10" Stainless Steel Utility Tong

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Perfect for flipping meat, tossing salads and stir-fries, or picking up cumbersome food, this 10" standard weight spring tong is a versatile kitchen essential. The scalloped-edge design provides a firm grip and ensures that food can be turned, transferred, or served without a mess. Thanks to its size, it can be used for preparation and serving. It's made of 24 gauge stainless steel and has a polished appearance that's appropriate for use in both the front and back of the house.

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10" Stainless Steel Utility Tong

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tongs great price perfect Stainless easy steel Tong buffet Utility
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    We use these for a hot buffet and our salad bar, it works perfectly. They are really durable and long lasting which is great from the investment stand point, it is also the perfect size for almost everything!
    This is an excellent version of the classic BBQ utility tongs. The spring is fairly strong, but not too stiff for use, the handle feels sturdy, and the locking ring works well and doesn't fall off.
    A great value. Super tongs at a really great price. We use them in bulk on our buffet lines. Easy to clean and I love the fact that they can stay closed for easy storage,
    These are a basic pair of tongs. You can use these on salad bars or for baked goods. Too short to use for most hot foods.
    Bought these mostly for serving, but they are sturdy enough for cooking too. At 10" I won't use them on a grill, but they fit nicely with steam table pans for the buffet. Another item priced at a point where I won't be sad if we lose one or two.
    A very good product at a very good price. Great spring action and aesthetically nice as well. I always use these when I'm cooking a steak.
    These tongs a great, and a perfect length to use in the kitchen, but be aware that these tongs are very sharp at the joint and can slice you if your finger gets stuck
    I find that these tongs are the perfect length for all my kitchen and bakery needs. Not too long to make grabbing items awkward but long enough to not burn your forearms when using them on grabbing items on a grill.
    These are your basic tongs and just what you'd expect. Well made and sturdy, but not heavy duty. Nice solid spring action and a great price.
    Great tong for the price. I ordered several of these and use them all of the time. Great price and would reorder again if needed.
    THIs sturdy tong made of all stainless steel is sure to last a long time. It Grips items well and the hinge is quality made
    Really high quality tongs that allow you to get a strong grip on your food. They are extremely easy to clean and hold up very well.
    Purchased these to put on catered buffet tables. They are not the weight or quality we'd use in the kitchen, but at this price-point, they work for public use and if lost or taken, they are inexpensive to replace.
    Great Product , Perfect size tong and easy to clean , its well made and the price is unbeatable , we bought four of them and the price is really good .
    These tongs work just fine. I like the notch at the back for keeping them open when I'm using them so they don't lock up on me.
    a smaller tong but still an great utensil. for those jobs when you don't need a giant tong these get right in and get the job done!
    These are good, they're not heavy duty but for salads, turning over a piece of grilled fish or chicken they work. I'd buy again if I had the chance.
    these are a great everyday addition to the commercial kitchen. use of these tongs are a good way to avoid touching and cross contamination of different foods
    These are a great set of tongs! The stainless steel is very durable. They're easy to stick in the dishwashing machine and so far are holding up well.
    A great set of tongs that are well constructed and perfect for numerous uses A great all purpose tongs at a wonderful price. Perfect for serving salad.
    Great design and very durable. Wipes clean very easily. This is a great value for the price and I highly recommend this product. Thanks Webstaurant!
    These are terrific tongs. They grip food well when you are turning or serving it and they are very easy to clean. I like the ring that keeps them closed so you can store them away in a drawer
    It has a lot of different uses in the kitchen. Seems to be very sturdy and we are very pleased on how durable they are.
    The 10" steel utility tong is a very important piece to our catering operation. Many times we need tongs for buffet style events or self serve stations. These tongs are easy to use and clean up very easily. The stainless steel design also makes them very durable. They are dishwasher safe.
    These have been used daily for months. They have great durability and we have ordered multiple sets of them. We have been very pleased with their performance.
    I bought these for a buffet at a wedding. They were perfect for what I needed! I loved having the uniformity down the line. They pick up a single piece of lettuce to a whole tomato!
