White Fluted Baking Cup 1 1/2" x 1" - 1000/Pack

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You've worked hard to perfect your rich, decadent cupcake and muffin recipes, so why not showcase your work accordingly in a neat, sanitary fluted baking cup? Simply line your muffin pans with these mini muffin baking cups for easy clean-up and a ready-to-go presentation. Each cup measures 1 1/2" x 1" in size and can also be used to hold candy.

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White Fluted Baking Cup 1 1/2" x 1" - 1000/Pack

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    These wrappers are simply the best and the only ones i use! They dont stick together like many of brands and are the perfect size for minis!
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    Great price on baking cups! We use these mini liners for a lot of products in our bakery case...cream puffs, cake balls, chocolate covered berries...
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    These baking cups are minis they will fit in a standard muffin pan but they do not come all the way to the top of the pan but i bought the 24 cup aluminum steel 1.75 oz mini muffin pan from the Webstaurant store and these fit in that perfectly and as usual another good product from Webstaurant store
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    Baking cup liners worked perfectly for our cake balls as well as the mini cupcake we make. Hard to find the right fit as most pans have various fits. Will be ordering again!
    I absolutely love these baking cups for my cupcakes! They are the perfect size to get that “bakery style” look to them, while also fitting into most of the “regular sized” cupcake holders. I’ve used these for cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, and more, and have always been happy with the results!
    We bought these accidentally and they were too small for our cupcakes. However they turned out perfect for using as liners for cake pops and mini cupcakes!
    These baking cups are a life saver! I have a pan that is somewhere between a standard size and a mini size and for years I couldn’t find baking cups to fit...I am so happy I found these!
    Had planned to use these for something else. But, these are a good size and perfect when making homemade turtles and clusters. Just the right size diameter and height. Now that I know the correct size will definitely use. Recommended.
    Perfect for mini cupcakes. The price is wonderful and the papers are exactly what I need for mini cupcakes. Definitely on my list of favorites!
    The white fluted baking cup is amazing quality and perfect for our sweets shop. The cups are a great value and are great for baking muffins.
    These liners are a great buy. They come in a long sleeve and do not take up much room. I use mine for samples. They are sturdy enough to stack on top of each other! No need to invest in plastic sample cups when these work just fine!
    The size of these bake cups is just perfect for our dessert shop mini cupcakes and cheesecakes. They are larger than usual bakery cupcakes but small enough to still be "mini" excellent price.
    these baking cupcake liners werent exactly impressive. they were too tall to be made for miniature cupakes. and so they hung over my tins. which made the presentation of my cupcakes in the clear placstic containers less then what i expect my finished product to look like for my customers.
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    Excellent product at an unbeatable price. Use this for my cupcake business. Perfect size and perfect size. This fits perfectly on my commercial cupcake pan I've purchased from this website too. The ruffle part is sturdy so the whole wrapper stays in form when you place it in the pan. Love it!
    I use these daily! Webstraunt really is the best place to get all bakery supplies! It’s best to buy everyday supplies like this in bulk so that you don’t have to pay for shipping on a later order! Just buy it!!
    These are the perfect size for mini cupcakes that are not extremely tiny. I love the look of the finished product when baked in these liners.
    As a bakery, we go through this item quite quickly and use them every week. They are priced right and dependable in quality. the white color reflects the color of the cake once baked.
    These are an amazing product at a great price. I use these cupcake liners in my home based bakery and just love them. They are just a little taller then my pans so there is never any spilling over!!
    These baking cups are perfect for our bakery bars. We cut them into a variety of sizes so we buy these in different sizes. They do have the pastel options also which we buy but it would be even better if they had even more colors available so that we could better separate the various flavors, of which we have many. Also wish they had the glassine wrappers in different colors too.
    Great mini inserts! They separate fairly easy. They made my cupcakes look fabulous! Would definitely recommend this product to anyone needing mini baking cups! Great value also!
    We used these one inch fluted baking cup to sit our chocolate dipped strawberries in before placing in their packages and they worked perfectly for that.
    Our bakery goes thru these white fluted baking cups by the box load... They are very reliable and a very good price in comparison to similar brands.
