Ghirardelli 5 lb. White Coating Wafers

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Cover strawberries, nuts, and pretzels with a sweet and creamy coating with these Ghirardelli 5 lb. white chocolate coating wafers! Once melted, they become the perfect topping or decoration for bonbons, fruits, bark, truffles, and other decadent desserts. Best of all, they're easy to melt and stir with no tempering required! Simply dip, coat, and drizzle this white chocolate flavor on your food items to make creative food presentations with professional-looking results and glossy chocolate finishes.

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Ghirardelli 5 lb. White Coating Wafers

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chocolate White wafers great Ghirardelli taste coating love melt quality
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The Ghiradelli white chocolate melting wafers are the best I have found for my candy making. The wafers melt much better than other chips or bars that I have tried. They melt smoothly without clumping or seizing.

2 out of 2 found this review helpful

This chocolate holds up really well as normally it's not always easy to work with white chocolate. I like it and would definitely buy more

2 out of 2 found this review helpful

Quite possibly the Best white chocolate melting chip I've ever used in my recipes. This chip melts very smooth and easy. Perfect for fudge, cake recipes, coating, glazes......... A Baker's best friend!

from Cookies and Cream on
2 out of 2 found this review helpful

This white chocolate tastes amazing. Always melts so smoothly and perfect for cake pops and s many other desserts and baked pastries and other sweets

from designer cakes on
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Best white chocolate by far. The taste is amazing. I use it for my waffle cones, I usually dip them in white chocolate and when it’s melted it becomes so creamy. ??


Ghirardelli is my go to chocolate for all my baking. I use it to make cake pops, it melts easy and is very smooth. and it taste great!!


This chocolate is always a perfect consistency! Makes coating things a breeze. You can quick melt on the microwave or slow melt on a flat griddle, either works great! Also very easy to color the chocolate with powdered colors! A+!


Perfect for melting and dipping treats. I don’t use too much chocolate, but having a 5 pound bag was perfect for my home baking needs.


I love the way the Ghiradelli chocolate wafers melt consistantly nice every time. I use them for cake pops, truffles, cocoa bombs and everything chocolate!

from Devilish Delights by Dawn on

Excellent tasting chocolate! The chips are uniform and it melts great. I like the vanilla undertone for my alfajores! My customers always compliment how smooth the chocolate is!


These white chocolate wafers melt down perfectly leaving no clumps or chunks of unmelted chocolate. This white chocolate is also a little bit thinner than regular chocolate chips, which is perfect for dipping fruit or drizzling over foods.

from Burlington Station on

I had been using a different brand of compound chocolate to make fillings (and occasionally for coatings/drizzling/dipping) for years. I decided to try the Ghirardelli when it was on sale back in November. I wish I had tried it sooner! It melts and flows perfectly. And I've had multiple customers comment on how many of my items seemed to taste better this season - myself included! They just had a creamier texture and better overall flavor. This will be my go-to from now on.

from CNY Occasions/XOCO on

ordered several times good quality even in the summer months it has always come packaged well even with the summer heat. I will continue to order

from MomMade Sweets on

These white coating wafers from Ghirardelli are oh so good. So rich and tasty. We use them a lot. I would definitely recommend this product

from Southernbel on

Package arrived online and neatly packaged. Today was my first time using the melts. I taught my daughter how to dip chocolate covered Strawberries and she did it like a pro. I love this chocolate. Thank you


I love these wafers! White chocolate isn't exactly chocolate, so it's easy to bring back to perfection with a little bit of vegetable oil. Just add a few drops at a time and stir until you reach the desired consistancy.

from Creative Sweet Treats on

Absolutely the best chocolate! Hands down. It melts perfectly and tastes delicious. I will never go another route with my chocolate! The price is also great!

from JustCakeIt! on

These are the perfect melting wafers for anything, chocolate covered strawberries, hot chocolate bombs, cake-sicles, and more. Shipping was amazingly fast, the product came in-tact (which is a plus living in Texas). The taste is also great, would highly recommend for anyone looking for white chocolate wafers!

from Short and Sweets on

This chocolate works perfect for dipping the consistency is amazing you do not need to add anything extra. The chocolate is very rich in flavor. I enjoy working with this product.


