12" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Utility Tong

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Simplify your restaurant operations with this 12" heavy duty utility tong! Made of 20 gauge stainless steel, this 12" utility tong is heavy duty and built to last. In addition, the tempered, flat steel springs ensure durability and longevity under everyday use. The concave utility grip and uniquely-shaped teeth are perfect for completing a variety of kitchen tasks. Plus, the scallop-edged ends make it easy to move, rotate, and turn your food while cooking or serving. It also features a convenient locking mechanism which helps to conserve space in storage. Ideal for use in a variety of settings, this tong is perfect for applications ranging from back-of-the-house grilling, to self-serve buffet stations, and even table service! Bringing quality and convenience to your kitchen has never been easier than with this 12" heavy duty utility tong!

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12" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Utility Tong

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tongs great heavy kitchen duty easy price quality Made handle
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    These tongs are a good value for the price. The tips touch enough so that you can't actually pick things up. They don't always line up evenly, and feel a bit flimsy.
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    These 12 inch heavy duty stainless steel tongs are lightweight and very durable. We have many of these in our catering supplies because they come in handy for serving a variety of food items in addition to being very useful in the kitchen and on the grill.
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    The 12 inch Heavy Duty tongs are fantastic. They are strong enough to hold a full size sheet pan with cooked or raw product on it, making easy transferring of pan during prep and service
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    Great tongs for the price. They don't feel flimsy like some of the other ones at this price. I definitely recommend this product if you are in the market for tongs.
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    We are really impressed with this tongs. They are easy to rotate and are lightweight so you can pick up a lot in one use. Definitely recommend!
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    These tongs are really great for a myriad of uses in the kitchen. Honestly we've used them on the stove, in the oven, when frying, when baking, basting, or flipping. They are not too heavy and very versatile. We have several.
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    This 12" tong is versatile for a variety of tasks. I reach out to this tong all the times because of it's perfect size - not too long and not too short. Great price and great quality.
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    Our kitchens have really needed these stainless steal utility tongs. They are exactly what they say they are which is heavy duty. They have really held up well in our kitchens. I definitely recommend these.
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    We use these tongs in concession trailer for serving hot and cold items. The latch slides down keeping closed for easy storage. The clean easily.
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    Very good for the price. The class that holds it together can get stuck somewhat, and there is not great spring action. But overall it does the job. Also it can withstand high heat when grabbing pizza pans.
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    Purchased for use in a commercial kitchen. Standard tongs that hold up well to repeated daily use. Spring holds up well after months and months of use.
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    These heavy duty stainless steel tongs are very durable. They are easy to use and easy to clean. The tongs have an easy grip. I would recommend to others.
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    Great product! Well made, heavy duty. Comes in a variety of sizes. We use them constantly on our kitchen . Won’t find them for this price anywhere else.
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    Very good tongs. They are well made and have a very strong feel to them. The steel is nice and thick. I bought a dozen or so and none have broke. I would buy again if needed.
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    Love these tongs. So many uses! Great quality. I ordered them to use at a kids cooking camp and they were great. Only thing to be mindful of is when you wash them be careful to flush all water out of handle or it might get in your food while you are cooking.
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    Great tongs to use in the kitchen. I use them on a flat top and the long handle is nice in that my hands don't get too toasty! And this price can NOT be beaten by anyone, anywhere. I have a half a dozen or so and I LOVE them. Plus they are dishwasher safe, so there is the convenience factor as well. I recommend you by several.
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    Great tongs! I have some older tongs in this same style, and I'm happy to say these have held up just as well. Can't have enough of these in my kitchen.
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    I'm extremely satisfied with the way these tongs are made. Never have to worry about dropping food once you lock down with these powerful tongs
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    The 12" version of these tongs are very strong. Made with thick stainless so you don't have to worry about flexing or dropping anything heavy. Easy to clean and the locking ring stores them perfectly.
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    Great product! Well made, heavy duty. Comes in a variety of sizes. We use them constantly on our food truck. Won’t find them for this price anywhere else.
