Baker's Mark PanPal 12" x 16" Half Size Quilon® Coated Parchment Paper Bun / Sheet Pan Liner Sheet - 100/Pack

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Expedite cleanup and minimize food waste in your bakery, cafe, or restaurant by using a Baker's Mark PanPal 12" x 16" half size Quilon® coated parchment paper bun / sheet pan liner. The liner is extremely durable and can handle up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit to accommodate your various baking needs. It can even be used to make disposable pastry bags, bake foods en papillote, or season foods in a parchment-made envelope.

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Baker's Mark PanPal 12" x 16" Half Size Quilon® Coated Parchment Paper Bun / Sheet Pan Liner Sheet - 100/Pack

4.9 stars from 244 reviews


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    fits the pans perfectly. we also use them to line our work surfaces. one thing we noticed is that these parchment papers absorb more oil from our brownies compared to silicone coated ones

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    so for the price these are great and the fact that they are flat and pre-cut is perfect, but they are not as durable as regular silicone coated parchment. they burn easier and aren't reusable, so it's just something to be aware of. overall theyre totally fine though.

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    These are wonderful liners and the price is right! These liners are shipped flat on oversized white rectangular cardboard and then shrink-wrapped. Cut a slit at the top with a knife or scissors and then pull out just what you need. The rest of the sheets stay flat and clean and can be stored with your baking pans, cooling rack, etc. The cardboard can be used for a future BD cake, etc. Great product! Not as heavy as the parchment paper you buy at the grocery store that is rolled up.

    from S. Carp Posted on

    These are super convenient, way easier than using a roll of parchment in a box. They fit well in half sheet pans and my baked goods release easily.

    from Hope Mountain Farm Posted on

    I like that these do not take up a lot of space. They come wrapped tightly in plastic. I cut a slit the width of the board in the plastic on one edge so I can pull out 1 sheet and they stay clean and organized.

    from Mickem Concessions Posted on

    These parchments sheets are awesome; I use them in a home setting. They come in handy to make clean-up super easy. The big size fits almost-perfectly into a half baking sheet, a small lip rides up the walls of the sheet. The size also allows me to cut sheets that are bigger than grocery store parchment sheet rolls. Bought two packs of these a couple years ago and will be needing a refill soon. Highly recommended.

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    Resting and cooling some braised pork shoulder. The parchment sheet will allow for a much easier clean-up.

    These sheets are really useful. They perfectly fit our half sheet pans, so there is no waste or extra time wasted cutting paper to size. We also use this paper to wrap half sandwiches. The paper is strong and doesn't ever look greasy.

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    Quite possibly the handiest thing that has entered a commercial kitchen in the last century! Yeah that seems like an advertisement, but these things are so convenient and keep things sanitary and clean.

    from Drove Thru Posted on

    This is great parchment paper. It holds up well. The price is right too. Why pay more for something that is going to be discarded anyway.

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    I love this! They are about 1/4 inch wider than my pans which is fine I've learned to deal with it but I have completely stopped purchasing parchment in the roll because I just use these for everything. I even cut them to fit baking pans or to make parchment triangles. So convenient

    from Naples Confectionery Posted on

    I absolutely LOVE these sheets, they aren't flimsy like some I've purchased at other stores in the past. Cookies bake and release perfectly each and every time. I also use them to work with chocolate, the release is great and they hold up well without bleeding thru.

    from Cherish The Past Posted on

    As I may have mentioned in other reviews, I love to bake. Cookies are my favorite. These parchment paper liners are perfect for my cookie trays. I cut them in half when using a small pan. Nothing sticks...cookies just slide off. Would highly recommend these liners. The price is right on too!

    from Archdiocese of Philadelphia Posted on

    This is a really good value for parchment paper. I use it every time I bake cookies. I also use it on the baking sheets when I make apple strudel

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    I love, love, love these parchment sheets. They come perfectly flat, which makes them easy to line cookie sheets with. They're also great for lining baking pans of brownies and sheet cakes. My baked goods always come out perfect - no sticking!

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    These pre-cut parchment sheets are perfect! No more wasting paper! Pack size is perfect for a low to medium use. Priced very well. Excellent value for your money

    from CV Preschool Posted on

    Great parchment paper, fits half size sheet pans perfectly and each sheet can typically be used multiple times. Makes cleanup for pans much easier, and eliminates the necessity to use additional oils.

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    Great for baking on half size cookie sheets. Great quality. Love the convenience of sheets vs rolls that you have to individually cut. I highly recommend.

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    Perfect precut pieces of parchment paper are great if you are baking cookies, nuts, even a chez mix. No more spraying the pan and no more hassle with cleanup.

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    Great product and great price. Exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend. The sheets are so much easier for me than the rolls. Love this product!

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    Love these! It cuts down on waste, instead of my staff folding the full size ones in half they can just use these and it is more cost effective!

    from Union County Community Shelter Posted on

    High quality at a great price. We bake very sticky sweet breads/rolls on these sheets. We are able to save our baking sheets and save time in the dishwashing operation. We only had to very slightly adjust the baking time when moving to the use of these sheets.

    from Sohna Mango, Inc Posted on

    I purchased these as an alternative to tearing parchment paper from a roll for cookie sheets when I make cookies, scones, etc. They work great and are a time saver. They are a bit thin though and are more of a one-time use. I can typically bake a few batches of cookies using one piece of parchment. Still, the convenience is a good trade-off and a cost effective alternative!

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    The parchment paper is so handy to bake cookies for sharing. I simply cut the parchment paper around the cookies to fit the size container I am using. Or cut in 1/2 to place in gallon zip lock bags for sharing. So each! No clean up of baking sheets!

