Paper Lollipop / Cake Pop Stick 6" x 5/32" - 500/Pack

Item #: 999PAPSTK6

This simple yet versatile paper lollipop / cake stick is a must-have for your concession stand, fair, or bakery! Thanks to its sturdy paper construction, it holds your candies, baked treats, and caramel apples in place. This paper stick is strong enough for high speed lollipop production machines, and it can also be used to make profitable cake pops and cookie pops that your guests will love.

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Paper Lollipop / Cake Pop Stick 6" x 5/32" - 500/Pack

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cake pops sticks great perfect lollipop Price quality size stick
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    We used these lollipop sticks to make our chocolate pirates & sea life on a stick! They were the perfect length & so easy to work with!

    from Seaside Sweets & Treasures Posted on

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    So much fun using these in desserts. Great for cake pops. Nice size, sturdy product, and good price. I use these frequently and will buy again and again.

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    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    Excellent quality lolli sticks, perfect for cake pops. They are just as good as any you would buy at a local store except much cheaper.

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    I have being trying to find a great deal and were I can order in bulk. I definitely found it. I make a lot of cake pops so I need a lot next I will be ordering big pack.

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    Top quality for an amazing price! I'll be doubling my order next time around! Perfect for cake pops or any other various treats you'd need them for!

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    I think this is the perfect size when you have larger cake pops or when you have cake pops for a children's party. It gives little hands enough room to be able to eat the pop without getting it all over their hands.

    from RoeMarie Cakes Posted on

    football cakepops

    These paper lollipop sticks are such a great deal. They are about half the price of buying them at the craft store and they are durable enough for cake pops and suckers.

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    Hi quality product, and an excellent pack size and price point! We use these for cake pops and cheese cake lollipops and they work amazing!

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    If you like long cake pop sticks then these are perfect. They were too long for what I need them for, was great for dipping marshmallows

    from Candy on main Posted on

    This is such a great deal. These are perfect for cake pops. Such a good value and they last a long time. Would never buy them anywhere else.

    from aleenas bakery Posted on

    Great stick for cake pops. Good size and diameter. Good price and arrived quickly. They also are good about the “oil” in the cake turning them yellow or peeling. Will reorder these.

    from Sweet Treats Bakery Posted on

    Great cake pop sticks!

    I purchased this a while ago and I also have tried the other brands. Let me tell you that this sticks are WAY BETTER QUALITY than the brand ones. The brand ones changed color after cakepop were dipped like yellowish. This ones never done that!!!

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    These sticks are great for cake pops, truffles, candies, and mini candy apples. I use them all the time for a lot of different desserts. They make a great presentation. I don't know what I would do with out them!

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    These lollipop sticks are really great. the length is very nice, makes a long impressive stick for the lolli the width of the stick is really perfect.

    from sweetart Posted on

    Nice long stick

    We purchased these for a party for cake pops as well as for candy apples. They were strong enough for both tasks and with 500 per pack we still have plenty left.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Cake pops

    These 6” Cakepops sticks are perfect. The price is Perfect. It’s 500ct and that works for me because I do a lot of dipping of Cakepops. I use to use 4” stick but they were to short and I find that the 6” sticks work so much Better :)

    from Kakes4U Posted on

    Love the 6” Cakepop sticks!!!

    great qauality. They don't fall apart and work perfect for cake pops. we use them and are able to dip them in chocolate easily. they are nice and sturdy

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    grily cake pops

    blue ckae pops

    bride and groom cake pops


    clow cake pops

    This a great value for the amount of lollipop sticks that we ordered. They are good quality and hold cake pops very and chocolate dipped marshmallows very well.

    from It's Yogurtime Posted on

    This is a good value, and more efficient than buying little packs at the craft/ grocery store. I use them for cookie and cake pops as well as for Krispy Treats pops.

    from The Sweetest Things, LLC Posted on

    We use these 6" sticks for our cake pops and cookie sticks. We prefer the longer size since we do individually wrap our suckers and it allows room to do so. We haven't had any problem as of yet with cakepops slipping off the sticks or anything to that matter. Perfectly pleased with this product.

    from D•lish by Trish Posted on

    Our turkey cake pops on display using the 6" Lollipop/Cake pop stick

    for our cake pops we make hands down THE best quality there are many of these on the market and the quality is not always good THESE are very rigid and strong and hold up !

    from The Brittle Box Candy Company Posted on

    These cake pop sticks are a quality made product. They do not break easily and they are very study. They are great for chocolate pops as well as cake pops. Excellent product!