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    Very nice and useful tongs for my kitchen. I use it for everything: mix my salads, noodle, use it for pan fry and deep frying!
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    Great tong that is 12 inches long. It is very sturdy and easy to clean. They will hold up well over the test of timr
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    Great stainless steel tongs, pretty standard in any kitchen setting. We use these on a daily basis and have no complaints so far. Highly recommended!
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    Heavy duty tongs at a great price! Made of good quality metal, with a good trip on the end for picking up food. The hinge is solidly constructed and moves freely and smoothly.
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    This is perfect for cooking at high temperature because the handle is long enough to not over heat my hand. I like the lock in place feature.
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    This is probably one our most commonly used kitchen utensils. It helps that they are made of stainless steel so they can handle constant washing. One way we find use for these is tossing the chicken wings in sauce after they are removed from the fryer.
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    These tongs is truly heavy duty nice and strong with good grip for holding burger patties and placing them onto the buns also the length is convenient when having to move quickly.
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    Very good Quality. We were surprised of the good quality it has for the price. We would recommend it they are long which is great to keep hands away from the hot food
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    Great set of tongs. These are very stiff and sturdy when using. The best feature is that there is a notch in the handle to keep the lock ring from sliding down while in use. Many other companies miss this feature. I would recommend.
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    I love that these tongs have a long handle and the locking mechanism that makes them very easy to store. I always use tongs since im always cooking meat. I love these they're durable and very easy to clean which is a must have in my kitchen.
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    The tongs are a good size and very sturdy. It folds up nicely for storage and doesn't take up too much space. It can be used for both cooking and serving.
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    The best quality bright, good finish, good weight and balance, simple and elegant at the same time, , good investment ,Nice weight These are really a good quality. I would definitely recommend these.
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    Great tongs at a great price! Made of quality grade metal, they're not flimsy at all. Hinge is solidly constructed, and moves freely and smoothly.
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    These tong like described are heavy duty. The length is just right and love that you can close them up with little clamp on handles.
    The 12" utility tong is really heavy duty and is super nice for commercial restaurants. The scalloped edge makes it super easy to pick up products.
    This is amazing for fryers. No more burning your hands trying to get things out. They are a perfect size. And durable. Not to mention that price!
    If you're looking for that perfect pair of tongs to hide from everyone else on the line look no further. These tongs will be a sure fire way to get your employees to show up to work on time, if not 5 minutes early just to make sure they get them first! Solid metal, nice round tip, perfect alignment, and no bending or rusty inner bits. The perfect extension of your hands for your pirate crew/ I mean kitchen staff.
    These tongs totally click together, over and over and over. You and everyone you know will try them out, just because. Then when they aren't in use, they hang on just about anything. I like to store them on a wire rack in my home kitchen, and at work, I've seen people hang them on oven handles and also just leave them wherever they want. I like these longer tongs for grilling, grabbing things that fall in the oven, and did I mention just clicking them to see if they work...
    Great Quality. Highly recommended for all serving needs. Very durable to heat and easy to clean and store. Suitable for all kinds of use for sure.
    Poor quality and construction. Do not look for these tongs to last consider them a throw away item. Look elsewhere or for a different brand here. Lasted less than three months.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Excellent product. They're very comfortable to grip and to handle. The resistance that the hinge spring gives is just right. Hinge spring is replaceable, but lasts a long time. You might have to change it after 7 or 8 months. Easy to wash, lightweight but sturdy. These are my go-to tongs.
    Great utensil for all types of kitchens. Lightweight yet heavy duty that will hold up to everyday wear and tear from normal kitchen use. Comfortable handle makes it easy to hold and use. Great product for buffet or line service
    Rings were cheaper than anywhere I found and I was skeptical with buying. These are more durable that the expensive ones we had bought from the store. They are great. Work great and the spring is strong.
