Choice 12 oz. Clear PET Plastic Cold Cup - 50/Pack

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Beautifully showcase all of your on-the-go beverages with this Choice 12 oz. clear PET plastic cup! From ice water and fountain drinks to fruit smoothies and fresh-squeezed lemonade, this disposable plastic cup will create an eye-catching presentation for any refreshment. Made of recyclable plastic material, this cup is durable and crack-resistant, therefore reducing customer complaints due to cracked sidewalls.

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Choice 12 oz. Clear PET Plastic Cold Cup - 50/Pack

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cups plastic great perfect sturdy lids cup size drinks clear
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We love the cup! Really sturdy and clear and it is a very innovative way to use for a cupcake holder. Everyone love the idea!

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This Choice brand 12 ounce plastic cup is a nice size and is attractive for a disposable plastic cup. We also like buying 1000 at a time.

from Griffins' Catering on
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These cups are a wonderful choice for our business. High quality at an affordable price point. They are sturdy, made of part recycled plastic and perfect for our cold press iced coffee.

from Fika, LLC on
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Good quality for the price. I expected these cups to be on the "flimsy" side but it does not bend leak when pressed down by lid.

from INGRIDients on

Great cup for any iced drinks. These cups are very durable and work perfect for our small iced coffees at our coffee cart. Highly recommend.

from The Coffee Post on

Love these cups they are sturdy and are perfect for all my mexican antojitos. Will continue to buy these for my buisness. Perfect size too.


The Choice 12 oz. Clear PET Plastic Cold Cup is a great cup option. We recently switched to the Choice brand for our cold cups and like the price and build. We would definitely recommend these cups!

from BBCH on

These cups were perfect! We were having them for an event and they were super durable, strong, and looked super cute! No cracking, bending, or folding.

from The Tamale Company on

I love these 12 oz cups for my kids size shakes and fruit drinks. They fit with the choice lids and are a great addition to my cups


These are the perfect size! I've never had one crack or break like others that I've ordered from other places. I will be ordering these again!


I love how easy it is to use of this cup is! I also love that it is clear for me to see my drinks!

from rocktown llc on

This cup is perfect for the donut holes that I sell, it stays clear and does not attract finger prints easily. It also seals airtight so you don’t have to worry about leaks.

from Peanut Butter Dog Treats on

These are really nice plastic cups. I use them for frappes & smoothies on my food truck, & they are lightweight, but seem to be good quality. I use these with both flat lids & dome lids with no problems. I totally recommend.

from Erin's Street Bistro on

Having a sturdy plastic cup is a must for smoothies, frappes and iced coffees and this cup did not disappoint. It definitely feels like a higher quality plastic cup. Def recommend and will get again.


These cups are so durable all my customers love it. I have tried many cups but this cup is great quality for a great price!

from CBD Cafe on

These cups work great! I have purchased many of the Choice brand items and have never had any issues with them. i think the quality is really good for the price. Also love that the lids are universal to multiple size cups.

from The Apple Shed on

See-through completely clear plastic as pictured with medium durability. Worked great for packaging cake parfait cups for our local Farmer’s Market. Suggested lids that go with these cups go on easy.

from All in the Details on

This 12 ounce Choice clear cup is the perfect size for your guest that wants a smaller portion. Great for beverages, treats, smoothies, parfaits, etc.

from Kelley Enterprises of Coloma, LLC on

its the perfect size of cup and lid for my to go juices and falooda and had never issue with it. highly recommend to buy and they are the most affordable.

from AK83 LLC on

We started out using 9oz clear cups for our water cups, but they were cheap, thin, and not a great option. We upgraded to these 12oz PETE cups and they are much more sturdy.


I love these clear plastic 12 ounce cups. They are great for ice averages and pop. They look cute speakers they’re clear. Thank you so much

from Hhbc on

Very durable product .. We use if for flurries, ice cream, sundae, slushy and freeze, Come in very handy and sturdy box and very resonable price.

from DHOOM INC on

These plastic drink cups are mostly great, but once every few packs there will be some cups that crack easily the second you pull them out of the sleeve. Overall a fine plastic cup.


As good as any generic 12oz PET cup we've ever tried out. The DLW626 lid does not fit on these just as a heads up.


Matched with the dome lids, these are great cups for ice cream sundaes, floats and even cold coffees. They are the perfect size for a good serving but not so big that there is wasted drinks.