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    I brought these for cake pops, they work great,. not too long, perfect length. Thick sticks so can hold a big cake pop too. Must buy!

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    Cake pops Stick where great, no complaints!

    Who knew that I would ever need to go through this many cake pop sticks!? But I did and I came straight here to order them. Definitely worth it!! They come in all lengths and of course, less cost if bulk ordering.

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    I usually use the skewer like sticks but tried these for the first time and they worker just as great! Will continue to use these.

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    Apple sticks

    These lollipop sticks are great to use for my cake pops and cookie pops. The longer size helps me get the extra heights needed for the bouquets.

    from Kandi's Kitchen ~Sweet Treats~ Posted on

    Cookie bouqet

    My second time ordering these. Great quality. I not only use for Lollipops but also makes a great stick for cake pops. Perfect size for both!

    from Marsha Martin Posted on

    Not just for these for cake pop sticks. They are the perfect size!

    Long, elegant lollipop sticks. These will make your cake pops look extra special and professional. That extra length is a must if you're making lollipop cookies (ie cookies on a stick) since they're so large.

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    Fancy cake pop

    Very well priced, I save more buying from Webstaurant than the regular stores in my area. These are same quality you get in stores, I use them for Cake Pops and they work very well.

    from Sugar and Spice Cupcakes Posted on

    Cake Pops made with lollipop sticks purchased from Webstaurant!

    These are your standard lollipop sticks. There really isn't anything special about them. For cake pops, the oils in the cake will leach into the lollipop stick by the next day. It looks pretty unsightly and unprofessional.

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    We appreciate your review, Verena! If you have any questions about the product you have purchased, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Perfect size. Will be making lollipops, cake pops and chocolate roses with these sticks. Price is absolutely wonderful. I will certainly buy these again soon.

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    These lollipop sticks are great for cake pops! The 500 quantity is a good value. Webstaurant is much cheaper than buying these at a craft store.

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    I prefer these 6" sticks for cake pops!

    These paper lollipop sticks are great for cake pops and cookie pops too. They are strong and come at a great price for the quantity.

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    Nice big bag of sticks are perfect for big batches of cake pops. The length and thickness is perfect and they are not cheap looking.

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    These sticks are the perfect size for suckers or cake pops. I use them for cake pops weighing 30g before dipping, and these sticks have zero problems with bending or getting soggy. Great product

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    I'm fall in love with these stick, i always make my cake pop a little bigger than everyone expected and this stick works perfectly ??

    from 38 degree cakes Posted on

    I just love these sticks. They are perfect for cake pops. And you cannot beat the price. I also like to use them to bling out the sticks.

    from Honeybee Confections Posted on

    wow what a deal on these paper lollipop stick .. what a great value. we use this daily for hundreds of cake pops and cookies also

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    These are a great value. I was buying these from my local craft store before I found them here. In some of my arrangement I need some cakepops to be taller than other. These 6 inch sticks were the answer and are sometimes hard to find in the craft stores and even pricier than the 4 in when you can find them. Will be ordering these again.

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    PERFECT!!!! Not to big and not to small. Great for cake balls and works well in my fruit bouquets and stands well on the displays.

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    I purchased these lollipop sticks for my homemade cake pops and mini cupcake bouquets. Very good construction, hold a decent amount of weight. Also they don't get soggy like the sticks used for some store bought candies.