    The stainless steel tongs are indeed tough and have thousands of uses for both FOH and BOH employees. The only complaint would be that the ridge on the inside of the tongs can be hard to clean.
    this is listed as a heavy duty utensil.its more like standard duty.its still a good deal though.i gave it 2 stars cause its not a commercial grade set of tongs
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Good strong hinge and thick stamped sheet metal period and had no issues with the hinge or other components. Only problem is occasionally you can pinch your hand when squeezing tongs
    These heavy duty stainless steel utility tongs are much needed in our kitchen. They are used to pick up steamed lobsters so no one gets burned.
    these tongs use to be better. they are now made with aluminum rivets that hold them together at the junction instead of the stainless steal that they were made with. I have gone through twice as many pairs of the new ones as the old ones which I still have a few pairs of. I will not purchase them again as long as the rivets are aluminum. they use to be a good tong for the price but now they don't last more than 2 months in a busy kitchen.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Good, solid tongs, wish they had spent a little more on the hinge, i broke all 12 in just over a month, we do heavy sautee and need sold tongs, i'll try the next grade up.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Just a basic tong with a slide lock. This does not bend and dent as easily as the lighter weight ones. Good length for many uses around the kitchen.
    Extremely sturdy for the price. The honestly feel good in the hand and operate smoothly. The only thing I would change is how the lock is.
    Good shape and size, decent quality light-weight steel tong. Long enough to not get super hot on the ends but short enough to keep on any size of line, without getting in the way.
    THIS is a solidly built heavy duty tong. The stainless steel is good for cleaning and the feature to close it shut is great to keep organized
    This 12" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Utility Tong is the right length for removing hot Frys from hot grease. It is great to have in any kitchen.
    I love these tongs. They are well made with no sharp edges (which I've found in other tongs not from this site). I use them all the time.
    These are an excellent value and are extremely durable. I'm re-ordering more simply because our kitchen is too busy, but the ones we have are still going strong after much use and abuse. Ordering these is a no-brainer!
    Personally, I think these are perfect size for restaurant use. They are not too long and you can grasp items with them without them flopping around too much.
    These are great tongs for making carne asada, i would definitely recommend. my restaurant use these for everything. we also take hem out on catering jobs
    I love this and I will purchase more. Very high quality, good looking, easy to use and made of stainless steel! Great price and the handle is also very long!
    The locking mechanism on these tongs is strong. I was able to clamp and hold onto the meat without straining my hand to hold it close. I haven't experienced any bending so far.
    We had a whole bunch of 12" Tongs already and these fit in perfectly with the ones we own. When it comes time, we will probably purchase these again.
    These work, but they are not my favorite. They are durable and I have no doubt they will last for a long time - as long as you bypass the dishwasher. My problem with this model is the locking mechanism. The slide over lock sometimes slips and they spring open. Often it takes two hands to unlock the tongs - inconvenient most of the time.
    We have multiple of the tongs because they are so USEFUL! We use them to scoop out gardiniera and banana peppers without getting the juice on the pizza to make it soggy.
    We use the 12" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Utility Tong to take waffles off our waffle maker. The larger size is nice, as it allows us not to get to close and burn ourselves on the hot waffle maker. It has a standard ring clamp to hold it closed when not in use, and a nice clam-shell grip that picks things up nicely.
    These are long! Good for grilling or places where you need to be able to reach over a far or hot area and flip something. These are heavy gauge SS and will stand up to abuse.
    12" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Utility Tongs were very poor quality. Broke within a week. you get what you pay for. don't recommend these tongs.
    Thank you for your feedback, Lawrence! We are sorry these tongs did not meet your expectations, these are a great value! We recommend trying these 12" Stainless Steel Black Scalloped Coated Handle Tong instead.
    This is an excellent heavy duty tong. It has a notch at the top for keeping the clasp out of the way when you're using it which I find extremely helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
    A great set of tongs that are well constructed and perfect for numerous uses .The 12" heavy duty tongs are great for flipping steaks and chicken on the grill.
    These so-called heavy duty steel tongs break very easily under normal use. We have switched to the Volrath Jacob's tong and they do not break.
    We appreciate you review, Michael! We are sorry these tongs did not meet your expectations. If you ever need a recommendation for a different product, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These tongs are spring loaded for ease of use, and van handle a variety of foods. Tough and reliable enough for everyday use in any kitchen.
