12 Compartment Clear Hinged High Dome Cupcake Container - 5/Pack

Item #: 999KP412

Great for bakeries, supermarkets, cupcake shops, and cafes, this 12 compartment high dome clear hinged cupcake container displays your most delectable desserts! With 12 individual compartments to hold a dozen cupcakes or muffins, this container is ideal for larger orders or variety packs. Boasting a 1-piece design to keep lids and containers attached, this container minimizes lid confusion and saves space in your storage area.

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12 Compartment Clear Hinged High Dome Cupcake Container - 5/Pack

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    Not only are these cupcake containers stylish, they fit my cupcakes perfectly. I don't have to worry about my frosting smudging, thanks to the high lid, and the plastic is clear making it easy to see my work.

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    These containers are great quality and are worth the price.

    i absolutely LOVE these high dome containers. They are perfect for cupcakes with elaborate decor and work so much better during travel than any others i've tried.

    from Andi Cakes Posted on

    We are in love with the height of the dome cover of this container. Allows for elegant decor adorned atop a cupcake without being smashed down when close. One of our favorite product!

    from GG's Sweet Magnolias Posted on

    Love, Love, Love these cupcake containers! The high dome is perfect for all those cupcakes with loads of frosting and fun decorations. They stay fresh longer in these, as well. The containers stack on top of each other, which is very convenient. I only buy these now for transporting my cupcakes!

    from Crystal Gardner Posted on

    I ordered these clear containers to try since they were on sale and they had some really good reviews. I love them! There is plenty of space between the compartments that your cupcakes won't touch unless they're really big. They're also tall enough to hold pretty tall cupcakes without touching. They also stack and take up less room when delivering than the cardboard boxes do.

    The best cupcake display box I've ever seen! These containers allow you to showcase your delicious cupcakes from the second your customer sees it! Much more sleek and inviting than a white covered box! I also appreciate the height of the container, just in case I want to swirl my frosting on high! The closing locks are very sturdy and I can trust these containers to have no issues when it comes to transportation!

    from Simply Southern Cupcakes Posted on

    This box is perfect for any gourmet cupcakes!

    The 12 compartment clear hinged high dome cupcake containers are excellent for presentation and sturdiness. I create cupcakes with that require support. The cupcake containers are affordable and worth every penny.

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    I love the look of these containers! They make my cupcakes look more elegant. They are more expensive but if you're looking for a more elegant presentation these are definitely the containers to get it!

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    These cupcake containers are the best! I put a hefty amount of icing on my cupcakes so when it comes to decorations, most containers don't allow enough room for both, THESE DO! Must buy!

    from Cake Box Posted on

    I ordered these high dome cupcake containers to store and present cupcake orders for my customers. These are by far the nicest and sturdiest containers I have found for the money. They stack well and display the cupcakes beautifully! Will be ordering these again.

    from Brandy's Sweets and Eats Posted on

    Great for taking cupcakes on the go without making a mess. These containers are the perfect fit for standard size cupcakes and keeps them fresh.

    Posted on

    I bought these to transport my allergy friendly cupcakes to our local farmer's market. They worked great, kept the cupcakes snug. The high dome is the perfect space so the icing never gets messed up.

    from Dani Cakes Posted on

    These display the cupcakes beautifully. And they are strong enough to easily be stacked on top of each for easier transportation. Gives my home business a professional look

    Posted on

    I absolutely love these containers, they fit my cupcakes with high piled frosting and toppings perfectly! These are definitely my favorite and my customers love them too!

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    These little guys are amazing! They will hold your cupcake and a decorated top no problem. They stack perfectly and the price cannot be beat!

    from Sugar and Ribbons Posted on

    These 12 compartment cupcake containers keep your items fresh, and keep our cupcakes from drying out. They present Very nicely and professional. We will continue to order

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    This was perfect for transporting cupcakes to parties and not having to worry about accidentally leaving behind a carrier. Also works great for giving cupcakes, the high lid is perfect for tall frosting!

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    These are so much better than anything you can buy in store, or anything you get at most cupcake bakeries, for that matter. I used them for a couple birthday parties and my sister's wedding. Cupcakes fit with almost any quantity of frosting on top, and the trays stack great. They definitely have some heft. My only advice would be to frost the cupcakes once they're already in the trays; it's not impossible to load them already frosted, just much easier to frost once they're already in place.

    from Natural Comfort Kitchen LLC Posted on

    I love these cupcake containers! They work perfectly for holding regular size cupcakes with room for plenty of frosting on top. They also look nicer than most plastic packaging.

