8" Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tong

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Useful in any kitchen and particularly important for pasta preparation, this 8'' stainless steel spaghetti tong is an essential item for any commercial kitchen. Economical in design, this tong is constructed of 18/0 stainless steel. With this item, your staff will be able to easily remove pasta from boiling water without the hassle of straining.

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8" Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tong

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spaghetti tongs pasta steel great Stainless serving tong perfect easy
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    I do not give this 2017 item any stars, I had to place one to get my review listed however.. the 2017 version of this tong that goes with the item number is far inferior to the same item number that I purchased in July of 2016. the new one weighs 1.1 oz while the one purchased in July weighted 1.9 oz. I did appreciate the price if the new item which was the same and the July order. But I would willing pay twice as much to get the original item as it is truly the better tong. I do hope that you are able to find the first one again. I truly appreciate you company and your goal to keep our costs down. This is only the second item that I have not cared for from you all. everything else so far is very very superior and of a great value. Keep up the great work. Thanks for being here for me. :)
    Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry you did not prefer this item. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team!
    This 8" stainless steel tong is perfect for spaghetti and anything dry noodle. Perfect length, size, grip, and for occasions. Easy to wash and clean.
    These tongs have a simple design but are pretty cheap--basically a bent piece of stamped metal. However, they get the job done and are much easier to work with then spoon-style pasta servers.
    Makes serving a snap. No more wet noodles sliding all over the place. Help control portions better. Plus they look nice for serving. I love them.
    i ws very surprised at how well made the tongs were .my last set were 3 times the cost and same grade.going to buy some more sizes soon.
    Not crazy about these tongs. They are a bit on the flimsy side and the prongs are easily bent. They are also difficult to use.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These looked really nice, but they did not work well at all to grasp our spaghetti. They are very flemsy, and just are not cut out for high volume usage. They would be good to use at home amongst friends and family.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    They are very flimsy and didn’t pick up anything, we threw them in the trash. They were useless. I would not recommend them for anyone
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I like my stainless steel spaghetti tongs. They work great and clean well in the dishwasher. I also use them when I make a salad.
    When it comes to pasta this is a must have. These are great tools to have. I have them so should you. Thank you so much.
    We purchased these rings for pastas on our self serve buffet. We don’t use them because they get too warm and customers may burn themselves.
    Thank you for the review, Kristy. We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. For an alternative that might better meet your needs, try this Cambro TGA8110 Lugano 8" Black Angled Plastic Spaghetti Tong - 12/Case instead!
    Spaghetti tongs are much cleaner than using a spaghetti spoon in my opinion. I find that with the spoon, the noodles tend to slide off if they are still rather hot. This gives you the ability to portion and plate much more cleanly.
    These tongs are very useful for serving angel hair pasta. The only downside to their design is that they're a little on the flimsy side, and feel like they could be bent pretty easily.
    Use when having company for serving. Make for a nice serving piece to dress up table, work well with long noodles. Hand wash and dry to keep nice.
    Mixed thoughts on these spaghetti tongs. The handle is so short that it is a bit uncomfortable for adults to use, but at the same time, it does grip spaghetti well. I'd prefer a longer version.
    Perfect spaghetti tongs. The slotted spoon doesn’t do the job so these things were perfect!makes pasta night a whole lot easier. I would highly reccomend
    Too thin. Feels flimsy and cheap. Keeping the one I bought. Too much of a bother to return. Wish it was better quality as the design is perfect for unruly pasta.
    We appreciate your review, Kristeen! We are sorry these tongs did not meet your expectations. If you are looking for a different recommended product, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These stainless steel spaghetti tongs are made out of a single piece of steel for easy cleaning and a streamlined look. The ergonomic grip makes using this tong very easy and allows for grasping spaghetti out of water or from a serving bowl.
    The 8" Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tong is a good value for the price. It is a bit flimsy and can't pick up a lot of spaghetti at once but, it is good for residential use.
    Grabs out pasta while draining extra water. This item makes serving pasta much easier than standard tongs or any spoon. Makes production time speed up.
    I love this thing. Though it is a little flimsy I can't live without it. It is dishwasher safe and it is a life saver with spaghetti. MUST HAVE
    These stainless steel spaghetti tongs work great. They are strong and spaghetti doesn't slip out. I really like the teeth in them. That's a plus!
    These tongs are a good size. They are kind of filmsy and are not sturdy enough to pick up much. They could probably make it through a night or two but not a long term use.
    These eight inch stainless steel spaghetti tongs are a good value! I was sceptical at first when I took these out of the package as they are very lightweight.
    This item is made from what seems like stamped metal and transfers heat fast. Being cheap also means that these things bent within the first couple times of using them. I would not buy these again.