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    This half pan size parchment paper make baking very easy and convenient. It's like bake and go! Almost no washing needed for my sheet pans!

    from Sugary and Savory Posted on

    GreT product! We use these for baking cookies, rolls, pasties and more. Makes pan cleanup a breeze. Baked goods do not stick at all. We also use these papers for rolling out small amounts of fondant. Will definitely reorder.

    from Bake A Wish With Renee LLC Posted on

    This is the second or third time I have bought this much cheaper than buying the roll at the grocery store...fits my 1/2 sheets pans like a glove, plus when making multiple batches of cookies, can use over and over at least 3 or 4 times in one day....great product, great price...

    from Rundle-Spence Posted on

    These sheets make production of my baked goods easy and efficient . They work very well and can take up to 425 degree heat without browning.

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    Great product that offers great results, and at a great price. I have probably ordered 20 packs! This is the perfect sized sheet for your half sheet cookie pans. Also comes in handy for lining any brownie pan or cake pan with a little bit of sizing. Heavy, great quality. Try this out with a 100/pack. And then eventually like me you will be ordering by the case!!

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    I love buying my parchment paper this way, I hate them on a roll, they sheets a re nice and flat and easy to just grab and go, not messing around with the paper being torn goofy. PERFECT!

    from Canyon Creek Mercantile Posted on

    One of the best baking paper around,you just lay it on your need for your goods on it and bake...when done throw the paper out for easy clean up!

    from home Posted on

    I live how these coated parchment paper have a variety of uses and come already cut in useful quick pieces and there is no need to cut.

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    The box is very convenient. Easy to remove the parchment. I expected it to be a bit thicker like the parchment I used from a roll. Great price though

    from sweetart Posted on

    I love that these come flatpacked so you don't have to deal with curling. They do tend to turn brown/black and flaky at very high temperature (when baking a pizza for example)

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    These parchment sheets are a huge time saver. Just grab and go. They are thick enough to prevent rolling up on the edges. Everything slides right off. They are a great price. And we're at my bakery in 2 days.

    from Sweet Treats Bakery Posted on

    These pan liners are excellent for use in a home kitchen. I like that they come packed flat on a cardboard "tray" that keeps them neat and usable for the entire pack. I even gave these liners as Christmas gifts to our daughters who bake a lot.

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    Best stuff ever. I not only use these for my bakery, but for personal use as well. They are used every time my oven is on. They make clean up easy and keep my pans from being stained. I have never had any product stick to the paper in all the years I have used this. This is a must have item for any cook/baker.

    from Deb's Delicate Pastries Posted on

    These coated parchment paper sheet liners are very good quality. I use them a lot when baking and would totally recommend these. Great value and a great price!

    from EllaRe's Sweets, LLC Posted on

    Great parchment sheets at a great price! Arrives stablized on a piece of white cardboard then shrinkwrapped to keep them flat! Works great for baking and a great price!

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    I got these to you to bake my bread in my restaurant I like them a lot they're very good and the fact you can buy them in different sizes is pretty neat

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    I use these for my cookie sheets, they make my cookies cook so much better andeal prevent the bottoms from browning. I would strongly suggest if needed for this use !

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    Coated parchement paper that adds extra protection for your surface and your food. Easily used because it's pre cut and ready to go and be on your way.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    We make a signature cookie and everybody wants them. We have to make three batches at a time. Since we're home cooks, we use these for our half-sheet baking pans and rotate 4 pans during the cooking process. The pre-cut parchment sheets have really streamlined the process and made this project much easier! They're packaged perfect for us.

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    Parchment paper is amazing for getting a good crisp on your food and keeping your pan clean. I love having the sheets precut and not having to tear it off of a roll from the grocery store. I cut a hole in the top of the packing and keep them stored flat so i can easily just pull one out and keep the others pristine.

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    These make it great for clean up after baking. Food does not stick to this parchment paper at all. Keeps your pans from burnt food, and great when your cooking needs time management.

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    These are very convenient! My cookie sheets have curved sides so I do need to fold the parchment about an inch on one side but it still does a great job!

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    The price is reasonable. I have been using this product over a year and never had any issues. They always arrive very quickly. Good item.

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    I love these parchment paper sheets they make clean up really easy and make everything not stick to your pan very convenient for cookies or brownies

    from Sweet treats Posted on

    As a home chef parchment changed my life, and these sheets are wonderful. Much better quality then what I can find in the store and at a much better price! I like this size cause it is perfect for all my sheet pans and I just cut out circles for my round cake pans. Left overs I find so many uses for, making cupcake liners, putting under when frosting cakes, or collaging them together when drizzling desserts. Nothing wasted! Easy clean up! Also I use them a couple times if I baking in batches...ahhh.

    from Yes I made that Posted on

    works well as it is intended. No extra space around the edges when used in a half sheet pan. Great for baking or roasting on to ease cleanup. Helpful to keep food from contacting the aluminum sheet pan and transferring metallic flavor.

    from HomeGrown Eats Posted on

    The paper seems to be of good quality. It's worked well with most of my products, but I have had a few things stick to the paper. I haven't had this problem with other liners.

    from The Bean Tap Posted on

    These liners are great time savers. They fit my half sheet pans perfectly and make removing desserts a snap. I will buy these again and again.

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    I'm very happy with the quality and price of the Baker's Mark 100 pk parchment paper It makes baking easier to clean up and release's the product every time.

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    These precut parchment paper liners are great. No more messing with rolls (cutting the paper to the right size, trying to get the curled up paper to lay flat on the pan, etc). And for 100 pieces they will probably last us a couple of years.

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    I was able to save huge amounts of money ordering these pan liners through Webstaurant. My national food purveyor wanted nearly double the price for the same product.

    from Orchid Gourmet Posted on

    its so nice to have the precut parchment paper. It doesn't roll it's nice and flat and the perfect size. It's the simple things I will definitely keep reordering these.

    from Arion's catering Posted on

    Great deal on half sheets of parchment paper from the webstaurantstore nice perforated box so you just open it up and take them out as you need them

    from home Posted on

    These have been the best things to use for my baking. As far as I am concerned they are top quality and for the price they cannot be beat!