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    High dome cupcake container

    Love these containers. They're easily stacked and don't buckle like the boxes sometimes do. Keep the cupcakes fresh for days clients have said. Great purchase.

    from Polkadot Cupcake Shop Posted on

    Great fit!

    I was disappointed with this item. It's a nice looking clear cupcake container with tall lid. However, it won't completely shut and I blame it on the way it's being packaged. This item arrived in a stack of 5 containers that's wrapped in a very tight plastic to secure them as a bundle. Unfortunately, it's so tight that it bent all the three sides. This bending causes the allignment between the lid and the bottom part to shift somehow, making it difficult to completely close the container. When it does, it leaves a little bit of space for the air to come inside the container at the front part and both sides and that is not a good thing for the cupcakes inside especially if you plan to store it in the refrigerator first (will dry faster). Luckily I only bought the 5 pack for trial purpose. Otherwise, I would feel like wasting too much money for something that I couldn't use for my business. Unless they take care the packaging of this product, I won't recommend this item to business owner. Perhaps the big case comes in better packaging.

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    Thank you for the review! We're sorry these have not been closing properly. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I would NOT recommend these containers. It was virtually impossible to close them without smashing the cupcakes on the front edge. It was also completely impossible to remove the cupcakes without smashing the frosting. Not a good product. Zero stars.

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    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I use these containers for my CFO business, The Sweets Life by Liza, in both the 12-pack and 6-pack sizes. The high domes are perfect for displaying beautiful, tasty cupcakes, and I often hear from my customers - just how much they like to see the sweet treats they've ordered. It is a quality, durable product and can endure multiple uses!

    from The Sweets Life by Liza Posted on

    Your customers will love eating with their eyes first!

    I really loved this product! Great Quality,price, and fast shipping!!!! I will order this product again! It made my treats stand out and look elegant!

    from Glamorous Melted Treats Posted on

    My tasty treats, look amazing in this clear container.

    Great cupcake box! Tall enough to hold frosted and decorated cupcakes without any of them getting squished. Makes a nice presentation since for my customers!

    from Jillycakes Posted on

    Perfect for any size cupcake! Keeps your cupcakes nice and fresh and allows your customers to see your beautiful cupcake creations without opening the package! Love these containers!

    from Candi's Cake Creations Posted on

    This container is okay. It is a tall container, giving you plenty of room for taller cupcakes or those with toppers, but I also found that the compartments are very tight. My cupcakes/frosting tended to go over its spot, and would often get squashed in the seams when closing. I prefer the PET container to this one.

    from Everything Iced Cupcakes & More Posted on

    These are perfect for cupcakes and the dome is high enough to add toppers and not squash them. Much better than others I have tried!

    We love these containers!! We ordered a full case before we opened our bakery and now need to order another case a week before our grand opening. The other containers we've used from our local cake supply store were known for breaking at the crease. These are cheaper in price, better quality, look better, and we've never had one break!

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    Great for customer when they order cupcakes they tend to be a little small for my cupcakes but the height works out well, will order again

    from Janice's Cake Creations Posted on

    These are the best cupcake containers on the market. I have tried many and will never use anything else now. Cupcakes do not move once placed and they are high domed so none of your icing will be smashed. Also sturdy enough to stack filled cupcakes on each other.

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    from Divas Cupcakes Posted on

    Product works great for cupcakes or candy. They are good to have on hand. I ordered the 5 pack just to test the quality. I must admit I was very satisfied I must order more.

    from Jeni's Sweets and Treats Posted on

    These are awesome!! They're made out of super sturdy, super strong material. In the past I've used plastic cupcake containers where the lid starts to separate at the crease. I have no such worry with these containers! Love them! I think they're worth the extra price to get these high dome containers because it's a shame to pipe gorgeous cupcakes and top them with beautiful toppers only to have the lid of a container smush it down and ruin it!

    from GD Bakes Posted on

    This purchase is for a busy bakery and we are glad we are able to order the 100 pack these will come in handy for all of the larger cupcakes we design

    from HJS SERVICES Posted on

    Love these!! Stack well for deliveries! Sturdy, so they can be stacked! Love that they are clear and my customers can see their cupcakes!! Buy these all the time!!

    from Auntie M's Posted on

    I bought the 5 pack of these just to give them a try and see how I liked them. I came back and purchase more. This is the perfect sample pack to try.

