2 oz. Blue #16 Disher

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Scoop cookie batter, yogurt, and other soft foods using this blue, 2 oz. #16 disher. Its color-coded handle makes capacity classification and portion control a breeze when serving hot or cold foods in your restaurant, cafeteria, or bakery!

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2 oz. Blue #16 Disher

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size great easy scoop disher perfect ice clean cream cookies
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    This ice cream scoop is very good in quality, durability, this scoop works great for me. I used this scoop for ice cream and to scoop out mash potatoes and other foods. the scoop is perfect size and the handle is good, feels good when i use item.
    This scoop is great! Love the color coded handle so I can quickly identify the size of the scoop, and is heavy duty construction so everything from cookie dough to ice cream is portioned with ease.
    After reading all the positive reviews I found it hard not to try this out. I have to say it’s everything I thought & more. Perfect for baking
    After a year of constant daily use, this disher is still performing well. No wear on the grip, Smooth on release, and easy to clean
    This scooper makes the perfect cupcake batter scooper. Each cupcake comes out the same size, and it ensures that everything is mess free! I love it.
    This disher is perfect for doling out large, bakery-size/style cookies! Rinsing it under very hot water and then shaking it off before dipping it into cold dough is my preferred way to make life a little easier.
    We use these 2 oz dishers for a variety of kitchen tasks. The thumb lever is easy to use and the grip is very comfortable.
    These really are just OK - they seem kind of cheap. And the clicker area tends to pinch hands and rip through gloves. This particular one broke on us only after a couple of months. I much prefer the Zeroll brand scoops.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    We have been using these dishers for over a year now and we are very pleased with the quality and how they are holding up to the repetitive use. Highly recommend!
    Perfect for making anything where you desire consistent portions...I actually use this one for small pancakes. Simple, easy to clean, and consistent. Can't go wrong for the price!
    I ordered this ice cream scoop for the potato salad that we serve as sides and it is perfect size. Quality of the product is really good and easy to clean as well
    this disher is a great way for portion control. We have used ours for over 1 year and have never been more happy with it
    This disher is ideal at being able to ensure proper portioning. It does a great job of making sure that you are giving a consistent product to customers.
    Not only good for scooping ice cream but good for scooping cake batter. Makes all my cupcakes the same size. Less mess when scooping the cake batter and easy to clean. Also a good price.
    is a life saver. it makes portioning out our cupcakes so much easier and efficient. it gives us the perfect size and shape of cupcake.
    Perfect for scooping batters and ice creams. Great to keep our portions the same size every time. It is very easy to clean and very durable.
    Average size for a ice cream scooper. The Material is very durable and easy to clean. Good to scoop ice cream or cookie dough. Nsf too and good price.
    Perfect size, easy to use the color coded handles is the best thing about these mini scoopers. Perfect for an operation where portion control is needed.
    Accurate size for portioning. I love using for shaping cookies and I use for plating too. Easy to use and made with good quality of steel. 5 Stars!
    I purchased these in several sizes and all have worked well. They clean up fairly easily, and as of now at least are holding together.
    Great scoop! We use these scoops for a variety of kitchen tasks. They are sturdy and well made. We will continue to buy as more are needed.
    We use this blue disher for our standard size cupcakes. This 2 ounce disher is exactly the right size for each of our baking cups.
    This is a great disher if you have something you need to fill into those little paper muffin cups, as the size is just perfect!
    These are very sturdy and easy to clean. I use it mostly when I'm doing cookies for my children's bake sale so they are all portioned out even and are a nice size.
    This is a great dipper, even though I've had to learn to use it right handed. Wish they were offered for leftys. It works great anyway!
    We love these quarter cup measuring scoops. I would buy multiple to save. It's very sturdy and easy to clean. The handle is solid which is great!
    This is a good quality disher but it feels lightweight. It can be used to scoop mashed potatoes and ice cream. I wouldn't recommend putting this in the dishwasher.
    This scoop isn't what I was expecting. It works really well and is very lightweight but feels kind of cheaply made in your hand. I will use it until it breaks.
    This is a nice scoop. It is not the highest quality out there, but it is half the price and it gets the job done well. I would buy again.