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    I love these pan liners! They're the perfect size for in our home oven and work awesome under my bread! We use them on our sheet pans every time we bake anything and they are great!

    from Jennie's Cake Creations Posted on

    Super easy clean up with the half sheet pan liners!

    I love how easy to use this product. It's pre-cut and you have to do is put it on top of your baking pan. Less time to cut unlike other rolled parchment paper. Great quality too!

    from Home use Posted on

    Perfect fit for lining my half sheet pans. I love using these so I can just use and toss in the trash and don't have a mess to clean up on my pans.

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    Nice good size parchment liner. We made coconut flour gluten free bran cakes on it and they mostly came off, a little residue stuck, but that is expected when cooking gluten free. We are pleased with the non stick help as the little cakes did come off the pan well. It also helped them not burn on bottom. They are very convenient too as you don't need to cut them---they are all ready to go!

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    These are alright for baking but seem to burn if they are in the oven to long on high heat. I would not use them for roasting vegetables, more for making cookies.

    from Alpendough Posted on

    These are so useful when I am doing my holiday baking. No need to spray the parchment, and super easy clean up as the pan remains clean!

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE these liners! I bake hundreds of cookies and can reuse the same liner many times before I have to replace it! I bake at 400 degrees and the do not burn. They are a breeze to use and clean up, nothing sticks to them, and they fit my half sheet pans perfectly.

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    We use these baking sheets for when we bake cookies and there great. They fit the half sheet pans perfectly and we never have an issue with sticking.

    from Polkadot Cupcake Shop Posted on

    Great for keeping sheet pans clean

    Love, love, love this parchment paper. It is so handy to have precut parchment for baking pans and I cut circles out of it for my cake pans. Much easier than using the rolls of parchment.

    from Gourmet Creations by Pam Posted on

    These pre cut paper are great and easy to get out. No tearing or creases. 100 in a pack for a great price. Love them.

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    Perfect size and such a great price for these pan liners. I love that it cuts down my work and now i do not have rolling edges that you get from parchment that comes in a roll :)

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    Excellent pan liners!! These are so much better than purchasing parchment by the roll. These come on flat on a cardboard backer, and they are then wrapped with plastic to for shipment. They came in perfect condition. Open the top of the plastic wrap and then you can just pull individual sheets out at a time, and they stay nice, clean, and flat. Great product!

    from Pearl's Kitchen Posted on

    Totally love these liners! they do not tear, hold up really well, and make cleaning up a breeze! For the price, you get a LOT of them, I don't think I can function without them anymore!

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    A perfect size and price for this great time saver. We line our half sheet baking sheets with these prior to baking pizza. Far easier than cutting long rolls and hoping they fit. Way better than our silicone Silpats.

    from Rise Pizza Company Posted on

    This is a great product. I love that it keeps almost anything from sticking to my pan. Yay!! Spotless pan forever!!!! Great for cookies to baking chicken. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!

    from White Caps Catering Posted on

    nice size at work or at home nothing sticks to it. makes lean up easy. it works good to wrap and bake food in too.

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    They make clean up from baking so much easier. Plus can be folded into a makeshift funnel if needed. Will definitely purchase more in the future.

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    If you have a life and cook, you need these. Using parchment paper helps my food come out perfectly and my clean up a breeze.

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    Can't function without these liners anymore! Everything cooks and bakes great on them, from cakes to empanadas, very strong paper. Makes cleanup easy too. Highly recommend it.

    from Rum Cake Lady Posted on

    They get the job done! I use then from everything from cookies to parchment cones for delicate piping. I would caution against using these for making pretzels. You really have to spray the sheet before use if you do. They stick horribly if you don't. Other than that, their a great product used with in the heat safe guidelines.

    Posted on

    This is a great price if you use a lot of parchment pan liners. I also appreciate that the box has perforations allowing it to become a dispenser for the paper...Would buy again!

    Posted on

    These are wonderful! They hold up well in the oven, and you don't have to wash them like the reusable ones. The cookies just slide right off.

    Posted on

    These sheets are great. Far better value here on Webstaurant than anywhere else I've found. They're becoming a repeat order for us, I can't see us getting parchment anywhere else!

    from Ian Sparke Posted on

    I love how webstaurant offers 100 sheets. It's great if you don't need a lot! And quillon has been really good to use. Baked nicely.

    Posted on

    We use these daily and excellent quality. I also use these to line baskets for food items and all the events I cater. You can use these to wrap individual sandwiches and tie with bakers twine a step up. People love how I use these parchment papers. When I give gifts I line my pastry boxes with these, so can be used more than baking.

    Posted on

    These half size sheet pan liners are handy. They fit perfectly on the half size sheet pans. These liners are sturdy and work great for baking.

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    These sheet pan liners came in super handy when i had 1200 cookies to bake for an order. I love my other brand liners, but I needed something that I could quick change and dispose of. My cookies cooked evenly and the sheets fit perfectly in the pan. Also, what a pleasure to not have to struggle with pulling parchment off a roll, cutting it down to size and fighting with it to lay flat! These sheets are ready to go! Great price, great product.

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    The half size Baker's Mark Parchment Paper have been a great product for us. The cost is minimal and they save a lot of time with cleaning. They have helped preserve the life of my pans!

    from Cleveland Park Catering Company Posted on

    These are so much better than rolled parchment paper. They fit perfectly on a half sheet pan, or fold in half and tear for a quarter sheet. In certain applications, such as cookies or chicken nuggets, they can be reused a few times.

    Posted on

    Parchment paper is usually so expensive for the everday person. This one is a great product with a nice low price. I love this product. It fits my pans perfectly.

    Posted on

    These work well. I have baked bread with them and they seem to have a lower browning temp than other papers I have used. At around 475 F they start breaking apart.

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    Top quality parchment paper. The size is perfect for the half sheet baking pans. Cookies bake up very evenly, and the grease is left on the paper and not on the under side of the cookies. Love that it is flat, and there is no cutting needed.