    Posted on

    Very pleased with these containers. The cupcakes don't slide around and there's plenty of room so that you don't have to worry about smooshed frosting. Can be a bit awkward to put frosted cakes in and take them out without nudging another one, but I would rather have to worry about that than worry about them shifting during transport.

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    I love the high dome cupcake container. This container is perfect for cupcakes with high icing and decorations. Also the containers are very sturdy. Will purchase again.

    Posted on

    This is a good cupcake container. It is very sturdy but if you have tall decorations it could be an issue at the corners or where the supports come down between the cupcakes. They do stack well

    from Curious Tongue Posted on

    I was looking for a high dome cupcake holder compartments and these worked great! Very nice looking, has room for tall cupcakes ( or regular sized cupcakes with lots and lots of icing on top) and stacks very well. They are sturdy and transports very nicely.

    Posted on

    I would recommend these cupcake containers to anyone who sales cupcakes. They hold well and travel well even if they call the containers stay closed well.

    from Toy's Sweet Posted on

    Great cupcake holders

    I bought these for my sister to package her gourmet cupcakes in. She loves them and her customers love them even more. Great quality, She has been using them for about a year now and has no complaints. I would definitely recommend them to a friend.

    Posted on

    I bought this product thinking to use it once in a while but I have found myself using it all the time, for orders of one dozen and to transport it to the Farmers Market where I sell my cupcakes, cupcakes stay in place and it saves a lot of space for transport, very satisfied.

    from Zyra's Sweets Posted on

    I just love these containers, they keep my cupcakes clean, they are air tight and visible to customers and the best thing is to use them to transport your cupcakes, they are perfect when they arrive at their destination.

    I bought these high dome clear cupcake containers and I love, love them. They are better then the boxes so no putting them together any longer. Also since these are high domed I can pile cupcakes high with frosting or put any toppings I like without them getting messed up. I will continue to order these.

    from Jacky's Baked Goods Posted on

    These are the best!! The high dome works so well with high frostings & cupcake toppers (no need to worry about crushing your cupcakes). They also close really well and are secure when transporting. Highly recommend them!

    Posted on

    These are my favorite cupcake holders. I love that they have such a high dome that my toppings and decorations do not get messed up. They're durable and are good quality.

    Posted on

    These are great containers. They keep the cupcakes protected and fresh. The lid is high enough to allow for icing and some decorations. These aren't made of the cheap plastic that is hard to open and close.

    from PolkaDot Cupcakery Posted on

    Good container, but not perfect. There is plenty if room because of the domed top, but my cupcake won't sit flat in these containers. There is a gap between the cupcake and the base because it narrows. Still a workable product.

    Posted on

    I really like the height of these cupcake containers. The only thing that I found that I did not like was that the bottom part where the cupcake sits is a little small for a regular size cupcake. The cupcakes did not fit all they way down in the container and I did not want to push the cupcake all the way in, thank goodness for the high dome on these containers.

    Posted on

    These are great containers! I love the high dome lid because my cupcakes normally have a good amount of icing and/or other decorations and a lot of other cupcake containers were never quite high enough. I can put anything on my cupcakes that I want to and never have to worry about the lid touching the cupcakes. My customers love the containers as well and I have gotten so many compliments on how nice they look... they show off the cupcakes beautifully! I highly recommend these to everyone!

    from Sarah's Sweets Posted on

    Best cupcake containers!!!

    This is a fantastic cupcake container! The cupcakes fit nicely and look great! I highly recommend this product. They stack very nicely too and easy to transport.

    from Cool Cat Cupcakes, LLC Posted on

    12-Packs ready for delivery.

    Love these containers. We have them in all sizes.The plastic is clear so you can see the cupcakes. Love the smooth edges and sturdy plastic. Better than cardboard at keeping our product fresh , I have had customers tell me for over a week in the fridge they were still moist.

    from Sweet Sweet Wonderland Posted on

    Cupcakes are able to be decorated and used with these containers. No disuse with the height of the lid and decorations. I love them yay.