A very solid cup. You could put just about anything in these and you wont have to worry about spills/crushing. Curled lip ensures that the lid stays on even if dropped.

from Lucabe Coffee Co. on

Good cups for drinks, these are sturdier and cheaper than going thru sysco. They work well for their intended purpose and stack well. good buy

from Pearl River Delta on

This cup works very well for pouring beer when we have outdoor events and keeps the beer cold without very much spillage I like them a lot


Nice quality cups, they hold up well and don’t crack very often. We use these for our icees and the clear plastic helps with visual effects.


Unfortunately I can't recommend these. They are very very flimsy and my customers are complaining. Unfortunately I read the reviews and trusted them. I'm stuck with several cases of each size now. Cost too much to send them back ???

from Para dice espresso on

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Our bakery has been using Choice plastic cups for over a year, we switched to these because if better price point. The quality is really good, and we saved money.

from Sweet Tooth Shop on

We use these cups for our custom cotton candy servings. They are great cups. Very sturdy and can see the colorful cotton candy as the cups are clear.

from The Concession Stand on

Great plastic cup for a great price. Also compatible with one lid. The cups are pretty consistent with a badly bent cup once and awhile. Overall solid durable plastic.

from Egg Wits on

I use these clear plastic cups in my café and catering business every day. They hold up well and are of high quality. I will continue to purchase this item.

from MK Cafe & Catering on

These plastic cups work great for holding all of our cold teas and specialty drinks. They are very durable and great quality. We pair them with the choice brand lids as well


Quality cups, great price. Works well for our catering company. Like that I can purchase in large quantity and stock up for future jobs! Sturdy cup for cold drinks!

from Papa Rock LLC on

These cups are very affordable and just the right size for child drinks, and for employee drink cups. Very sturdy, we use them all the time.

from Barbosas's on

These cups are wonderful! We use them periodically for bar drinks and they are very sturdy. They don’t “cave” when you hold them with a drink in them. These are the only clear cups I’ll buy!

from Buck and Badger on

we use these cups for our cold brew coffee. they are nice and sturdy. They make one of our drizzles we put in our cold brew coffee look nice.

from Big Belly Deli on

These cups are great! We use them for multiple uses. Sometimes we use for our Almond milks and others for our homemade yogurt parfaits. We haven’t had any issues and have bought them many times.

from Spoony Sweets Cereal Cafe on

The quality of the material is pretty good. the shape is slightly different than other plastic cups. It is narrower towards the bottom. But it fits with lids that fits on 16oz.

from Coffee Speaks on

The perfect size for a small/ medium drink. It pairs perfectly with the choice 7 3/4 jumbo straws. These cups are not flimsy and are the perfect amount for a drink.


EXACTLY what we were looking for!!! These are sturdy cups, not as "thick" as I expected but durable enough. These will work beautifully for our upcoming wedding without paying the big box store price! Extremely happy!


Very durable plastic cup. We use them on weekends for our outdoor areas and they hold up very well and are really reasonably priced through WebstaurantStore.

from DW on

Great cup for our outside service areas on our deck in the summer. They are much sturdier than alternatives in the same price range through another distributor.

from NT on

These cups are fine with the use of our cold brew beverages. The only problem I had was most every sleeve of these cups had 4 to 5 cups that were stuck tightly together and could not be used. You could sometimes pull them apart but most often not without damaging the cups.

from No-Rea LLC on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

I use these cups for a double "cup"-cake offering for my customers at the local farmers markets and public events. These 12 oz. cups fit two cupcakes on top of one another perfectly! They're extremely sturdy and easy to use. They go great with the choice brand clear flat lids with straw slots too!

from A Sprinkle of Magic on

Works great for both the iced and blended drinks that we serve in our coffee shop. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an affordable and durable cup that you can add your own label to.

from Kersey Gathering Grounds on

I purchased the small pack about a month ago and I love them so much I had to get the big back great quality cups


We order these cups for our Mango Lassi drink take out and our customers are very happy with quality of the cup and quantity this cup holds.


The cups are acceptable in terms of performance. They are thin walled, so if you need to understand that they have some flex. That's a reduction of one star. More concerning to me is that there are occurrences of two cups sticking together, and there is no way to separate them, so they get scrapped. I'd say it happens on average at least once per sleeve, but not more than twice per sleeve. I don't believe any scrap is acceptable. We continue to use them because of their affordability, but we may shop around again soon.

from Little Lots Farms on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

I bought these to make cake cups and they're exactly what I wanted. Along with the clear dome lids, these make for a really charming way to package cake portions for 1-2 people for sale.

from 6 Bittersweets on

We loved using these cups as to-go cups for the kids. I also send leafy green smoothies in these cups with my husband for work. Works great with the matching lids.


