12" Steam Table / Hotel Pan Adapter Bar

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This 12" stainless steel steam table pan adapter bar can divide your steam table to fit all types of pans, is easy to clean, and gives your steam table and your business a professional look.

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12" Steam Table / Hotel Pan Adapter Bar

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    Very sturdy adapter at a great price. These are essential when using half size aluminum steam table pans. Aluminum pans need the extra support and these work great.
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    This is a nice secure and sturdy pan adapter. I use this on my hot dog cart, so that I can use 1/4 steam pans. This bar allows me to have more offerings for my customers, which means more $$$ for me!
    When you have that lil annoying space where steam escapes can be so frustrating. This helps keep in the warmth and your food on point.
    Adapter bar helps us change the setting of food pans, according to the need. it is made from high quality stainless steel, easy to use and keep cleaned.
    This 12" Steam Table / Hotel Pan Adapter Bar works well to support different sizes of pans in your warm unit. You can use multiple bars and configurations.
    This product works well in both my pizza and sandwich stations. These hold up my food pans well so that I can easily use and store food.
    Bought these to use in my food warmer. 1 food warmer I have 3 - 1/3 size pans and the other I have 1 - 1/3 pan and 4 - 1/6 pans. Works great to keep small pans from falling inside warmer.
    My business partner is thrilled with these. We used to go with our pans in the steam table. These are sturdy and a great price!
    Great quality. Easy to use and store. Appropriate for all kitchen needs. Highly recommended. We use it for our food warming needs in the store easily.
    Not much to say about this bars but it's something you need to give support and fill up the gaps in between the pans on your steam table.
    A great option for filling empty spots on a make line. Fits right into a 12" wide line. The width of the bar is good when there is a little left over space on the line. Easy to place, and easy to wash. Best placed when all other pans are already in place otherwise it falls out easily.
    Perfect fit for a missing bat in our kitchen. Fit in our steam well perfectly. Easy to clean, hopefully won’t loose this one, we’ll see!
    These steam table bars were great. They make it easy to turn a full pan chafing set into a chafing set for 2 half pans.
    Adapter bars are the best allows for changing pan configurations quickly and easily. These are easy to clean and small enough to take on trailer
    The spacer helps the containers stay securely so there is less product falling in between them to help cut down on waste. Easy to clean.
    We use 4 smaller pans on one side of our steam table and this became a necessity to have so they would not fall in. The finish on these make them easy to clean.
    Works great! Make sure you measure the width of the item your using this in and make sure the ends will work for what your using it in too.
    These adapter bars are durable and easy to clean. They are an easy way to customize the layout of your make table or cold table
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    These adapter bars are key for anyone with a reheater, cold table, or even just hotel pan set up. It's awesome at keeping things organized.
    Excellent quality and holds up to everyday use. I bought these for both hot and cold station and they work excellent for both. great purchase.
    This adapter bar is great for the small cross hatch that would allow for plenty of smaller pans in the place of larger hotel pans.
    These steam table adapter bars are great to use in steam tables, they don't move easily and can easily hold quite a bit of weight on them!
    We use these in our steam table. Made of good quality and the price is great. Easy to remove and clean daily. Helps us organize pans in the steam table.
    These steam table/chaffing dish bars are great to separate the different dishes you may have in these devices. This bar keeps steam from escaping through the space if you did not have them.
    Place easily in the middle of your spillage pan to add a number of different pan sizes to complete your buffet setup. Usually sits in the middle of a full size pan
    These have worked great for diving our food sections in the kitchen unit. They stay in place when needed but are easily moved when necessary
    I was pleasantly surprised by these bars. For the price I thought they would be too weak, I was wrong, they are strong and easy to clean.
    You can't add 1/6 size pans to your steam table without these. They are a must for varying size pans in your steam table. Great price, of course.
    I was pleasantly surprised by these bars. For the price I thought they would be too weak, I was wrong, they are strong and easy to clean.
    These bars are a very high quality metal. They are very sturdy. They do not scratch easily. I will purchase these again in the future.
    Does the trick. We needed a spacer in the steam table to hold additional pans and this did it. Good quality and holds up to everyday use.