    These lower priced dishers are very good. I bought this one after the Volrath disher broke in just a few months. I've had this one for over a year.
    We use this to help portion out our large drop cookies. Make our cookies about 5 in diameter. We also use this a lot for portioning out cold prep on the line.
    These dishers are great for potion control or batters and doughs in the bakery. This 2 oz id the perfect amount of batter for a standard size cupcake.
    The scoopers from department stores beak easily. This one is perfect for commercial applications where you are measuring out cookie dough or heavy products. Lever is easy to use but powerful too.
    we bout it about 6 months ago and its Really durable and easy to work with. I would highly highly recommend it. I love it.
    These scoops are okay. They glide very easily which is a plus but the handle feels very cheap. I don't like that part of them.
    I really like these alot they work really good and really inexpensive this is a great tool to have in your restaurant even good for four meals good for many uses like ice cream scooping mashed potato And rice
    I own just about every size of these scoops from Webstaurant. I use them for all of my baking (muffins, mini tins, cupcakes) and they clean up effortlessly. They are so much more durable than other types of scoops.
    These are great quality. They're perfect for scooping cupcakes and we haven't had any issues with them (bought a bunch!). Wash them in the dishwasher regularly too!
    Really harp metal, if you finger slips you get really dip cup, happened to a few people at the shop. Product made poor. Will not be buying again
    We are sorry this product is defective, our Customer Solutions team will contact you shortly!
    When I worked in a bakery we loved using the 2 oz scoop to make our jumbo muffins. Two scoops of batter in a large muffin tin makes the perfect sized muffin and each one is consistent with the last. Love this scoop!
    This disher is a very durable little scooper. I love how everything is color coded. It makes it error proof and makes it easy for anyone to identify which scoop to use on which recipe/dough
    These dishers are the best. They can be used for so much more than ice-cream; I use mine for mashed potatoes, thicker sauces, grains. Ended up buying an assortment of sizes for my kitchen.
    You get what you pay for with this. We bought both the Vollrath and generic brands they carry. Although visually they look quite identical, the Vollrath dishers are much smoother with the wiper blade and one of the wipers on the Thunder Group has already broken off.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear one of your dishers broke so soon. A Customer Solutions Specialist will contact you shortly.
    Can't say enough about this scooper. Meatballs are my go to dish and I make 2oz. size for spaghetti and meatballs and 4oz. for appetizer size (2 meatballs with sauce and covered in mozzarella). This scooper with its quick release lever makes making several pounds of meatballs a breeze.
    This is great. I use this to portion out royal icing, and I estimate that it holds about 1/4 of a cup. I also use to make super large chocolate chip cookies!
    This #16 2 oz. disher does a great job portioning out anything, is easy to clean in the dishwasher, and the blue handle makes it easy to identify. The thumb depressor is easy to press, and the blade dispenses everything as expected.
    We use the 2 oz disher for scooping cookie batter and it has held up well so far. For heavy use, I would go with a higher quality disher.
    This is great for serving small sides (or if you are trying to keep the sides servings consistent) - its also great for larger cookies.
    Very nice, high quality, 2 oz disher is great for scooping burger sliders quickly or for other standard measures that you need to scoop quickly.
    Great little size on this disher. Can be used for ice cream and/or cookies and muffins. Perfectly releases the same amount of batter each time.
    Bought this as a replacememt as I broke my other brand product. I use this both as a jumbo cupcake scoop and a cookie scoop. Works great!
    I bought this one and a more expensive one both from here to test the difference. I find it works really well. One push on the lever and the batter is released and into the cupcake tin. The only thing I dislike is that water get trapped inside the handle after a run through the dishwasher. I have taken the bottom piece off so that bacteria doesnt get trapped inside. it was easy to remove with a serrated knife.
    These are great dishers to have. I have them in all sizes available. The different colored handles makes it easy to reach for just the right sized one. You can dish out the same amount each and every time with these.
    Has stood up great for over 5 months. Great price and easily washes off under dish hose. Avoid harsh chemicals and dishwashers if possible to prolong the life.