I bought these to use for sweet treats like parfaits not for drinks.. They are sturdy, good quality and price is good, will be ordering again

from Wholly Sweets Bake Shop on

Very good quality cups and they are thicker than normal plastic. We use it for ice cream for kids, perfectly fits our needs. If you are not sure about the size, order a small pack first.


I switched to this cold cup for my business to save money. It seems a bit flimsy compared to the more expensive brand. I haven’t received any complaints of spills or leaks at the lid. I will continue to use.


We started out using the dart foam cups. Then we switched to these and they are awesome! We love these cups and wouldn’t want to use anything else!

from Cafe Paradiso on

Wonderful addition. Sleek and stylish for a more upscale look, with a disposable item. We do high volume, for cheap well drinks these are a must without feeling like you’re getting trash.

from General Beauregards on

Wonderful product - great price - AND they do NOT have the rolled lip that is so unpleasant in most other plastic cups. These just come to a nice crisp edge! NO DRIBBLING! YEA

from mr. pepe on

These cups are exactly what I wanted! They are super sturdy and don’t look cheap! My customers love it! Highly recommendable product. Will be purchasing more! Thank you ??

from Creations By Mari on

Great quality. Easy to use and store. Appropriate for all serving and catering needs. Highly recommended. We use it for our cold beverage servings in the store.

from Leaff Inc. on

The transparency of these cups make them ideal to show off the colores of natural juices. I like the size of them for gatherings with friends.


Good visually appealing economic choice if you need to serve drinks in plastic containers but still want the glasses to look a little higher quality.


These cups were ideal for my event. They look classy and are durable. The price is just right, too. I will recommend them. Good buy!

from SHARON on

A decent to-go cold cup. Sadly, they are not as environmentally friendly as some, but are recycleable, so that's a bonus. The lids snap on tightly to avoid leakage.

from HumaniTea, Inc. on

this twelve ounce cup is the perfect small size for a restaurant to go cup or coffee shop cup. really good for the price too

from Sena llc on

Cups came in perfectly. Exactly what we needed for our coffee. They are really sturdy and when putting hot coffee in at first it still stays sturdy.

from Remorenko on

I will have to say that these cups are very good and the lids fit very well and are easy to put on. The value and price speaks for itself.

from Beke Cleaning and Supplies LLC on

These cups are purfert size for .y tea bombs and they show the color of the teas which are very color. The cups also hold the coldness of the beverage as well

from Beautiful Bodies LLC on

A good, economical choice for a disposable cold cup. I like these to set out at parties or catering events where I need to use disposable table wares.


I bought these cups as a test for a product. They didn't work out for what I need but they are a nice & sturdy cup!

from Dani Cakes on

These cups are an excellent choice for our business. In my opinion, they are equal in quality to the Dart cups, but come at a much more affordable price

from Elevated Sportz on

These cups are so versatile! We use them in our coffee shop and at our bar. They are made of durable, heavy plastic so there isn't a cheap feeling to them. We will continue to reorder frequently!


This is a good sturdy cup. We use them for iced and frozen drinks and they hold up well. Perfect size and shape for cup holders in cars.

from Billy Goat on

Our office purchased these cups for parfaits. We make and sell them and they couldn't be more perfect!! Convenient size-have a recommended lid that fits perfectly and has a wide mouth. Perfect!!

from PPW on

We love that these plastic cups are from recycled materials! They also look great when making smoothies or cold coffee drinks. Never crack. Thank you!

from Breakers Bowls on

Love this cup for cold beverages. Went through many other cold cup options before finding this one. Overall, very happy with the quality and price.


Perfect size. Perfect cup. Durable. Great for cold or frozen drinks. Fits in cup holders nicely or cup sleeves. True to their name and description.

from Reverie Caffe LLC on

Perfect sized cup for a single shot of espresso and 8 oz of milk for an iced latte. The thing i like about choice products is they all work together. The choice lids will work on any of their sized cup.


Perfect disposable cup! Though you may be tempted to buy cheaper priced cups, these are well worth the money. The quality is thick and hold drinks without sinking in while holding. They hold up to multiple refills which eliminates the need for extra cups.

from Lores & Lou on

These cups are perfect for soda, beer and for juices. They are very sturdy and will not crack easily. They are great for use at any restaurant, bar or for large catering events.


