30 oz. Stainless Steel Malt Cup

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Make and serve frothy milkshakes, malts, Italian sodas, and other novelty drinks in this 30 oz. stainless steel malt cup! Designed for use with compatible drink mixers (sold separately), this malt cup allows you to add all your ingredients, mix, and then serve all in the same cup. Add a vintage and nostalgic feel to your establishment by using this malt cup for drink service. Or, serve your shakes in a classic glass and serve the extra on the side in this malt cup to keep it cold! Its classic appeal complements the atmosphere of any diner, ice cream shop, or family restaurant. Serve up an all-time favorite chocolate shake with your burgers and fries. With a one-piece stainless steel construction, this malt cup is durably built to last. Plus, it's easy to clean, and its material makeup keeps beverages chilled during mixing and serving.

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30 oz. Stainless Steel Malt Cup

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malt cups cup stainless Great price steel easy perfect shakes
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    We use these malt cups to mix shakes. The quality is excellent and the price is great. It’s easy to clean and they are stackable.

    from Blaze N Grill Posted on

    We bought 12 of these cups for the coffee shop and received a discount. They fit well in the Waring mixer and are of equal quality to name brand cups.

    Posted on

    Very very happy with this purchase,much more substantial c than expected couldn't be happier. So much so I ordered another dozen . Well mad a great quality for great price.

    from SFFD Station 10 Posted on

    Perfect for that summertime shake or morning smoothie with our shake machine. They hold up very well under washing and are still cosmetically perfect in appearance.

    from Hyco Lake Marina Posted on

    A true workhorse! These 30 oz. Stainless Steel malt cups hold up to daily abuse better or just as good as the more expensive brands.One tip-- Make sure to wash, rinse, and sanitize well between uses and air dry before stacking and they will serve you very well!

    from Matt's Sno Shack - TSNO Posted on

    this is the best malt cup for you money. very soiid build and it is very easy to clean. we use it to make all our shakes

    from Crazy Crepe Posted on

    I love these. I like them mostly for use with my immersion blender, which is a perfect match for the diameter of these cups--ideal for small batches of soups or sauces that need a quick shot with the stick blender. They're nice and heavy too, not flimsy at all.

    from Shandy Lawson Posted on

    This malt cup is made of quality stainless steel and it very affordable product. These of course are great for mixing and serving milkshakes, But you can also use them as flower vases for events if you want to create a unique look.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Add a nice looking straw to your malts!

    Love this item is really good to make large milkshakes. Is very easy to clean and storage. It doesn't get rusted. Price is great and good quality

    from Pincho Loco Posted on

    The thirty ounce stainless steel malt cup is no joke and they definitely come in handy. The fact that it is quality stainless steel is a bonus. They stack for so nicely storage. They are resilient and clean very well. I really hope additional sizes and styles are available in the future.

    Posted on

    Highly recommend!!!

    I love the look of this product. Very large size is perfect for shakes and malts without any spilling. Absolutely a must have if you make a lot of shakes!!

    Posted on

    Just like a swing back in time !!! Brings me back to Brooklyn in a candy store , fountain shop !!! we use them for Egg Creams and will be buying more !!! Stainless steel and fabulous !!!!!

    from twenty two Posted on

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    Posted on

    Best 30 oz cups for malts we use these on a waring 030319 and these fit perfectly and are economical rather than buying from our distributor at a higher price we buy these here and save a chunk of money.

    Posted on

    This malt cup ended up being too tall for my blender but the craftsmanship was a very nice quality. I gave this to a friend who uses it and loves it.

    Posted on

    This is a great stainless steel malt cup that I will use to keep cold drinks and shakes cold. I just wish it came with a lid but I know most need it for that.

    Posted on

    This steel malt cup is a good size for making two or even three shakes at a time when we are busy. The shiny stainless steel give it a good look when served at the table with and leftover shake. Sturdy and indestructible.

    from Khaan Deli LLC Posted on

    This product is a very sturdy malt cup -- it's perfect for mixing milkshakes or even doubling as a cocktail shaker in a pinch. Great product.

    Posted on

    I will always buy my milkshake cups here from now on. So much cheaper than anywhere else I have seen and when they arrived I was able to see that they are good quality as well. Why pay more somewhere else?

    from Ellen Renees LLC Posted on

    No need to spend tons of money on malt cups; these cups are great for mixing up milkshakes and drinks. They are durable, hold up to a heavy amount of abuse and do not leak from the bottom like many cheap malt cups.