    Heavy duty for sure. We've owned ours for years and it is still holding up very well and washed well. Great value for the price. We owned many sizes and multiple of each size, never had any problem.
    These tongs are very high quality and you will save a lot of money because if you buy more then one you will get a big discount.
    These tongs are very nice and sturdy. The 12" is the right size for serving pulled pork out of a full size pan. I would highly recommend this product!
    These 12" heavy duty stainless steel tongs may be inexpensive, but they are not cheap! A fine, sturdy product that will surely give many years of good use.
    I love that these tongs eliminate the gap on the inside making pinching or injury much less likely. We usually take off the thing at the top that locks them. They last a long time and we replace more from bending the ends of the tongs beyond usefulness than from the spring action wearing out.
    These tongs handle everything! I use them for serving salads and pastas as well as for cooking. They are lightweight, easy to clean and lock and unlock easily
    While the tongs themselves seem to be very well built, the rivet that holds the two pieces together is very fragile. After 4 months, I will be losing my last 2 of 12 tongs due to this problem. Will definitely buy a different brand next time.
    We appreciate your feedback, Joe! We are sorry this item broke on you, a member of our Customer Solutions team will be contacting you shortly!
    These tongs are great to have around, they are quality made and hold up to abuse around the kitchen. I recommend these to anyone needing a solid pair of tongs.
    This is a great pair of steel tongs. I've always prefered stainless steel tongs since it's so much easier to toss them in the dishwasher. Good deal.
    Love these tongs. Perfect for getting foods out of deep fryers and handling food off the grill. Good price and always fast shipping. A must have
    A 12" heavy duty stainless steel utility tong. It's got a long reach so you are able to use in ovens and grills and not worry about you hands being too close to the heat!
    The 12" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Utility Tong is great for serving or grilling. The quality is excellent and the price is reasonable. I definitely recommend this tong and will purchase again if needed.
    This 12 inch heavy duty stainless steel utility tongs are great for everyday use from grilling out to serving salad indoors. Great tool for the kitchen.
    These longer tongs are good for serving with sneeze guards on any buffet. Delivered without issue and would order again for sure. And highly recommend.
    These are great tongs. I now have them in three sizes, but this 12 inch size works the best in my household kitchen. Strong, easy to lock and unlock with one hand, and can easily grab large, heavy pieces of meat. Very heavy-duty.
    The 12" heavy duty tongs are a great value. They are definitely sturdy and can take a beating. They have been dropped and smashed and nothing has happened.
    These tongs are thee best.I have used the everyday for 3 years and they have held up well.Great price and we'll worth the money.I recommend these.
    The tongs purchased were very high quality and arrived quick! Very good value for the price. Definately will order again. Price and quality and quick shipping.. is a win.. win.. win..
    The best tongs I've ever used! They aren't flimsy like some other tongs can be, and the spring inside is strong. The only problem I have is the locking mechanism: it's simply a rectangle of heavy-gauge wire that slides up and down to close the tongs. It has been bent out of shape very slightly and now falls off the top of the tongs -- and it's difficult to get back on. A little work with pliers will set things straight and make these last a very long time.
    Heavy duty and cheap. I like that. These are our main line tools for grilling and mixing. A good item! I really enjoy it and they are a good size.
    I really love this tong. Great material, and for the price, I will be buying more...You can use this item on the grill or stove or you can use it as a serving tool. The locking mechanism make it easy to lock or unlock with with one hand. Dishwasher safe.
    This product is durable and a perfect size for getting things from the fryer or tossing a salad. Stainless steeal and heavy duty as stated in the product name.
    You can't ask for a better Tong than this one. Perfectly functional, feels sturdy, and the price cannot be beat. Would recommend 10 times out of 10!
    Much heavier duty than expected for that price ! Like the long tongs, keeps the hands away from the bbq grill. Will buy again when these wear out.
    Nice stainless steel tongs. Good for use in larger bowls or for tasks requiring longer tongs. The ring that holds the tongs together is helpful for storage.
