Plenty 2-Ply Ultra Premium Paper Towels

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Bring the convenience of a household roll towel to your establishment with this Plenty ultra premium paper towel! This roll towel features a large, 11" x 10 3/8" sheet size that's perfect for tackling big messes. It combines the strength, absorbency, and softness you've come to expect from a 2-ply product, and works well for quickly wiping up liquid messes or for drying hands at your hand sink.

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Plenty 2-Ply Ultra Premium Paper Towels

4.8 stars from 91 reviews


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paper Towels great towel quality sheets premium brand ply price
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    4 out of 4 found this review helpful
    2 ply makes this paper towel extremely sturdy and soaks up a lot of grease and fluids in our kitchen and bar. These are much better than the single ply.
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    These are good, but I like the select-a size better. That being said these are good quality, the kind you'd use in a home kitchen.
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    This is a fairly well known brand of paper towels. It is function without the inflated price that some others have. They hold up pretty well under applied pressure as well.
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    I was weary at first of ordering these paper towels as we generally purchase the expensive brand ones, but I will not switch back from these! They are very absorbent, soft enough to blow my nose with if needed or soak up a big spill. One of the items I am most impressed with on WS and highly, highly, highly recommend... you wont be disappointed!
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    Despite being far from the “ultra premium” experience you are promised with the name, these paper towels still do a decent job getting the job done. You are getting slightly more paper towel with the full-sized sheets than the flex-size.
    These paper towels are durable, long lasting, and a great value. We use them to clean windows and they do not leave any residue. We will continue to purchase this product in the future!
    Great Paper Towels! These Paper towels are such a good value! Plenty 2 Ply Ultra Premium Paper Towel Rolls were exactly what we were looking for. They are absorbent and aren't cheap like some of the other paper towels we've used.
    I go through paper towels super quickly.. these were Ok but nothing to brag about. I would not at all consider these Ulta premium. Paper towels are expensive and the pricing is good on these but the rolls do not last too long. I would compare these to any generic paper towel.
    Very straight forward. wanted to try then out and I like home. Nothing fancy but still a good 2ply paper towel. great for home use mostly.
    We love using these for our employees to dry their hands on or use when eating their lunches! The quality of the paper towels is outstanding for the price!
    These are great for the price! They ship quickly and are individually wrapped for clean storage. These are a great price and even more so because it saves me a bulky trip to the store!
    Thin paper towel, however for basic use it is fine. They work well to dry hands and clean up smaller spills and a good value for the price.
    These paper towels are just as durable as the Brawny brand-name ones. I got these along with the select-a-size roll and the Plenty brand can handle all of my cleaning jobs with ease.
    Why pay more! Get Plenty brand! Just as good as Major brands! 4 stars for this product! And comes with 70 sheets per roll! They are thick and strong! We recommend and would buy again!
    These paper towels are right up there in comparison with the store brand. These are nice and tough 2 ply paper towels that will handle even your toughest messes.
    These paper towels are just as durable as the Brawny name-brand ones. I got these along with the select-a-size roll and the Plenty brand can handle all of my cleaning jobs with ease.
    Decent paper towel for the price. I like the minimal design that will look nice in our kitchen. Will get the basic jobs around the house done.
    Was impressed by the quality of the paper towels for the price. They're thick, absorbent, and soft – great for drying your hands or cleaning up small spills around the kitchen. 70 perforated sheets in all.
    These paper towels have become a favorite of mine. They are very absorbent and they last a long time in our restaurants. Thank you Webstaraunt Store!
    The towels are good quality and work well. They're roughly on par with most major brands, but are a bit more affordable, especially when bought by the case.
    The 2-Ply Ultra Premium Paper Towels are great for wiping hands and cleaning up spills. The quality is excellent and the price is very reasonable. I highly recommend this product and would purchase again.
    I use paper towels a lot. These are great for cleaning small messes around the kitchen. They are thick and aosorbant which is what I like.
    These are strong paper towels that do not crumble in your hands as you are drying them off. They are full sized and work well.