    Posted on

    The 30 oz malt cup is made of rugged stainless steel and perfect for making malts and milkshakes. These cups are durable and withstand day to day use with no issues.

    from Jackson Gable Posted on

    These work well with our shake blender, they are durable and easy to make any size shake or malt in them, easy to clean and store.

    from Lone Star Bistro Posted on

    The 30oz Stainless Steel Malt Cup is a great product. Very durable for day to day uses. We use ours for a milkshake machine and this cup can take the stress of 50 to 100 milkshakes a day. Love the size because it can make two small shakes at one time!.

    from Flip Flop Burgers Posted on

    These malt cups are just as durable as the other brand we received with our drink mixer for a third of the cost. We recommend these highly.

    Posted on

    Seem to work ok with my machine. Durable easy to clean nice quality product for a cheaper price compared to the competition online and in store

    Posted on

    Great Malt Cup, perfect size for my needs, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, multipurpose use from making shakes to making iced coffees, have had for a year and hasn't rusted

    from Lemon Squeezers Beverage Co. Posted on

    These are nice cups for the malt machine. They are heavy duty and do not get all bent up when being used. Malt machines can be hard on cups, so we are happy that these are doing so well for us.

    Posted on

    These sturdy shake cups can take a beating and come back for more! Shake machines put these tins through ALOT of stress, yet I have only ever seen 1 older one give way to a dent.

    from Hot Box Cookies Posted on

    These stainless cups are easy to use for shakes and malts, hold up well under all conditions and are a great price for what you get. Highly recommend them for the price.

    from Freebirds World Burrito Posted on

    Very sturdy, I love these malt cups. Very easy to clean if you do manual hand washing. I use this cup with the Waring DMC201DCA 2 Speed Triple Head Drink Mixer. We make milkshakes all day and these cups hold up to the demand.

    from Cheese Daddy Posted on

    No need to spend tons of money on malt cups; these cups are great for mixing up milkshakes and drinks. They are durable, hold up to a heavy amount of abuse and do not leak from the bottom like many cheap malt cups.

    from By the Teaspoon, LLC Posted on

    Before this past year, I hadn't made a malt since 1976. And let me tell you, making a malt isn't like riding a bike: you forget. But with tools like this Stainless Steel Malt Cup, the practice is easier to pick up. And it's stainless steel which means no matter the color of the malt, it won't stain the cup.


    Picked up this malt cup as an impulse item -really like it. I also love malts so this cup is perfect. Strong, durable and keeps the malt that really cool and cold temperature it should be. Nice cup....big, too!

    Posted on

    I got this stainless steel malt cup to drink water, smoothies, and other drinks. It is a cost effective way to get a less breakable-than-glass, but not plastic drinking vessel.

    Posted on

    This malt cup does just what it is supposed to. It is very sturdy and has held up for a few months of use without becoming damaged while being used with a malt mixer. It is very easy to clean and stacks well.

    Posted on

    Great product and great price. Easy to use, easy to clean. Use half scoops of ice cream and fill milk half way so mixer belt won't break.

    from Krazy Kitchen Posted on

    This is a very durable and good looking malt cup. We haven't had any problems with the stainless steel denting or getting scratched. Very affordable price as well.

    Posted on

    Who doesn't like a good milkshake / Malt Cup. I bought this because 1 is just not a sufficient number of Malt Cups to have when your expecting company. Now everyone gets to prep their own shake.

    Posted on

    Great size sup and sturdy. I would by the malt cup collar incase you do large shakes. All picked up a few when we get 3-4 shake orders at a time.

    from thecookieguy Posted on

    The price was the best I have ever seen! They work well in our malt mixer, and I like the indents on the side at 1 cup intervals..

    from Fireside Cafe Posted on

    Bought these cups to work with the warner dmc180 wall mount drink mixer. They work perfectly with this. They are big enough to prevent spills and splashing out of the top. Highly recommend

    from KTC'S Brain Freeze Posted on

    These cups fit our machine and clean our easily. No complaints. It does what it's supposed to at a very reasonable price. We bought many of these because of the discounted price. Worth it.

    Posted on

    although it is not of the same brand as my machine waring Drink Mixer. and the size is perfect for use in the machine there was no problem.

    Posted on

    These are simple cups that just get the job done. Maybe a little thinner gauge stainless than more expensive cups but that doesn't bother us.

    from Blue Canary CoffeeHouse Posted on

    This Milkshake cup, is a perfect addition weather you have a hand immersion blender or a milkshake machine. It is strong and sturdy. And does not tip easy when making milkshakes. Easy to clean and a great value.

