Regal Graham Cracker Crumbs 10 lb.

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Stock up your kitchen and keep your bakery or restaurant in excellent supply of Regal graham cracker crumbs with this 10 lb. bag! Perfect for a variety of baked goods and sweet desserts, these graham cracker crumbs are ground into a fine consistency with a golden brown color and light, sweet taste that won't overpower your other baking ingredients.

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Regal Graham Cracker Crumbs 10 lb.

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crumbs graham cracker great fresh crackers cheesecake pie perfect taste
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Again.....yes I started a sentence with again because AGAIN this is an excellent product and a stellar value for the price. Thank you Webstaurant for all you do.

from Beke Cleaning and Supplies llc on

Great value for the pricing! They are super convenient since you don't have to crumb graham crackers on your own, which is perfect for someone doing large amounts of cheesecakes!

from Ciara's Southern Sweets on

Great taste as well as a quality product, comes packaged nice and its fresh tasting. Cant beat the price through Webstaurant. Comes in a variety of sizes.

from Krave Frozen Yogurt & Candy Shoppe on

Such a great product. Reasonably priced and taste real good. Worth every penny. We use to make pie crust for cheesecakes and pies and also for dessert cups.


The crumbs were purchased to mimic sand on the beach. We made miniature beach themed desserts. A big hit with the attendees at the event. The crumbs were fresh and tasty but not to grainy. A good purchase.

from Mt. San Antonio College on

when you make pies for the holidays I have no time to crush all the crackers. this makes it much easier to just measure and go

from Daniel C Tolner on

Regal graham cracker crumbs are a really great buy. It is great for pie crusts but it is really amazing on top of our cheesecake flavored desserts as well as a topping.


These graham cracker crumbs are reasonably priced, fresh, taste great, and arrived quickly. I am pleased with this purchase and will definitely be buying again.

from Sweet Treats Bakery on

We used these for everything from cheesecake and pie crusts to making smore's marshmallows! They work great and we love how consistent they are in size.

from Alanna on

If you are a baker and use Graham’s cracker crumbs often to make pies or cakes, this is perfect! I put my crumbs in a sealed container to keep them fresh.


Regal Graham Cracker Crumbs arrived packed perfectly. Great for adding thickness to shakes. Very finely ground. We use these in our milkshakes, smoothies and as a topping for drinks.

from Get Fit on

I used to go to the store and purchase my gram crackers and chop them up my self. Once i found this product I was in heaven. saves me so much time! highly recommended product especially with cheesecakes. Highly recommended.


these graham cracker crumbs is very good. we use this to decorater our ice cream and brick toast. it taste amazing. i would buy again.

from 2 on

The regal graham cracker crumbs are great for dipping our apple pie caramel apples into. The crumbs are so fresh and have a great taste.

from Ruby's Retro on

These graham cracker crumbs are very comparable to name brand graham cracker crumbs. They are a fraction of the price. My favorite thing to use these graham cracker crumbs on is cheese cake or to sprinkle on in door samores.

from Stateside deli on

The regal graham cracker crumbs are wonderful and make for the best graham cracker pie crust. The crumbs are fresh and crunchy and taste so good.


What a time saver! These graham cracker crumbs really cut my time in half when making my crust. They are finely crushed and also have a great taste! I am so glad I found these! I will never purchase another brand!


We're glad we were able to add this is a topping to our shop but wish that it came in a smaller size. 10 pounds is ALOT of graham cracker crust for a small ice cream shop!


The perfect topping for our strawberry cheesecake filled donuts. The crumbs are a great quality and perfectly crushed. The perfect consistency and very fresh and tasty.

from Round Bagel on

These are absolutely a God send. It has a great taste. They also offer convenience. They save you the hassle of grinding up graham cracker crumbs which saves a lot times. I highly recommend this product!

from Bakery on

This is by far the best graham cracker crumbs on the market. My favorite Gourmet caramel apple is our apple pie. These sweet graham cracker crumbs just make it perfect!

from Sweet Peach's Candy and Confections on

I am so glad that Regal makes these. These are one of my most requested toppings to add to the topping bars at my shops. They are perfect.


These regal graham crackers crumbs are so fresh and crisp. They are perfect for topping our key lime frozen yogurt and everyone loves that combination.

from Country Fresh Snacks on

A nice quality graham cracker crumbs that is perfect for making our fried cheese cake sticks. The crackers are fresh and really fry up nicely.


Perfect and good price! They were great over the holidays for Hello Dollies, but I use them most for cheesecake--I make a lot of cheese and having graham cracker crumbs on hand makes it easy to throw a cheesecake together in no time!

from Hannah Beecher on

We use these on top of our ice cream, they are very rich and flavorful. Our customers love covering their ice cream sundaes with this topping! I bet they'd make great for pies as well.

from Water and Ice on

This is just another example of a tasteful Regal brand product. They are really cheap and our order shipping incredibly quickly too. We love them,


I absolutely love these graham cracker crumbs. all i have to do is add butter and make my crust. much faster than smash g them myself.

from Where's the sweets on

The regal graham cracker crumbs are perfecta and fresh. They make a great crust for our cheesecakes and lemon meringue pies. The packaging is superb and helps keep the crumbs fresh.

from Price Proudce on

We use these crumbs in our s’more latte And s’more frappe- just a scoop on top of the whipped cream, and it adds a nice little texture and taste.