We use these cups daily. They are sturdy, clear, and easy to hold. We purchased tops for them too and it works perfect together. I would purchase these cups again.

from Snow Zone on

I have been trying to source these cups at a reasonable rate and finally got them here on They look great and are well sturdy and strong


Great cups for our iced and cold brewed coffee. They feel sturdy when you fill them up and they are easy to hold. We will order these every time.

from Little Bean Coffee Company on

As long as you have the matching lid these cups are great. They are thick durable and nice clear and clean looking. Recommend have been purchasing these for our store for years


These cups were used for a formal event outdoors to fill with beer. The cups were chosen for their structural integrity for bartenders and guests, while having recycling properties. The cost was appropriate for these things in mind. Our bartenders appreciated the sturdiness for filling and passing to guests. We had no issues with production imperfections with our batch.


These cups are really great and easy to use i highly recommend these for any occasion from soda to milkshake and smoothies. I would suggest you to buy them the choice is yours.

from Pedro Ortiz on

These cups are perfect for cocktails as they allow a better elegant view than the opaque counter part. They also are sturdy and more durable than those previously mentioned.

from Invasor N.C on

I have two uses for these- first for our bar service pouring beer and second for our in shop cold brew. Both use this cup is perfect. It's a nice sturdy cup, not a cheap plastic that tears. Have ordered several boxes of 1,000 at this point.

from Sweet Lulu's Bakery & Cocktail Caravan on

I use the 12oz cups for my small size smoothies. They are great and easy to hold. Many come in one case. Just grab and pour in.

from Pazar on

These cups do not break easy. We had an issue with the hard plastic cups we were using before because they would break and I was worried about plastic pieces getting in someone's drink. These PET plastic cups are flexible so that they don't break, but they are also firm enough to hold a drink without spilling. They are a perfect size for a large cocktail.


Just what we needed when we started serving beverages at intermission. cups instead of cans. the matching lids help us keep the facility cleaner. that and reminding our patrons that we are working on a volunteer basis and the ushers at the doors will have trash bags for their waste.


Perfect size for drinks. Sturdy and durable. I use these cups to serve iced tea and lemonade to guests who visit our church. Love that they are clear and you can see the beverage. I would definitely order again!


I ordered these cups and found that they were so much cheaper than buying bulk in the stores! I was very impressed at how durable they were. Easy for guests to use. I’ll be ordering again!


We use these for smoothies, frappes, and floats. They are a great option for parents who want to get the kids a smaller drink, or for if you are taking out a large group of people.


Perfect sturdy plastic cups that were filled with yummy lemonade made by my kiddos. Felt very secure passing them to our customers without worries about accidents.

from L's Lemonade Stand on

The band is less costly so it's a great advantage for our business it is a little more flimsy then the brand dart but it okay won't make to much of a difference

from chocolateka on

Good price for great cups! Because they are a small size you don’t have to worry about durability as much because there isn’t a bad way to hold the cup!


These cups are sturdy and you can definitely feel the quality. My only complaint is that so many of the cups are stuck together so we aren't able to use quite a few of them to give out to customers.

from Sheena Kim on

If you are looking for a perfect beer cup, this is it. Much more elegant than the red plastic cups and can be labeled with a permanent marker. This cup is a keg's best friend!


Good value and made from plastic that isn't going to crack easily. Good choice for mixed drinks at a reception or for serving soft drinks.

from From Scratch on

These are great! We use these at all of our events for our cold drinks. They are good looking, and with the clear design makes the contents look great. They are reasonably priced.

from Summit Church on

12 oz Choice clear plastic cold cups are versatile for any beverage, fruit or veggie cup, or side to go item. They have a rolled rim to drink from easily, and are more eco friendly than other items.

from Sig Services on

These cups are perfect for our ice cream parlour - we use them for milkshakes as well as iced coffees. Buying them with the dome lid allows us to add all the toppings that our customers love. We simply cannot complain about the quality - they are quite durable and also more affordable than other brands.


This is the perfect size for a regular cold esspresso or cold Italian Soda. The plastic cup is stout enough to hold shape when quickly putting some lids on.

from Last Chance Food Shack on

These cups are great. No issues with leaking or cracking at all. Available in several different sizes and with both flat and dome lids, these are excellent for many uses.


We have been pleased with Choice cups for use with our slushes. They are cost significantly less than Dart Solo. I was concerned that they might not be as sturdy as the more expensive cups, but we have had no issues with them. I will reorder when needed.


These cups are a little flimsy, but pretty good for the price. Don't recommend using them with little kids. However we did not have any problems with adults using them.


Purchased these for my party business to customize. The size and quality were perfect for what I needed to do. Will be a returning customer.

from Something Sweet on

These cups are a good size for ice water for customers and since lids fit multiple sizes there is no need to buy separate ones.

from coffee bar girl on

perfect smaller version of the 16 oz. Usually buy the 16 oz, but that is too much for my 6 year old! these cups are perfect size for her and the lids add that extra "spill" security! will definitely order these again.