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    These are the perfect size to wrap around boards for icing cakes, as well as lining square/rectangle pans. They cut super easy and are shipped In a reall convenient box that you can keep them in.

    Posted on

    These parchment paper are the best, great quality and value. The pre cut paper makes baking and cleanup so much easier, no more non stick spray and no more cleaning the gunk off of your pans.

    Posted on

    Nice parchment paper. It keeps our pans clean and time scrubbing them at the end of the day. I like how it prevents baked items from sticking and Fits my half size sheet pans perfectly.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    These parchment paper sheets are durable...I get at least two uses out of each of them. They save time on clean up. They provide a true non-stick surface for all of my baking needs.

    from Shelly's Cookie Jar Posted on

    These pre-cut parchment paper sheets make it so simple. No tearing parchment, getting rough edges, etc. This keeps everything quick and easy since they are pre-cut. Love it.

    from Sweet Art Bake Shop Posted on

    Love this parchment paper! It is high quality paper, you do not have to worry about your products sticking, it doesn't burn like some I've used, and it great price for the quantity.

    Posted on

    I love these pan liners! It is a great deal by the 1000 and they get lots of use when I bake cookies, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, etc. and make cleanup a breeze. Great product.

    Posted on

    These sheets work great! I love not having to roll out my parchment paper and then having to try and flatten it to stay down. I wish I had found these sooner, they work perfectly for all my home baking needs.

    Posted on

    Great liners. They are very easy and a joy to use. As is lists it is only a one time use as it allows some moisture to get underneath the parchment. I usually still wipe down the sheet pan after as a result.

    Posted on

    Very happy with these liners. They fit great and haven't had a problem with them and you can't beat the price for a pack of 100.

    Posted on

    we used to have to cut our full sheets in half. Noe they come pre cut for us and it is so convenient for our kitchen

    from Zinnia's Bakehouse Posted on

    Ok - I can't contain my excitement over these. I use parchment for EVERYTHING, and for the same price as a single roll from the grocery store, I got 100 sheets pre-cut to the size I needed. It is quite a bit thinner than the "brand name", and I'm not sure it's quite as non-stick, but for day to day use, it's been great. You really can't beat the value, and the convenience alone is easily worth double or more than the price. I love it!

    Posted on

    These broccoli tots stick to everything, but not with this parchment!

    These are real great coated parchment papers. They hold up very well in my very hot ovens. You don't need to coat them with spray they are good to go.

    from NY PIZZA PIE LLC. Posted on

    These are the best addition to any kitchen. I make a lot of cookies and the parchment paper makes the rapid turnover easy - pull off the baked cookies and add another sheet with cookie dough on it and pop it back in the oven. Makes the job go really quickly! Using these does not mean you don't need to clean your pans, but a quick wipe down with a hot towel will be all that is needed.

    from AK Cafe, Boerne, TX Posted on

    Love the ability to bake or decorate without having to run the large cookie sheets through the washer. Makes clean up simple! Also great for proofing dough and coating things in chocolate.

    Posted on

    Great nonstick liners. Easy to use and make cleanup so much faster. They can also be used several times if you want to help the environment as well. I'd recommend.

    Posted on

    This white person paper for the half-size sheet tray. It comes in a case with 100 pieces. When you use this you simply throw it away afterwards .

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    These parchments sheets fit the half size bun pan PERFECTLY! I used them in the freezer as dividers between pans to prevent sticking while appetizers were freezing. Highly recommend using precut sheets over the parchments rolls.

    from SOD Posted on

    I absolutely love these precut parchment pan liners!!! They are so quick and easy! I have had the role and it never tears properly and rolls up on the pan. The only thing I would like to see an improvement on is the box they come in. I would be nice if it were more of a dispenser.

    from Ruffled Feathers Posted on

    I have used this for my cakes by cutting it to the size that i need and placing it on the bottom of my pans and its awesome! I do spray baking spray on it first when i bake my cakes but it does such an amazing job. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    This parchment paper fits my half size sheet pans perfectly. Baked goods don't stick and clean up is easy. It's also good for stacking layers of food on my sheet pans before freezing.

    Posted on

    Parchment paper between layers of squash fries for freezing.

    This coated parchment paper works perfectly and has already saved us so much time that would have been spent cleaning pans. The food also tastes better with less grease.

    Posted on

    It's ridiculous how much I love these. They save me so much time prepping cookie sheets for baking cookies, and they transfer easily right off the pan to cool. The box they come in makes them easy to store and dispense without having them fall all over the place. Definitely recommend.

    Posted on

    Highly recommend this purchase of 1000 sheet parchment papers...comes in a nice sturdy dispensing box which makes them handy to pull out...they do a great job protecting my pans and making clean up so much easier..the price was excellent.

    Posted on

    100 sheets is a lot less than I thought it would be. But other than that they are exactly what I was looking for. They don't come in a box- just shrink wrapped on a board. I will have to be careful how I store them.

    from The Blue Bandana Posted on

    I usually use the silicone baking mats but I needed something to line pans for brownies or use for odd and end things in the bakery

    Posted on

    What can one say about parchment paper. Not much, that is unless it doesn't work, sticks to products/pans, burns up, or is a pain to use. I can't say any of that about this. Bought it, used it, like it. Easy to store and convenient to have pre-cut on hand. I would and will buy again when I use up my current stash. Yes, I said "stash", because I keep it somewhat hidden. I'm kind of selfish about it. I like it, I bought it, and I don't share it! Evil, I know.

    from Melodie Garner Posted on

    How easy it is to bake cookies and other baked goods are these pre-cut baking sheets. It is great not to have to buy parchment paper and measure to fit the pan. These sheets are pre-cut and make baking much easier!