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    These sticks are awesome ! I use them for all of my cakepop orders, they are sturdy and perfect size. I do strongly recommend !

    from Craved Creations Posted on

    These sticks are the perfect size they are not to tall...and not to short...they work great for cake pops and hold up wonderfully I will be buying often

    Posted on

    Great quality lollipop sticks. These work perfectly for making cake pops. Good buy for the price. I have also used them for making cookie pops.

    Posted on

    So glad that I'm able to buy these in bulk. We make so many cake pops and these sticks are great. Sturdy and perfect length.

    from Polkadot Cupcake Shop Posted on

    Cake pops using the 6" sticks

    I tried store bought(craft stores) lollipop sticks but this is the best and easier to work with. I use it for my cakepops and caramel apples especially for fall season.

    from Home use Posted on

    So far I super like this cakepop sticks! Perfect for my cute & tummy cake pops. Highly recommend!

    Very well made and sturdy..I can't believe how cheap they are compare to other craft stores..I will be buying more in the future..It's great to have these in bulk

    from Wholly Sweets Bake Shop Posted on

    These sticks are very strong and good quality,they don't absorb the oil from cakepop mix which is awesome!

    These work great with cake pops! They make a great presentation and they are such a great price for the quantity that you receive. I highly recommend these!

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    Six-inch lollipop sticks

    We've been very pleased with these lollipop sticks. We use them for cake pops and they have no problem holding up a massive ball of cake. They also don't come unraveled like many lollipop sticks.

    from FINLEYS BAKERY Posted on

    When you make cake pops all the time, this is an excellent, quality, practical buy. And the 500-piece price is great. Another winner for sure!

    Posted on

    chocolate cake pops

    I have been ordering these 6" sticks since I discovered I used to buy them at a local store and paid 7 times more fora pack of 100. They are perfect for my cake pops creations and they have become my on hand product.

    from Memorable Events by Silvia Posted on

    Jungle Jill Baby Shower Theme---Memorable Events by Silvia

    Roses Cake Pops---Memorable Events by Silvia

    Great Lollipop sticks, i use them for my cake-pops and they dont slip. plus it was a great price for the quality given i wont have to keep running to the store now.

    from SweetsbyDiamond Posted on

    I used these for the popular cake pops, as well as cookie pops.I'm a bargain shopper, and these were, without a doubt, the best price on the web. Shipping was fast.

    Posted on

    These are the perfect size for Cookie bouquets, or if you want to put a cookie on a stick! They are strong and made very well! This is what I always use and I own my own bakery!

    from Sweet Cake Creations Posted on

    These sticks are perfect for cake pops and the price is even better. I was paying more at the local craft stores so finding these made me smile.

    from The Sugar Fairy LLC Posted on

    I make a lot of cake pops and cookie pops. These sticks are great and at a great price too! They are very sturdy and hold up well.

    from Kandi's Kitchen Sweet Treats Posted on

    Emoji cake pops

    I use these paper lollipop sticks to create cake pops and cookie pops. They are sturdy enough to hold anything I've decided to 'put on a stick' so far. These are a staple in our bakery.

    Posted on

    Balloon cookie pops!

    I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased from Whether I am paking chocolate lollipops, strawberry pops, cake, pops, or using them to help assemble baskets, these sticks are the perfect universal product

    from Treat Yourself To Sweets Posted on

    These are perfect sticks to use for cake pops. I have been using them for years now. They are durable and the price is just right. I just stocked up on more!

    Posted on

    These are fantastic for using with cake pops. They are the perfect length at an amazing price! I use them all the time and am very pleased with the quality!

    from Jennie's Cake Creations Posted on

    Awesome on my snowman pops!

    Perfect size for cake pops or other fruit on a stick. The stick is the perfect length and thickness and is very high quality sturdiness

    Posted on

    These are a great price for bulk pop sticks and the case they come in is packed well! The quality is first class and the sticks don't bend and are not flimsy. Great for all my little desserts that have to be made as pops!

    Posted on

    Perfect pop sticks for all desserts!

