D&W Fine Pack B14 4 oz. Foil Ramekin / Utility Cup - 100/Pack

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This D&W Fine Pack B14 disposable ramekin is one of the most useful supplies in any restaurant. Perfect for use as a creme brulee cup, this 4 oz. foil ramekin / utility cup is made of 30 gauge aluminum with a 1 5/8" deep bottom and full curl rim. This disposable foil ramekin holds 4.2 fluid oz. and can be used to prepare and serve small appetizers, mini cakes, and sauces! Use these disposable ramekins in your restaurant or takeout service to keep sauces, dressings, sides, and dips in one place!

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D&W Fine Pack B14 4 oz. Foil Ramekin / Utility Cup - 100/Pack

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great creme cups individual mini size desserts Perfect brulee ramekins
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    Like these so much I purchase by the case now. Versatile uses and everyone loves having a mini personal serving. Helps with portion control and even use these for craft projects at home, perfect size pot to use and dispose of when using paints or glue and a great place to keep the tip of a hot glue gun even!
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    we make a lot of creme brulee and flan and these are the perfect size so that we can portion them for all of our guest. these go right in the oven and right ot the fridge. well made and fits our need perfectly
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    Very cute little ramekins! I got them for making mini potato kugels. They worked wonderfully, and the extras made delicious mini cheese souffles in a toaster oven.
    I use the 4oz cups for my variety of miniature cheesecakes and banana pudding. This item helps me to attract an audience that doesn’t want too much but is a go to for that particular limit they require. It’s also an attractive product that gains larger orders for the 1lb oblong aluminum foil pan and the 9” x 2” family size. I love this product and so do my customers. Thank You So Much.
    These work great for my cobblers, add they are the perfect size and the product doors not cook over the sides of the pan. The only issue is that it leaves a metallic taste in the product if left inside the tin for more than 2 days.
    I use these in my home. I use these containers to cook individual chocolate desserts in that need to be cooked in a water bath. Of course because there are so many in the pack I've also used them for other things. These are sturdy enough for my purposes.
    These have so many great purposes! I can cook and bake individual serving items in them. They're also great for condiments for small serving size trays with the lids.
    I absolutely love these, they are small and personal size. Great for single serving desserts(cakes, pies, cobbler...etc) Or even portioning your meals out. They lasted me about a year .. lol was so sad then they ended.
    These worked great for mini cheesecakes at Christmas and had enough room to support a topping. They held up nice and the customers really loved them.
    These work absolutely perfectly. I couldn't have asked for a better product. Use them for mini cheesecakes and they exceeded my expectations, with a little oil, cakes come out cleanly
    I am usually not a big fan of disposable products how ever i have found several uses, and reuses for these foil ramekins. Great for round molds for cold or hot pastry.
    I use these to make homemade ice cream. They are the perfect size for a single serving ice cream and many other desserts, such as mini carrot cakes. These are a great deal!
    I use these foil ramekins for all types of foods and mini desserts. I recently used them to make baked Mac and cheese. I also purchased the lids and they fit perfectly.
    This D & W foil ramekin cup is great when making individual-sized flans. Caramelizing the sugar in the cup is convenient and takes no time. We like this one a lot.
    It is amazing for mini desserts. We use them for individual creme brulee, but can be used in many different ways. The best part is that our customers can take their very own special desserts to-go
    I used these to make meat and mashed potato cupcakes. First I put seasoned ground beef in the cups and baked them. Then I piped on mashed potatoes with a swirl tip and pastry bag and broiled for a bit. I kept them in the cups for serving, and the kids really enjoyed them.
    These ramekins are perfect for serving individual creme brûlée or cobblers. They are also work well as mise en place cups for prepping meals. We had a few arrive bent and unusable in our shipment, but this company was quick to take care of the situation.
    These Dian W fine pack foil ramekins are very nice there a very large for ounce foil ramekin which is great for sauces tips cheeses or even making small desserts
    I order these to use as side serving cups in my cafe and i live them! They hold the perfect amount of Cole slaw and pasta salad along side my sandwiches
    These foil ramekins are perfect for some many things. I use it for mini cake cakes, individual serving dishes and so much more. They are very versatile
    Great foil cup that holds really good in the oven and refrigerator. Very versátil, good for sweets and salties. Even after cooking in it, still good if you want to decorate it.
