Choice Full Size Foil Steam Table Pan Lid - 10/Pack

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Conserve your food's hot temperature and promise spill-free transportation with this Choice full size foil steam table pan lid. Perfectly sized to fit your full size steam table pan (sold separately), this lid provides a tight seal for your sides, appetizers, desserts, and more! All you need to do is press the foil around the pan's rim.

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Choice Full Size Foil Steam Table Pan Lid - 10/Pack

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    The best thing in these foil steam table pan lids are their price ,its really reasonable. but i didn't feel its really fit the full steam pan i bought from here it do but its hard to close it tight

    from Delicious delights Posted on

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    Before using these lids, we were using aluminum foil, which doesn't look near as nice. These lids gave us a professional look that is worth the money! These lids are sturdy and we use a sharpie on the lid to label what food is in each pan.

    Posted on

    These lids are cost effective and functional! I love how they fit around the pan. The lid doesn't lift or let food drip out. I buy them all the time!

    Posted on

    We reorder these again and again. Super awesome price point compared to our local restaurant supply houses, and even with the shipping charges, still 10% cheaper. Durable! We will buy again and again.

    Posted on

    Good sturdy lids. Easy to write on and fit the pans perfectly. Watch the corners though! They can be sharp but nothing that isn't solved with using a towel.

    Posted on

    The cost! that is all I have to say. It is a great product for the cost. you can not beat this with a stick.

    from Frontline Foundations, Inc. Posted on

    A basic need for any catering operation. We've gone through many and these from Webstaurant are the lowest priced units we've found. Those savings add up!

    from Naples Private Chef, LLC Posted on

    These fit the full size pans perfectly. The best part is they look very clean and nice so when you present it to clients it looks great.

    Posted on

    It is kind of heavy but very strong to say, sometimes it thought that it come off but it attached to the tray very firmly and it has a very strong grip onto the tray doesn’t anything fall off that easily. But one fault it has a sharp edge.

    from BYPKG LLC Posted on

    I am in love with these lids and need more. They fit snug and perfect on the full size pans and make stacking the pans easy.

    Posted on

    Full size foil lid is a life saver. No more using foil and it a secure fit.

    These lids fit perfectly on the full sized steam table pans i purchased. The fit is secure and they are easily resealable after temperature checks during reheating

    from Pot of Gold Catering and Events Posted on

    These are great for the pans to keep your food warm and fresh. We used these for a catering order and they worked great, would recommend

    from Rock N Grill Posted on

    The lids are as important as the full size steam pan in our catering business and we buy them often. They are great quality for a reasonable price.

    from Griffins' Catering Posted on

    The choice full size foil steam table pan lid come in a pack of 10, great for the price and great to keep your food fresh and hot

    Posted on

    Fits nicely and easy to remove

    These Choice Full Size Foil Steam Table Pan Lid - 10/Pack are easy to use with full size steam pan and the fit is perfect. Love the price.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    Great Lids

    Heavy durable Lid

    GREAT GREAT GREAT. Our banquet looked amazing. These are sturdy, Made our tables look neat, clean and spectacular! they are not cheaply or thin, easy to use, Our tables were great with the food displayed in our racks!!!!!

    from GF Ministries Posted on


    This is a strong lid fits full size pan just right. a little sharp on the ends so be careful you don't get cut over good buy.

    from My Halal Tummy Posted on

    This full size foil steam pan lids are very good product. I can easily put on the pan and put label on it. Made of thick quality of foil. Another good Choice product! 5 star!

    from Sugary and Savory Posted on

    Strong and easy to attach!

    Awesome buy I purchased these for a party and buying these just made things so easy. Just being able to order online and it come straight to my front door just made it the best.

    Posted on

    These lids fit the full size steam pan well. They help us maintain our temperature of the food before packing for transport. The convenience of a 10 pack is great. The price is reasonable. I only gave it 4 stars because the end of one of the corners of the pack was bent upon arrival, as it was packed in the box with a few other things. The lids were still usable and didn't warrant a call to Webstaurantstore but I do hope that the packers will be more mindful in the future.

    from Jes Catering Posted on

    Choice full size foil steam table pan lid comes in a 10 pack and is utilized for transporting foods at hot temperatures to private catering events successfully

    from DiceDogs Posted on

    This steam table pan lid is not super sturdy, but it does the job. Why pay more for something that will be discarded any way?

    Posted on

    I have a local chain I can get my supplies from and before shipping these lids are half the cost. When ordering with other items to off set shipping I save a lot of my budget buying a 10 pack here vs my local store.

    from Comfort Cusine Posted on

    Tight fitting lid keeps food fresh from prep to service.

    These lids where the perfect addition to my main buffet table at a party recently. They are sturdy enough too that they withstood two shipments, first to me then to the venue in the Caribbean. They made for a very elegant and clean look at the buffet.

    Posted on

    When it comes to catering lids are very important, these lids work very well. They are firm enough that when sealed properly around the full size foil pans you can stack your pans without worry of smashing the foods in them. They are better than sheets of foil and in the long run the cost is better too.

    from Screaming Eagle Posted on

    Sturdy lid for carry-out hotel pans. We use these for lasagna and baked pastas, to-go, and they are strong and keep the product warm for a long period of time.