Great deal on 25lbs melting chocolate. Ghirardelli white chocolate melting wafers are a premium brand. There are my # 1 go to. So glad I found a reasonably priced 25# box! As always, Webstaurant shipped promptly and item arrived in perfect condition.

from Nick's Gas N Go on

Definitely recommend using ghirardelli melts. I’ve used other brands, and nothing compares. Even merckens isn’t as good. This melts great and the taste is amazing.

from Sweet Realities on

This was such a great purchase for my small business. Not only was It super easy to work with but the consistency was perfect. If you are looking on making chocolate molds or making chocolate covered strawberries then I recommend this.


The best quality chocolate chip wafers ever and i know my chocolate :). I use these chocolate for everything my pretzel,strawberry, apples their so many varieties to use them on. Did i mention its some good chocolate.

from Couture Cupcake and Sweets on

These wafers are amazing!! They melt perfectly smooth and coat everything so nicely. The texture and flavor are incredible as well. Will buy again for sure.


Ghirardelli chocolate coating wafers is the best chocolate to work with and taste so delicious. I love using it to make chocolate covered strawberries, I highly recommend buying this product!


The white wafers have a great taste. They aren’t too sweet but just the right sweetness for white chocolate. Out of the not tempered chocolates, this the best flavor.


Very very tasty as it is Ghiradelli name brand. Works wonderful on dippi g my ice cream pops. Have to add oil so do t forget that!

from Gelata Poppin', Inc. on

Tastes great and melts down great. Perfect for cake pops and chocolate covered pretzels. Easy to work with and melts down very smooth. Would definitely recommend and buy again.


Great Product! Melts well and is easy to work with. My student and I have mad several great desserts and some really neat chocolate pieces.

from LACC on

These Ghirardelli white chocolate wafer they're just such a great deal such a great quality melting chocolate wafers at a very good and reasonable price

from Emila's sweets on

The white chocolate ghirardelli is a great melting chocolate. My customers prefer this brand than the others and 5 pounds will take you so far!

from Berrylicious Sweets & treats on

This was one of the best brands of chocolate I've ever used the taste was really good none waxy. It also melted super easy making my dipping process a breeze. It also stay in a melted state longer than store bought chocolate which allow u to get the job done quickly.


This is the best white chocolate coating out there. It doesnt taste like the other vanilla coatings but more like real white chocolate. I ALWAYS get compliments on my cany and barks made with these. I also use them to drizzle on top of cookies or real chocolates. Dont ever stop carrying these!!! PLEASE

from WC CANDY on

I love this brand of chocolate. I’m always using this brand of white chocolate but I had to purchase the 10oz bags at the grocery store. By purchasing this big 5 lb bags, I was able to use some and still was able to have leftovers for another event or 2.

from Rejoice Sweet Shoppe & More on

Great product! Melts nicely and tastes great. It does not require use of paramount crystals if using straight white but does need some for deep colors as it can get a bit thicker. Would definitely buy again!

from Wrile on

I love using Ghirardelli chocolate melts, they not only easy to use they taste delicious! My business stands out from the crowd all because of this high end brand!

from Syl's Delights on

First chocolate I use for my drip cake and they are the best. Quantity, quality and price is the best. Ghirardelli is one of the best chocolate brand.


These candy coating wafers taste great. Webstaurant has a good price for bulk quantities. Candy dye can be added white chocolate wafers if you need a particular color of candy coating for your treats.


Excellent quality - I'm only a home baker but it is nice to have a large supply on hand for any baking or candy project. I've chopped them up to add into cookies, melted them for drizzle over cookies, and make candy decorations.


Though more expensive than regular chocolate, these ghirardelli wafers are the absolute best! They taste amazing, and I found myself constantly munching on them when I bought them for my business......oops!

from Sugar and Spice Bakery on

I have not tried other white chocolate, but honestly I don’t feel like I need to because this is the best chocolate ever! I’m so excited because I just received my package and it’s huge and full of these white coating wafers! I can’t wait to use them even though I’ve used them before but never in this quantity


Melts very easily. Silky smooth to dip berries, rice Krispy treats and cake pops. Will definitely order the bigger one next time. The taste is amazing!

from Home on

These white chocolate wafers are perfect for making cake truffles and cakepops. They melt beautifully and are easy to work with. They are just what I needed for my projects.