Great cup, inexpensive and well worth the money. Sturdy plastic and simple design, great size for smoothies and shakes. I would buy them again and recommend them.

from Kristin's kitchen on

These are what we use for our small cold and blended drinks. They work great and are sturdy. They work great with the flat and some lids.

from The Coffee Barn on

Bought this size for my smoothie's, sometimes i used them for iced coffee if i wanted a smaller coffee. These are great strong sturdy cups. the lids that you can buy separate snap on and stay on tight. Great price on these as well.


These are the perfect size for kid-friendly specialty drinks. Wide mouth makes for easy pouring and the lids fit very securely. We are very happy with this product.

from Stomping Grounds on

These are solid cups that did everything I neeeded them to do - namely, hold cold liquids without melting cracking or spilling. They looked nice, too.


We were able to offer a variety of sizes of our cake in a jar with these plastic cups. Our presentation looks just like a sundae with the dome lids. Excellent advertisement and party favor gifts.

from Kristians Kreations on

Sturdy and well made at a good price. No need to spend more money for the “name brand”. Save some money and go with these!

from Jumpstart'R on

These are great 12 oz clear plastic cold cups. They bend a little easy but work great. They come in a 50 pack. These cups have a slight ridge for easy holding.


These cups impressed me very much. High quality that matches if not beats some of the major named brand cups. No defects, imperfections, or annoying plastic debris that sometimes can be found in other top brands.

from Water and Ice on

These are good sturdy cups, and they are for a great price. Flat or dome lids fit on them quite nicely, and they give a nice, sharp look.

from The French Press Coffee Co. on

These cups are a good size. Good for cold drinks, smoothies and refrigerated desserts. Very sturdy. Will buy these cups again and I like that I can use the regular lids or the dome lids.


Last time I ordered the 50 cup smaller bag to have a trial. After receiving the trial bag, really like their design that share the common lid for 9, 12, 16 and 24 oz cups. Then I decide to order this large box one. Today receive the item as expected.

from Omi Fruiti on

I always buy this cups here for all my parties specially when i have kids, because with the lids they are perfect for little hands! I had people compliment me on this cups! I will keep ordering more when i need them because they are great quality and very sturdy! and you get a lot for the price! A++ product!


Love these clear plastic cups, they’re very sturdy and always come in handy, I also purchased the dome lids to go along with them and they’re a perfect fit. I use these cups to hold my banana pudding and strawberry cheesecake, customers love them.


These clear cups are awesome. The drinks show through them beautifully. They are of great quality and have come across no damaged ones from manufacturing like the old ones we were using!

from All Things Coffee House on

These plastic cups are good for beverages served with ice as they are a nice large size. Easy to hold and come compactly stacked so as to not take up too much space before you need them.

from SCCIG on

Clear plastic cups! Choice 12 oz. placstic cold cups are perfect for smoothies, any iced drinks, and milkshakes! You can get the lids at a reasonable price and have them all shipped to your home is business.


Great plastic 12 oz. Clear Cold Cups. Good for milkshakes, slushys, smoothies, and ice coffee. Very durable and easy to use. The price is fantastic.

from Classic Burger Group Inc. on

These are good quality, medium weight plastic cups for beverage service. They look nice and are sturdy enough for ice and beverage service. A good economical cup for daily use.

from st joseph church on

This size cup is very amazing. Especially when customers want two or more scoops of ice cream. cups don't break or bend and are just the perfect size. highly recommended

from Neveria oasis on

Simple and convenient design that showcases our cold beverages very well. It is durable and crack-resistant. They are perfect for our bakery and they are affordable too

from The Cozy Cannoli Company on

Highly recommend this product. These cups are the highest quality I have been able able to find. Works perfect with my businesses cold brew coffee.

from Shift Coffee Bar on

These cups were great I use them for my wedding great price for the amount of cups that you get highly recommend these cups to everyone

from Sweet treats on

The price is right with these cups, but they fall victim to one of the largest problems with Big Cup today: Lids to fit these cups outside of purchasing from webstaurant are relatively difficult.

from Cobleskill Auxiliary Services on

Great plastic cups. We use them for all of our coffee drinks at the coffee shop and they work great. It looks super cute too.


Great heavy duty, sturdy cups that are perfect for any occasion, party, events or even for daily use! great quality and price definitely recommend it!