    These are good and nice and sturdy. I bought both the lightweight and the heavy duty. If I had to take a guess the lightweight would last 3 months less than the heavyweight.
    if you need a good set of all-around tongs, these are the way to go. these tongs are workhorses in the kitchen and will last a very long time even with a good amount of abuse.
    Very good sturdy product I would definitely recommend this product, some tongs you buy are flimsy but these have held up well with lots of use I will reorder when needed & for the money you cant beat the value
    Good, solid pair of utility tongs. I like that the locking mechanism is a slider and not the pull out tab at the end - that means i can lock or unlock these with one hand.
    Nice heavy duty tongs, that do their job well. Good price for a good product. Can use for picking up food items and sautéing products.
    So I decided to get these 12 inch heavy duty stainless steel utility tong they are very nice heavy duty indeed and they're really not that expensive
    These are great tongs. They work incredibly well and hold up great to any amount of use you are going to throw at them. I can't recommend them enough at the price.
    i use this for grilling, frying, perfect length also. Easy to clean and cheap, whats not to like, this is not a cheapo thin thongs btw
    Heavy duty, great locking capability, and easy to use. “Easy to find what I was looking for. Good price. Easy checkout I will be ordering again
    The price is great! Better quality then the standard duty utility tong but still not perfect. The spring does not hold up good over time so I have to order new ones
    These are what I have been looking for. i needed some new "hands" and been through several cheaper pairs of them. they have a nice weight to them- sturdy and a good spring. I removed the closure as it always seemed to slip down while using, but easy enough to get rid of it.
    The price is great! Better quality then the standard duty utility tong but still not perfect. The spring does not hold up good over time.
    these hold up well, the fastener on the end is a little flimsy but overall I highly recommend these to anyone who needs a quality tong
    High Quality, very stable tongs. Not quite long enough for large grill work, but great for working in an oven or fryer. I also like the fact that they are magnetic so I can hang them from the hood over the stove.
    very pleased with purchase for these tongs seem sturdy and heavy duty as described but soon thereafter when we started using it they started to break. Now, only after couple weeks into use, I only have few left...almost back to where I started
    Thank you for the review! We're sorry these tongs started breaking for you. They're heavy duty and should be lasting well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon about the defective tongs.
    I have bought multiple lengths and sizes of these tongs I love them amazing price point and quality and the sticker comes right off fantastic
    We've purchased this, as well as the standard weight tong (Item#: 92247113). We use both regularly but ultimately we prefer this one, as it feels more sturdy in your hand and the clasp is a huge space saver.
    12" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Utility Tong we have lots of these we have HD tongs for over 20 years so they last very long
    I have found the 12 inch tongs to be the most versatile in our kitchen. They are not too long to lose control of the food and still long enough to be a safe distance from the heat. As with the other sizes, these are a nice heavy weight and easy to handle and clean. Highly recommended as I am buying a few more soon!
    this are exactly what they say heavy duty hot dog grabber there great for business and there easy to clean and a great product love them must have also
    These are the best, most durable tongs you'll find anywhere! I've purchased multiples to give as gifts, along with measuring cups & spoons, and whisks. Such high quality.
    I love these tongs. Use them for everything. They are cheap, durable, and easy to clean. I always take the clip off because eventually it just falls off anyway.
    Not a good quality ,just use few day .it's broken already . I buy few in the store.use one year still good ? iwon't buy this for my restaurant again .
    Thanks for reviewing these! We're sorry they broke so quickly. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you right away.
    A nice heavy duty tong. It feel very sturdy, not like it going to give up when using. Being metal it can be used while sauteing or even when grabbing a sheet pan out of the oven. It is so versatile.
    Very durable no power not in purchasing more expensive options. Purchased 10 six months ago and currently have 10. Not one has broken yet very pleased
    I love these tongs, strong, sturdy and you can pick up food really precisely because it has a great grip. Unlike some other tongs I bought, the tips come together very precisely to make it really easy to use. Cleaning is a cinch because I throw them in the dishwasher. Some people take off the clip that can hold it shut, but I leave them on. I have several pairs of these tongs in multiple sizes. The price is amazing.
