1 oz. Black #30 Disher

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Scoop approximately 2 tbs. of cookie batter, yogurt, and other soft foods using this black, 1 oz. #30 disher. Its color-coded handle makes capacity classification and portion control a breeze when serving hot or cold foods in your restaurant, cafeteria, or bakery!

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1 oz. Black #30 Disher

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cookies perfect scoop disher size great easy scooper dough cookie
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    disher or ice cream scoop , multi purpose to it , i like it good small amount for serving , impressive price and quality also

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    The 1oz scooper is good for cookies and meatballs. Though I don't do a lot of cookies the holiday season puts me in the mood for homemade cookies from time to time. Meatballs on the other hand is a staple always make.

    from Comfort Cuisine Posted on

    This is a great portion control black disher to dispense smaller quantities of dough, mashed potatoes, and other foods. it is easy to clean and easy to use>

    Posted on

    Ideal for having equal portions every time. We use it for our cupcakes and cookies. The quality and the price of the scoop are good.

    from The Cozy Cannoli Posted on

    This black disher is high quality. It allows for consistent portioning which is very important in a restaurant setting. It is easily cleanable as well.

    from We're Rolling Pretzel Co. Posted on

    This is a quality scooper and it is great for portioning. Helps with presentation and saves time when using with soft or wet ingredients.. Highly recommend

    Posted on

    These scoops are awesome. They squeeze with ease and scoop up a nice amount of cookie dough. The cookies they make are a bit bigger in size than your standard but not too big.

    Posted on

    Scooping dough

    Love it! A great size for small scooping tasks, and makes things so much easier when trying to keep even consistency. A great addition to the kitchen!

    Posted on

    Average quality scooper. Does the job if you don't need a really sturdy scooper. Good to use for scooping cake or muffin batter and cookie dough that isn't very stiff.

    from Sweets by Nonnie Posted on

    This is perfect for smaller portions. I use it for butter and bite size cookies. It is designed to be durable and it is very easy to clean. Great value at a reasonable price.

    from Chaos Cakerie Posted on

    This works great on both meats and icecream. It has held up over several weeks of use and I do not see wear on any of the mechanical components.

    Posted on

    A great and useful disher

    The 1 oz. Black #30 Disher is perfect for dishing mashed potatoes, coleslaw, yogurt and ice cream. It is pretty sturdy and it can be placed in a dishwasher.

    Posted on

    I really like this scoop. I used it to scoop out mini muffins. I purchased it with the intention of using it for cookies but I think it may be too large for that.

    Posted on

    This is a nice scoop to have around. I bought it for cookies but I realized quickly that it may be too big for standard sized ones.

    from Bb Posted on

    This is such a nice easy to use 1 ounce black number 30 dish or he's a really good to use for portion control in the restaurant business I'm very happy with these and all the various sizes

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    These are so comfortable to use very happy with my purchase can't go wrong with it

    I have a ton of these dishers. There are so many reasons to love them. You can use them for more than just ice cream! I like to use mine for getting perfect domed tops on muffins, cupcakes, and other pastries.

    from j4jcline Posted on

    I have a ton of these dishers. There are so many reasons to love them. You can use them for more than just ice cream! I like to use mine for getting perfect domed tops on muffins, cupcakes, and other pastries.

    We use this scooper in our ice cream business for our "ice cream flights", perfect portion every time keeps waste down and ensures a consistent customer experience.

    Posted on

    This #30 disher is heavy duty, clean up well in the dishwasher, and has a black handle for easy identification. The 1 oz. size is great for cookies, meatballs, and portioning smaller sides/condiments.

    Posted on

    This 1oz #30 disher can handle even the toughest of doughs. We use this to scoop most of our cookies, and we scoop several hundred per week. It's very durable and does not have any functional issues despite its usage.

    from Rise Bakery Posted on

    Finally, we found the perfect cupcake scoop! This scoop will make the perfect size standard cupcake with ease! No need to scape off the excess, just scoop and pour

    Posted on

    I found this scooper for many uses. Starting to portion cookie dough to cupcakes and of course the perfect scoop size for ice cream. I also found it very smooth to work with.

    Posted on

    Quality seems pretty good, especially for the price. I use it to make our 1 oz kid sized meatballs. Gives a good scoop and gets all of the contents out pretty easily.

    from Big Family Pizza, Inc Posted on

    We use this scoop for making cookies. It is the perfect size and is very sturdy. The price and quality is great. We will be purchasing more.

    Posted on

    These are great. They are perfect for dishing out just the right amount. I have them in all of the available sizes. The color coding makes it easy to differentiate the sizes.