    These tongs are incredibly sturdy yet easy to use. The sliding band that's enables these to lock prevents messes. My local discount store was charging over double the amount I spent on westaurantstore.com. An amazing value for a well made product.
    there really is no need to spend more money for the heavy duty tongs as these work just fine for almost every job. they're very sturdy and don't bend or warp and are half the price of the next version up. they're a good deal
    These 9" stainless tongs are very durable. They are spring loaded, which makes them easier to use. I would recommend these and will buy more
    These shorter tongs work well for catered events. They work dependably and efficiently. We keep at least a dozen on hand to insure safe and easy serving at events.
    these tongs were vey springy and easy to snap back, I feel like they are a little flimsy though, and I might have to get replacements soon. You get what you pay for, and for the price I am happy.
    9" Stainless Steel Utility Tong has better quality than I was expecting, they're nice and good in length, we always need tongs for meat and veggies in buffet.
    Great all purpose tongs. Perfect for tossing things or even serving. Seem like they are pretty sturdy for the price. I wouldn't expect them to last up long with multiple drops but still good.
    I was always a fan of these nine inch utility stainless steel tongs, and my most recent order was no different. I love that they can be left in a pan or on the grill while cooking and not worry about melting plastic. They are easy to use and really do pickup heavy objects well. I would recommend to anyone using the plastic versions as they are a safer, healthier alternative.
    We plan to use these for our wedding buffet.. They were not very expensive so I was wondering how they would be. I took a chance and ordered and am so glad I did. These will be perfect - nice quality tong.
    This 9" Stainless Steel Utility Tong is the perfect tool to serve your salads, fruits, finger foods and I even used it to serve mini pastries at a party. I love how simple it is but still does a great job. Very well made.
    We purchased these for our home use in the kitchen. I have a quite a bit of display trays and buffet warmers that didn’t come with utensils! So, these are the perfect size for them, but they aren’t too big or bulky – they are extremely lightweight.
    Perfect for wedding receptions, far enough distance allows guests the ability to avoid any spillage on clothes. All caterers should have these tongs as they're great.
    Great tongs, good size, and quality is good for the price, good item to buy many of to keep all around the restaurant, would buy again and again.
    Nothing wrong with 9" tongs, just more likey to burn yourself or get hit by oil splatters. I still use these great quality and it's lasted for over a year now!
    I really like these 9 inch stainless steel utility tongs there just a regular standard duty nothing too strong but they were good for a salad's or lighter weight items
    Great set of tongs to have on hand. Basic tong design, made of stainless steel and easy to maintain and keep nice for a long time.
    This is a very nice set of 9 inch stainless steel utility times very reasonable price which is great I like the short style of them that's why got then
    It's a tong. It's stainless. The price is great. The supplier is OTT. The review question in itself leaves a lot to be desired, no surprises there
    these tongs work great! they get daily use in my kitchen and are holding up well. They feel to be made of thick stainless steel and I feel will last a long time.
    These have worked great. They are very study and look neat and sleek when using them in the kitchen. Very easy to clean and I would recommend.
    These 9" Stainless Steel Utility Tong is great. They are the perfect size for so many things. I love the size of them. Some Tongs are just to long.
    These are of average quality, and will serve a basic purpose. For the occasional use, these should be fine. If you are using these daily, I don't see them lasting. The worst part is the inability to open them any wider, making pin point precision nearly impossible.
    These 9" Stainless Steel Utility Tong are the second best tongs in my opinion you can use then everywhere hit cold heavy or light application
    With this price I don't get worked up if left at a catering gig. Perfect for all the moving around of food prior to serving and the length and size works with hot and cold.
    These tongs are a thinner guage stainless steel, but serve their purpose well. They are exactly as the specs state they are and are shiny and nice looking on our banquet lines.
    I purchased these tongs because they were much less expensive than other vendors. The quality is not being sacrificed here and I would purchase them again
    I use this when servings fried meats or chicken. Makes it easy to grab foods while serving. I also use it for my pastries. Good quality!
    this stainless steel utility tong works great for my desserts. it is easy to clean and the price is reasonable. they have fast shipping. i love it.
    the steel spring tong works great for fries and other thing and they are easy to clean will be buying more and they have fast shipping
    Used the 9" Stainless Steel Spring Tong to pick up a cranberry cookie. This tong can work very well at a gathering. I was able to pick up the cookie without any problems.
