Del Monte 46 oz. Canned Pineapple Juice

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Made from carefully-selected pineapples with no additional sugar or preservatives, this Del Monte 46 oz. canned pineapple juice is pure, delicious, and a great source of vitamin C! Compared to other types of packaging, this canned juice provides convenient storing and stacking to keep your business in good supply. When ready for use, simply chill, shake well, and pour! Refrigerate after opening to maintain freshness. Each 46 oz. can provides about 8 servings of pineapple juice, so you can pour more drinks per can at your high volume restaurant or bar.

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Del Monte 46 oz. Canned Pineapple Juice

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juice great pineapple drinks price flavor mixed drink quality value
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    Dole Pineapple juice has consistantly great flavor and the price from Webstaurant was very reasonable. Other brands that we have tried are not as consistant with their flavor or their color.
    Del Monte pineapple juice can be used for cooking or mixing in bar drinks, but it also tastes great if you drink it on its own. I like to chill it for a few hours before pouring it into a glass.
    We used this product to make a speciality drink for the birthday girl. We made a rum punch and pineapple juice was one of the main ingredients .
    The del Monte canned pineapple juice cans have a great shelf life. Every time I've ordered it has at least a year before expiration. The pineapple juice tastes really good too.
    Perfect amount for how much we use. Since you can’t close these very well it was important for us to waste as little as possible. Great quality juice. Perfect for cooking or drinking.
    The del monte pineapple juice is great and very flavorful. The juice is great for making tropical cocktails and is so sweet and delicious. The cans store well and are great for our large party punches.
    Doesn't expire for over a year, so that's great. Love Del Monte pineapple juice! Using to make a punch for a wedding and this case is big enough for that!
    I love pineapple juice! It's great straight up or mixed with seltzer. Del Monte makes a top notch canned pineapple juice, wth a sweet, refreshing taste.
    Del Monte canned pineapple juice flavor is awesome and I love it for mixed drinks. The 46oz can is perfect for parties or events. Price is also great!
    The Del Monte canned pineapple juice is delicious. A great bulk can that is perfect for making our party punch with ginger ale. Very fresh tasting and well sealed for great taste.
    This pineapple juice tastes terrific and is a great mixer. I love tequila with pineapple and this is a great option. I recommend pouring the juice into a pour bottle before using
    This can of pineapple juice is great. Full flavor and great texture are major advantages. You will also appreciate the price. Great product for anyone.
    This is a great value for a large can of juice that can be used for a variety of purposes such as baking, cocktails or drinking on its own. The flavor is delicious without being too sour.
    A very high quality pineapple juice that tastes great. A very nice way to marinate chicken or pork for the grill. Great packaging and sturdy cans.
    I love using canned pineapple juice for my chicken skewer glaze. The sweetness and acidity works perfectly on the grill and gives a great flavor.
    we had been buying thru amazon at 4.00 per can so we seen it here for half that. del monte brand is the only pineapple juice we use for our mixed drinks
    The large can of pineapple juice is perfect for making great tasting punch. The juice mixes well with sprite and orange juice and we always make it for our gatherings at work. The juice is so good.
    This is the best price I have found for large cans of pineapple juice. Super convenient to order by the case and have shipped directly to you. Great taste, great product, great value!
    we love this brand Del Monet the 46oz to make our special house drink which is a Cantarito it has tequila, pineapple juice and squirt and our special sauce on the rim. we also use it in mix drinks and just to drink with ice. the shapes of the cans are helpful when stocking in the back where we keep our merchandise. This site has better prices than what other companies offer.
    we use this pineapple juice for cocktails from our bar. we like this brand because It is shelf stable and doesn't have a cloying sweet flavor.
    I love Del Monte pineapple juice wonderful fresh delicious juice great price and value very very very good quality use it in your mixed drinks or drink it right out of the can delicious and refreshing
    Whether your mixing up drinks or cooking some pineapple chicken, these large cans of pineapple juice are perfect for you. The taste is incredible and the value is unbeatable.
    this is top qaulity pineapple juice and being able to buy in this quantity for this price is a steal. We use this for sauces and cook rice in and its perfect.
    Pineapple juice is such a great thing to have in your pantry. It can be mixed with smoothies, fruit or hello salads, or just drank by itself. Del monte is a good brand too.
    Its Del Monte, you know thee quality is there. And at about 1/2 thee price of a grocery store this is a no brainer . Will order again and again
    This is a great juice for baking, cooking, mixed drinks or all by itself. Can't beat the price. I will be buying this again for sure.
    Delicious juice, and half the price that our local grocery store sells it for. Make sure to shake well before serving, it does settle a bit.
    A really fresh tasting pineapple juice. A good quality for a canned drink. Much cheaper than in a grocery store as well. Really enjoy this juice.
    I mixed this to make mimosa's for a bridal shower and it tasted great. Everyone wanted to know what I used to make them. Product arrived undamaged and in perfect condition. Great value.
    Heck yeah man what a great deal on pineapple juice he should bring his expensive but my shipping was already high so I just figured why not add it in there
    Canned Pineapple Juice 46 oz. Can these large are cans of juice are perfectly sweetened and I use them to make mixed drinks fizzes and frozen pops for the children
    It is great having pineapple juice around and this brand has always been our favorite. The cans were a little dented but it was still usable.
    What can you say about pineapple juice? This is good juice AND it's available a good price even when buying just a couple at a time.
    Canned Pineapple Juice 46 oz can is a great product at a great price. You just cant beat webstaurantstore for prices or for their great customer service. The order process was painless and they have Very Quick shipping as well.
    The price for this product is unbelievable. It taste great as expected. The everyday low price and service is definitely the reason for be being a loyal customer.
    The can I received was dented pretty badly. I still opened it and tried the juice. It tasted fine, but I saw some discoloration where the dent was on the inside of the can, so I tossed it just to be safe. This is otherwise a good deal for pineapple juice, I just wish my can hand't been damaged.
    Thanks for the review! We apologize that the can you received was dented. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this shortly.
    This is a great addition to any cocktail or mock tail. Sometimes we make a Caribbean style marinade for a pork butt, using this juice.
    This was a great deal on pineapple. I was able to us it for a lot of recipes I had. I would recommend this product.
    Very convenient for storage since this does not need to be refrigerated. Tastes super fresh and makes amazing cocktails. We love this product and will continue to order.
    I use this at work and at home. We usually order this for our bar. It has a great flavor and mixes well with any of our cocktails! Restaurant Manager, Elsa
    I f you want to save money, this a good way to go, with this caned Pineapple Juice you don't have to use your refrigerator to keep it, only after opening this.
    This case of canned pineapple juice is such and excellent deal. It is very flavorful and it is much cheaper than buying them in the store.
    This pineapple juice is great. It has a great flavor to it and is perfect for making pineapple juice and coconut rum drinks. It really brings out the pineapple flavor in the drink. Definitely a must to have in my bar and I would recommend it to others to get for their bar, whether at home or restaurant.
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    Dole pineapple juice is awesome and a great value too. You can use this juice to make great drinks, sauces, and marinades. This juice really packs in the pineapple flavor.
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    I love Dole pineapple juice, it is a great high quality and name-brand product. The pineapple flavor is always so fresh tasting and refreshing as well.
    The Canned Pinapple Juice 12 - 46 oz. Cans / CS.Great pinapple flavor. We use it when making bahama moma's ,and fruit punches for the kids. It can also be use instead of water to pinapple up side down cakes. Yummy.
    0 out of 2 found this review helpful
    Great for a bar situation. Price is such a great thing about this item. Not to mention the Brand Name of Dole everyone knows and trusts.

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