    Posted on

    We participate in fairs every now and then and these lids are a life saver. They are pretty sturdy for what they are use for, so you can stack and stack!!

    Posted on

    Bought to use with the full size disposable steam pans. I can cover whatever food items I've prepared, type a label to put on top of the lid and carry to wherever it needs to go. J. C. Williams

    Posted on

    Must order if using the full size or half size foil steam table pans, you won't be disappointed! No roll of foil or plastic wrap needed. I even bake with these lids! Prevents spills during transport if sealed properly.

    from ROLYAT REALTY GROUP Posted on

    This pan lid is a need in catering business. I will definately buy again in different sizes with matching pan. Not only is good quality but also affordable.

    Posted on

    I love the lids. They fit great and look nice. I will recommend Them to my family and friends. Thank you very much. I enjoy getting you items I have only had good things come

    from Halls kitchen Posted on

    These cover were strong and durable. They didnt not puncture in the carrier and I had 4 full size pans with 40-50 meatballs on top of it. None of the juices seeped out. Perfect pan covers.

    from Chef Jonathan-Private Dinners-Events-Demos Posted on

    These are the best by far!! They covered the pans we ordered with them perfectly and made it so much easier to transfer food without spillage.

    from Shelton Place Posted on

    These kids are very secure and a great way to prevent spills in transport. They are a better option then putting tin foil and allow for stacking

    Posted on

    Bought these for the convenience even though they are choice quality. They are pretty sturdy for not being heavy duty and I can see myself buying more. I would have given 5 stars but they were a little smashed in shipping, which did not effect the function.

    from Aviands Posted on

    These fit on the on the standard full size foils steam pan. They close around the edges well. We use these all the time to keep our food warm.

    from Rushmere Volunteer Fire Department Posted on

    Fit perfectly on the pans. Used them for lasagna. Kept them in the freezer to be baked before a graduation. Very good price for 10.

    from Kings fish Market Retail Posted on

    These lids were used with the full size pans I purchased and they were a great fit also the price was affordable will buy again.

    Posted on

    These lids are nice to have, but I would definitely put them in the "value priced" category- if you know what I mean. I don't recommend stacking anything with any weight that you care about.

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    I got these to go with the same brand disposable pans. They work so much nicer then wrapping them with foil. It's easier and it looks nicet

    from CMV Posted on

    These steam table lids fit perfectly with the matching pans I purchased. They will serve my purpose greatly and I am happy that I purchased these from this website.

    Posted on

    I love these lids. It is cheaper to get them by the case, but I wasn't sure how much I would use the full pan size. But I already used it when serving breakfast at our event so I will definitely be ordering a case next time.

    Posted on

    These are so much help. Prevents the spills messy Aluminum foil. These stop are really strong you can take them off and on constantly and nothing goes wrong wit the lid

    from Cindy Posted on

    Good quality compared to the ones I see elsewhere. It makes a classy touch to your catering business when delivering foods instead of using aluminum foil for coverage. Always ordering when I need more.


    This foil pan lid is great quality. It gets the job done and keeps the contents of the steam table pan hot and protected. Five stars!

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    We use full size lids with the pans for about half of our catering events. These lids are extremely sturdy and very easy to use.

    from Genghis Grill Posted on

    These are the best lids ever. They work will with the lids and are great for travel along with the pans. Make everything spill proof!

    from Toy's sweets Posted on

    These are essential to a caterer, and the quality of this product is fantastic! It's one of the most used products that I buy on this website. They are great quality and I would never buy anything else!

    from Rudys Posted on

    These lids are wonderful for me because they help keep my food temperatures where they need to be also keep food from falling out as much as foil would.Great product.

    from Extreme Appetite,LLC Posted on

    These lids fit the coordinating steam table pans perfectly. They are fabulous for taking food to a party or event or for freezer storage. I would repurchase.

    Posted on

    Love choice hot catering stuff, they are oh so affortable and they work great, these items cut out catering costs by 11 percent. And they are of great quality

    Posted on

    We love full size pans so naturally the tops work for us quite nicely. They offer a snug fit and the smooth lightweight top allows us to place customized labels on top to brand our pans. We love them!

    from 1st Course Catering Co. Posted on

    The best quality of lids that I've purchased have come from Webstaurant. I stock up on these because I use them a lot at the kitchen

    from DelishNOLA Catering LLC Posted on

    Kept our catered food nice and hot for our customers for a surprisingly long time. Many commented that they did not have to reheat in the company's microwaves. If I could sum it up in one word it would be perfect. Unfortunately there is a 25 word minimum. I purchased these foil lids to accompany the foil pans I ordered. Perfect secure fit!

    from MM&M CATERING Posted on

    very good product to use. it fit very well and strong. i will suggest to others, it would be better if cost bit lower.. :)

    Posted on

    The lids are great! Great price, perfect fit, and very sturdy compared to the local stores. These are a great asset and so much more better than using foil. We will be buying these again!

    from The Smokin' Burrito Posted on

    I have. been using foil paper to cover pan,but I saw this kids in a party,it looks really presentable and ut covers the pan tightly eith no leakage or spillage.