    Posted on

    I use this disher to scoop out cookie dough. The handle is comfy and the dough comes off the scoop clean and easy. Cleanup is also easy, as it is dishwasher safe

    Posted on

    I got this to dip up yeast roll dough. It is the perfect size for dinner rolls. Just a light spray of pan spray is all I needed to dip up 96 rolls.

    Posted on

    Using the 1 oz disher makes portioning easy and fast. Consistency is important and this makes it easy. Cleans well and easy to scoop with.

    Posted on

    I really like these schools they're handy to have around when you need to portion out just the right amount of whatever it is you need

    from Sweet treats Posted on

    This disher works great! It is perfect for cookies. It is sturdy, well-made and very easy to use. I would definitely recommend this product for any kitchen.

    Posted on

    This little scooper lasts longer than the bigger ones. They fit in the hand well and are easy to clean. They are good units and we like them

    Posted on

    I use this ice cream scoop to make large cookies. it portions out wonderfully so that i have uniformed cookies. I also use to evenly distribute cupcake batter. It helps out a messy baker like myself. I will definitely purchase more of these for ice cream etc.

    Posted on

    This is a great product. It is perfect for mini cupcake or mini muffin servings. It has done great in the dishwasher. I would recommend this product to anyone.

    from White Caps Catering Posted on

    I love these dishers. They are comfortable and they work really well when using for an extended period of time. I live that the handles are different colors to let you know what the size is. I love this little on for little cookies or mini cupcakes.

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    Great smaller scooper. Perfect round shape when we used it for sno cones. Good on ice cream too. I definitely recommend this and it's easy to clean.

    from ProPreneur Marketing LLC Posted on

    works great. I use this disher for all my cookies in the business and at home. They make perfectly round ball for truffles or other confections.

    from Fusion Tapas Posted on

    It is the perfect size for cookies, and it is much easier than the old two spoon cookie scooping method. Makes all the cookies the same size. This size is perfect for chocolate chip cookies.

    Posted on

    The #30 disher worked very well for making cookies; it does make larger sized cookies. The dough came out of the disher nicely, even without spraying the disher.

    Posted on

    This disher is very sturdy. This disher helps us a lot with portion control within the restaurant. I am going to buy us some more.

    from Tashpat LLC Posted on

    We use this Dish every week to perfectly mound out hundreds of little meatballs. This holds up great and cleans up well. The color coded handle is identified in the recipe book so no one gets confused.

    Posted on

    This is a great scoop that we use for all sorts of purposes. The mechanism is very strong and will put up with tons of abuse.

    from Cobscook Community Learning Center Posted on

    Finally, the right size scooper for our needs. Not the other ones purchased from webrestaurant.com weren't good either. This one just scoops the right amount. So good!

    Posted on

    We use this 1 oz disher for mashed potatoes and cookie dough for perfectly portioned cookies. Very durable and can be put in the dishwasher without any issues.

    from Kailey Posted on

    This disher is absolutely perfect for scooping out cookie dough. It makes the perfect size chocolate chip cookies and they are all uniform in size and shape. People think that I bought the cookies from a bakery because of the uniformity and round shape. Washes up good in the dishwasher, although I do hand wash sometimes as well.

    Posted on

    this is a great scooper. I use it for portioning all of my cookies and other baked goods. The handle has been sturdy and I have not had any problems with it.

    from Cleveland Park Catering Company Posted on

    This black disher scoops the perfect amount of batter for my mini cupcakes and is a breeze to use and clean. I should probably buy more!

    Posted on

    I love this disher a lot. It has become a staple in my kitchen. It is absolutely the perfect size for hearty size cookies as well as perfect for dishing out cupcakes

    Posted on

    Sturdy construction, not too hard to press with the thumb, like other scoops I've tried. I like how the scoops are all color coded, so you know what portion you'll need. The black 1 oz scoop is perfect for mini batter-based foods, like cheesecakes and cupcakes!

    Posted on

    This little scooper lasts longer than the bigger ones. They fit in the hand well and are easy to clean. They are good units and we like them

    from Secret spot Posted on

    Perfect size cookie scoop. This makes 12 cookies on a typical sheet pan. I am now able to get exactly 24 cookies out of most recipes. I wanted to buy this scoop to make smaller cookies so I could cook them more efficiently.

    from Crave Sweets Posted on

    I use this as my "mini" cookie scoop. Cookie size is probably normal for most but I love this cookie scoop. I also use this scoop for my oatmeal cream pies

    Good value-for-money product. It is not too strong/sturdy. I broke couple already. The plastic handle part spins freely on some of the product(i bought 10 of these).

    Posted on

    This #30 disher is well made and great for making bigger cookies. Makes a batch of cookies quickly and all are uniform in size. It also works well for making meatballs uniform in size so they cook evenly.