    This is exactly what I expected and I believe this is commonly used in every where such as restaurants, hotel baffles and so on. If you have one, I believe it will be helpful anytime.
    Decent set of tongs, especially for the price; only problem is the spring broke after about 4 months of medium duty use, they are still usable but slightly cumbersome without it.
    Absolutely love the 12" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Utility Tongs. They are very strong and durable. They are a must have and would recommend these to anyone. Perfect set!
    Sturdy utility tongs. Made from great material. Easy to wash. Great price and fast shipping. Would recommend to any restaurant or business. Overall all 10
    These 12" heavy duty stainless steel tongs are great. They are strong enough to hold a tray full of rolls. (Squeeze as tight as you can!) This one has lasted over 2 years of every day use. The key is the heavy spring in the middle. The others fall apart very fast.
    These tongs are great they long enough to grab meat and other food items.Even though they are sliver plates they long enough where the customers want get burned from grabbing tongs
    Super durable. I loved it. It is heat resistant and I would recommend for any one or any business to buy. Great product over all.
    I have ordered tongs before from other locations but these tongs from webstaurant are sturdy, reliable and easy to clean. I have been having a few for about a year and use them at least once a week and they still look great!
    Used the 12" Heavy Duty Utility Tong to pick up a chocolate pastry. The tongs feel very nice in the hands. I was able to cushion the pastry and not squish it. Nice.
    long tongs for big flat tops or grills so your not burning your fingers over the hot stove. the teeth on the bottom also help grab.
    The 12" is a better size for grabbing fryer items . This is definitely heavy duty and dishwasher safe. We have purchased these before and will again.
    These tongs are great I use them to handle all kinds of food inside and out on the grill barbecuing chickens, chops steaks, and lots of veggies.
    I needed some tongs to replace my old ones that began to rust. The price on these is what got my attention but the quality is much better than one might expect for the price. These will be great in our burger venture we're launching in a few months.
    Very nice and sturdy tong's, a great size for many different uses. Good gripping leverage and are made of quality materials and good workmanship. very pleased
    Again great study tong. Using them for daughters wedding. But will take them to work place after event because they are better then the ones we have now.
    Love these tongs! I use them constantly in our kitchen. They are the perfect size for me. They've been washed multiple times a day and still look like new!
    The 12" heavy duty utility tong is great, the tongs grip super well and feel very heavy and sturdy in hand. The workmanship is great and will last year's
    I ordered these heavy duty stainless steel tongs in three sizes. All are superior quality. These 12" tongs are perfect for grilling and working over flames. They clean very well too.
    These are a very good deal for the price. They are a decent, heavy weight with a respectable spring. There's even a thing attached to keep them closed. I would definitely recommend these as a good bang for the buck.
    These are good all purpose tongs. I like to pick up hot items like charcoal or a pan that is too far back in the oven to grab.
    Tongs have a great handle on them, easy to clean and store into my utensils bag. Such a great price and the shine is nice
    These tongs are really good tongs for the price. They have stood up to daily use in our restaurant very nicely. We will purchase more as needed.
    I got many of this heavy duty tong for my restaurant and couple of them came in broken. They sent me the new ones right away, it works great and I really like it.
    These tongs are made very well and are sturdy not flimsy like many other ones we have bought. I would highly recommend them for the cost you can't beat it.
    I was using walmarts brand. I would go thorough about a pair a month at home due to how poorly they were made and how thin the metal was. But then i decided enough is enough i bought these almost 2 months ago and not even single bend at the normal weak point. For me that is normally at the middle of the clam shell. So once again thank you WEBstaurant Store fot the quality and price. And i will never hesitate to purchase another. And as always i will definitely recommend.
    These 12 inch tongs are my go to tongs in the kitchen. A great all purpose size. They feel of nice quality and the stainless steel should never rust. Very pleased.
    These tongs are made extremely sturdy. They are the perfect size for everyday kitchen use. They don't open overly wide like some brands do, the opening is perfect.
    Very nice tongs for a very nice price. These 12" heavy duty utility tongs are extremely durable and will last almost indefinitely with minimal care.