    Wedding Cake Pops

    Was surprised on the quality on these for the cost! I was so pleased that I will definitely will keep purchasing them from here. The length on them was the perfect size for my arrangements.

    from Oh PoP's Posted on

    Perfect for getting a great height on arrangements

    Great lollipop sticks and good price, very sturdy. My favorite stick to use for cake pops! Love the added length for making my cake pop bouquets.

    from Astonishing Cakes LLC Posted on

    These 6" sticks are perfect for making my cake pop bouquets since they have a little added length so the pops don't look crowded in the arrangement.

    I use these sticks for all my dessert pops (cake, brownie, rice krispy, and chocolate) Great quality and great price for the amount of sticks you get. I order this on a reg basis and recommend it to anyone.

    Posted on

    Great quality for such a low price. Works well for cake pops or any other dessert. Great to be able to get it in bulk as well.

    from Sugar and Spice Bakery Posted on

    I love these. They are perfect, exactly what I needed and beyond my expectations. I have bought 2000 from yourunning company and I am a customer for life. My company and I thank you.

    from Pop Stixx Posted on

    Great price for a great product. These sticks are universal and sturdy. I use these for my cookie pops, cake pops, and chocolate lollipops. Definitely will be reordering these.

    Posted on

    Ruffled Cake Pops

    Great value and work as discribed. I use for cake pops and small cookie pops, definitely recommend this product to other bakers. can be used for fruit kabobs as well!

    from EdibleCreationsByMish Posted on

    These lollipop sticks are very good for making cake-pops. The quality is great for it's price. They are sturdy. I would definitely purchase these paper lollipop sticks again.

    Posted on

    These are absolutely perfect for my cake, cookie and brownie pops. They work great sturdy, stand up to being refrigerated without getting soft.. Highly recommended!!!

    from Sweetime Bakery Posted on

    Great product for our cake pops. We use these at our bakery on a regular basis. Very well priced in comparison to stores. Will order again

    from Creative Cupcakes by Judy Posted on

    These popsicle sticks are amazing...!!!!! I bake cake pops very often and for this price they come in handy. I recently bought them and i will keep buying them from here.??

    Posted on

    I love these Paper Lollipop Stick 6" x 5/32" - 500 / Pack! Webstaurant offers them for a great price. The length is nice and long and great for cake pops, chocolate molded lollipops, and cookie pops. The quality is good. I'm very pleased with the product. I would purchase them again.

    Posted on

    We use these sticks for our cake pops. They are perfect size and work great. The only problem we had was they were turning yellow but that is a common problem and we fixed that by dipping them in white chocolate first.

    from Bakery Melange Posted on

    These sticks were the perfect size to use when we make cheesecake on a stick. The cheesecake adhered well to the stick, and they were super durable.

    Posted on

    They are the perfect size for cake pops and chocolate lollipops. I've even used them to make cookie pops for an arrangement. Great price too!

    from Sally's Piece-a-Cake Posted on

    I didnt expect such quality Paper Lollipop Stick 6" x 5/32" - 500 / Pack but when i opened the package i was pleasantly surprised! They are smooth, pure and white, and work really well. Great Buy!

    Posted on

    I used the lolly pop sticks to make a meringue swirl on a stick- so yummy!

    I wasn't sure when I ordered these if the quality would be high enough for our standards or not...but when they came, I was pleasantly surprised! They are nice and sturdy to hold a good amount for cake pops, but not so large that they break the pop apart! I will keep ordering these for my cake shop.

    from Sophisticakes Posted on

    We were looking for a way to buy these sticks in bulk and these were perfect. They are exact length needed to make a great cake pop. They stand up to being refrigerated without getting soft.

    from Bakeshop LLC Posted on

    Cake pops are amazing with this sticks!

    AMAZING PRICE FOR AMAZING QUALITY!! I love these lollipop sticks. We use them for cakepops and they are the perfect height and width. Never breaks and easy to decorate with ribbons.

    from MiracleCakepops Posted on

    The paper lollipop sticks in action with our beautiful birthday ballerina themed cakepops. Easy to decorate with no complications!