    Posted on

    Very thick plastic and a great buy!! I feel very confident with these containers! They look great as well with my product in them! Great buy!

    from Tempting Berries Bakery Posted on

    These clear high domed cupcake containers are excellent for packaging cupcakes with high frosting and decorations! They look professional and makes delivery easy, highly recommend this product!

    from Sweet & Sassy Desserts Posted on

    I can not say enough about this 12 compartment cupcake containers. The high dome is excellent for 3D decoration on cupcakes. This product is durable, and attractive. recommend both 12 and 6 count containers

    Posted on

    High dome cupcake container

    We tried this domed cupcake container since the regular hinged one was a little too short for some of our cupcakes. This one is the same height, so we still have that issue. Overall, still a really nice container if you prefer the domed look over the regular hinged one.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    Love these containers! I first bought the five pack to test them out and they work great! These containers hold my cupcakes very well and there's enough space for frosting and decorations on the cupcakes. They close up nicely too. The dome shape gives my cupcakes sleek presentation. I would recommend these cupcake containers to any one who is looking for quality cupcake containers. They get the job done!

    Posted on

    I was so pleased with how safely and securely my cupcakes with wide top decorations traveled in this container. It is sturdy, closes tightly but opens easily, and holds each cupcake snugly in place. I had ordered a five pack to try them out, but I'm back for a case. Leah W. of Blue Daisy Cakes

    from Blue Daisy Cakes Posted on

    sturdy construction. use them often for cupcake deliveries. like the high dome. it doesn't interfere with most decorations. its nice to have all 12 cupcakes in one box.

    from Kali Kakes Posted on

    I LOVE these high domed containers! Cupcakes have lots of room to be topped, and they are kept securely in place. Your treats are beautifully displayed!

    from She Can Bake Posted on

    What a great way to display my variety packs! Customers get the opportunity to view their delicious treats AND they are kept perfect during transport!

    I absolutely love being abe to order this item at such a great price and fast shipping. It's a great product. I am a returning customer.

    Posted on

    We absolutely love these containers! They are durable and beautiful. They are very clear and easily display your products. They dome design also helps keep the icing on the cupcakes from getting bumped.

    from Ladybugs' Sweet Treats Posted on

    these are just perfect very pretty and durable these are definitely not cheap or flimsy like the grocery store ones, will keep ordering and will recommend

    from Kedbys Kreations & Party Rental Posted on

    These arrived quickly and were neatly packaged. They are much more attractive than traditional, cheaper looking cupcake containers and appear to be fully capable of accommodating a larger frosting swirl or decorations. They not only make transporting treats easier, they add a little something extra to their presentation as well! Looking forward to using these.

    Posted on

    I got these containers to package my cupcakes for a client's fundraiser. The containers were perfect. The high dome top allowed me to decorate the cupcakes and not worry that the frosting would be damaged during transport. I will be ordering these again.

    from One More Treat Posted on

    I ordered these a few months ago when i went to my local craft store and the only ones they sold were flimsy and pretty expensive. so i decided to search around glad i found The WEBstaurant Store I was very pleased with them in fact i'm back to order more for a up coming occasion domes are nice and nigh enough to pile on the icing. would highly recommend

    Posted on

    At Chelsea's Cupcakes, we LOVE the high dome clear cupcake containers. They fit our frosting and any decor, without leaving residue on the lid. These containers are a high quality plastic and give off that "higher end" vibe to our product!

    from Chelsea's Cupcakes, Inc. Posted on

    This is great for when you have a bunch of cupcakes that need transporting and don't want to take a chance with them in a tupperware container. They stack very nicely and the high dome tops are great for when you go a little overboard with the frosting. They only thing I'm not a fan of is that it seems like the diameter of the cupcake holes is /just/ that side of too small and it feels like you smoosh the cupcakes a little bit to get them to sit nice. Otherwise it's a great product, would recomend again

    from Amber H Posted on

    LOVE this container! It works wonderful for our cupcakes. Sometimes, we have cupcakes that have a higher-amount of icing, and they are perfect. Highly recommend!!!

    from Haleigh-Claire's Cupcakery Posted on

    I love these containers. The domed top works perfect for my taller cupcakes piled with toppings. The design of them are so nice and look very expensive.

    from Simply Irresistible Treats Posted on

    12 Compartment Hinged High Dome Clear Cupcake Container. I read earlier reviews that mentioned the snugness of this container and decided to try it anyway. Well they were right. This holds the cupcakes off the bottom, but still leaves tons of space for the highest mounds of icing. I put my cakes in here as soon as cooled and decorate them in place. It is perfect and holds them securely! Makes for a lot less handling.

    Posted on

    These are the best holders out there! Very classy with a professional finish! They are really the best out there and I refuse to buy from anywhere else!

    from Cupcakes and More Posted on

    Yummy Cupcakes.. Love these containers!