    I am a big fan of having individual portions of food for any event. I think it looks prettier and is also less messy when each guest has a designated serving. I love baking macaroni in these ramekins and serving them on a tray. Super easy and super cute!
    We love this product for baking individual desserts in. Mini cakes, tortes, creme brule, and much more! They are also great for making savory dishes as well like mac and cheese, mini pot pot pies, and lasagna.
    I got these for making small desserts like pots de creme and creme brulee and leaving them at my clients houses and they work really well for that. great size and not too cheap/flimsy looking or feeling.
    We use for lunch Thalli, very good product & service. Visit and see so many picutres of this product. Simply the best product. We Love it.
    The cups are great for mini cobblers! I made individual peach cobblers in these cups and they were great! They were a tiny bit flimsy but overall a very good product I would recommend!1
    These are extremely convenient for use in my bakery. The sturdy cups bake well, and I use a Bernzomatic torch to finish my creme brulee and these hold up just fine to the high heat of the torch. I've also used them for making individual sized tres leches, as regular cupcake cups get soggy with all the liquid. Very cost effective, I just wish they offered them in 2 oz sizes for "mini" creme brulees.
    Great use for condiments and mini cobblers for my tastings. They stack up extremely well for storage purposes and are a great price.., It holds heat very well.
    These are great disposable foil cups, can be used to bake since they're oven safe, we've used them from Creme Brulee to frozen custards and fruit cups, I just wish we could buy the lids in smaller than case quantity.
    I use these ramekins to make individual size baked custards and chocolate lava cakes. Works perfectly every time. I love the no mess, easy cleanup.
    I always was looking for this then i found it in this link and im so greatful with my 4oz. Foil ramekin i can used for creme brulee or little cheesecakes or for food wherever i want i just love it
    D&W Fine Pack B14 4 oz. Foil Ramekin / Utility Cup - 100/Pack I've used then yo bake in but with the lid it's best for serving things like chilli
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    I used these for mini cheesecakes. They were awesome!. They are also great for making mini cakes. They are and bakers dream. I recommend these highly!
    I've been looking for this kind of foil ramekin because I specialized in European pastries. I make Chocolate Pot de Creme, Mousse and Creme Brulee. I will be ordering more of this. You can bake it and freeze it.
    These were ordered for individual desserts & they worked perfectly! We made flan custard for an event. Everyone loved them & they look elegant. Nice & sturdy.
    These cups are perfect for small desserts, such as panna cotta, cakes, etc. You can use them to bake, or under almost any cooking condition.
    I used this for baking creme brulee, pudding, muffins... This size is fit on many dessert. It's cheap with good quality. Will buy this again in the future.
    I originally ordered these aluminum ramekins for a catering event that I did with a school. They are so great to bake with, and the clean up is stress free!
    These ramekins are great for preparing and serving individual portions. My only complaint is that these are sold in packs of 100 and the minimum quantity for kids is 1000.
    I purchased these to make individual creme brulee. I needed individual containers that were disposal and easy to transport to events: tailgating, pot lucks. They were perfect for creme brulee, scalloped potatoes, breakfast egg casseroles and any individual size portions that need baked.
    These little foil ramekins were the perfect container to hold our individual serves of baked mac & cheese at a recent event. The guest at the event loved being able to grab and go while mingling.
    We use these all the time at the bakery I work at. They are perfect for creme brulee and other baked custards we make. They are a bit fragile but will bend back into shape just fine. They are light weight and don't take up much room since they stack up nicely.
    These foil cups are the perfect size for our homemade desserts. The material is sturdy and heat resistant (can be used for baking). We'll definitely buy again. Highly recommend :)
    These are the perfect containers for my leche flans. It's durable, looks great, and inexpensive. My flans come out beautifully in these containers and are big hit with my customers. The price for these ramekins is the cheapest I've seen on Webstaurant. We always order from here!
    These worked great for creme brûlée at our banquet. I will order again if the need arises. They are sturdy for what we used them for. Not sure why someone else had issues?
    Absolutely loved these. We used them for personalized cookies and not only did they hold up in the oven perfectly, but they served as excellent serving dishes. The cookie baked will in them too! We will definitely use these again when the time comes.