    A little tall for a standard mini cupcake, but we were able to work around it. Also not super sturdy so I wouldn't recommend for very heavy product. Good for serving truffles and for cupcakes.
    The small cupcake liners were perfect for the cupcakes I made. Wanted bite size for a Christmas party since there were so many other treats. Every single one was eaten.
    I go through hundreds of these a week. these are the perfect mini cupcake size. It took me a while to find the perfect size but these work great and there are so many possibilties to use with them.
    These white fluted baking cups are the perfect size for mini cupcakes or muffins. They fit well in the tins, and look clean and professional. I will be using them often!
    best price we've found on these and so nice to get them delivered! perfect for our hand made treats and make it easy to handle product without wasting gloves
    These are a small version we use for our cake balls and have a easy slide bag they come shipped in we put our cake balls in these to make them eye appealing as well as stack and ship safer when in transit we adhere them to our cake boards which we also get from websturnat but the price we used to buy from retail stores but no beating WEBSTURANTS pricing on these
    I use these exclusively - the White Fluted Baking Cup 1 1/2" x 1" bakes beautiful cupcakes and the perfect size, not too big and not too small.
    I like this size baking cup better than the one in the local supermarkets. They are a little bigger, which makes a bigger sized mini cupcake.
    These liners are perfect for my mini cupcakes. The liners fit into my mini cupcake pans perfectly and they peel from the cupcakes easily. I will order again.
    These muffin liners are great! they do not absorb too much grease and fit perfectly into standard muffin tins. also they do not stick to the food and come off in one piece. I totally recommend.
    These white baking cups are a great quality product. I love knowing that I can count on the same perfect results every time I use this product!
    These worked well for me. I used two different mini pans and the cups fit well in both. I used them for a party where I was making mini desserts and the cups were just the right size.
    Perfect for mini cupcakes and other items such as cake balls. Such a good value. I would definitely buy again, but I bought so many last time, I may not need to for a while!
    These liners fit perfectly in the 1.75 ounce mini muffin pan sold at webstaurant. The liners are a nice weight, and make perfect sized mini muffins.
    hold the grease very well, but the quality of the paper is too thin. a lot of times when the batter is scooped inside the wrinkle..and sometimes after baking the paper starts to pull away
    These are slightly larger than the cups that fit a standard mini muffin pan. I use them for tartlets and other individual desserts. This package is a good price.
    In addition to using for making mini muffins, we used these to hold small dessert bars. The cups helps to stack the dessert platter and keep it looking attractive.
    I found the size of these cups to be slightly too large for my mini cupcake pan. But they are the perfect size to present my wide variety of truffles!
    We love these mini baking cups in our bakery. They are perfect for making our sprout cupcakes. They fit perfect in our mini baking pans and allow us to get the cupcakes out with easy. They also do not stick to the cupcake so they are easy to peel off before eating.
    I thought they were gonna be a little bigger when I ordered them. But that's my fault for not looking at the size. They are a medium sized liner which turned out to be a good size for kids. Despite my mistake I am happy with them
    love love love, these are perfect for our mini cupcakes!!! we use these ALL THE TIME!! they are great quality. Sometimes I have a problem with liners coming off the cupcake when baked, but these stay on!!
    I got these white baking cups in 1000 pack to make mini cupcakes for the party they were great they fit in my cupcake mold pan fine
    Perfect size for the 24 Cup Aluminized Steel 1.75 oz. Mini Muffin Pan, they are good quality, the size is perfect for a two bight cupcake.
    inlove with these little cups. I finally found the perfect mini cupcake liners! Great for my business. They are the perfect size for mini cupcakes. not too small like the ones I bought before. This will not disappoint you! I promise!
    Love these little cups. Finally found the "mini" cups perfect for my business. They are the perfect size for a bakery. Whether using them for cupcakes or sampling other treats. These babies do NOT disappoint!
    I first got these in a smaller package because I wanted to test them. I REALLY LOVE THESE LINERS! They are the perfect size for TALL mini cupcakes. They hold about twice as much as a mini lliner that you can buy in a grocery store. And, then having 10,000 of them means I wont need to replace them for years!