    These paper lollipop sticks are perfect for my cake pops and other treats that I make. The quality is great and I am very satisfied with this product. I defiantly will be ordering more.

    Posted on

    These are awesome. Perfect for cake pops. ive use other kinds/brands and they fall apart, these do not. A+ product, already need to reorder more. The price is also easily the cheapest ive been able to fine by far. Highly recommended!!!

    from Neide's Treats Posted on

    Great for making cake pops, perfect length and strength. Best part is the price. What you pay here for a bag of 500 is near equivalent to the price you pay elsewhere for a bag of only 100. Definitely a great bargain for those constantly making cake pops

    Posted on

    Cake pops

    These are absolutely perfect for my cake pops, and much more economical to purchase here than at a craft store. The quality is great, and they are always packaged nicely.

    Posted on

    These sticks are perfect for cake and brownie pops. Great length for displaying in styrofoam or in my cake pop stands. Also, they are really sturdy and will not bend while dipping in chocolate.

    Posted on

    Much like the 8 inch paper lollipop sticks, these are rather durable and hold up the weight of my cake pops!! I figured it was easier and much more cost effective if I purchased the sticks in bulk!! And I believe I made the right decision as these are strong enough for both cookie sticks / pops and cake pops!! I will continue to purchase these as long as they stay in stock!! Thank you!!

    from K Gamboa Posted on

    Hello Kitty cake pops for a birthday!

    Best sticks ever!! they are perfect for cake pops, lollipops and any other type of pops, super sturdy and freeze well too!!!! they are a must for my shop

    from Jay'a Party Creations Posted on

    Great price and quality. I use these for my cake pops and lollipops and they work great sturdy, and just the right length. I will continue to order when needed!mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Posted on

    cake pop sticks

    In my business, i make cakes pops. These sticks are the best deal on the market. I am so happy I found this company to supply my cake supplies.

    from Connie Cakes Posted on

    Valentine Cake Pops

    These sticks were exactly what we needed for cake pops. Perfectly sized, I like the natural dense paper material (versus plastic sticks) and I couldn't believe the great price!

    from Sugarlips Cakery, LLC Posted on

    Great sticks for cookie pops, lollipops, but even more, ideal for cake pops. Sturdy and dependable, I love the size and they are just thick enough to get the job done.

    from Honey B Posted on

    Cake Pops

    I bought these for cake pops. These are smaller in diameter than other sticks I've purchased but I think I can make it work. They are very well made and were shipped quickly and securely.

    Posted on

    These sticks are perfect for cake pops and marshmallows on a stick. They fit perfectly in my cake pop stand as well. Nice length and cheaper than store-bought.

    from All in the Details Posted on

    These are great sticks. Good quality and size. I make cake pops a lot and I have never had any difficulty using these at all.

    Posted on

    These sticks are the perfect size for our cake pops. They are SO much more affordable than buying them at local craft stores also. Great quantity, great price.

    from Cakes by Leece Posted on

    cake pops made with these 6" paper sticks

    These cake pop sticks are such a great deal! They are so much cheaper than when you buy them at local craft stores and the same great quality. They are perfect for cake pops and I love to mix them with colored straws.

    from Elegantly Sweet Pleasantries and Events Posted on

    I paid much more (can't remember exact price) for 50 sticks in a pack. Your price is beyond reasonable. I'll be making cake pops for years to come.

    Posted on

    These sticks are fantastic! They are so versatile. I've used them for chocolate covered caramel pops, lego cake pops, and marshmallow lego heads. They make delicious treats even more fun!

    Posted on

    Chocolate covered caramel pops

    Lego cake pops and chocolate covered marshmallow lego heads.

    One of the greatest things about the lollipop sticks for me was to be able to get them in bulk. I have found the need to constantly have them handy and for me its the economical way to go!