    We use these for our creme brûlée and caramel custards. You can bake with them, no leaks, and no worry if you need to torch your custard, they hold up to the heat.
    I purchased these individual cheesecakes and they turned out perfect! I later used them for individual cinnamon rolls and plan to use them for creme brûlée. I will definitely be buying more when I run out.
    I actually received this product by mistake and customer service was very nice and prompt about correcting my order and even let me keep these for free. I use them primarily for creme brûlées are they are quite sturdy and a decent size. But these cups are great for just about anything that you wish to serve in individual portions.
    These little aluminum cups are pretty sturdy. They are great for many applications. We use them to bake & serve many sweets such as our Matcha Green Tea flans, Mocha Java Pot d`Cremes, many Cheesecakes, Creme Brulee and more! We also use the companion lids to serve items for Take-Out. Item # for lids: 612P1400
    I was happy to find this as I was unable to source what I wanted from my normal suppliers. I needed to make a couple hundred pumpkin creme brulee for an event and these really saved me by working just like i wanted. The guest loved them and it saved washing a bunch of little ramakins and they looked great.
    I didn't think that they were not all that durable. I baked in them and from handling it, it bent easily. It is a good price though if you can handle it carefully.
    This was the perfect ramekin for what I need it. I need a disposible container for my flan and this one was perfect. They when from oven to table. Great price and fast delivery. Webrestaurant my to go store.
    We are happy with the 4oz foil ramekins!!! They allow us to serve several items hot and cold in the disposable ramekins which we love. It's great for portion control as well.
    Awesome disposable tins! I use these For my Crème brulee for my dessert bar! Always a hit and people can easily throw away after. Great!
    Slightly larger then standard Cupcake size. I baked brownies in them and turned out nicely. I always use them for the smaller odd size when making my cinnamon rolls
    fabulous product. did the job exactly as expected. Just wish they came in colors. Would highly recommend you purchase these tins you will be pleased
    Perfect size for my lobster pot pie and mini Mac n cheese for the kids. Been searching for this particular size but wasn't able to find it, until I found this site.
    I bought this product for custards to go, mini cakes, and bread pudding. The cups are cheap and durable enogh to sray and pan spray and reuse once or twice and cheap enough to throw away. I prepare food to go some stuff like cakes can be popes out and custards can be made togo.
    perfect for desserts, souffles, molds, and portioning for mise en place. 4 oz is a good size for normal desserts/apps/sides. great value for what it does.
    These disposable foil ramekins are excellent for use during caterings, or even mise en place in restaurant use. They're wonderful for sauces, spices holders, or, my personal favorite, creme brulee.
    I bought these so I could make desserts for my catering business. So far I've used them for creme brulee and they work great. I can't wait to try bread pudding in them.
    These were so handy for me! My family had a reunion and I wanted to bring muffins but I didn't know where to get so many containers because I was worried about paying an arm and leg! When I found these I was shocked at the low price! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
    These 4oz foil tin cups are the best. They are Sturdy and hold up well during transporting and storing. I've used these for making individual cakes, banana bread and even chicken pot pies. They make portioning very easy.
    I just love these cups! I love them so much that I had to buy a case. They weren't protected where the first layer arrived smashed. However customer service was so wonderful and quickly replaced the ones damaged with a carton of 100!
    These cups are a great size for individual sized mousse cups, creme brulee. They are sturdy and hold up well. Will definitely buy more when needed
    i ordered this cup for mini chicken pot pies it was exectaly what i wanted ..i got this website from a fellow chef and i was not dissapointed.
    This has been great for mini pies, cobblers, crisps, mini cheesecakes. We also just started using them for creme brule. These also fit nicely into our cupcake inserts in our cupcake boxes.
    These cups are great for custard dishes and are a very good price with WEBstaurantStore.com. Their shipping was faster than expected, very pleased with overall product and service.
    These nifty little cups are great for when you want to give out samples. You can bake your product right into it and save some time and hassle.
    I purchased these 4oz foil cups to make miniature cakes for gifts. I couldn't believe how well they hold up. You can even wash and re-use. I ordered them and they were at my door four days later. I love them.
    Made of quality material. Heavy so it will not tip over easily. Great appearance.

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