Delicious chocolate for a great price. We use this all of the time for our cake pops and chocolate covered strawberries. Our customers love the flavor

from Three Sisters Cake Shop on

Legit the only white chocolate I will use in my bakery. Dipping Cake pops, Chocolate Molds, drizzle... no other brand compares to this! Well worth the price

from The Wicked Sweet Sugar Boutique on

This chocolate taste amazing. It melts perfectly and makes everything taste better. If you’re looking for good quality chocolate for baking or decorating this is a MUST buy. Get rid of your candy melts. Trust me this taste so much better.

from Cake Bake on

I absolutely love these white chocolate candy melts! I use them for all of my white chocolate drip cakes. They are the perfect consistency and I like that they are more of a pure white color than regular white chocolate chips. Wonderful!

from Wildflower Bakery on

A great box of chocolates! Shipping longer than expected. Melt well and work great in my poly molds. My customers love that I offer something different than other vendors.

from Adorn Greek Gifts on

We've made so many white chocolate truffles and ganache with this. They were very easy to melt and easy to coat the truffles ! Thanks

from mrs sadia on

I absolutely love this product. It melts so smooth and the taste is exceptional...especially for the price. I ran out a few months ago and decided to purchase a different brand instead, what a mistake. Either the formula has changed or my taste buds have changed since I have been using Ghirardelli but it is no longer palatable to me. Webstuaraunt has made a long term customer in me.

from Confection Connection on

The chocolate tasted fabulous. They are great for drizzling chocolate covered strawberries. If you use very much chocolate this is the way to go. The price is so much better in bulk.


I love this product and brand! It has a rich and creamy vanilla-like taste. Not to mention, the price is quite a deal. I will definitely continue to order this product in the future.

from Bakery on

We used this white chocolate for dipping a number of candies and pretzels. It works well and tastes absolutely amazing! We love working with Ghirardelli.

from Alanna's Gourmet Treats on

I love the Ghirardelli meting wafers! They melt down very easily and have a great taste! The price is also very competitive compared to all other vendors I have purchased from.


I love these white chocolate wafers and use them to coat my cake pops and cake truffles. I often add color to them or sometimes leave them white for drizzling.

from Jennie's Cake Creations on

These melting wafers are amazing! Super smooth when they melt and the flavor is far better than a typical white chocolate! Fantastic product and great price!

from Lone Palm Cookie Company, LLC on

These coating wafers are really well priced and melt into a nice smooth candy coating. I have used them to dip truffles, strawberries, pretzels and any number of other items. The color is nice an bright and if you are adding sprinkles to the candies after dipping, they really pop.


these wafers are absolutely magnificent. I cant wait to do the video. I am so guilty of eating the wafers as snacks. I mostly use them for decorating my caramel apples but there are so many uses for them. the taste is better than the chips


This white chocolate is perfect for melting and drizzling over our product. It melts to the perfect consistency and doesn't get chunky throughout the day.

from Boruska atiyah on

The Ghirardelli White Chocolate Coating Wafers are delicious! They easily melt so microwaving them isn’t an issue. They are great for dipping, covering and coating!


NIce prodcut. Chocolate melts smoothly and taste great. I ordered two boxes already within a couple of months. Will order gain soon in the near furure

from Ineffable Delights on

High quality white chocolate melting wafers! Delicious in fudge and truffles. Ghirardelli is expensive but for a reason! Will be buying these again when I run out


This is the best white chocolate coating wafers. I use this for my homemade business. Great for dipping strawberries, cookies, pretzels and drizzling. Possibilities are endless.


I use these melting wafers for drizzling on my gourmet caramel corns and they are perfect. I love the Ghirardelli flavor -- much better than the other too vanilla-ey white chocolate products found in my local baking supply shops. This chocolate sets quickly on the popcorn so it stays crispy while cooling. Buying from Webstaurant is also much less expensive than membership groceries. So happy I found these!

from The Beachery (Residence) on

this white chocolate is not as good as i want it to be, this chocolate burn so much faster then the cheaper chocolate i buy at the supermarket.

from 2 on

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Great tasting and good quality white chocolate wafers. Used them for making cake pops. Very easy to melt and you can add colour to it. Highly recommended


Simply the best! These are truly delicious! Great quality! Great price! Also, I like how easily they melt. This product is worth every cent. They last a nice while too.