    Posted on

    Love this stainless cup. Size is just perfect. Good for making malted drinks and ice cream sodas. Price can't be beat. Another winner from webrestaurant.com.

    Posted on

    The 30 oz. stainless steel malt cups are very sturdy, as well as attractive. The price was excellent, and I look forward to using them for many years to come.

    Posted on

    These are classic! They are the perfect size and so affordable. They wash well and hold up. I love the size for my triple mixer. And the price is super affordable, you can just stock up!

    from Lu Lu's Ice Cream Shop Posted on

    Perfect size for making fruit smoothies directly in the cup. Solid construction. Excellent product at a reasonable price. I love drinking out of it for that retro feel.

    from Home cook Posted on

    purchased a new Waring milkshake mixer from here and should have gotten these extra cups then. they are durable and a must when mixing multiple shakes.

    from Jammin' Java Posted on

    These cups are great for use in many different applications all around my store. The 30 oz. size allows for use with either small or larger containers.

    from Mike's Coffee and Pie Kitchen Posted on

    These cups can be used for so much more than malts. I love them for keeping my beverage nice and cold. Ice lasts so much longer which means my soda doesn't get watered down. Plus they don't break! Perfect if you live with teens. We fight over these at home.

    from Crystal B Posted on

    These malt cups work so good in so many applications from ice cream parlors to bar supplies. This is a must have cheap buy that is stainless steel.

    Posted on

    The 30 oz. Stainless steal Malt cup is great. It is a must have with themalt mixer,withe its mirror finish .You can serve from the cup or pour into another cup after mixing. works great.

    from Harrison enterprizes Posted on

    This is a nice tall milkshake cup. Good stainless steel quality. It is good to have an extra one or two around. I will be ordering more.

    Posted on

    When you buy a bunch of these malt cups you can mix up a lot of delicious frozen drinks! Nice stainless steel material! Quick and easy to clean!!

    Posted on

    They work great and last a long time. It's durability is great. My staff constantly drops them to the floor by accident and it still doesnt make a dent.

    Posted on

    The 30 oz Stainless Steel malt Cup is a must have with the drink mixer. It is nice to have several just incase you get alot of orders at once.It won't rust and is easy to clean.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    Easy to clean, no rust, and great for making milkshakes, fruit smoothies, etc. We have had our milkshake cups for years and haven't had the need to replace them.

    Posted on

    These stainless steel malt cups are really nice! We have used ones in the past that are thin and wear out easier, but these have out lasted all of the ones we have used in the past.

    from Polar Express Dairy and More Posted on

    This is the malt cup to purchase if you like milkshakes or smoothies. It's very sturdy , useful and convenient. It's at a great price and reminds me of the Soda Fountain Shops from the 1950's .

    Posted on

    I use these with my malt and smoothie machine. They are well constructed, and look great. Keeps drinks icy cold and are easy to clean, and priced perfectly. Great cups.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    Very sturdy cup for milk shakes and we also use for Blizzard like ice cream product.Was priced well and shipped fast. Will probably buy a few more.

    from Route 191 Diner Posted on

    This cup works awesome with my frappe machine! Nice sturdy cup at a great price, and the lines make it very easy to measure out correct amounts each time.

    from Small Towne Sweets Posted on

    Great Quality item for a great price. Looks more expensive than they are.Keeps the malt icy cold.It also helps to make overall presentation of the product an easy breeze.

    Posted on

    I make a good amount of smoothies at home but it is very difficult to find a quality cup that is over 20-ounces in capacity, so I decided to give this stainless steel malt cup a try. It is very well welded/constructed at the seam and looks very sturdy. Smoothie says chilled for a good amount of time because it is made from metal. Since I like these malt cups a lot, I acquired a number of them so I can make several smoothies for a bunch of people at one time.

    Posted on

    This malt cup has high quality stainless steel. It looks new even when it took many abuse from dropping to shaking. Great product, great price what else is not to buy

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    This malt cup is pretty consistent with others on the market. It's definitely not dentable - we've dropped it a handful of times and it looks like new. Sits in a dry rack after washing...no rust.

    from Scratch Posted on

    just started making milkshakes, perfect size and for the price they are great other places i had looked for these, they were alot more expensive, you cant beat the price nor quality

    from rosies Posted on

    This 30 oz. stainless steel malt cup works great with most shake mixers. We have two different brands of mixers and these work perfectly. They are high quality, stainless steel and are very durable. The price is excellent as well.

    Posted on

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