Tablecraft 1104 4 oz. Chef Squeeze Bottle - 12/Pack

Item #: 99904OZ

The Tablecraft 1104 Chef Squeeze 4 oz. squeeze bottle is an ideal choice for decorating plates with sauces or oils during the back of house plating process! This decorating bottle features a cone tip for precision control to drizzle sauce over your favorite meal or dessert. It also includes a red cap for safe storage.

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Tablecraft 1104 4 oz. Chef Squeeze Bottle - 12/Pack

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bottles squeeze great small bottle sauces little perfect cookies cap

I use these for garnishing sauces and oils. they work well on the line but can be a pain to fill up without spilling. I just use a larger size squeeze bottle cap as a funnel.

from Arnez Food and Drink on

Such a good deal for me when I got these 24 cute bottles for such a low price. They’re very durable too. I definitely recommend this product


The lid on this is so small that I have found them to be unusable. I need a funnel to get anything inside the bottle which creates a mess, and for viscous liquids (think mayo-based) using a funnel is a chore.


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Tablecraft 1104 4 oz. Chef Squeeze Bottle are great for sauces and such the spout is nice and big for viscous liquids and makes a great choice for that need

from PowerQuee Media on

These squeeze bottles are small, but work well when using multiple ingredients in smaller quantities. They are perfect for when you need to add just a little.

from Savory & Sweet Catering on

This chef squeeze bottle is made of sturdy plastic and has held up very well from continued use. It is easy to clean and refill with new material.


i give 5 of a 5 stars to this bottle its it very good quality and the price is good easy to clean and the cap makes this products storable !!

from bruno coronado on

These small squeeze bottles are amazing for holding strong sauces that are only used in small amounts such as aged balsamic and calabrian chili oil.

from Mori on

Great little bottles for those rarely used condiments. Cleaning can be a pain but they are worth it for the money. The red cap is secure on the nozzle until you drop it and it is lost forever.

from Husam Shabaneh on

These tablecraft 4 oz. squeeze bottles are great for garnishing. I put olive oil in them and use them to drizzle it on top of dishes or I put purees in them to make dots on plates.


I filled these with icing for kids to use in decorating cookies. Worked out perfectly, just as expected. Great product, great quality, would definitely order again.

from ALR Post 233 on

These are great squeeze bottles! Chef style great for plating and delivering small amounts of liquids. They are very economical and affordable compared to other style Chef squeeze bottles.

from Classic harbor line on

No kitchen is complete without a pile of these squeeze bottles. They're perfect for garnishing plates, decorating cakes, and holding sauces in the refrigerator or on the countertop.

from KitchenFemme on

We really like these bottles! They are quite small, but work well for small quantities of flood icing when we are using multiple colors to decorate cookies.

from OKC Sweets on

The are great little bottles. They work well for sauces, reductions and more. I would recommend this product to any one looking to do plate presentation nicely.

from Soul Traveler LLC on

I do not know if it was just mine or all but the threading was not very good so when I turned them over liquid would squeeze out the threads. As I am using these with a bunch of fourth graders they are going to destroy them no matter what. So for the price they will work. Just a heads up if you are using them for professional results.


These are great for putting condiments or sauces into for plating. It really allows me to put the sauce exactly where i want it and speeds up the plating process


Great pack of squeeze bottles for the money. We used to pay much more at a local restaurant store. These are perfect for sauces used to neatly finish a dish or a desert.

from 5-0 BBQ LLC on

I primarily use these squeeze bottles for precisely dispensing oils and sauces on plates and on top of items where I want to more closely manage the spread and amount that a large bottle or a spoon would let me. The main cap screws on tightly and has not leaked at all for me, and the red lid secures very well offering the same protection while still being easy enough to remove.


These bottles are great for decorating with my favorite ingredient-Chocolate! The smaller size is perfect for the small amounts needed to create beautiful cakes and other baked goods.


I'm so glad I got these bottles. I have recently started to get intondecorating cookies and these bottles have made that so much easier than a traditional icing bag.

from Courtney's Cakes and Sweet Treats on

Tablecraft 1104 4 oz. Chef Squeeze Bottle - 12/Pack I use these for sauces syrups gravys even home made pepper sauce smothers and vinegrettes in

from PowerQuee Media on

These are not only super cute, but they make for great garnishing or plating sauce bottles. They are nice because with four ounces of liquid you can easily warm the bottle in your hand if need be.

from Mustang Alley's on

These are very professional bottles! They squeeze very good and they are very secure, so nothing will leak out! They are very good quality and are very sturdy! I love these., and i am definitely looking forward to continue to purchase these!


These are GREAT for icing cookies. I can mix my colors, drop them in and I am good to go for a long time. The caps make it easy to switch colors without having to worry about the icing drying out.