    I don't like it because it doesn't lock. That makes it harder to store and takes up more space. It also doesn't sit as well.
    These are great tongs - they look good in a service setting. They have great hinges and do the job right. We will be ordering them again when the need arises. The price is spot on.
    These inexpensive tongs are really useful! They're quick for grabbing and turning browning meat and pretty comfortable in the hand as long as you don't grip them constantly.
    A little curved at the tip, so not very helpful with tortillas. But I liked that they are not very heavy so I ended up using it for produce and it works just fine.
    This is the best I could find for the money. Good stainless steel construction, rust proof and easy to clean. We use them every day, and will add to my rebuy list.
    Great quality tongs that are great salad prep, or even use on the grill for turning meats. Excellent product and great price. A must have in food service.
    Very good stainless steel spring tong for the price, these are the best for the money we found and we use these every day all day!
    Tongs on such a necessity in my kitchen. I use them daily in my stainless cookware and for serving as well. These 9.5" ones are such a nice size. Not too big so they tend to not fall off a platter.
    I knew when buying these tongs they would not be super strong and I was right. They are very light weight and can not hold a heavy food item, like turning a large roast. I use for roasting vegetables mainly. I do like that they are stainless steel and are easy to clean. If you purchase these thinking they will be heavy duty- think again- they really are a lighter weight tong. But not bad for the price!
    Super light and opens up wide. Perfect to hang on the oven's handle. I gave it 3 stars because of how thin it is. Some might like how thin it is because of how much it weigh.
    This medium size tong fits comfortably in your hand. I use this item for smaller food service items. The clam shape of the ends helps to grab odd shapes and hang on to them easily. It's spring feels quite strong. It doesn't have a closure option, but for the price, I can live with that.
    Light duty, metal even bends when you work with. Very easy to clean. A little short for working over high heat. Stiff spring. No locking mechanism.
    Stainless steel tongs are made of high quality stainless steel and have a strong spring for easy use. Please note that these tongs do not offer a locking mechanism to keep them closed.
    Easy to use and clean, and they don't take up a whole lot of room for storing, despite the fact that they do not close for storage. Medium to light weight usage, definitely perfect for serving.
    I find the 9 1/2 inch Stainless Steel Spring Tongs to be a universal size for serving foods or using on a buffet. I wish however that they closed for storing. The price was excellent so I over look that issue.
    these arent very heavy/strong but they arent so light that they bend easily, so they are the perfect weight for most of my uses, and the spring seems to stay strong.
    These tongs are great to have around for your backup tongs for special events, but they are not too sturdy and are very lightweight. If you are looking for a heavy use tongs, these should not be your pick. Any other light use, they would be perfect for.
    Stainless steel tongs serve so many purposes in our restaurant. They can be used in the kitchen for safe handling of ready to eat foods and are elegant enough to use on a buffet line.
    Nice serving tong. I would buy again. I use this for my home parties. multiples uses for entree, desserts etc. easy to clean and store
    We use these tongs to serve cookies and other baked goods from our pastry cases. They are very easy to clean and look brand new even after months of daily use.
    These are a lighter duty tong. But they are perfect for what we needed. With the heavy duty ones we had some employees complaining that they were to hard to squeeze with continued use, so these worked out great
    Why use dirty tongs when you can have a supply of clean ones on hand at this price. These are a nice size to use for catering events also.
    The tongs are classic. I actually like the size for close work. The price was good and the quality is there, though I would like to see locking feature tongs carried. This is an essential BOH tool.
    Well worth the price. Not ones that I use in my everyday kitchen, I prefer locking tongs but..........at this price buy several to keep on hand for family reunions, parties, outdoor grilling. These are what you need when you need several tongs, won't break the bank. Good construction, wash well.
    These tongs are the perfect size for the every day kitchen jobs requiring tongs. They are light in weight, but strong and substantial enough to get the flipping and picking up done with ease. The price is great as well. Order more than one.