    With 70, 2-ply sheets that measure 11x10.4 inches, these Plenty Ultra Premium paper towels are solid white in color, with a nice design. The sheets are perforated so that speed of cleaning accelerates.
    2 ply ultra premium paper towel roll comes 12 in a case and are the most effective durable paper towel with a perfect price point
    These paper towels are very absorbant. A little goes a long way so you do not have to be wasteful. The roll is standard size.
    Extremely absorbant 2-ply paper towel. The sheets are large and durable and good for cleaning up all sorts of spills like water and grease. Also great for cleaning glass!
    We use alot of these paper towels for fish fry, they absorb good and are very convenient. Good price and very durable will continue to use.
    Great quality for little cleaning jobs or hand towels when needed it works well and tears nicely! Soft enough to use for facial tissue, but be aware it doesn't rip easily which is great unless you only want half one
    Super heavy duty !! Buy in bulk to save on shipping. Much better quality than buying local. These are full large sheets, no small tear sheets. A+
    These 2 Ply paper towels are great! Can definitely tell that they are more of a premium quality. They hold up much more when they are wet which makes cleaning much easier.
    The 2-ply ultra premium paper towels by Plenty are a good paper towel. These full sized sheets are very absorbent and can hold their own while being used.
    These are great paper towels! They are the same quality as the expensive name brand towels sold at grocery and big box stores, but are much less expensive. I will keep purchasing these at Webstaurant.
    These two ply premium paper towels compared to leading brands such as Bounty but are about half the price. These paper towels can be purchased by the single role or in packs of 12 rolls. We always carry paper towels with us at catering events to make cleaning up easy and fast.
    These Plenty paper towels are my new go to! I have always been a paper towel snob and only used name brands. but these are wonderful & comparable to anything else i have used in the past! i buy both the regular and flex a size & both are the same great quality! they have great absorbency & hold up great when using them to clean as well. I used them to clean windows sometimes too and they don't seem to leave much, if any, lint behind. overall great paper towels at a pretty good price! Will buy again and again!
    This paper towel brand is very absorbent and biodegradable. It comes on a tube which can be placed onto a pager towel rod. This comes in a two pack
    these paper towels are really great! they are soft and plush they absorb lots of liquid the price for such a roll is really great
    The two-ply Ultra Premium Paper Towel Roll has really come in handy for large events, and is definitely cost efficient. The size, weight, sustainability and strength are unmatched, especially compared use to use against the other brands I have tried. They sheets are resilient and clean very well- I would recommend.
    I suppose you get what you pay for. I'd hardly call them ultra premium. They are pretty light weight. They work, but are not as absorbent as I would hope for.
    These 2-Ply Ultra Premium Paper Towels are such a great purchase. They are very absorbent and good to clean any type and size mess. I use it all over the house...I love it.
    Good product at a value price compared to more expensive brands tried. Holds up well and will definitely purchase this product again in the future.
    Great paper towl, very absorbant. Cleans well, tears away from the roll with ease. Great deal, i wouldnt suggest any other paper towl company whatsoever
    These 2 ply ultra premium paper towel rolls are great quality and excellent value, great absorbency for cleaning up spills, they also work well for veneral cleaning
    2-Ply Ultra Premium Paper Towel Roll - 12/Case Are great quality and super absorbent. They may cost a few $'s more than cheaper brand but are very high quality for paper towels. Would recommend to anyone.
    These are good quality paper towels. This one is full size sheets and they are very absorbant. I use them regularly for regular household cleaning and kitchen use
    The best paper towels that money can buy; rest assured. We were weary as we hadn't tried a Plenty product before, but we refuse to buy any other paper towel moving forward. The rolls are heavy duty thus soaking up a lot of liquid and are huge, lasting a long time.
    Improved strength with these 2 ply paper towels. The 12 pack keeps us from having to constantly go to the store to buy paper towels. Great deal.
    Love these paper towels. They clean up messes great and you do not have to use half the roll just a sheet or too! These are a def must try
    Great quality paper towels! You will love them for high quality and fair price! These towels would be great for any professional or home usage!
    The quality of the 2-Ply Ultra Premium Paper Towels exceeded my expectations as this was a first time purchase. The price was very reasonable. Highly recommend!