I LOVE these bottles! I make Molten Wax: a squeezable scented wax to use in wax warmers for home fragrancing. These 4 oz. bottles are the perfect size and make my Molten Wax squeezable wax a "no-mess" operation!

from Waxmosphere on

I really like the size of these bottles. Obviously it's not good for a a vinaigrette for a busy restaurant but for precision work close to the plate, they work out really well and are durable. I like this bottle style that comes with the small cap as it makes putting them away and storing them much easier.


These are a good size, not too small and not too big. They are perfect for holding various colors while decorating or different flavors while plating.

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I do like this bottle and wish I could give it 5 stars but the opening to the bottle is small. Otherwise i like them for decorating sugar cookies and chocolate covered strawberries.

from Arion's catering on

I bought these for cooking decorating. The opening to fill them is a little small, but I use a baggie/funnel to help get the icing in the bottle. My only complaint is the packaging. They arrived loose in the box and some of the tops and tips had scattered all over the box. Otherwise, they work fine and no problems!

from Sweet Creations on

These are cool for ounce table craft chef squeeze bottles didn't realize they were 12 to a pack for only less than four dollars great deal I like to use these for putting reductions in and garnishing my play twice

from Place to be Bistro on

Perfect small squeeze bottles at an unbeatable price. I use these for all sorts of liquids I generally use in smaller quantities such as sesame oil (think stir fry) and saline (improves every cocktail). I also enjoyed that they came with a plastic cover and have thus far been dishwasher (residential) safe.

0 out of 1 found this review helpful

I use bottles to decorate cookies with icing. The photo of these gives the impression that a coupler will fit on these. The bottle opening is pretty small and a coupler will not fit.

from On A Stick Creations on

These squeeze bottles are the perfect size for control. Your hands won't cramp using these as with some others, and the cap doesn't leak on you!


The small bottles are great for decorating sugar cookies. You get a dozen bottles, so you can have a bottle for each color, and since they come with lids you don't have to worry about the icing drying out while you wait for each color to set.




Purchaced these little bottles for my handmade soap and bath products business. These little squeeze bottles are great to hold my glitters and especially perfect for mixing my mica colorant with oil. I just adid colorant and oil and shake, this makes it easy and mess free to add color to my soaps.

from Fuzzy Frog Artisan Soap on

These 4 oz bottles are great! I use them everyday! I make a lot of sauces and these containers are great for plating. I also have them full of oils by the stove which comes in very handy.

from Cleveland Park Catering Company on

This one is made in China. The plastic is definitely more rigid. I love the red cap. They fit other squeeze bottles too.


Nice bottles for a great price. We are using them to melt chocolate down and decorate baked goods. They work great and seem like they will hold up for a nice long time.

from Deliciously Dipped on

I purchases these small squeeze bottles and they are great for so many uses. I use them for chocolate, caramel and fruit sauces, and also for adding tres leches to my cupcakes and cakes. Love these.

from Jacky's Baked Goods on

I haven't used these a ton so far, but when I have I've been pleased. They hold and disperse things well, and keep it sealed inside without spilling. I would caution that at only 4 oz the filling spout is a bit small so you'll need a stead hand or a funnel if you are planning on using it.


You can also put Listerine in the Tablecraft 1104 4 oz. Chef Squeeze Bottle - 12 / Pack bottle. So easy to squirt out and it works great.

from jwhitten31 on Youtube on

This 4 oz squeeze bottle is a perfect addition to a station. I fill mine with vinegars for finishing dishes with. They also come with a convenient red cap.

from Jack & Alice LLC. on

I use these for decorating cookies with our Grandkids. I make up one big batch of buttercream and and separate into different bowls for the color to be added then I put it into the bottles and they are easier for them to use.


Our favorite item here on webresturant, the cover is perfect. We send out one of these with every single one our catering orders filled with vinegar & oil


I was looking for little bottles to put icing in but these were a little too small and hard to squeeze. I no longer use them.

from Donut drop llc on

As a cookie crafter, I cannot live without squeeze bottles. These are great for filling in cookies. The tip is just the right size to flow nicely. These are a great value. They squeeze easily and the tops stay on!

from Edible Bliss on

We used these containers to distribute my homemade sriracha to many people. We also usually provided them with some smaller portions of BBQ sauce or the homemade mustard.


These are nice for when you don't want to make a big batch of a sauce or for storing things you use very little of, like melted butter or fruit purees at the bar.


