


Our dishwasher loves this product. I am happy they fit a smaller hand and keep her dry. We tried a lot of gloves and they all fell off her hands. We will always use this product


The Small Multi-Use Yellow Rubber Flock Lined Gloves exceeded my expectations. The quality is very good and the price is as well. These gloves work great while doing the dishes or scrubbing the sink.


Really nice small yellow rubber gloves for cleaning and other! You will love them! Price is right and quality is great too. Great product for anyone!


These gloves are perfect for general cleaning and household use. Flock lining inside make them easy to get on and off with wet hands. Available in all sizes.


I regret why i didnt buy this multi use yellow rubber flock lined gloves. Im very much happy to buy this. Its not thick, so i can easily wash the dishes like i dont have the gloves on. Its very comfortable.


Strong rubber gloves that fit my tiny hands. They do not slip off and are easy to wash after use. I primarily use this for scrubbing dishes and cleaning the sink/ stove. These are cheaper than the grocery store and had my size. I don't have to worry about having to touch abrasive products or have my hands be in submerged in water while I clean.


Gloves that are made for heavy duty cleaning whether it be toxic or just overall harmful chemicals that one should avoid breathing in. They are cheap, can be reused and come in many different sizes.

from Miller Enterprise LLC on

These are a great set of rubber gloves and a fantastic value. They arrive individually wrapped and are quite thick and heavy duty. I have average sized hands and they are in fact quite snug. If you are unsure of the size to order, you should go a size up to be sure.

from Home Use on

I really like these small multi-use gloves. They have small "grippers" on the inside, making it easier to wash dishes and are very durable. Well worth the money.


These gloves are a great value (and more more cost-effective than what you can find at a store). They are perfect for household cleaning and dishwashing. A pair will usually last me a few weeks before a tear or rip makes one (usually the right hand, because I am right-handed) unusable.


Awesome pair of glvoes for preventing contact with dirty water or sewage. They also help protect hands that are sensitive to hard water. you cant beat this price.

from Dream Thread LLC on

This Multi-Use Yellow Rubber Flock Lined Gloves are very good and strong quality. i use them with hot water and chemicals and they works very good.

from Sir Clean Corp - Cleaning and Moving Company Miami on

I use these small multi-use yellow rubber flock lined gloves when we are making kimchi. They help because the red spices don't stain your forearms when mixing.

from Jack & Alice LLC. on

I like to use these gloves when I wash dishes and when I clean the stove. It protects my hands for harsh chemicals. They are working out great so far.


Fairly durable and inexpensive gloves! They do the job nicely and are perfectly fine for low-risk everyday use such as washing up and general household chores. I wouldn't use them for heavier duty tasks, but they are certainly multi-purpose.


These small rubber gloves fit my hands perfectly. I use them a lot during cold months to protect my hands when using warm water to do dishes or cleaning.


Very disappointed with this product.They tear very easily.I don't know why they say they are lined.They are not.I have lost 3 gloves already since they arrived.


I found these to be of poor quality and did not lend themselves to reuse. They are difficult to get on a second time, and are prone to tearing.


Thank you for your review! We are sorry the gloves were not suitable. We suggest these San Jamar Gloves for a heavier duty reusable glove set.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

What a great price!~ I love the small size, they are fit my hands perfectly, good for cleaning, dishes , or any other job where you want to keep your hands clean and dry. will buy again!


They stretch out too fast and spring holes very easily. These are the least durable gloves I've every used. Sometimes, I can't get more than one or two uses before they have a hole and are all stretched out. I realize that they are cheap but I'd rather have a little more expensive glove that holds up to a little heavier use.

from Camille's Handmade Soap on

Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear you have had so much trouble with these gloves. These are a great value, but if you would like to try a more durable alternative, check out the San Jamar 19NUS 19" nitrile gloves instead!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Perfect sized dish washing gloves. These are durable and are inexpensive. They help keep really hot water from burning through the rubber. They have good flexibility also.

from NASTC Conference Center & Catering on

For the price, these gloves are okay. Flocking is a bit thin, similar to what you'd get in the drugstore for cleaning. Worth it to buy in bulk, however.


these gloves, the Small yellow gloves are great. They fit my wife's hands perfectly, she has a hard time finding small enough gloves (ring finger is between a 4 and 5, depending on the weather) but I'm sure they could even fit someone with slightly larger hands.


We purchased these gloves for the kids. They are just perfect! The kids are doing the dishes every night and not complaining a bit about hot water and prune like hands. They are also great for use of toxic chemicals (like bleach, which at some point we all have to use). I feel so much safer now knowing that my kids hands are protected when they are doing housework. The gloves themselves seem to manage to stay mostly dry inside (no more sticky hands) and dry quickly after use.

from Red Gate Farm on

Finally small gloves that are actually small. These are the only rubber gloves that haven't puffed around my fingertips. The rubber is thick enough to protect from sharp edges.


Small playtex yellow rubber gloves that are sold for a low low price.


Decent set of gloves for the money. Our bakers like the extra protection when washing, so these fit the bill easily. Quality is decent considering the great price.

from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. on

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