    2-Ply Ultra Premium Paper Towels yah we went a little nutty on paper towels I mean nutty we were using it for everything but we found ourselves out now so we need a new order
    I wasn't sure what to expect with these so I got the single roll to try them out. Im very happy with these and would recommend buying by the case. They absorb great and hold up well when wet.
    Love these paper towels because they are super absorbent and a little goes a long way! Seems to last a longer time than other paper towels.
    This is an awesome product! Who doesn't need paper towels? These towels worked great! Just one sheet cleaned up spilt water and towel did not tear!
    These are great, just as good as any exspensive brand you may buy at the store. These are delivered right to your door with no hassle and you don't have to deal with the stresses of waiting in line.
    Great quality paper towels comparable to top brands at the store except much better in value. Strong and durable, these absorb messes like a sponge.
    Great value for paper towels. I prefer the flex-a-size ones, but these are just as good if you simply tear the sheet in half. If you don't have access to a place like wholesale, this is the best option!
    It's really cool that you can order one of these to try out to see how it is. I like them good strong paper towel
    Very nice high-quality paper towel I'm very impressed still a little expensive for the shipping and handling but it was fantastic deal in the end very high quality
    I Highly Recommend the Plenty ultra premium paper towels from WEBstaurantStore there very absorbent and at a great price there are so many uses for them in the kitchen or bathroom
    Why run to the store or order from your food service distributor when you can get a great buy on paper products right here at Webstaraunt
    These 2-ply paper towels have been a welcomed change from buying paper towels from Sam's Club in bulk. Although the flex-a-size option can be nice, I've never found myself actually using the different sizes. The small one almost is never enough, so I just go with these instead. I definitely recommend them for the value they provide!
    This is a great product. I use it daily. It picks up spills just like leading brands. I would re-buy in a heartbeat because of the quality and great price.
    This is a great roll of paper towels at a great price. They are soft and absorbent and don't leave any lint behind. These are a fantastic value as compared to the leading national brands.
    This 2-Ply Ultra Premium Paper Towels is very good quality towel paper, is soft and strong at the same time, also is very absorbent and the sheets are pretty big.
    I love the 2 ply Plenty brand of paper towel. No wonder it runs out often on Webstaurant. I got the cheaper one the last time and I could see and feel the difference. This one is my top choice.
    Bought one roll of these towels to try out and they compare to any major name brand paper towel you can buy in a store. Add to a bigger order to save on shipping!
    Used the 2-Ply Ultra Premium Paper Towels 12/Case towel to maintain waffle machine by putting olive oil on towelette to spread on inside of machine. The towel is a great value for the money. Arrived very fast.
    I like to use these towels to clean our front windows with glass cleaner. They are disposable, so you don't have to stress out about getting them dirty.
    Our company uses Plenty paper towels for many purposes. We like them just as much as the leading brand name, they work well for our purposes.
    The quality and durability of each sheet of paper towel is amazing. These are full sheets so be aware of that if wanting half sheets is an issue. What even better for my needs is that they are individually wrapped making it sanitary for a roll to be grabbed out of the case.
    We really didn't like these paper towels. They are very thin. We'll pay the extra for the name brands that are more absorbent and thicker.
    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These 2-ply paper towels are very absorbent. Just as good as any i have bought in the store, But alot better price. Will order more.
    This two ply paper towel is great! Great price for good quality paper towel. Plenty might be the best home paper towel on the website!
    The 2 Ply Ultra Premium paper Towels sold 12 per case. The are great, super absorbant,and can clean up any mess. zthey can tear to 70 sheets per roll. Great price.
    truly a good price in the market. This is one is the type of paper towels that can absorb a lot of liquid and simply works best
    The 2 ply Ultra Premium paper Towels, Comes 12 per case. The are great. We use them in our kitchen, and bathroom. even just to pick up spills. They are very absorbant.
    These are great bargain paper towels!! They are good for cleaning minor spills or for wiping out non stick pans to protect them and make them last much longer than scrubbing!!!
    I ordered this paper towels for my salon and quality is pretty good(not good as Bouuty) with much cheaper than Bounty when you order a lot!
    These paper towels work incredibly well for our applications and for this price you can't beat it! Granted, paper towels are paper towels so the price becomes the main deciding factor for us.

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