    Posted on

    I love that it comes flat! It's so much easier to work with than the rolls that you get in the store. I can pull a sheet out and it doesn't curl up on me the second I let go of it! It's also coated, which is preferred when baking and roasting. Works great!

    from Tulip Tree Bakery Posted on

    I ordered these because I was tired of unrolling parchment paper. They are very convenient however I don't like the grease that it leaves on the sheet not that I want to reuse it but it leaks quite a bit on the sheet pan. They are very convenient I will reorder again maybe in a different texture.

    from Sweet Treats by Sonia Posted on

    I don't know how I ever baked without these. They are such a time saver and the price is the BEST I've found! I have even used them for a disposable cutting board.

    from Susie Qusie Chocolate Fountain Posted on

    Pumpkin Cookies with cream cheese frosting (no stick/no clean-up)

    We love these 1/2 sheet size liners so much we keep them on hand for smaller pans of cookies and rolls. We also line our bulk pastry boxes with them for customers!

    from Brewed Awakening Posted on

    The papers are cheap, and unfortunately they preform like it. They leak grease though very easily and tasks you can preform with brand name paper you cannot with these. After baking cookies your pan wont be completely clean, a lot of greasy residue seeps though. I don't really mind because for 1000 of these sheets, the price cannot be beat.

    Posted on

    We use parchment paper for just about everything. We use it for cookies, baking vegetables, cooking meatloaf, wrapping fish for cooking, lining pans for brownies, and the list goes on and on. Try it for cooking chicken. It makes the cleanup so easy.

    from Floral Creations Posted on

    Easy open package, quality product. Doesn't curl, does its job and because the cost is so reasonable, we find ourselves using it for a variety of applications where we want a layer of protection between the food and whatever surface. Great for the microwave, too as a quick splatter cover or if you fear something might spill over!

    from October Catering Posted on

    Made cookies last night and they came out golden brown, not issues with them sticking to the pan and the clean up was a breeze.

    Posted on

    You can't bake without these! They are so convenient and easy to use. I love that there is a perforated edge on the box to open up so all sheets can be perfectly stored in the original box. Great quality and better price!!

    Posted on

    These parchment sheets work so well. Perfect with a standard home baking sheet and use 2 for the full size bun pan. I love these!

    I love the half size sheets of parchment paper. Keeps pans clean, separates cookies when stacking in transport cases. The price is a really good value for 100 sheets.

    Posted on

    I used to have cakes stick all the time. These liners are a heaven send! I never have cakes stick and they keep the edges clean too!

    Posted on

    I'm so glad that I don't have to wrestle with a roll of parchment paper anymore. These are sheets that are precut and perfect for baking pans and sheets. Works great for easy cleanup.

    Posted on

    These are a must have. So much easier than cutting down full parchment sheets. These fit a half sheet tray and are great for cutting cake circles.

    Posted on

    These are great quality and so much easier than dealing with the parchment rolls. They fit a half size pan perfect and are very easy to use!

    Posted on

    Priced right and work well. They are nice quality parchment sheets and worth it compared to other companies. Good half sheet pan size. I have purchased many times.

    from Soulfully Good Posted on

    Really love these. Wasn't sure they would be the full "half size" to cover the pan length, but they do and I love being able to buy them in bulk!

    from Sophisticakes Posted on

    Conveniently pre-cut half sheets. Pretty sturdy parchment papers, making it great for paper piping cones as well. I found them great for both culinary and baking uses.

    Posted on

    Exactly what i want its already pre cut for half sheet pans Good for baking need like making macarons. cookies. dipped strawberry apples and mores

    from ashlexdrei tradings Posted on

    Standard sheet pan liner. Great size. Great packaging upon arrival. Did exactly what was needed; a barrier between the sheet pan and the food product. Didn't tear after baking when trying to remove cookies.

    from Chef Stef Posted on

    This is the product that originally brought me to Webstaurant Store! I use these for so many things...from lining cookie sheets to making pockets to cook fish in the oven. Can't beat the quality and price. A must have for any one who cooks!

    Posted on

    Can't live without these parchment liners-so much easier than rolls of parchment paper! I used heavy duty double-sided tape to stick package to inside of cabinet-just slit plastic on end & it's easy to pull out one at a time.

    Posted on

    These's Baker Mark Parchment paper pan liners work very good the are a lot easier to use than the rolls because they always lay flat in the pans and the Web has the best price we could find.

    from Ranch House Kitchen Posted on

    These are a time saver for the cook at home as well as in a small bakery. The sheets are so much easier to use than the rolls of Parchment paper available in stores, and much, much cheaper.

    Posted on

    This is my absolute most favorite product from this site - I have already ordered several times, and I'm not even in the food business, but only a home cook and baker. I use it for lining half sheet pans, but also for lining my springform pans and for all my decorating tasks. Great product.

    Posted on

    Great baking paper. I can reuse it more than once and still works. Thick enough that oil or butter will not sip through. Will buy again.

    Posted on

    My kitchen will never be without these again! I love my half sheet pans and these make me love them even more! They make cleanup such a breeze. I love that they come in a 100 pack too!

    Posted on

    It's parchment paper. There isn't much to say about it. But, it is a great product that even my french macaroons don't stick too! Also, initially I was concerned about how the paper would be shipped, due to past problems, however it came in a box just for the parchment.

    from JW Cakes and More Posted on

    My challah loaf baked on Quilon-lined parchment paper

    This is a great price for parchment liners. When I bake cookies on them, absolutely nothing sticks. I put pizzas and home-made bread on the liners first before placing the dough on a pizza stone and having the liners let's me rotate the dough and get it centered without burning my fingers.

    Posted on

    I use these to line my pans when decorating cookies, so that I don't have to clean the pans, and also I roll out cookie dough in between pieces of this paper. I do also sometimes bake sugar cookies on the paper. The paper releases wonderfully with no sticking!