    Posted on

    We chose this size so that our cake pops would fit out of the jars we displayed them in. We use them exclusively for cake pops & they work great. Just rough room for a hand to hold & have the tasty treat on the end. Plus they're inexpensive.

    from Elements Posted on

    Cake pops

    Perfect for cookie pops. Easy to insert into the dough before baking and they hold tight and look great. Allows for super easy cookie bouquets.

    Posted on

    These sticks are pretty long, but they work great for cake pops. You put the stick in pretty far so the cake doesn't fall off, and then there is still plenty of room to hold onto the stick.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    These lollipop sticks are a little shorter then The ones in the craft store but I like them! The price is wonderful and the smaller size helps with organization.

    from Cakes by Ashley Posted on

    Love these lollipop sticks. I have found many uses for them. including cake pops, marshmallow pops, fruit-ka-bobs, and much more. people loved them. Very good product for the price. will be ordering more soon.

    from Dip'n Diva Posted on

    I love these sticks and you cannot beat the value that you for these from Webstaurant! I make a lot of cake truffles and once the truffle has hardened, you have to remove the stick. These, by far, work better than anything else I have tried. They come out easy and do not break the candy coating that I use. I have tried skewers and just about everything else but none of them work as well as these sticks.

    Posted on

    Just perfect! The same quality as the wilton ones I was buying for MUCH more!! I will be reordering these in the future for sure!

    from Lily Belle Bakery Posted on

    These sticks fit perfectly into our cake pop displays! I used to use the pricey wilton ones but these are my new favorites!!!

    They are perfect for cake pops and i loooove the price for such a high volume of stick. it is a bargain i also use it for cookies, marshmallow pop and rice krispies treats.

    Posted on

    Marshmallow pop

    This is the cheapest price I've found anywhere for 6" pop sticks and it's so worth it for the high quality sticks you get. Note that the sticks are loose in 1 box and there are no inner boxes or packets.

    Posted on

    I have been buying these by the pack (25 units)!at the craft store and I can't believe the price they have here at webrestaurant. Always a much better price, great quality, excellent customer services and fast delivery!

    Posted on

    this is perfect for chocolatiers or cake poppers! much more price effective and convenient! fits all regular sizes pop stands! I will be purchasing again!

    from cupcakes by jenn Posted on

    These are honestly at a great price, and are great for making cake pops. I love them. They're disposable, cheap, and sturdy to work with!

    Posted on

    These are the perfect length for cake pops. I was shelling out more money going to the craft stores and now i\\\\'msaving money buying these in bulk! These are great!

    from Dancing Cats Posted on

    Here are our Valentine CakePops. Perfect height and size..ordering more!

    Versatile stick! Not only for lollipops but can be use for cake pops, fruit kabobs, and cake/cupcake toppers. I ordered one pack (500) and I think I'm good for the next ten years! haha! In all great product and excellent price.

    Posted on

    These came just in time; valentines day is just around the corner and we started making chocolate heart pops , these work just fine, they're light but not fragile and don't dreak easily

    Posted on

    Not much to say, but these are great little sticks. We use them for cake pops and marshmallow pops in my bakery and they serve their purpose just fine.

    from Goodness Bake Shoppe Posted on

    We use these lollipop sticks for our cake pops and marshmallow pops. Ordering from webstaurant store is the only way to go when you are making cake pops for your business. Cost effective as well!

    from Jazzy Petite Treats, LLC Posted on

    Great for cake pops! So much cheaper than my local craft store. They are a bit shorter than I usually buy but they worked just fine.

    Posted on

    This is the best price I have ever found on these Lollipop sticks. I go through them so fast that it is priced economically for my needs.

    from Mimi's Minis Gourmet Baked Sweets Posted on

    This is such an outstanding value. I use these stick to make pie pops, and they are thin enough but strong enough to hold a three-inch diameter item. They are the right length too.

    from Pye Posted on

    These lollipop sticks are great for cake pops. It is just the best price in the market. i will be back

    from jeanne's bakeshop Posted on

    Great sticks for making homemade lollipops and chocolate pops with. They are the perfect length and they look great when packaged up for gift giving.

    from Poisson Home Repair Posted on

    Lollipop sticks are perfect for my cake pops! The 6" length was perfect and they held up after putting them in the fridge all night.