    We were looking for cupcake containers that we could package our cupcakes in that we would have a pick in and these fit perfectly and look really nice for our clients.

    from Divine Elegance Posted on

    Can I just say that I am so in love with these containers! They make my cupcakes loog GORGEOUS, and keep the cupcakes from drying out. The only pissue I have with them, is that the bottom inside is a tad narrow, so my cupcakes do not go all the way down in.

    from KiwiCakes Posted on

    Do these look gorgeous or what? :)

    These are very high-quality containers. I love that each cupcake is secure in it's own "compartment", and that the cupcakes are completely visible in the container.

    from Pumpkins n' Things Posted on

    We love that these containers close tightly and allow for fresh storage. The high domes allow for the perfect swirled frosting without worry of it getting smashed by the lid.

    Posted on

    I love these! They seal up great and have a high enough dome for my tall frosting. We will continue to use these in my shop!

    from Goodness Bake Shoppe Posted on

    These are really the BEST containers. I want to purchase them in all sizes. These keep the cupcakes in place. I am to stack them, I've only done 3 at a time, but there is never a problem. I don't have to worry about hitting any bumps transporting and worrying about the cupscakes being tossed all around or icing being messed up!

    from Cupcakes by Meenah Posted on

    These are the best cupcake containers to have for your business.. Not only do they keep the cupcakes moist they also have a professional look..

    from DessertsforU Bakery Posted on

    Halloween cupcakes

    Kid cupcakes



    These are great for cupcakes with lots of decorations or a lot of frosting. I tend to do a 1 to 1 cupcake/frosting ratio, and these give me the perfect amount of room to do so.

    Posted on

    Great way to deliver cupcakes. Professional and heavy duty quality. LOVE my cupcake containers. It also provides customers with a sneak peek of what they ordered.

    from Sweet Mama's Sweets Posted on

    I really liked these plastic containers. The only thing I didn't liek so much is that some of the containers were dented up and had trouble closeing.

    Posted on

    These cupcakes containers are perfect. In my bakery, I serve a lot of cupcakes with lots of frosting. These containers are perfect for the amount of frosting I use. They also are sturdy and professional looking.

    from Michele's Triple-C Bakery Posted on

    I love the large cupcake holders I purchase. They are appropriate for the amount and type of cupcake I bake and deliver. The price is also affordable. I recommend them to everyone i speak to.

    Posted on

    These cases are wonderful. They are high enough to fit some really tall frosted cupcakes, and close really easily and don't pop open either. They are very sturdy and easy to carry, and have a lot of open space on the top for company logo stickers.

    from Lovely's Cupcakes Posted on

    These are some of my larger cupcakes and they fit perfectly, allowing for space between cupcakes as well so the frostings don't touch.

    These are exactly what I was looking for. They are of high quality and very durable. I like the high dome because they allow space for fancier decorations.

    from SWEET POSSIBILITIES Posted on

    I was thrilled when I tried these out. The base is exactly the right fit for a standard cupcake, there is enough room for getting the cupcakes out of the container easily, the height of the dome is great for almost any decoration, and they seal nice and tight. I know I can transport cupcakes in these without any "opps" like I get with paper boxes and inserts. I only wish they were available in singles, 2 packs, 4 packs, and 6 packs. I would buy them all!

    from Custom Confections Posted on

    Thanks for your review! We are pleased to hear that you are happy with your purchase. If you are interested in a high dome cupcake container of another size, check out the Available Sizes section of this page.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I ordered these containers for all my orders of 12 or more cupcakes. They are a lil narrow, but my cupcakes fit them perfectly and look great in them.

    from LIL MISS CUPCAKE Posted on

    Great product. My cupcakes which tend to have a large amount of frosting on them fit well into this container. The cupcakes don't get damaged in transit.

    Posted on

    I sell a lot of cupcakes at my store and these are perfect for a dozen cupcakes. I can even include decorations on the cupcakes and the lid does not smash them. They also stack great!!

    from Ashlynn Leigh Cakes Posted on

    Awesome product. I recommend this containers to all bakery. I love it and I will not order from anyone else. It holds all extra topping without messing up your cupcakes!

    from Kay's Homemade Goodies Posted on

    I love this 12 compartment cupcakes holder. It high enough for all my cupcakes with tall topping. I recommend this product to everyone. Easy opening and closing. Also customers can see the view.