    Posted on

    These scoops work great in our bakery. We use them to scoop cupcake batter and cookie dough. they hold up to a lot of use.

    from Heavenly's A Creative Bakery Posted on

    This disher is exactly what I needed to yield uniform cookie sizes. It has taken a little time to get use to the cookies being all one size, which was a problem for me before. Now I can not see making cookies without it. It has stood up to several dozen so far! I will be ordering more in the future!

    from Sweet 1603 Posted on

    We used these on making mac & cheese balls, which were refrigerated, not frozen, and unfortunately, they broke for both my prep chefs, who both ended up bloody because of the broken plastic. We just threw them away for safety reasons, and I never got a refund for it as it got to be too late before I got around to it. :(

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry this disher did not work well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to resolve the issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Overall, a well- priced disher. I wish it felt a little more sturdy, and I wish the scraper cleaned the bowl of the disher a little more thoroughly, but I suppose I did buy the cheaper version. I like this size for most cookies.

    Posted on

    I purchased this disher for making mini muffins and the Christmas Cookies. I make a fudge puddle, made with a peanut butter cookie well and fill with fudge after they are baked this will cut my time down to much. I usually make about 20 dozen of these.

    Posted on

    Great product, Great Price, Great Shipping Great company! We asked for the best product and this is it. Durability is top notch for this item!

    Posted on

    The disher does not hold up well to prolonged use and the spring mechanism tends to easily get stuck. Would recommend light and infrequent use only, not for large scale cooking or serving.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Melinda. We are sorry this disher has not withstood the busyness of your application. We recommend this Vollrath 47146 Jacob's Pride 1 oz. Black #30 Disher for a stronger option.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    A basic, cheap, 1 oz #30 disher. Not made for super heavy duty use, but it works. Be careful scooping very firm things, as you can break that weld that connects the blade to the thumb lever. This size makes pretty large cookies, about 3" depending on how much your recipe spreads, which may be too large for home use but great for restaurants or for sale.

    Posted on

    I originally bought this size for making cokkies but it is a bit too large for my liking. I would get a size smaller for cookies. This cookies would be pretty big (3 inches).

    from N/A Posted on

    The color handles make is so much easier remembering which scoop to use for which cookie. May have to purchase all the other scoops just to have in a time of need

    Posted on

    This #30 Disher is the perfect size for large cookies . It delivers accurate portions and easy to squeeze. The return blade gives dependable delivery. This size excellent for cupcakes.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    Nice heavy duty scoop for ice cream and stiff doughs. Great for measuring out those sticky ingredients that you would otherwise make a huge mess with!

    from Katy M. Posted on

    These scoops are great! They are the perfect size for making cookies just the right size! They are just the right price and have lasted me a good long while so far!

    from Mon Cheri Cakes Posted on

    You really can't beat this dishers for the price, these are very good quality disher, we use these for a number of different items and they are awesome, will definitely buy more!!!

    Posted on

    Very happy with this item! I use it for portioning out cupcake and muffin batter. Works very well and is more convenient than spooning the batter.

    Posted on

    great disher or scoop, we have them in many sizes and the last for ever, good to scoop cookies or icecream , they clean up great too...

    from jeanne's bakeshop Posted on

    This is a high quality scoop we use everyday in our busy bakery. Its good for scooping cupcakes that rise alot, and its perfect for cookies.

    Posted on

    This disher is the perfect size for large (but not huge) cookies. The dough comes out easily and neatly, and the lever is comfortable to use even with dense doughs.

    Posted on

    I love all the dishers that I have gotten from this web site! I have purchased them in all sizes. They make baking so much easier, everything from cookies to mashed potatoes!

    from Jazzy Rupert's Cafe Posted on

    Have only had these for a week but they are working out great and were less expensive than through my food distributor. I will purchase again.

    Posted on

    This disher helped me make the biggest cookies that melted down perfectly. Who says a disher is for ice cream only. This works perfectly for my cookies.

    Posted on

    Love this size scoop for my whoopie pies! High quality scooper, hard to find size, NSF, great price here. We will be ordering several more of these!

    from Sugarpie Bakery & Cafe Posted on

    I bought this #30 disher for making meatballs for Swedish, Sweet & Sour and BBQ meatballs. One level scoop dropped on your sheet pan and baked makes the perfect sized meatballs for these dishes.

    Posted on

    the same as the previous ones they are made of good quality and do help with portion control. if needed we will buy more of these.

    Posted on

    Very sturdy in design, these are great for so many applications. We mainly use these for portioning cookie dough. The fact that they are dishwasher safe is a very big plus.

    from Cafemantic Posted on

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