Perfect for using as plating squeeze bottle. Somewhat hard to fill up because of the small opening. Very durable construction. I lost all of the red tip covers almost instantly. No one uses those covers in the restaurant anyways.

from Stix Restaurant on

These are some nice little bottles that can be used for sauces, syrups, ketchup, mayonnaise etc. We received so many that we shared with other chief.

from Cone Zone on

These are so handy to have. We use them to pipe out fluid gels into our verrines (dessert cups) for fancy swirls and dot designs.

from Honeybee Patisserie on

Tablecraft products are always very well engineered. Durable quality plastic construction with a convenient little red cap. Great alternative to full size squeeze bottles we used in past. I will purchase more as needed.

from Creativa on

I love my 4oz squeeze bottles! I have two of these and I use them for garnishing the tops of pastries with a sauce or melted chocolate and for plated desserts!


This small, 4oz squeeze bottle makes an excellent storage container for sauces, honey, condiments, etc. It is easy to use and to fill, and the cap is nice for storage.

from Madison Sourdough Company on

I love using these for specials! Instead of filling a huge bottle with sauce, these take up so much less space and it's easier to make less sauce and get better flow from the cap! Great to have in the tool box.


Overall this squeeze bottle works great. The perfect size to use for condiments. My only problem is the neck is really small so it's a bit difficult to fill and clean.


I'll never go back to the larger squeeze bottles again. Yes, you may have to fill up this bottle more's small, you won't have the problem of having that little bit left in a larger squeeze bottle and shaking it constantly. And yes, it's terrific for kids. It's not made of a very stiff, hard plastic, very easy to squeeze for kids or those who have arthritis in their hands. So much easier to squeeze than those hard glue bottles. Buy the large sizes of glue and put it in these bottles. You'll be quite happy with this purchase. So many uses and a great price point.


We use this also for frosting/icing work. Mostly on cookies. These are sold as 12-pack so they also make the job practical, and time-saving because we can fill them with all the colors we need. And the price is unbeatable.


These little bottles have so many uses. I filled a couple with ice cream toppings so my grandchildren (4 and 6 years old) can decorate their desserts by themselves (with a bit of supervision). Just the right size for little hands to squeeze and get just the right amount of topping. I purchased a roll of butcher paper 24" wide. Fill the bottles with tempra paint in a variety of colors and let the fun begin! The girls mix colors: yellow+blue =green etc. Now it's an educational activity.

from Midori's Enterprises on

Great product at a great price! Makes great decorations. I have shopped around and this is the best price I have seen anywhere and by a lot! I would highly recommend this.


We use these for reductions, syrups (tomato, beet, etc.) and it's ver handy! Gives you more control in presentation resulting in better looking plates! Great price too!

from Global Spice Bistro on

These are great for saucing plates, and are of surprisingly good quality. None of the ones I ordered had any defects which is fairly rare in items molded like this. Very useful!


Easy to control the output. The caps snap on tightly. Easy to clean. They work great for tabletop salad dressing caddies with a variety of oils & vinegars.


I use the 4 oz squeeze bottle as dressing samples. We produce six dressings and potential customers receive these samples on our first call. The little bottles are perfect and I especially appreciate the caps. Not all plastic squeeze bottles come with caps.

from Hi-Ho Trading LLC on

good bottles for sauces and plating. on the small size and the neck is a little small, so be sure to pick up a funnel for filling.


Size (4oz) is great for me for sauces - I use them for sushi making a lot. They are very sturdy and look like they will last. My only "complaint" is the opening is pretty small so it is difficult to get thicker sauces into the bottle. But once it is in there the bottle preforms like a champ!


A great little bottle that you can use for some bar items or small amounts of sauce that pack a punch. We use these a lot in our space.

from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen on

athe tablecraft 1104 chef Squeeze 4 oz. Squeeze Bottle sold by the dozen. They are great for many purposes. We use them with a diffrent color paint in each one for our arts and craft. the kids love it.


Perfect for decorating sugar cookies. I have several for each color and it squeezes out great. Just don't lose the little red cap or your outta luck.


Loved these small squeeze bottles! The fact they are only 4 oz in size makes plates decoration so much easier. Our staff loves them very much.


I use this bottle for putting liquids in that i sell that have a 5:1 ratio. Sno cone syrup works well in this bottle as there is a red cap to keep the liquid inside.

from Tristan's on

these small squeeze bottles are great for garnishing plates. they have a small tip thats great for writing on plates. great for holding flavored oils as well.


bottle are awesome. low price. sturdy plastic. I really like that they come with caps for each bottle. Perfect for dessert sauce work or purees


These are great. I paid more for two identical looking bottles at a local craft chain. I use them to drizzle baked goods and decorate plating. They have help up well to being "nuked" gently in the microwave, holding warm sauces and glazes and don't stain terribly bad. I have no doubt I will have these around for a few years. These are a great size, decent precision tip and a great value.

from Prentice Middle & High School on

folks love my bar-b-q sauce, hence the use of the 4 oz squeeze bottle. This size lets me deliver the right size according to my customers needs.

from acadian treats on

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