    I ordered the 12 high dome cupcake containers. They are very sturdy & strong. Definitely has good space for high icing decorations. The only problem that I had was that the bottom compartment is too narrow & my cupcakes didn't touch the bottom. Tight squeeze.

    from Chef TJ Dubs Culinary Arts Posted on

    These holders are sturdy and keep the cupcakes moist. Minus 1 star because they are a bit narrow for my cupcakes as they don\\\\'t completely touch the bottom.

    Posted on

    The container secures the cupcakes but is a little narrow.

    These are wonderful! They showcase the baked goods as well as hold them properly. They have space for icing as well. These are sturdy and safe for traveling as well. I use these for my iced cupcakes.

    Posted on

    This product is superb! I am completely satisfied with the cupcake dome...it is high enough for the cupcake swirl and added toppings without smashing the frosting. I will definitely purchase these again.

    Posted on

    The high top is really great for decorated cupcakes. They snap shut really tight, so the product remains fresh. I have ordered hundreds with no problems. Great price also.

    Posted on

    These were tall Easter decorations and they fit with no problem.

    This cupcake holder is perfect if your decorations are only on top of the cupcake. I made panda face cupcakes and the ears which hung off the edge of the cupcake were getting bumped by the top dome. I made it work by shifting the cupcakes so the ears were not along the perimeter, but then the faces were not facing in all the same direction. It worked and it kept the transportation safe until the destination, but the usage wasn't flawless.

    Posted on

    Panda Face cupcakes

    We were so excited to try these out but very disappointed when our cupcakes did not fit in them. Our cupcakes are larger than a standard cupcake even though we used the 2" diameter tulip liners. I was hoping they would work. Containers are great for a standard size cupcake. I would recommend them however to someone making standard size cupcakes. Glad we only ordered a 5 pack.

    from Leah Kakes Posted on

    These containers are perfect for holding standard sized cupcakes with plenty of room for icing and decorations. The plastic is very sturdy and stacks easily. The molded plastic cones on the lid prevent the top from sagging and smashing the icing underneath. The cups on the base hug each cupcake snugly and prevents them from sliding or shifting. This is an excellent product!

    from Chocolate Chipmunk Cakes and Desserts Posted on

    Absolutely love these containers!! Perfect for displaying my cupcakes/muffins. Customers can see exactly what they're getting, and the domed lids allow for all your icing and decorations to stay pristine. These containers also stack beautifully, and you can freeze your cupcakes in them as well.

    Posted on

    These high dome containers hold 12 regular size cupcakes but have a generous amount of room on the top for frosting and decorations. They are sturdy and look great. Flat top has room for labels. I will purchase these again. Fast and safe shipping. Company also readily available for any questions. EXCELLENT product, shipping and service!!!

    from Sweet Sarah Posted on

    There is nothing worse than making cupcakes as a baker for a friend and having nothing put your non-stick tray to give them in. This is perfect because you don't have to worry about getting it back. It fits twelve cupcakes with plenty of room for icing and decorations.

    Posted on

    I feel confident when customers leave with this container that their cupcakes will stay perfect...sturdy and well made, nice space to put my sticker/logo as well.

    from Cupcake Cafe Posted on

    Very good product. Will be using these cakes for our stuff for the long term. High domes fit perfectly over the cupcakes without messing up the icing.

    from Baked Cakes & Gourmet Desserts LLC Posted on

    Twelve compartment hinged high clear dome cupcake containers are great. Perfect fit for standard cupcakes. Nice and sturdy plastic and keeps cupcakes from shifting doing transport.

    Posted on

    We use these all the time..they are pretty, and also hold our extra high icing we put on our cupcakes. Easy to close with one push.

    from Simply Cakes Posted on

    The 12 Compartment hinged High Dome Clear Cupcake Container . Is perfect for when customer order a dozen cupcakes.They don't get smushed and the icing is protected.Great price.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    These cupcake 12 count containers are perfect for transporting the cupcakes and showing them off! I love the supports in the container that stops the lids from being pushed down.

    from Truly Scrumptious Bakery Posted on

    This is a great product for cupcakes. The smooth top allows me to place my company label. The dome shape is perfert for all of the icing on top...no damage!

    from Heavenly Dolce Posted on

    Absolutely Perfect. We love these high domed containers because we can be creative in our decorations without risking the frosting hitting the top of the dome. We love them.

    from Unforgettable Cupcakes Posted on

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