    Posted on

    These lids were incredibly flimsy and we had to double them up on the chafing dishes in order to keep them attached. Good price, though.

    Posted on

    Price unbeatable , Very well packed. Very strong and durable, Delivery time was super fast. Fit perfect on my full size foil steam. Just un-packed and put on the top. Thanks Webstaurantstore for these prices.

    from Martin & Sons Enterprise, LLC Posted on

    Perfect size, fits the full size pan perfectly, sturdy and cleaner appearance than foil. Also keeps cold foods or hot foods at their respective temperature.

    from Some Good Food Posted on

    I am glad your site reminds you to buy matching lids for the pans. These fit perfectly and a good and sturdy. Thank you for a quality product.

    from Fondarosa Posted on

    Compared to other pan covers that I have purchased these pan covers are of great quality. They are very thick and durable. I would call them heavy duty!

    from Le Spicy Mango Posted on

    this full sized foil pan lid is a really great working product. it really keeps things looking great on the way out. we love the low price.

    Posted on

    This goes great with the pans. So much better than plastic or foil this is a excellent product! lifesaver seals tight! cant go wrong! great

    from Yenns Posted on

    Not the best quality but they get the job done. They're a bit thinner than other foil lids we've used but they are also cheaper.

    from Don Luis Catering Posted on

    Easy to put on and easy to remove too. These Spillproof lids make transporting pans so convenient. Buy the pans and do not forget the lids.

    Posted on

    Lids complement the full size aluminum disposable pans very well. Heavy enough gauge to allow another pan to be stacked on top without collapsing. Of course, the top pan cannot be too heavy.

    Posted on

    these were great to cover the food on the way to the reception, held the food in and it did not dry out the food

    Posted on

    I bought these steam pan lids for the ladies appreciation dinner at my church. they were very sturdy and worked well. They held up with other pans stacked on them nicely. i was very pleased with this item overall

    from Peoples Baptist Church Posted on

    Keeps your product nice and hot. They work a lot better than foil wrap and look more professional, even for a disposable. Will be buying these again.

    Posted on

    I ordered these for my full size hotel pans and they fit extremely well and seal very well also. I needed more protection than just the lids when transproting and these lids do the job.

    from Jazzy Rupert's Cafe Posted on

    Easy to close and very durable. Watch your fingers around the edges the little paper cuts sure do hurt. Biggest setback is that they keep heat in, but not liquids/sauces very well. Trick: cover the pan with Suran-wrap first then put the lid on.

    from Carp's Catering Posted on

    These are great lids to have when you cater offsite! They securely attach to steam table pans and work better than tin foil or plastic wrap!!

    Posted on

    We bought a couple pack of these lids a few years back and they done the job. Awesome price (can't beat it anywhere around here). I just wished when I went to order these the clear ones were up on the site (which wasn't at the time). These done the job though & we were quite pleased with them. =)

    Posted on

    Nice durable covers. Very convenient. I prefer using the lids over foil and plastic film to avoid leakage. Much better price than other restaurant supply stores.

    Posted on

    these full sized foil steam table pan lids were a steal 50/cs fit like a glove and very sturdy, and gives the great finish look

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    this is for the pans we bought in webstaurantstore. they fit good and in nice shape and quality. i will highly recommed it to anyone.

    Posted on

    We serve several hot dishes and have a lot of volunteer help for our Germanfest event. We prepare most of the dishes earlier in the day and store them in a warming oven or cabinet. These covers keep everything warm and fresh and beat foil or saran wraps for ease and are a comparable cost.

    from St. Peter's Lutheran Church and School Posted on

    This plates lids are big and strong. I love the quality, and I am not just saying that. The ones offered a party city are almost the same and are more expensive. Shipping was fast and efficient. Items were very well packed.

    from WSG Store Posted on

    This was well-suited for my needs and essential for a setup involving steam tables when aluminum foil would look unprofessional. You would need extra for the backups, too.

    Posted on

    These were a life saver. I used them with the full size pans and was able to stack on top of each other to save space.

    from All Occasions Posted on

    What can I say, this might be the best item available. Not only do these provide peace of mind for transporting the food but they keep your prepared food Hot or Cold for a long time before serving.

    from Big League BBQ Posted on

    Perfect for large size trays they fit very well.. its very sturdy and prevents spilling ...I would recommend this product to anyone buying large trays.

    Posted on

    These lids are a life saver! They are a perfect fit for the foil pans, enabling to save on foil wrap. These lids hold up to transportation and constant movement, helping to prevent possible spills due to the side closures.

    from Becky's Catering, LLC Posted on

    What can I say, it is your basic foil lid for the metal full pans or the foil full pans and at a great price.

    Posted on

    great product and great service. packaging was very nice and gave easy access to the lids. the price was very competitive. I would reccomend this product and will purchase it again.

    Posted on

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