    Purchased this item about a month ago. Surprisingly heavy in weight and construction. Very pleased with the purchase and will definitely purchase again. Proof that you don't have to spend top dollar for a name brand to get quality.
    Awesome tongs and VERY sturdy. Easy to clean and useful for almost anything. I use this very often and there is a latch to keep it closed which makes it easy to store.
    These are great long handled tongs, strong enough to pick up big things like steaks and brisket, but long enough to keep you from burning your hand. Don't use on nonstick cook wear, but great for the barbecue.
    Heavy duty written all over these tongs. This is the reason I purchased them and could not be happier. Very functional, sturdy and have a nice hefty feel to them. I get many compliments on these from friends who come to visit.
    Love this item, the length and durability of this product can't be beat. Heavy duty constuction for heavy duty work by the kitchen staff! A+
    These tongs have held up well. They are very well made and grip just about anything. They are easy to clean and well worth the cost.
    These tongs don't open wide at all. It's hard to grab anything. Besides that they are pretty strong. I would only recommend buying wider ones.
    A good solid tong. The 12" gets into where we need it on our smoker. I love the ability to keep it closed when stored for ease of storage.
    Perfect size tongs for working with food in pan on high heat. Long enough to keep hands out of heat, good solid metal build. The lock tends to slip down when fully closed, otherwise no complaints.
    I'm so glad I got these tongs. I actually purchased a set of 10" as well. Excellent quality, size is good. Far enough away from the heat to avoid injury. No rusting. The little clip holds them securely closed when not in use so not a lot of drawer space is taken up. Highly recommend.
    these are your standard tongs, good heavy duty quality, and they have a closer for easy storage which is a plus, will definitely order more
    Heavy duty is right! I could do anything to these tongs and they would be fine. I use them for practically everything and will continue to.
    These are great for working those italian sausages on our grill. They are heavy duty so they will last a really long time and at this price... it made sense to buy a couple of them. Can never have too many tongs, especially as a street food vendor. If you drop a tong... no where to run to go clean it off. Simply put it aside and pull out another one. :)
    this is a super great value tong. they are really strong and easy to clean. our line cooks are really happy with the feel and the look. for the price it doesn't get any better than this.
    I absolutely adore these tongs. They are very sturdy and heavy. They appear to be very durable and I hope to have them for years to come.
    Great value tongs. Very sturdy. They are the perfect length for my use at home. I purchased them for a buffet at a family event, and they were great at serving pasta too.
    These tongs are a good deal for the money. For average use they are good, they lasted about 8 months of daily restaurant use before the spring wore out and broke off.
    Good item. Was pleased with the quality of the item and the price. Arrived in a timely fashion and in good condition. Will be using to serve or prepare items at catered events.
    These heavy duty tongs are the perfect length for most kitchen tasks. They are strong enough to pick up a substantial piece of meat easily.
    This 12" heavy duty utility tong is a wonderful kitchen tool for our restaurant. It is strong and durable, and I like the size. We use it for grasping many food items. I have bought different sizes for all our needs.
    These 12 inch Stainless Steel Tongs do a great job of being both durable and attractive looking. The shine is fingerprint resistant. Love these tongs!
    The perfect pair of tongs. Its pretty straightforward: they are what you want in tongs -- they don't bend, they spring open when needed, and are overall a very sturdy build. They have a clamp that slides to close them as well. Very much worth the value.
    These tongs are a great value. They live up to the name heavy duty. The only thing I found wrong with these is the little metal peace that holds them together comes off, so your just better off removing this then have it fall off in your food.
    Everything you'd want in a pair of tongs. The are heavy grade and the scalloped edges don't get mishapen. The metal lock works well and doesn't pop off the end like some competitors. Will be buying more.
    These sturdy tongs are a great buy. They are just the right length to keep your hands away from the heat but not to long to be a nuisance to store. Very strong and can hold even the heaviest of foods without slipping.
    Very impressed with these tongs and the price was just as impressive!! They are heavy enough for the daily use in our restaurant and bakery
    I cant believe how strong this tong is. Very durable product. I use tongs all the time at home and at work, this was a very good investment.