    Posted on

    These are a MUST HAVE item on my list, every time I order from webstaurant I make sure I have enough parchment paper liner sheets. They are flat sheets that come stacked on top of a cardboard. I use these for cutting circles and placing at the bottom of all my cake pans before pouring batter in them. Also for making royal icing piping bags. Also use them to protect my work surface while I'm painting with gel colors or doing something messy. Also use them for cutting circles to place under my acrylic disks for covering cakes in buttercream. Versatile, handy, and a great value you won't find anywhere else.

    Posted on

    This product has made our production so much easier. Love using this parchment paper to bake cookies, granola as well as using it in cake pans. It can stick to the baked goods on occasion but so far we have had no problem

    from Daniela's Delectables LLC Posted on

    Parchment paper is packaged on a cardboard backing to keep the paper flat and prevent creases. The paper holds up to multiple uses in the over (if desired).

    Posted on

    What a bargain for a 1000! Will not have to reorder for a very long time. A must have for all your baking and roasting needs. Makes clean up a snap.

    Posted on

    Great parchment paper bun liners. Webstaurant is the cheapest place to buy these fantastic liners. If you bake at all these are a fantastic product. I buy these for everything.

    from Vincent's restaurant Posted on

    good for the price, the parchment paper is thin, but you can't beat the price. it gets the work done. I use it underneath baked cookies, or I dry fondant decorations on top of it, perfect fit for the the half sheet pan they sale here

    from Angel's Bake Shop Posted on

    These precut half sheet parchment pan liners are a godsend. It makes baking and cooking times shorter since there is no precutting full size parchment sheets, and cleanup with this product is easy as the parchment liners catch most of the mess and are disposable.

    Posted on

    These sheets are the biggest time saver in our kitchen! They ensure our cookies and baked goods release from the pan easily and make clean-up a breeze.

    from Bakeshop LLC Posted on

    Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Bakeshop Las Vegas!

    What isn't there to like about pre- cut sheets. These fit the pan perfectly and save time from cutting from full sheets or rolls. A must have in any kitchen.

    from Brian Gingras Posted on

    Pre-cut parchment is not a necessity you would think at first, but once you have it you don't know what you would do without it. I use this on every single sheet pan i put in my oven.

    from Posted on

    These really are a time - and equipment - saver! I use these every time I use a sheet pan. I love the precut sheets because they eliminate the cut-from-a-roll pain. I just grab one and slap it on the pan. They also keep my pans looking brand new - which I'm a little compulsive about, I'll admit. Finally, they're a good quality parchment paper so you know your food is going to cook properly and be easy to remove. From cookies to pastries, these are perfect.

    Posted on

    I use these every day! They are great for breads, cookies, bacon, as a drip catcher when glazing. They fit half sheet pans perfectly! I even used the cardboards they're packaged with when I decorate cookies.

    Posted on

    Great parchment paper for the price. It will take me a while to go through 100 of these and the box is durable enough to hold them and for storage.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    these sheets are wonderful!!!! They have saved me so much time. I have been using parchment paper all along and now that I have the precut sheet, what a time saver!!!! They fit nice in the pans.

    Posted on

    These liners are so convenient! We have a few re-usable liners but these are very economical and for some tasks, it's great to avoid the clean up. We've baked a number of items so far - gougeres, bacon, meatballs and even cheddar frico crisps - and not a single issue with anything sticking.

    from That Kitchen Witch Posted on

    This is the second order for the parchment paper I've order, Can't live or bake without it easy cleanup and the baked produces come out great!! I tell everyone who ask me about baking something, first thing you do is get out the parchment paper, Lois G

    Posted on


    from WINDY CORNER Posted on

    One of the best investments our kitchen has made. We can avoid dealing with rolled parchment paper and getting accurate measurements of needed parchment. With these sized already, we can place them on to a full-size sheet pan or half sheet pan and it covers the entire surface.

    from Caribbean Grill Posted on

    I love this parchment paper. It's pre-cut and fits my half-sheet baking pans perfectly. No more dealing with rolls of parchment. I just grab one of these pre-measured sheets and place it in my pan, and I am ready to bake. Perfect for making cookies. And they make cleanup a breeze. Also good when my counter is a bit messy and I quickly want a clean surface. I just grab one of these sheets and have an instant work area. Great buy!

    Posted on

    I use these sheets for anything I put in the oven and nothing sticks! Heating up Pizza slices, the run over cheese just slides right off with the slice. The variety of sizes makes this a perfect product for everyone.

    Posted on

    This is by far the best product I have gotten yet. I used many over the holiday season lining my cookie sheets for baking and for heating other foods. It made cleanup super easy and the cookies came out the best they ever have. I love this product and will use it even without having a holiday to bake.

    Posted on

    I love the convenience of the pre-cut sheets versus a boxed roll. I was worried that the 100-pack would end up flopping over (or that I'd have to store them flat) in my cabinet, but they come shrink-wrapped to a pice of cardboard. Just slit the plastic along one side and instant dispenser! It stays upright along the side if my cabinet. They are nicely nonstick, and fit my sheet pans well. The only downside is that they let oils and moisture thru. It's not a huge problem, but I definitely ended up having to clean butter off my sheet pans after baking Christmas cookies. Definitely couldn't use sheets more than once. I'll probably still keep a roll of store-bought parchment around for extra messy jobs, and next time I'll try the silicone-coated sheets.

    Posted on

    I am ordering more of these now!! They are perfect to roll out my cookies without having to make a mess on my kitchen counter. They go from the freezer to the oven with no problem.

    Posted on

    What a timesaver. I use these every time I make a batch of cookies or dinner rolls. They are inexpensive enough that I don't cringe when I change sheets every time I bake a new panfull. Price is right and makes for easy cleanup.

    Posted on

    Quality of these sheets is great and certainly WAY easier than using rolls of parchment for baking. My only issue is I wish they were about a quarter inch narrower and they would fit perfectly in my half sheet pans. These curl up the sides just a little, but really not a huge deal.