Great choice for showcasing your product and to customize the cup. Combined with the lid, it adds structural toughness. Will be ordering more, clients love their drinks with these.

from Not'cho Cheese on

Perfect Size, Great Quality, using these for mixed drinks at my wedding! The clear looks very professional and fancy. These are going to be perfect!


The choice 12oz plastic cup is a great cup that is very strong for a plastic cup. I bought them when my usual got to brand was out of stock and really liked them. I was a little disappointed when my dome lids that fit my other 12 ounce cup would not fit this one due to its larger mouth.


Great cups. Transparent material clear cups great for milkshakes or icecream. Very thick material to give a great presentation to the food. Great price too.

from Pincho Loco on

These cups are a must-have for any event that requires the service of water/drinks/punch. They are very sturdy for as far as plastic cups go, and for the cost, you can have plenty for consistent service. These felt much stronger than some additional cups that I bought, at a higher price, somewhere else last-minute when I thought that the 300 that I bought from Webstaurant was not enough. Will definitely but these again when needed.


These are decent cups. They're very thin and pliable, they do not crack if you squeeze them. I used these to serve root beer floats at an event and it was nice to be able to see through them.


Solid cold cup that we're very happy with. Perfect size. Love that they come bagged in quantities of 50 inside the box. Makes for easy storage and keeping everything clean.

from Cuppa Go Coffe Co. on

Nice cup. It is flexible (not a hard plastic), but it feels like it will hold up well. Fits well in an adult or child's hand. Nice clear material.


These were the perfect size for large fruit cups. These cups are awesome and I love that they are clear and sturdy. Makes for a great presentation for my desserts.


I love these cups! Super durable and very nice and clear! They were a little bit bigger than I thought but that was totally my misunderstanding on the ounces. 10/10 will order these again and again!

from Homemade Heaven on

The 12 oz Clear plastic cups were a god choice for my wedding reception you can't go wrong with this plastic cup! Its simple design makes it perfect for the aqua punch we served. Nice big base not a cup that woul tip over easy

from work on

These are great quality cups! This size was perfect for beverages, not too big, but not too small either. I used them for a special event.


These are good quality cups. They look very nice with a dink inside, and are also very sturdy. The lids snap on tight, and there is never a spill.


This Choice 12 ounce plastic is strong and stands up straight and sturdy. Good for serving sodas with lots of ice or thicker drinks like smoothies and shakes. Handles the job very well.


I use these for layered desserts like banana pudding when I'm at farmer's markets. They are very sturdy, and customers can hold them while they walk around.

from The Sweetest Things, LLC on

They are nice, clean, clear cups! Used mine for a church event and they worked out perfect! They look a little more fancier then using foam cups.


These cups are a great size for refreshments drinks at a wedding portion wise. Really happy with the product and price! The material is bendable so fits well in the hand :)

from Joy Addict on

These are great, durable 12oz plastic cups. Unfortunately they do NOT fit with Dart/Karat brand, cup is slightly too small. You would need to purchase matching lids from Webstaurant


solid plastic glass - seems like it will do its job and will be sturdy (not like the cheaper version of the glass you can find.


12 oz cups are great for pouring and drinking drinks and stuff! And Choice is a nice brand! 50 comes in pack! We go thru a lot of clear cups. A must to have!

from Queens pizzaria on

I order these cups with lids for displaying and selling individual cupcakes. I sit the cupcake on the lid and the cup upside down and they're just perfect!

from Bite of Joy on

I love these cups for their size and durability. The plastic is thin yet strong so they don't break easily. Compared to other plastic cups I think these are very nice looking as they don't have so many ridges. 12 oz is a great size for drinks with ice. Great Buy!

from Maren Epstein on

Wow what a great price on these 12 ounce cups they remind me of a solo cup but they're clear and way less expensive I purchased multiple sizes now I think I'm going to get a larger case because these things are every bit as comparable to the regular solo cups

from N/A on

This is a great, quality product. Very much worth pay extra for a nicer cup than an off-brand. Very nice and durable and come in the mail in just a couple days.


I purchased the 12 oz plastic cups for family events. They are a perfect size for cold drinks and are sturdy enough without them cracking.


I brought these cups for my daughter during the summertime because you wanted to sell fruit infused lemonade and frozen drinks to make here own money and they worked out great. You can get the presentation just by looking at it.


Oddly enough I use these items to package individual cupcakes and they are the perfect fit for a regular sized cupcake. Using the matching lid side down and Cup on top it's the perfect pack!

from Sugar Coated Bakery on

Perfect cups for my sodas. They store easily on my kitchen shelf and since they are clear are attractive looking on my open pantry shelves. These cups will definitely be a constant repurchase.