    We got one at first for a single compartment steam table but then learned they work perfect in our sandwich prep table and we ordered four more.
    These cold table adapter bars are an excellent way to keep your cold table organized. We used to have hotel pans holding smaller hotel pans, but it would cool weirdly. This saved us that hassle!
    Needed it and it works well for the duty. Works for our warmer setup that has a lot of 1/6 pans. Makes our warmer more useful.
    Heavy gauge steel that wont get all dinged up during normal use. Does the job for which it is intended. Keeping steam from leaking out betweeen hotel pans
    These adapters our a must for variations of steam pans. I use the 12" adapter in between two 1/6 pans and with 2 1/3 pans.
    Be able to use half pans third pants and six bands on your steam table without having them fall into the water this is a must need for your steam table easy to clean.
    These adapter bars are great for your steam table, they hold the pans in place and are very stable. will order again very soon. Thanks
    These are great for dividing your Oreo,line and holding multiple pans as they fit perfectly across our 12 inch food line, high quality as well.
    These adapter bars are holding strong. we use them every day in our soup warmer and they are subjected to both heat and water but have yet to show any signs of rusting.
    These separators fit almost every fridge and are both steady and rigid. Sit nicely in drawers or even steam tables and remove easily to be cleaned daily.
    These fit nicely in our Avantco W50 Electric Countertop Food Warmer. They are a must have if you are not strictly using full size food pans.
    They work great holding my 1/6 steam pans in my warmer. They are sturdy and haven't bent at all. I would purchase again if needed.
    I use these inserts for my steam table to hold smaller pans in place. They hold up really well and things don't fall into the water, which I thought would happen. I'm happy I purchased them.
    You can never have enough of these if you have a buffet of any kind. We use them on the salad bar and steam table as well as prep tables in the kitchen.
    The bar stays in place, is the right size, and is exactly what I ordered. It works perfect for what I needed it to do.
    If you need a steam table pan adapter bar look no further. This 12 inch model is just the ticket, made of good quality at a great price.
    A must in any kitchen with a sandwich station or steam table. Good quality and strong enough to hold heavy pans of soup or sauces.
    Very very useful product, and a better solution then buying the beverage air ones. Don't even understand why those are so expensive considering that this one is almost exactly the same.
    Just the right size for the product easy to use and will be an asset to our equipment would order again if needed A++ always
    These are perfect for keeping the 1/3, 1/6, or 1/3 pans in your steam table from moving around, especially because of the water in the bottom of the steam table.
    We needed supports and spacers for are steam table pans and these are cheap and simple. They do there job are sturdy and are made of good quality
    These bars are great for dividing up my steam table into sections and i'm able to put two small hotel pans in my steam table and have it being sturdy
    These adapter bars are great. They help keep my catering pans locked in tight so nothing falls through. they are easy to clean and fit perfectly.
    These bars allow me to use different pans in my steam table. Essential! now my six pans no longer fall into the water during service!
    Perfect size for our pizza cooler to hold some pans up in a different arrangement than before. It feels very sturdy in place especially with the pans on it.
    A basic bar adapter that works perfectly with our steam table. I was worried at first that it wouldn't fit or hold the pans like it should but they do.
    It works for my true and beverage air prep tables. I also use this item for my refrigerated chef base. This adapter is wider than normal, which does not hinder spacing in sandwich prep tables.
    This hotel pan adapter bar works perfectly in our warmer it helps hold 6 1/6 pans In place. At this price it Could never hurt to have a few extra ones around .
    Great iteam! Fits perfectly in most hot and cold wells and cleans up really easily! Get more then what you think bc it's always good to have a back up or if you lose them.
    This adapter bar will not work properly in any of the food warmers on this site labeled with 12"x (?)" . You can start by using it but soon it will fall inside the warmer because it is not proportionate. Unfortunately for me I used this adapter bar just after the 30 days from when it arrived SO they will not let me return it or credit me the cost for 6 of them. They say the shipping and 20% restock fee will probably cost that much so I should just keep them [ at my cost! ].. --- So now I have to keep a defective product because of the inconvenience or unwillingness to credit my account. I have been a good customer, purchasing multiple times over the last few years. I am very disappointed in this bad customer service.