    These mini cupcake wrappers are the perfect size, not too big not too small. They are a great price too. I recommend them for your baking needs.
    These mini cupcake liners are great. There so versatile and be used for anything. Such a good price too. Great product definitely recommend, will be ordering again very soon
    I was very impressed with the amount you get for the price with this product. I know this pack of baking cups will last me for a long time.
    It isn't always easy to find bulk baking liners in this petite size. These are priced right, and even batters that are on the wet side turn out nicely when baked in these. Clean and pristine white that can accompany any color scheme.
    These white fluted baking cups beat any baking cups I had. They are perfect for putting bit size cake slices and setting them out on a platter!
    Found these to be a rather odd size. That being said we made them work and really no other complaints. Won't order them again because of the slight issue but nor do I regret ordering them.
    I bake a lot and wanted a liner that was just a little bigger than the standard that is easily available in craft stores. These were the perfect size & great price, unfortunately a tad too wide for my pans. I prefer this size so maybe I need to find a new pan :-)
    We love these baking cups, and the paper size is perfect for our cupcakes. The liners bake our product evenly and peels easily from our cupcakes.
    These are so amazing for mini cupcakes! I love that they are white and I don't have to try to match a theme with the liners. The price is great, I will be ordering again soon!
    I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased from Webstaurant.com. I have a large following of customers who love mini cupcakes. These are the best cups I have found to use!
    We used these baking cups to hold candy at an event at our business. The cups worked well for square, round, and rectangular pieces of chocolate.
    Great quality! Perfect peitit size without being "too small"! I Will definitely be ordering this again but in then 10,000 bulk size option ! !
    These are a nice quality mini liner. I use them for mini cupcakes as well as to hold my cake truffles. They fit perfectly in my cupcake pans, and my mini cupcakes turn out nicely.
    We were looking for a cup liner that would fit our cookie dough truffles. These little guys fit the bill perfectly! These are great price and quantity for a small business on a budget :)
    For this price, you can't beat this deal! This is the only one I use for my cupcakes now. My cupcakes don't come out oily at the bottom anymore compared to when I was still using other baking cups brand.
    White Fluted Baking Cup 1 1/2 x 1 is the prefect size for mini cupcakes. Lot better then the ones you get at the "retail stores" . the price is great and love the size of package, you don't run out when you do a few orders.
    Perfect for my mini cupcakes. They fit nicely in the pan and hold their shape while baking. I only wish you offered these in other colors.
    Great strong cups at a great price! Love the fact that I can order a 1000 at a time and not run out all the time!
    I SOOOOOO LOVE THESE MINIS! Perfect size for minis bigger than the mini cups in the store. They don't fold in. These mini cupcakes are very professional and classy looking when completed. They were worth buying and I will be ordering them from now on for my shop.
    These was also a little smaller than I thought but a great product anyway. These were good but something about it was a little off. I wouldnt buy this particular item again.
    Perfect for my mini cupcakes! Easy to peel and holds up great. Very happy with the quality and price of these cups. The white helps keep my cupcakes streamlined.
    Great for the price, and the cupcakes bake up nice and tall. They are a little larger than the regular minis, but it makes for a great moist cupcake.
    I LOVE these! This is the absolute PERFECT size for my Mini cupcake pans. The mini cupcake pans do not fit the normal mini cupcake liners that you buy at the store so you have to purchase a different size and this is the size that you need! I really recommend these.
    Great quality! A large mini cupcake size. I mainly use to nest cake balls and cake pops. Also good for candies and chocolates. Easy to separate.
    I was hesitant to order them for my organic pet treat business, but they are perfect for portion control! The pets don't eat them but enjoy shredding them, too!
    These baking cups are small and perfect for anything mini. they aren't grease proof, but they a great price and can be used for a variety of things in a bakery.
    Perfect sized liner for my mini cupcakes. They batter domes very nicely with these and they peel away from the cake perfectly making them the best mini cupcake liners around!