    I really like this group so I really like that they are measured out so you don't have to measure things out it makes things easier
    It's hard to beat these products. These scoops are no different. We use these to scoop butter and cookie dough multiple times a day. They hold up well, and come clean easily.
    I just love these dishers. I keep all of them in a bin and have the chart in the bin to know which colors are which, (I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't need the chart but I forget so its nice that it comes on the box). They are super smooth and comfortable. I recommend them.
    A good all around scoop. It can be used for savory or sweet, from meatballs to muffins. Plus being color coded makes it being easily identifiable,
    This is what I use for the non fruit cupcakes it bakes up perfect for the cupcakes that I make without fruit .Works well easy to clean.
    Such a great scoop! Easy to use, not hard on your thumbs. We have kids help serve the parents and vice versa and everyone loves these scoops!!
    Good Quality. I would recommend for others to use. Not as strong as some of the high end brands but works good enough for most things
    This scoop is good quality and has worked well for us so far. It's not the best brand Webstaurant carries but it still works great in low impact settings.
    This disher is very sturdy. This disher helps us a lot with portion control within the restaurant. I am going to buy us some more.
    We are starting to try out scoops for a bakery we are going to be opening. This one was perfect for filling a standard size cupcake pan. It does not seem like it is sturdy enough to hold up to the amount of use we would be using it for, so I think we are going to try the more expensive ones that are on here, but it still worked well, and would work great it you don't need it for heavy usage.
    This scooper works great, it is very durable and well made. It is easy to clean and was exactly as described. Great price and shipped fast.
    Great 2 oz size we use to measure our meatballs. 2 ounce size is exact only if you make sure the level is exactly even with top of cup. Liquid items would be easy to be precise, but more solid items must be leveled off exactly if you want o be precise on measurement.
    Ordered a couple of these for scooping muffin mix and such. I was concerned about the handle being plastic but so far so good. They seem really sturdy and I think they will hold up for a long time. They make portioning baking batter much easier. This is a good size scoop for average size cupcakes or muffins.
    A great scoop! It's gotten a lot of heavy use and the trigger is still working well. This is a great scoop for an average sized cookie too, which is what we typically use it for.
    We purchased numerous sizes of the scoops for portion control. For the price, the value is amazing. I would recommend this brand to everyone. Good quality
    Really great price. Not the greatest quality. The thumb release is a little wobbly and you have to really mean business when you use it. Aside from sore thumbs, it gets the job done.
    Love this scooper! Use it with portioning out my 3 salad lunches and it has worked great. I have been using it for several months now and have not had any problems with it! Would recommend over pricier options!
    I got this item a couple of weeks ago. The quality and construction of the disher is good. The disher works as it is intended and I will buy another when the time comes.
    A good budget disher. Probably not sturdy enough for scooping stiff foods (cold cookie dough, etc), but I plan on using mine for muffins, small pancakes, and other soft batters, for which it's been more than adequate. I think the #16 makes a good-sized muffin (I prefer my muffins nicely domed, but not overflowing like the bakery-style muffins).
    Really durable and easy to use. I have light use with it, but it is very solid for my use. Highly recommend for light use.
    Webstrau ta is the cheapest we could find for this scoop! In addition to that this is the longest lasting spring based we have owned. We haves many and yes they do break but they have lasted a lot longer then any other scoop we have had!
    i bought 2.75 oz. Blue #16 Disher and enjoying it on scooping not only ice-cream, but all toppings for my crepes, like peanut butter , chocolate hazelnut spread. Perfect size.
    great disher. We used it for a variety of food we need portioned. It is sturdy, has a great grip, making it easy to handle.
    Scoops the right amount of dough for cookies. It releases the dough with minimal effort. Easy to clean. Cookies will bake perfectly if they are of even size which is attainable with this.
    I love this disher for making cupcakes and muffins. I will be using this for my monster cookies this fall. I look forward to all the uses I can find for it.
    5 Stars in my book! Way to go selling this excellent product at an excellent price, will buy again when needed. Shipping is great as well.