These are So simple and convienent! Plastic cups that are not only sturdy but cost efficient! Works great with the lids and the straws we ordered!


These are great cups. They were exactly what I needed for an event to serve water and other cold drinks. They are flexible, and will break if squeezed too hard.


We like having the 12 ounce cups for children and we find that it's the perfect size for some of our more rich drinks. Cup is solid construction and holds up well.

from Turntable Cafe on

These are the perfect size! I've never had one crack or break like others that I've ordered from other places. I will be ordering these again!


We love these cups and use them in all sizes both hot and cold for our cafe. We have never had one crack or break down the side and the lids always snap on so satisfyingly with little effort. They make presentation of our product more impressive as well. Considering the cost savings on top of that you really can't beat them!

from Simple Roast Coffee Company on

These Choice 12 oz. Clear PET Plastic Cold Cup are very sturdy I bought these and the lids to fit Choice Clear Dome Lid with Hole and the Choice Clear Flat Lid with Straw Slot nice to have options with this cup price cant be beat.


This is my favorite disposable cup to use for my home gatherings. Very elegant without using glasswares! I will keep ordering this ! good price!!


These cups have been a lifesaver for our bar especially during a event. The cups are solid and serve the correct purpose. Impressed with the fast shipping

from Tailgater's Bar and Grille, LLC on

Quality plastic cups that are clear as advertised. We used the cups for party favors. We added the lid to our cups and they made the perfect take home gifts for an outdoor baseball birthday party. Great overall price when bought in bulk.


We use these cups for all our cold drinks, we do occasionally have trouble with them sticking together so much that you have to damage one cup to get them apart which can be annoying when you are busy.

from Cornerstone Coffee on

The perfect cup for lemonade, these eco-friendly cups are Crystal clear, which shows the product well. Super crack resistant which minimizes accidental damage, great product.

from Fair Fern Food on

Not as sturdy as, say, the cups that some shops uses, but I think they are good for what we need them for. Its great to have a cheaper alternative for a small startup coffee shop.


These cups are great! We use them for all our cold beverages. The accompanying lids fit very securely. I would recommend these over the leading brand.


Bought these for our daughters wedding. Good price for bulk product. Good quality plastic cups, plan to use for cold drinks. Quick shipping, arrived only few days after ordered.

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I ordered these with the understanding that they were the standard size I was used to getting cold beverages to go. That is not the case at least in the north east US. The standard cold cup size we see most in this area is the 16oz. I had to return these and get the larger cup.

from Nomad Coffee LLC on

Great cups and an even better price. We are able to use them for themed parties and events. They are clear so they go well with any color. They are durable and a much better price than local stores.

from Dream Thread LLC on

The cup is a great quality. It can be used at any function and has a great look. These cups can also be used with more upscale gatherings.

from St. Stephen Lutheran Church on

These cups work great for our business. They are very firm, not too flimsy which is great. We use multiple sizes of Choice cups and all of them are high quality!

from Kent Turner on

These cups are great for events or iced coffee that we make at our residence. Being able to buy one sleeve of 50 is nice, we arent stuff with a big ole case

from Pickler on

For the price these cups are great! I like that i can use the lids for both this cup and the 20oz Choice. Overall built well!

from The Homestead on

You cannot beat the price of this product. They are actually larger than they look. My guest love them because they do not have to keep filling their cup. They also keep your drink cold for a longer period of time. I recommend these.

from Innovative Catering on

These plastic cups work great. We use them for a variety of products including our Milkshakes, Concretes, Smoothies and more. We will continue to order these as they are high quality cups at a great price. Thanks.

from The Golden Cone on

These were perfect for the bar drinks! All i could find in store were frosted white cups so i was worried that these wouldn't be clear but they were nice and clear! Exactly what i was looking for.


I was so happy to find nice looking, disposable cups that are actually recyclable and at a good price. They are sturdy, but are a softer plastic (the cups give when you squeeze them). My only qualm would be that you cannot stack these more that 30 or so high, as the stack tilts and can tip over.

from PK on

I was concerned about the quality because I have ordered similar cups elsewhere and they were thin and flimsy. This little cup is great, its made from a thicker plastic. Also I like that there are no sharp edges at the top where the plastic is folded.


12 oz size is our smalls to sell our slushy's. clear makes them attractive to other customers meaning more sales. Plus I like the fact that the lid fits more than 1 cup.

from Daniel C Tolner on
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These cups are great for adults. Very clear. Great to use for ice coffee, soft drinks, chocolate milk, milkshake,. Can also use to put yogurt in.