    Love these for baking my mini muffins - perfect size. Muffins don't stick to the wrapper and they are easy to remove after they are baked.
    This liner is the PERFECT size for my mini cupcakes! I make minis each week and always use these for good results. They are sturdy and hold up to different types of batter. I also like that they come off the cupcake cleanly so the customer doesn't have to pick at the liner to get the cake.
    These baking cups get the job done right every time. They are the perfect size and I don't have to worry about to batter cooking over top of the liner onto the pan. They are the perfect size for my black bottoms and red bottoms; enough for a nice taste but not too much that you feel guilty for eating it. I also use these baking cups as liners when I offer bite size portions of my cheesecakes. And above everything the quality is great for this price. These baking cups are definitely something I will be ordering again.
    I love these liners for my mini cupcakes! They are just slightly bigger than standard mini liners so I can charge a little bit more, but I can still use them in a regular mini cupcake pan.
    perfect size mini cupcake ! can beat this price no were and the quality the best i ever used shipping is always the best and super fast
    These mini cupcake liners are excellent quality, and I love that they're slightly bigger than the mini liners you can find at retail stores. I just wish they were made in more colors!
    These liners aer great and they do not stick! We have never had a problem and we always buy in bulk to save! These are our go - to liners and store!
    These baking cups are the perfect size for my mini cupcakes! I like that they are a little bit taller than the mini cupcake liners found in stores.
    these are a good size for large cupcakes ,you need the proper muffin pan to fit them . much bigger than most baking cups out there.
    These baking cups work very well. They don't come loose from the cupcakes like some others do. They are an excellent value and I highly recommend them!
    Great mini cupcake cups. This size is near impossible to find in the store and the price is excellent. Never paying that high retail price again!
    The height of these mini cupcake liners is perfect for use in commercial "mini muffin" tins. These liners are larger than the "mini" liners that are typically sold at cake supply stores, but still much smaller than a "standard" cupcake liner. We use them for our mini cupcakes.
    These work well for me. I use them for mini desserts. I bake in them and they told their shape well. I also use them to hold baked goods. Great size for cute desserts.
    I love these baking cups. They make perfect mini cupcakes without making a mess. They seem thinner than the ones I buy at the craft store but this is a great price and gets the job done.
    Worked Great like them because they are a bit larger than what you find in the store more sturdy and the Customers appreciate a little more cake!
    Definately made a good choice with this item!! Cant wait for my customers to see how great it looks! Thanks again for an awesome product
    I like the white paper liners. They are very sturdy holds batter very well. They seem to be a little big for my mini muffin pans, however I just push the liners down a little bit and it works out well.
    Love, love, love these miniature cupcake liners. They are just the right size for the perfect bite. The price is awesome and they hold up very well.
    These worked out great. They were the perfect size (mini, but not micro like you would find in the stores). Very cute! I love making mini cupcakes with this size cup.
    Great white baking cup liners!! Good for making cornbread muffins, cupcakes and much more! Fantastic price! Classic look! Nice size for any treat! Good material peels off easily!!!
    Great liners for mini cupcakes, mini cheesecakes or any individual desserts. You can always count on Webstaurant for the best prices around. Will buy again!
    Perfect size for a mini cupcake which I make many of. These are at a great price for so many and I love how they come packaged.
    I am so pleased with the quality of these baking cups. Recently used them for baking cute "Kiddie Cake" cupcake designs. They worked well for the different designs and toppings. I use them to bake and to present finished cupcakes.
    I had to do a thousand cupcakes for a fair and these were great. Much better than the ones I used to buy from the grocery store and cheaper!
    These baking cups are fantastic! I searched for mini papers for a long time. These work wonderfully, don't collapse or fold over. You can't beat the price anywhere!
    This is a quality product that has been increasingly difficult to find locally. The price and quality is unmatched, and I am glad to have find this website.
    We used these baking cups to make literally thousands of mini cupcakes. They work perfectly with the 24 Cup Aluminized Steel 1.75 oz. Mini Muffin Pan (item #327905245).
    These baking cups are the perfect size for my fresh home made petite fours. The ones you can buy in the stores are either too large or too small.

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