These were half the price when bought in bulk versus what we spent at a regular grocery store or amazon. They melt smoothly and taste so good!

from HomeGrown Pizza LLC on

This 5 lb. box of Ghirardelli White Chocolate Coating Wafers are perfect for melting chocolate. Taste great, everyone seems to love this chocolate so far. I would recommend and buy again.


We love this Ghirardelli chocolate from webstaurant , this melts like we need it and love the service and the product! We only use this now

from Kartez Cookies, LLC. on

I made chocolate covered strawberries with these and they came out great. The taste, quality, and texture was perfectly. Melted down nicely and didn’t burn quickly. Everything I was looking for. Will purchase again.

from Cup It Up on

Gira deli is a high-quality chocolate that has a flavor that can’t be beat these waivers are easy to melt easy to handle easy to use and reuse and the 5 pound bag is the best economic value

from Minime-madetomatch on

We highly recommend Ghirardelli melting Wafers. We only use Ghirardelli in our store because we find it to be the finest quality melting chocolate. Webstaurant store has the best prices for Ghirardelli chocolate!

from Sweet Peach's Candy and Confections on
0 out of 1 found this review helpful

Good for the price. The only thing that ingredients are not good it's far from real chocolate, but if you don't describe your product as natural and organic that would work for you


I love this chocolate. It melts and dips great! It makes everything delicious! You can go wrong with go Ghiradelli. I will be buying more!


The 5 lb. White Chocolate Ghiradelli wafers are repackaged in a facility into 5 lb. bags, boxed, and shipped. I was a little surprised to find out that I did not receive the pre-packaged Ghiradelli-sealed bags, but purchasing in bulk through Webstaurantstore is much more cost effective than I would have paid at my local grocer. The bag the wafers are in is tied up, so you may need a zipper bag or closeable container to store these in if not using right away. The quality, as usual, was fantastic and fresh. I personally primarily use these wafers in White Chocolate Buttercream, however they are also great for candy coating and other baking. I personally prefer purchasing in larger quantities like this rather than multiple smaller bags.


This white chocolate is perfect. I wouldn’t ever buy another brand. The taste is great and it melts down so smoothly without any lumps. Great for covering pretzels or drizzling in cakes.


Ghirardelli chocolate products are always a quality purchase! I love the coating wafers! The white chocolate melts well and sets up perfectly. I use it for chocolate molds, covered oreos, and dipping pretzels. It always comes out great!

from Sugar Buff on

What a great deal on this 5lb bag of Ghiradelli white chocolate coating wafers, great for making chocolate covered pretzels or drizzling over Oreo balls


It is definitely a good idea to buy these in the 25 pound bag. I can promise you that if you have a large volume bakery, these will go quick because of how good they are.


This is the best chocolate . I dip everything at my bakery in it. I get compliments daily with people saying how good it is. I also use it on in my white chocolate frosting and my microwave fudge.

from Gem City Cakes on

These ghirardelli whites chocolate wafers are excellent for melting to make holiday spoons with! We have used each type (milk and dark chocolate too) with good success. Definitely recommend!

from 4K9 & Company on

My customers love the taste of the Ghirardelli white chocolate. It has a creamier taste as suppose to the brands you get at craft stores. Although I do have to thin it out for dipping because it is a thicker consistency than the dark chocolate.


Ghirardelli 5 lb white chocolate coating Wafers can be used at your bakery shop to create unique recipes for milkshakes cupcakes and cheesecakes. Festive recipes for the holiday season and for Valentine's Day by creating white chocolate dipped strawberries.


I use this for making my white ganache to cover the cakes, it is rich and tasty, the ultimate white chocolate flavor for all recipes!

from home on

I bought this chocolate to cover my alfajores (cookie sandwiches) and it works well, not as good as I expected, but the hot weather here in Florida is not good for any chocolate, so that's fine.


I love white chocolate, and this one is no different. It's a good flavor, and nice to use for melting and molding or as an add-in for cookies, although it doesn't stay as creamy as white chocolate chips once baked. Mine melted a bit during shipping, despite the cold packs included.