Great quality cups. We use them for our juice bar, it holds up cold drinks well and very stable. The cups are hard plastic, not the cheap flimsy types.

from BottleOpener on

Great cold cups. The plastic is on the think side, but they're perfect for serving lemonade and other beverages, and I didn't get any broken cups in the pack.

from L on

These are just your basic clear 12 oz. cups that worked well at my event for tea and lemonade. The price cannot be beat either!!


These cups are exactly what everyone needs to buy the size 12 oz is very true to size and the best part how you can buy kids for the cups to be covered up

from Indy on

I use these in my coffee shop. They are reliable and work nicely with the recommended choice plastic dome and flat lids. Haven't had any issues so far!

from Serving Grace Cafe on

These cups are an excellent choice for our business. In my opinion, they are equal in quality to the Dart cups, but come at a much more affordable price.


Love these cups! They are durable and very strong, plus it's really cheap comparing to other stores, Also they are PET plastic and bpa free!

from Delicious delights on

We also use this size cup for customers who want a Quadruple espresso shot over ice, it leaves them a little room for some cream. Its perfect

from Lone Star Bistro on

These cups were great! We used them at a wedding reception and they brought a more elegant look than a paper cup would have. The quality of the product was great. We would definitely order these again.


Item came exactly as described. Pricing was great especially for the quantity. Item will come in very handy. The quality is very nice as well.


Nice clear cups. They matched our bowls and plates we also ordered. I like that you can pick up the cup by the rim as it is sturdy enough to do so without folding.


A good sized plastic cup we use these for outdoor events. We like the clear cups because they are easy to decorate with sharpies and stickers to customize for parties.

from TRW on

These cold cups are surprisingly durable. The lid fits on snugly. Get regular flat lids as well as dome lids in case you use whip cream.

from Oxford Coffee Co. on

We use these for our kid's cups & they are a great size for kids. The lids stay on tight & the cups are nice & sturdy.

from Ode To Food & Drinks on

I sell smoothies and got this cup to replace my current brand. The price is a lot cheaper, but the plastic seems a little bit more flimsy. But the product does seem to hold liquid and slush very well for the price!


Love these cups! They are durable and very clear so you can see the beautiful colors in our smoothies. Also like the fact that they are PET plastic and bpa free!

from Just Juice 4 Life on

These cups are great. For the price, you cannot beat them. I have looked around, and settled on these and I am so glad I did. The 12 oz. cups are sturdy and they are exactly what I need for my coffee shop.

from D&M Coffee House on

I own a coffee shop and these are perfect for my iced coffees. Cups occasionally stick together but can be separated with a little work and patience. Can't beat the price!

from Cricket's Coffee Company on

There are great cups. They are the perfect size and sturdy enough for what we need. The smoothies look delicious in them. We will continue to get these.

from Tropicoco on

Choice 12oz cups where ordered from Webstaurant some time ago and because they a so sturdy and durable, we decided to order more. Comfortable to hold on to and while sipping and drinking from. I have even used them at home and my child love them. These cups are really durable and most times while at home, I clean them to use a few more times. Good Cup!


First off, let me say this site is awesome. I will not shop anywhere else. Secondly, these cups are the perfect size for sodas, water, fruity drinks.


12 oz cups are perfect for people who dont want to give away too much juice. My store now uses the 16 oz cups but I will buy these again if needed.

from The Tea Room on

Just so excited bout ordering from this company everything is so affordable. It just goes to show when you surf the web you always have options and my # 1 pick is mist definitely webstaurant


I love these cups because they are nice and clear, not cloudy, and feel nice and durable. They don't bend as easily as certain cheaper cups do.

from 3 Leaf Tea on

I used one of the choice 12 ounce plastic cold cups for home use to test them out before my wedding reception. They kept my soda with ice cool for a long time and did not leak at all. They are definitely very thick and of the utmost quality.


Great cups-perfect for smoothies and iced coffee! These cups look great with a done lid for whipped cream! Make sure to order the corresponding lid!

from Sh-Booms Ice Cream on

These are very nice cups for cold coffee or teas. They seem a little flimsy, but overall seem to hold up okay to a full drink.


This cup works great for smoothies, frappuccinos, milkshakes, etc. I love that it's crystal clear and you can see the inside content. With the lid works perfect to add whip cream, I use them at home for my daughters and they love it. Great buy, good quality and excellent price.


The perfect size for any get together and very sturdy. I would buy these again if I need more for another event I do recommend them and they work great for my bridal shower I am throwing.


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