    We use them almost every day and friends ask us where to get them. Well, now we can tell them "Webrestaurant" These though, are much higher quality than our old ones. A nice solid feel for a very good price.
    I love having these spring tongs. They are so nice not only in food prep, but in serving. They are well constructed, do well in the dishwasher and my guests are tickled to serve themselves with these elegant tongs.
    These tongs are great to have in the kitchen. We have several pairs as we use them for everything. They have held up beautifully, and you just can't beat the price.
    perfect size tongs for picinics, catering food, picking up corn and just everyday use. They are well made and the cost is very reasonable for such a durable product
    Great price! These are perfect to have a couple pairs around for serving food at parties, using while cooking, or even to grab stuff our of the garbage disposal. Have had a couple pairs for over 8 years and they still work great and held up fine!
    These are sturdy stainless tongs. They spring open well and feel good in the hand. They have a million uses and at this price you cannot have too many.
    Excellent price and well made, but a little on the thin side for serious commercial use. We use them in our concession for serving hot dogs and they work fine, but wouldn't expect them to hold up to 12+ hour days in a restaurant setting.
    These are great. I do a lot of grill cooking and these tongs are perfect for moving meat around a grill without burning my fingers
    I need two more of these tongs! Use them for everything: dispensing food, removing waffles, pickles from jars, flipping tortillas, sausage links and more. They clean well. And disinfect without rusting in the correct ppm bleach solution as required.
    This set of tongs is very lightweight and works very well. They have ridges at the edges to help keep a grip on what you are picking up, something that should be on all tongs! The shorter length on this set makes it very versatile as well. Great product.
    These are ok for light duty. They aren't built heavy enough for every day use. We use them for catering as an inexpensive utensil in case we don't get them back.
    Tongs! The best invention ever! They clean easily and haven't rusted (after months of use/washing). The only thing is that once I got my finger caught in between the two sides when gripping something and the edges are kind of sharp (it didn't feel good, to put it nicely). But otherwise, a great product.
    The stainless steel tongs are perfect for grabbing hot foods off the line. The 9 1/2 inch reach is perfect for protecting your hands from the heat. Fair price and durable item.
    At a great price these tongs are great for many uses in the kitchen. We have several and the get used regularly for cooking and serving. They have a strong spring and are a nice small size for easy handling.
    Well, tongs. A much needed item if you do a lot of salad dinners at home, and to serve appetizers and fruit salad. This pair doesn't have an adjustable binding ring, but it probably doesn't need one owing to its small size. It's the right size for the palms, making it easy to mix greens.
    I use these tongs for both hot and cold items. The are fairly sturdy and useful in the kitchen. There isn't a latch or anything to keep the closed so I normally just put a rubber band round them when they're put away. Great tongs for the price!
    These are my favorite tongs to use in the kitchen. They are very durable and the stiff springs make them great for holding a hot sheet tray.
    These are great multi use items! We use these tongs to simply cook and prepare food! We also use them on self serve breakfast buffets!!!
    The 9 1/2" stainless steel spring tongs are the perfect length. Heavy duty with lots of spring action to them. I believe they will last a long time & priced great!
    We use these tongs everyday to serve cupcakes to our customers. They are lightweight but very sturdy for picking up and placing cupcakes in to-go boxes. We bought several of these, and after a year of use, we have only had 1 pair break (the spring mechanism snapped).
    what a super value. these tongs work well in every application ive used them in. well built and very sturdy for the price, will keep using
    This product gets a rating of five out of five from us. These tongs are long lasting, night after night seven days a week for nearly two years.
    These tongs are the perfect length for most everything. They can be used for basting too. Just the right weight for everyday use. I love them. You won't be disappointed.
    These tongs are so awesome I bought more for my house - great for taking bagels off sheet pans, for "scooping" out salad, and even for moving the hot pan itself off the rack!
    Good quaility, Great price. Have a strong spring that makes a good feel in the hand while using. If they had a tab to hold closed they would be 5 star.
    We used these thongs this weekend in our concession stand for so many different things these were very helpful and at such a great price
    These are good quality tongs that are not at all flimsy. The stainless steel finish cleans easily. They are just the right size for serving.

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