Be careful when ordering bulk and consumable products with Webstaurante! I desperately needed melting chocolate for some special orders, so in haste, I ordered 3 boxes because I wanted to save on shipping. Bad idea! The first box melted great with no issues. The 2 box was a complete disaster. The chocolate appeared to be old so it would not melt easily. Adding shortening and cooking oil only helped a little but distorted the taste. I am so frustrated with my purchase from Webstaurante. I have made purchases of Ghirardelli chocolate at other stores and never had this issue. Since this is a consumable item, they refuse to accept a return for the 2 boxes. Shame! I will not be making a purchase here again!

from LizTastic Cake Pops on

Thank you for your feedback, Elizabeth! We are sorry you are having trouble with these coating wafers, a Customer Solutions Representative will be with you shortly!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

A great bulk box of white chocolate coating wafers that are perfect for melting down and dipping. A great way to dip strawberries and other fruits. Melts down very easily and creates a smooth, silky coating.


melts smooth and cream, great for dipping. melts fast and the product shipped quickly. it covers our truffles well and makes the taste great !

from Sugar Rushed Bakery on

I wish I grabbed these sooner. They work just as well for dipping, but they melt so much easier than basic white chocolate chips. Great deal for a nice product.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

Ghiradellis white chocolate is the best in my opinion. It's so rich and creamy and it melts in your mouth. I love using it to dip pretzels in.


Best prices for a great chocolate brand. Funny thing is this is a cheaper price through the vendor itself. Melts nice a smooth with rich flavor. Perfect.


We accidentally ordered the wrong white chocolate, as we meant to order the morsels and not the wafers. However, we did not want to waste the product and were pleasantly surprised by the ease to work with these and the melting point is low creating a quick and easy way to make cake pops and other "sugar on a stick" treats.

from Dream Thread LLC on

This is our go to chocolate and the price for this is very reasonable. Smoothest, easiest to melt chocolate I have found to date for sweets covered in chocolate. Will be ordering again in the future.

from GG's Sweet Magnolias on

We use these Ghiradelli White Chocolate Coating Wafers to make pecan candies in our store and nothing else compares. These melt and cool well to make the most delicious candies!


The Ghirardelli White Chocolate Coating Wafers have a great rich white chocolate flavor. They are easy to melt which makes them perfect for dipping, drizzling and decorating. They are my go to for chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels.


i use a lot of baked goods products and some things like chocolate can be very expensive. being able to find large quantities of high quality white chocolate at a price like this is a great find


I use these for the white chocolate variation of my chocolate dipped berries. nothing to complain about - people love them!! Just be sure to keep them cool, they melt easy.

from Ep.Con (Epping Concessions) on

Amazing quality! I have used for many different recipes. I will definitely order again in the future. I was not a fan of white chocolate until i tested this chocolate, then i realized it is all about quality. Worth every penny.

from Granny Bean's Confections on

By far the best tasting white chocolate. I like the convenience of having it in a large quantity I just wished the bag was resealable instead of just a large sack.

from Naples Confectionery on

This product shipped on-time and just in time for Christmas candy making. The product was fresh, which as you know, makes all the difference when making candy. Customer service team could not have been more helpful!

from Baked on

Love, love, love these Ghirardelli coating wafers. So easy to melt and the taste is amazing. I have been working with this chocolate for years and I am so happy to get it in a 5 lb. bag. I can't say enough about this chocolate, you won't be disappointed.

from Genovese's on

I love this chocolate! Great for making modeling chocolate, ganache, chocolate toppers, or great for dipping product like cake pops. The list is really endless, I love this chocolate!


These are a great value. They melted smoothly and my cake pops looked great. I tried a different gourmet brand, but Ghirardelli works the best for me.


I love this product however it is always expensive - no matter where you buy it. If you see this in stock, be sure to order yours, this gets sold out frequently.


Pretty good price for bulk wafers. I use them for pretty much everything. I bought the white and dark chocolate ones, will order again. Let

from Countryside Bakery on

Great chocolate for a great price. This chocolate melts reall ynicely and smooth. It doesnt requie too much shortening or oil to thin out which is nice. It also makes a reallly nice chocolate ganache. Oh, and the flavor is awesome. I can eat the chips as is!.


This is by far the best product I've used for dipping my strawberries. Very smooth and doesn't take long to melt like many others that I've tried! You will not regret making this purchase.

from Sunshine's Sweets & Treats on

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