    Posted on

    I ordered the package of 1000, and am very pleased with my purchase. yes, they are a bit thinner than regular parchment, but work just fine for using once and disposing afterward. i do not like reusing parchment anyway, it always crumples up and messes up my drawers inbetween uses, now buying them at this price i do not have to feel bad just tossing them!

    Posted on

    Excellent for all of your baking needs. I also use then for cake pop and chocolate candy preparation. Sheet can be cut to a smaller size if needed.

    from Ta Dah Posted on

    Really like this product! Was surprised that the paper actually fit my pans! Great quality paper for a very good price! Will be ordering a lot more of this I'm sure!!

    Posted on

    This parchment seems to be a good quality of paper. I primarily use it for baking and it serves it purpose well. It holds its integrity well and it shipped on a half sheet cake board, seemingly to protect it during travel. Great price!

    Posted on

    Can not live without these parchment paper liners. They are heavy enough to use a couple of time when baking cookies. Also use them for scaling out ingrediants. Perfect half sheet size.

    Posted on

    These parchment sheets make baking so much more enjoyable! Not only are they much, much cheaper than rolls of parchment paper at the grocery store, but they're also flat, so you don't have to worry about the sheets curling up. This size fits half sheet pans, and work beautifully. For baking items where you want a crisp bottom and browning (like cookies), parchment works much better than silicone mats.

    Posted on

    Great product, makes clean up easy, am able to quickly swap out the sheets for large orders and in between cleanings. Nice and durable product.

    Posted on

    They perfectly fit in my 1/2 sheet pans- I've never had a problem with them. I use them to line all of pans for cookie, pastry and cake baking without a problem.

    from Confections by Kristin Posted on

    So much easier than the parchment rolls! I use this at home. It's thinner paper than the store-bought rolls but it lays flat and it's inexpensive enough for home baking. I won't go back to the cumbersome rolls after this.

    Posted on

    I picked up two boxes of these in preparation for fall cookie season and could not be happier! I have used them at high heat and they have worked perfectly every time! No burnt paper and browning of the paper was minimal!

    Posted on

    Nice quality parchment, packaged nicely (shrink-wrapped on sturdy cardboard). So much more convenient for baking than parchment on a roll. One little issue: I am a home cook and assumed these would fit my aluminum half-sheet pans, which I bought from a kitchen supply store years ago - they are too wide by about an inch and a half. Folding the edge under is no problem, though - the flat packaging ensures the corners won't bend up or curl.

    Posted on

    Who has time to cut and measure parchment paper? These sheets are a huge time saver, and they fit my half sheet pans perfectly. So glad I got them!

    Posted on

    These are great! The fit half sheet pans exactly!! I will surely purchase these again. The also work well for lining bakery boxes for delivery.

    from FireHouse Cookies Posted on

    These parchment sheets makes clean up a breeze. I've used these for baking cookies, breads, pizza, meat patties, etc. These also come in handy when wrapping foods before freezing.

    Posted on


    Posted on

    Fits half sized sheet pans perfectly. Allows me to just throw a liner on the pan and bake whatever and then remove the parchment for easy clean up.

    from TRW Posted on

    I u\used this product when i am banking something in the oven. when my food is done my food is not burn. the food looks great.

    from Zackey joe's Posted on

    These pre-cut sheets make life easy in the kitchen. They can be used for several batches of cookies before needing a new sheet. I also use them to line pans when freezing items before moving to a storage bag.

    Posted on

    We use these ALOT in the bakery .Makes items pop out and look more clean- or works best in the oven too. no sticking at all.

    from Hardcore Sweet Posted on

    I bought these and use them on my half sheet pans for when I bake my sugar cookies. I use them under my cookies while decorating them also and it makes clean up a breeze.

    Posted on

    I absolutely LOVE these sheets. They fit perfectly on a half tray. I use to buy the full sheets and cut them down, no need to now! These sheets are a perfect fit and hold up well in the oven, no browning.

    from Unique Treats by Jacquie Posted on

    This parchment paper is great for baking cookies or anything you do not want to stick on the pan. Used for our display cabinet liners and they absorbed the grease well and did not leak thru.. Highly recommend.

    from STANS CONCESSIONS Posted on

    I bought this for baking cookies in my half sheet pan and I love it. So much better than rolling it out. Recommend purchasing this!

    from Just Velvet Posted on

    This PanPanl 12" x 16" Quilon Parchment Paper Pan Liner sheets is okay for warming food on it. It is not great to use for baking meats, it paper burns easy and stick to the sheet pans. I will buy this brand again.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    We use these Parchment Paper sheets for just about everything. From baking with them to placing them under the baked goods on trays in the display case. I order some every time I place an order.

    from Jump Start Cafe Posted on

    I love this product! It is so easy to grab a sheet for my half pan to bake cookies or croissants. I also use it to line plastic tubs for transporting baked goods to Market. I appreciate the smaller 100 pack for my small business.

    from Honey House Nebraska Posted on

    I love these liners. I'm a home baker and am used to buying rolls of parchment paper from the grocery store for quite a bit more than the price of the 100 sheets here, and I love the ease of the pre-cut sheets that fit within my baking sheet. This is not the weight of "regular" parchment paper -- they are good for one bake only and then need to be replaced. (I believe they sell thicker weights that would work for that.) But I actually prefer this thinner paper, and it prevents over-browning just as well as the rolled product I'm used to.

    Posted on

    Love the precut half-sheet sized parchment. So much better than wrestling with the rolls of parchment that you buy at the supermarket. I appreciate being able to buy a pack of 100 sheets rather than a whole case. Very handy!

    Posted on

    Baking has really slowed down for me and I have not needed to use a whole lot of the product. What's good is that it's pre-cut to fit a sheet pan which is very useful and they can be re-used just as long as you don't go above 425 degrees.

    Posted on

    What a deal! They are perfectly sized to fit a standard jelly roll pan or cookie sheet; great for grain-free baking recipes that tend to stick. Good value.