    Posted on

    Minnie Moue cake pops made using the 6" lollipop sticks

    These were a little skinner than I thought. These would be better for lollipops instead of cake pops. They can still work for cake pops but you have to be a lot more careful when making so they don't poke through.

    Posted on

    I've been playing with cake pops and am appalled by the price of these sticks in craft stores; this is far and away the best price to be found anywhere!

    Posted on

    I love, love this lollipop sticks. They are perfect for my business as I make a lot of cake pops. They are also great for cookies on a stick. Sturdy and a great value for the price.

    from Ashlynn Leigh Cakes Posted on

    Very sturdy and easy to handle. This are the perfect size for my cake pops. I also use them for candy pops and baked cookies pops. The uses are endless.

    from martha's creations Posted on

    they were reasonably priced compared to the craft stores and they provided a large bag quantity ,was a better deal than the store offered, and they worked out perfectly for making cake pop.

    Posted on

    cake pops for Christmas>>

    Cake pops sticks are the normal length and size you'd find in expensive craft stores. The bulk price and shipping is convenient for busy lives!

    Posted on

    Great quality, perfect for cake pops and the length is great with the 3"x5/5" candy bags I also purchased from Webstaurant! Highly recommended for all baking needs.

    from Bite Vegan Bakery Posted on

    Great lollipop sticks that are great for making cake pops as well. They hold up great and look great. Can't beat the price on these.

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    These are a bit longer for my cake pops, but for easter I used them for my chocolates and they worked great. Happy I had them in stock.

    from Anna Mea's Bakery Posted on

    Love them! I use both these and the 4" sticks when making cake pops.. and they're wonderful! I will continue using them for future orders and events!

    from Karess's Kreations Posted on

    rainbow cake pops using the 6" lollipop sticks!

    When I first purchased these sticks, my intention was to use them for cake pops. When I received my order I thought they would be too thin, however, they actually worked much better than expected. The cake balls stayed on the sticks and now I'd never go back to the thicker sticks!

    from MommaZinga Catering Posted on

    These are perfect sticks for making ice cream or frozen yogurt pops. They are strong and good for lollipops. We utilize cake scraps and make cake pops with them too.

    Posted on

    These lolipop sticks are pretty sturdy and fit the bill! They were easy to use and were longer than I expected. I was able to make a nice "floral" arrangement with my cake pops.

    Posted on

    I couldn't find these anyplace around my town, so I checked on here, and of course The WEBstaurant Store has it! I was so happy!

    Posted on

    These sticks are perfect! They are steardy heavy duty and can take a heave cake pop with lost of chocolate coating without falling apart. It was well needed and I will for sure recommend

    Posted on

    6x5/32" lollipop sticks used for fondant accent, sprawling from the cake

    This is great for cake pops or even truffles. I make truffle lollipops by just sticking a truffle on the end and securing it with chocolate like a cake pop.

    Posted on

    Great product! I make so many cake pops every week, and Webstaurant now offering them in bulk has made my life a little smoother... and cheaper!

    from The Wicked Sweet Sugar Boutique Posted on

    6" by 5/32" is a pretty good standard side for most cake pops. It's sold at a efficient price. I have honestly found the exact same thing for double the price, they have ridiculously marked up the price. I would buy the paper lollipop stick again.

    Posted on

    Very good lollipop sticks. Perfect size and very stong. I purchased these to make cake pops & candy treats. These are a must have for my home bakery.

    Posted on

    These are the classic cake pop sticks and they work great. I make cake pops for all holidays so these are wonderful to have around, very sturdy.

    from Johnson and Wales Posted on

    These lollipop sticks are great for cake pops. It is just the best price in the market. (i have seen some for 25 pcs for ridiculous price! i will be back

    Posted on

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