    Thank you for your review, William. We're sorry to hear that these bars are not fitting properly for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you to help fix the issue.
    We got these bars to change our chef base pan layout. As long as you know what size you need and what fits your equipment, these will work just fine for your application.
    Great product. Sturdy, strong, and good quality. Great price. We have many of these for our steam table and they work great. wouldn't use another product.
    It's a fine product, although I'm not 100% sure what it is for. I purchased this with a steam table to fit 3 1/3 pans, but the 1/3 pans fit perfectly without these adapters and in fact do not fit if I put the adapters in.
    For the price these adapter bars cant be beat. The edges are smooth which makes cleaning them a breeze. They are strong enough that they couldn't be bent even if someone was trying reasonably hard or misusing them.
    No complaints. Simple. Does what its supposed to. Would rec to anyone looking for a hotel pan adapter bar. Seems well made and sturdy. Good buy.
    Really strong and durable steam table adapter bar. We used these to fill in the gaps between our long steam adapter bars to prevent heat escape. Works great and makes the buffet look more professional.
    Can't go wrong with these bars. Sturdy, strong and lightweight. Holds up well to the day to day abuse! I always keep a bunch of extras handy because these seem to disappear like socks in the dryer! Nice product
    The 12 inch steam table / hotel pan adapter bar is a high quality piece of kitchen equipment that has served my company well thus far!
    Got these divider bars to use catering as out half size aluminum pans would collapse into the water in our chafers... we loved them so much we now use them on a daily basis in the kitchen and will have to order more for catering!
    steam table pan adapter used for hot or cold applications. holds pans in place without tipping over, inexpensive and hold uo well. washs easily in machine
    These are well constructed and fit well into our food warmer. Buying them here on webrestaurant is way cheaper than getting them at the local restaurant supply.
    We purchased the adapter bars to use in our chafers. The bars allow us to use 1/6 pans without having them fall into the water. Works perfectly.
    Great price for a product that I never understood why they cost so much from the local supplier. These are high quality heavy duty units. Very happy and will order again.
    I bought these for a used refrigerated pizza make line that didn't have enough adapter bars. They fit perfectly and are sturdy. As always, the price can't be beat.
    Purchased these to make our steam table more adaptable to multiple size pans and they work great. They have held up well to heavy use with no problem.
    The 12" Pan adapter pan fits perfectly in a 4ft prep table or the Avantco warmers. This is an item that you will misplace so you should have plenty of them on hand. Great price
    good product that has held up well for us. we use them on the steam table and on the cold table to help keep the hot and cold where it belongs.
    This 12" Steam Table Adapter Bar is very sturdy. It is built of high quality materials and I would buy this again the next time I need one.
    My mobile commercial kitchen trailer has a 3 bay steamer. I purchased this item to use between two of the smaller sized steam pans. It works great. Would recommend using on a steam table.
    These are a must have for any steam table and table refrigerators! Securely holds pans and prevents the dreaded dropped pans! Easy to remove and clean! Worth the investment!!!
    I have two differnt types of divider bars. These and some cheaper ones that have small tabs. These have never failed on me and let my pans drop. The other more cheaper ones have to be manipulated just perfectly to stay in place, and even then if I bump a pan just a little the bar will move, drop, and now I have a mess. I should have gotten a full set of these.
    These Pan Adapters are sturdy enough for even me- a 25 year contractor turned caterer capable of breaking anything! Price is great with shipping very quick as usual!
    These really help make the chafers look more professional, but also to reassure you that the pans will not slip through into the hot water below (especially when you use the thinner disposable pans).
    Bars come individually wrapped which is a plus. They fit and are exactly as expected. They are easy to clean, lightweight and strong. Adapters move easily so adding or moving bars to accommodate different table set up is simple.
    I have two full size chaffers which come with two inch full pans but if you want to use half or third pans you will loose a lot of steam from between them these bars solve that problem and they also help support the pans important if you want to use aluminum pans as they aren't as rigid as stainless steel
    At first I bought one to make sure it fit. It does fit, and I will be buying more soon! Came in plastic sleeve, no scuffs or scratches, absolutely perfect!
    standard adapter bars for steam table. Not much to say about these bars. As they all do the same type of feature for holding pans in place

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