    Posted on

    What a time saver! No more cutting parchment. They fit perfectly in my half sheet baking pans. I would highly recommend this product to other bakers.

    Posted on

    These 12x16 parchment paper pan liner sheets are so handy to use when baking just about anything. I use them at home when baking for employees and family.

    from Legends Salon Posted on

    I use these for everything. I use them for baking, cooling items, for prepping meats. They are the perfect size for 1/2 sheet cooking sheets. Will buy again.

    Posted on

    This parchment paper is great. Easily useable and the case has more parchment paper than I think i'll use in a few years at home. Definitely a must buy for any baker.

    Posted on

    While more expensive then buying bulk rolls of parchment paper these pan liners save time and they don't roll up on themselves which roll paper does.

    Posted on

    These liner sheets are great if you need them in the half sheet size. We have limited space which is why we moved to using half sheets and these liner papers have been great for use with drying chocolate dipped fruit.

    Posted on

    This is a nice product because of the size of th package. it is easy to store, not heavy to lift and the product is commercial grade parchment

    from Andys catering Posted on

    These pan liners are the best. They are must have for any baking product. I use them on my Advance Tabco 18-8A-13 Half Size Sheet Pan 18 Gauge Aluminum pans. They fit just about perfectly. You can see from the pictures how they go up the sides slightly, but I think that is nicer because they keep the corners cleaner. Great for cookies, and prevents them from sticking. You can pull off the whole sheet with the cookies on them and slide them onto a cooling rack. They keep your pans nice and clean.

    Posted on

    These parchment sheets are a must for any chef or baker. They are easy to use and extremely versitile. I cut rounds to use for cake pans (cakes come right out!) as well to bake perfectly moist fish in.

    Posted on

    I love these sheets!!! I don't know what i would without them. These are great for baking or using them to let my chocolate covered items dry. I also use these to make parchment cones for piping chocolate/frosting/fillings.

    from Dancing Cats Cafe Posted on

    Pretzel decorated and drying on sheets!

    Nice thick parchment precut to the perfect size for half pans. Never had any problem with scorching or sticking with this paper. We use this at home and in our concession stand.

    Posted on

    Absolutely love these. An inexpensive disposable alternative to silpats, I use these when I want to clean up after cookie baking in a snap. Though I bake several times a week, this pack lasts me a long time. Great investment.

    Posted on

    A must for most baking needs. Best I have ever used. I've been through more than 1000 sheets so far! I am very happy with the product.

    from Lena's pastry class Posted on

    The parchment paper allows me to bake a half sheet cake with little to no clean up. I can easily pull right from the cake

    from Daddy's Little Girls Cupcakes Posted on

    These sheets are a must have. Parchment paper saves tons of time in cleaning and sticking. Pre cut sheets are much more convenient then rolls.

    Posted on

    Used these pan liners to freeze cooled cheesecake drops, set chocolate after coating and catch any excess chocolate from decorating our handmade cheesecake drops. All I had to do was remove and dispose no extra clean ups.

    from Skylar's Homemade Cheesecakes Posted on

    Skylar's Homemade Cheesecake Drops...

    These pre-cut parchment paper pan liner sheets are wonderful. We have used them when baking a large variety of items (e,g,, cookies, bread, gooey battered chicken breasts). The primary advantages are: ease in getting the baked items back off the pan and much greater ease of cleaning the pans! Give these a try. I think you will love them!

    Posted on

    This is great way to keep our dough prep and baking area cleaner. It is a great buy and we use many of these sheets during the week for baking our homemade Focaccia bread.

    from Moe & Anita's Pizzeria Posted on

    These make baking so much easier and less mess. The perfect amount of paper to cover a half sheet pan. Nothing sticks to it and they can be used over and over for the same batch of cookies.

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    I use these for everything even photographing cookies.

    Parchment paper works great! Great price! I don't mind that it doesn't come in an enclosed packaging. I store mine in a BPA-free container to avoid clutter.

    from bobbyandbambi, llc Posted on

    This parchment paper is great to use for lining pans when baking everything from savory things like chicken to sweets such as cream puffs, scones and cookies!

    Posted on

    We use the PanPal Quilon Parchment Paper Pan Liners in both half and full sheet pan sizes for everything. Nothing sticks to these liners and the pricing on the 1000+ quantity packages is unbeatable.

    from Flower & Flour Posted on

    This photos shows our use of the parchment sheets by cutting them down to line boxes of Parisian macaroons to keep various fillings from sticking to the boxes.

    This parchment paper is a great value. I have spent quite a bit more for exactly the same quality other places. I use this for virtually all of my baking. Clean up is always a breeze.

    Posted on

    This is a great value for these pan liners. Shipping is very fast and arrived in perfect condition. They will work well with my sheet pans

    from kedbys kreations & party rental Posted on

    Liner sheet

    This comes pre-sized so you don't need to cut it to fit your sheet pans, and it always lays flat! that's great! Also to note it is pretty much the same as all the other leading brands so no qualms with quality here.

    Posted on

    These parchment sheets are amazing. They come flat (so much easier than a roll!) and are easy to store. Cookies come off the sheets without any cleanup. What more can you ask?

    Posted on

    I like the idea of the PanPal 12" x 16" Quilon Parchment Paper Pan Liners. They come 100 in a pack, precut to the specified size. I was a little surprised when they arrived flat and shrink wrapped to a piece of cardboard. I guess I imagined they would come in some type of dispenser box... Anyway are as advertised, and get the job done. They are just a little awkward to store and use.

    Posted on

    I love this parchment paper! Unlike the paper I bought on a roll, this lays flat in the pan and they always fit my half sheet pans. Nothing sticks!

    Posted on

    These parchment sheets are so versatile, I don t know what I would do without them. I bake on them, use them to place my chocolate pieces and layer them in delivery boxes to keep baked goods separate and safe.

    from CupCake Luna LLC Posted on

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