    These longer 12" tongs are a must have for our char grill to minimize the amount of exposure to the hot flames. They also work well for our longer racks of ribs. Yum!
    Great heavy duty tongs. Tongs are such important part of our daily operations. They not only look nice to use on the buffet but also sturdy enough to use on the line.
    This is a great tong that will last a very long time. The 12 inch is the perfect size to work the grill or griddle.
    This is a good heavy duty basic tong. Very long size is great for reaching in a hot oven and grabbing sizzle pans with ease. Easy to hang several for quick use.
    These tongs worked well. They worked well for ribs and chicken. I know I'll get plenty of use out of them with summer fast approaching.
    Great tongs heavy duty and work well for grilling and give you a good reach over. The only problem is that if you are going to hang on the oven door handle when you open the door the tongs will pop off
    Ive always been nervous about getting cheap products, but in this case I received a quality tong that was priced inexpensivly. I will buy these again
    Great heavy duty tongs that are very convenient for reaching the far parts of the grill. Had them for months and they take plenty of ware.
    Nice heavy duty food tongs and a value when you buy a lot of items at one time. Nice for BBQ parties lets you reach the back of the grill.
    I ordered 4 of the utlity tongs when i started out. Very well made and we use them alot. You cant beat the price. Thanks webstaurant.
    These tongs are great. I use them for everything from cook outs to frying chicken, as well as for serving carious other foods at gatherings.
    these are greay quality heavy duty tongs. every restaurant needs tongs, and these are a great pair. very lowly priced. i deffinetly reccomend them for any restaurant.
    Superb quality on these tongs that were just the right size for what we needed. Our kitchen staff likes the quality and quick delivery time of your products. Keep up the good work!
    I love these tongs so much that I've ordered several pairs of them. Sturdy construction, and long enough to fit into a pot of boiling pasta. At this price, you can't go wrong!
    A very basic 12" tong. The metal is thick making it strong. It does a good job and works very well. It's a steal
    These tongs are top quality. I recently saw a pair like these but not as heavy-duty and they cost more at a discount store! These are almost 1/3 of the price and better quality! I always check WEBSTAURANT for the best deals before looking anywhere else.
    I have owned these for over a year and they are still working out great. They are stainless steel and have remained stain free. They are easy to clean. I thought the spring might have failed by now, but it is still going strong. I store them in the open position so as not to put tension on the spring during storage. I believe this has added to the longevity of the spring.
    we use these for grilling, as well as when we are making funnel cakes for a fundraiser. they are excellant quality, and I would not trade them for anything.
    These are ok tongs. They are heavy duty and durable, which is great. However, the handle is curved forming a tube in which food easily gets jammed, so you have to be careful when you clean them.
    This is the standard, time-tested utility prong design. I am a home user, and I highly recommend these. I also have a decent pair of Good Grips plastic tongs that had a creative idea for keeping the tongs closed. But, at the end of the day, the tiny movable piece of metal on these is the best thing around because you can operate them one handed. A must buy item.
    My business goes thru alot of tongs and it was unbelievable to find a top quality tong at such a low price. They wash and wear very well
    These tongs are heavy weight and available at a super low price. I bought a few too many and I am glad I did. They are used every day all day and hold up.
    This tong is rock-solid. I use it daily inside my kitchen: from frying to baking and everything in between. I really like using this tong to reach and pull out light dishes from the oven, they clamp well to sheets and dishes and I love them. I was surprised to find out when I received this 12" tong that they were made by Vollrath, which makes quality utensils, because I expected tong of lower-end brand. I recommend this tong for any kitchen: household or professional/commercial.
    Really solid construction for such a cheap price. These things are a 10th of the price of somthing you'd buy at williams sonoma and are way more sturdy.
    "Heavy Duty" has become such a blase' byline in so many catalog products. With these tongs, it is 100% accurate! Heavily rolled sidewalls on the main beams will stand up to the most abusive handling. Excellent value.
    This product is very durable, long enough for everything. I use my to flip fried fish, fried chicken breast and flip alot of things on the grill. This webstaurantstore got great price compare to else where.

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