These are really great quality graham crackers. They smell fresh and are a nice color too. We liked them a lot when using them this summer.

from Red Velvet NYC on

A great price and quality box of graham cracker crumbs that are perfect for making cheesecake crusts. The cracker crumbs were fresh and tasted great.


I ordered these to make more smoothies and my lanta customers rave about them! They love the texture it adds to the smoothie!! I would never order it from somewhere else after receiving this product!

from Legacy Nutrition on

Make amazing cheesecake bites with this Keebler graham cracker crumbs which comes in 10 pounds absolutely perfect for desserts such as cookies and ice cream


A great brand of graham cracker crumbs that come in a nice box. The crumbs are always fresh and work out great in our cheesecake crusts. These are also wonderful in our campfire milkshake.


These graham cracker crumbs are wonderful to use in several ways. One could use them to mix with frozen custards and other products to keep them from sticking OR as toppings on a pie!

from Dream Thread LLC on

What a great value for graham cracker crumbs. This will save you time by having pre-crushed graham crackers for all your cheesecake dishes or key lime pies.


This is one large box of crumbs. Preground up which is exactly what we needed. This fills up a number of our containers and its going to last us a long time.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

Great value, well packaged and ready to use. Crumbs are just the right ground consistency for a topping or bottom to a cake or pie.

from Sweet Frog on

These gram crackers are cheaper than if you bought gram crackers and crushed them up. Especially to equal 10 pounds. These are also good to make pie crust.

from Foxland market on

These Graham Cracker crumbs are great for making homemade pie shells or great for toppings they are so fresh and has such a wonderful taste

from Little Dippers Mini Donuts on

These are my favoritw graham crackers. Our customers love it. We use it for decorate our milkshakes or toppings. Very good price for the amount we order.


So much easier than crushing crackers myself, and a much better value than buying individual boxes. I love the ease of measuring from a big box, vs smaller grocery store sizes.

from The Sweetest Things, LLC on

Keebler is the brand I prefer when it comes to Graham Crackers for the great quality and taste. I use the crumbs for crumb based pie crusts, smores cupcakes, and cookies. It is a versatile product and with 10lbs you can get really creative!

from Sugar Buff on

The Keebler Graham Cracker Crumbs 10 lb. is so good I could get enough of it for my protein shake club. It is a good garnish to the shakes.

from Be Fit Nutrition, LLC on

These make cheesecakes and any other types of graham cracker crusts so much less painful! We love these crumbs, and we see many more boxes of these in our future!


Exactly what I needed to make crust for 340 mini cheesecake for wedding, and still has leftover crumbs. Product was fresh and packaged well for. Scooping straight from box, no pouring and wasting. Will be ordering more for next event.


October marks Buckeye & cheesecake season for my home bakery. This is a fabulous time saver for me! All of the wonderful Keebler quality without the extra work of crushing them!


It is so convenient to have these cracker crumbs pre-ground! It also doesn't hurt that they are made by a great company! Keebler. I like that they are a brand name!

from Ashleigh Luna on

These crushed grahams save a ton of time and money when making cheesecake crust. We use to crush in food processor which is much more time consuming

from Everything Cheesecake on

This is a lot of graham cracker crumbs. I knew it was ten pounds and it's a solid ten. The taste is great and so is the cost, especially for the brand name. They come altogether in a plastic bag within a smaller packing box so make certain you have a container to hold them. They have so many uses such as pie crusts, dessert bars, cookies, as toppings, etc.


Great gram cracker crums I use them for my cheesecakeson and pie crust. I even use them for my cakes to make it look like sand


Cheesecake, cheesecake, cheesecake! This has made making cheesecake even easier by not having to crumble graham crackers, and the value is more cost effective than the small boxes at the supermarket.

from Sweet 1603 on

This takes the dirty work out of making your cheesecake crust, and its an excellent value. However if you like your crust with a bit of texture you may want to add some cookie pieces because this is very fine.


The Keebler graham cracker crumbs are great. They are fresh and my cheese cake crust taste wonderful My only complaint would be the packaging. You definitely need a container for them.

from Ruffled Feathers on

10 Pounds of crushed Graham Crackers will go a little ways. We use them for toppings and also for our Smore's drinks. With the holidays approaching it will become a highly popular item and we are glad to get these at a low price and be fully stocked.

from Miller Enterprise LLC on

What a time saver! So many of my recipes call for crumbs and not that I can't crush up graham crackers, but this is the way to go with no mess to clean up. Easier to measure rather than trying to figure out how many crackers you need to crush to make a cup.


these are the best graham cracker crumbs we have ever used! they are fresh and taste amazing!! we get alot of compliments on this topping!

from Mahalos on

Great value! Incentive to help save time instead of crushing your own graham crackers. I use these in lots of our pies. All of our customers like these graham cracker crusts.

from The Pie Hole on

I used it to make a coconut cream pie and I would say given the sweetness of the coconut cream, it was a little too sweet for me. I think it would be best with a pie like a mocha mud pie or something, or a not very sweet pie like a cranberry.


These are wonderful for making easy and quick crusts for cheesecake. Keebler always has a wonderful flavor and never tastes stale. I live the convenience of not having to grind up whole crackers.


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