    Bought a number of these for ice cream, coleslaw, and macaroni and cheese in different sizes and all of them but two broke the first or second day used. The springs pop loose and the part that separates the food from the scoop comes out and bends and then doesn't dispense properly. Have others that have lasted months in other restaurants of ours. Very disappointed in the quality.
    Thank you for your review, Susan. We are sorry these dishers did not work for your application. They are made for softer foods and are not made to withstand denser foods, such as ice cream. We recommend trying something in our Ice Cream Spades and Dippers category.
    The 2 oz. disher is definitely the right size to portion batter for cupcakes. They will last a long time if scooping soft foods and batter, as you won't be stressing the gear and rotor so much. Great deal for it's price.
    Works well for portioning cupcake batter. It does not appear cheaply made at first use. Will update if any problems arise. So far, so good.
    This scoop works well for ice cream as long as the ice cream is slightly softened. It is a good portion size. It is good quality and NSF.
    I use these dishers primarily for baking. This size works well for measuring out the right amount of cupcake batter ... which results in evenly baked cupcakes every time.
    Teaching my great grand daughter to cook. This works great to insure she makes same size servings to cook.the handle fits the hand well. easy to dispense with the thumb.
    Very pleased with this product. The sweep dispenses all the dough with one press of the lever. I purchased 3 sizes and the colored handle makes it easy to grab the one I want. Nice mirror finish, light weight but substantial. Easy mechanism makes it possible to use for large quantities. Highly recommend.
    Although we ordered multiple sizes to ensure the right portion size, the #16 dishes is what we ultimately decided to use for our Italian ice business. While certainly a smaller scoop, it's makes for great prentation and works just as you would expect. Great quality!
    This #16 Disher is it delivers accurate portions and easy to squeeze. The return blade gives dependable delivery. Great product and price. I recommend this product.
    I love these dishers! They hold up much better to stiff cookie doughs than the plain stainless ones. Also great for measuring out shortening and other sticky ingredients wiihout the mess. Wish they came in smaller sizes though! I will be order other sizes too.
    I love love love this disher. I was so tired of double dishing with my small scoop. This is perfect for my cupcake batter! Plus it releases the batter easily.
    This works well for scooping out cupcake batter and dishing it into the cupcake liners. It has multi uses, from ice cream, cupcakes to mashed potatoes.
    I absolutely love this line of dishers. I used this one for scooping out biscuits and jumbo cookies. It worked exceptionally well. Great for getting everything the same size.
    The Disher Blue 2 3/4 oz is a pretty take on the scoop. With a blue hue the disher is pretty and also functional, delivering a consistent 3/4 oz every time.
    I make a lot of cupcakes and cookies and this makes measureig and obtaining the same quantity for each piece of baked goodie quick and easy.
    Awsome product, these can be used for some many different applications in a restaurant, great price for a very high quality product, am definetly going to buy more!!!
    A great price for an item that you may need to assist you in the scooping of the cold desserts. Ice cream, sherbert, sorbet, you name it.
    This is my new go to scooper for scooping out cupcake batter. It holds just the right amount for standard size cupcakes. The grip is nice as well. great buy
    The #16 disher is a great way to portion control smaller items such as tuna or chicken in salads. Webstaurant has the best prices & customer service.
    These are great for scooping ice cream! We use them for frying up hush puppies! Great multi use kitchen hand tool!! Easy to identify size!!
    I really like my number sixteen disher. good for filling cupcake liners and making cookies. Wonderful item and really good value. I plan to purchase more sizes.
    I absolutely love these dishers. I use this disher for most all the cookies I bake at my cafe. They are very sturdy, even with refrigerated cookie dough, I scoop and bake with ease.
    Such a reasonable price here! Perfect size for muffins and each muffin is the same size, so they all cook in the same amount of time. A baking requirement!
    This works great for scooping cookie dough for larger 3 oz. cookies. The handle is easy to grip and the dough releases easily and efforlessly.
    not much to describe here. it is a very sturdy disher. I've been using it for 6 mos now and it still works just great. and a good price they offer here you can't go wrong
    Very sturdy in design, these are great for so many applications. We mainly use these for portioning cookie dough. The fact that they are dishwasher safe is a very big plus.

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