    We appreciate your review, Anthony! If you are looking for a heavier duty option, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    This is a really decent pair of 8 inch long stainless steel spaghetti times they're good for other things than just spaghetti I like using them in my salads they work really good for serving
    The 8" Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tong is perfect for serving noodles. The quality is great and the price is very reasonable. I am very happy with my purchase and definitely recommend.
    Perfect classic tong for any use!! Very sturdy and perfect to run through the dishwasher after use. Great price as well, highly recommend!! These are a must have
    The 8" Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tong is perfect for serving spaghetti noodles. The quality is great and the price is very reasonable. I am very happy with my purchase and definitely recommend.
    I didn't realize how much I needed spaghetti tongs until I had them. They are great to have to serve spaghetti! I would recommend to anyone who east spaghetti.
    These tongs do pick up spaghetti well, but they're not the best quality. The steel is very thin, several of the teeth were bent when it arrived, and the edges of some of the teeth are rigid. I'm happy with them for the price, but probably wouldn't purchase them again.
    I use these tongs when preparing pastas. It makes removing pasta from the pot to go into the frying pan to finish it really easy.
    Originally, I ordered this eight inch stainless steel spaghetti tong for spaghetti, obviously; however, I have found so many things to do with them. The best so far is flipping my famous hoagies on the griddle. I love that they can be left near a pan while cooking and not worry about melting plastic. They are easy to use. I would recommend to anyone using the plastic versions as they are a safer, healthier alternative.
    I use these for a different purpose then spaghetti. I use these to pick up tofu sausage out of a steam pan. This product was my solution to be able to serve a fragile tofu sausage without breaking it.
    Great tool to cook pasta with, or to serve pasta, bread for parties, events, or weddings! great quality and durability definitely recommended product A +
    I really like this tong. Very helpful serving pasta and other items. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Very inexpensive and will be purchasing more for catered events and parties.
    Thinner material than we like. Sharp edges that need paying attention to. We used them for a few fun raising events. Held up fine so far. Good value for the price. Will be shopping for thicker material next time around.
    These spaghetti tongs are the perfect size. They are easy to use and grab the noodles making the food line zip through.They are durable and are of a high quality steel.
    8" Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tongs are excellent for dealing with pasta. This will allow spaghetti to be portioned perfectly for each guest at your catering events.
    These are great - in specific circumstances. They work very well on fresh, still hot noodles. If the noodles cool down at all, the tongs tear them. I tried them as ice tongs, and they fared pretty well. They'd be more effective on square 'manual' cubes than the smooth ice maker ones I have, but they still work pretty well.
    I love these 8" Stainless Steel Spagjetti Tongs. Whenever i make pasta I always use them because they allow me to pick up the pasta effortlessly and makes sure that none of the noodle break.
    This 8" spaghetti tong is great! It is actually pretty strong. It picks up pasta and it doesn't cause cutting into food. The forks are just wide enough to hold a large scoop of spaghetti.
    You will love this spaghetti tong. It is specially great for a buffet!. It is easy to use and just what you would expect for the price!
    I love using these for serving - it's much easier to work with at the dinner table and you don't have the long, awkward handle of a pasta fork hanging out of the serving bowl that always gets in the way or knocked out of the bowl accidentally.
    The name of these tongs are spaghetti tongs but I use them for so much more. Very versatile and an attractive buffet utensil, they can be used for more than pastas. Great buy!
    These tongs work great for perfect portions. No more mess trying to get the perfect portion from those large spoons. You can grab and pinch easily getting the right amount.
    These tongues make it so easy to serve pasta. They are eight inches long. They are stainless steel so they are definitely durable. Love it
    These Stainless steel pasta tongs are great for draining pasta and serving to your plate or the pasta bowl wonderful price and easy to clean.
    Works amazingly for it's intended purpose. Easy to clean and use. Helps with making excellently cooked spaghetti for all of my friends who enjoy my cooking.
    8" Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tong works are some way better than the pasta ladles so I would go for these in your self serve application
    We had some old outdated spaghetti tongs that were starting to rust. We saw these stainless steel tongs at such a great price and wanted to purchase a new pair. We tried them last night and they work just as expected.
    A lot of items here are inexpensive, but don't feel cheap. These tongs are an exception. They feel very lightweight and cheap. Which is fine; they still work well as a spaghetti picker-upper. But it sure doesn't feel luxurious when doing-so.
    These tongs work wonders for serving any type of pasta. I bought them without realizing just how often they would come in handy. I highly recommend them.
    These are a very nice weight tong for pasta. We do a lot of thin spaghetti and these held up and cleaned up nicely. Very low price point for a good quality server. Very happy.
    This tong is super strong and can grab a lot of spaghetti in one scoop. It fits great inside the kitchen drawer and it is pretty ;)
    I was not satisfied with this item. It feels heavy and does not pick up food as I expected it to. I mean it works, but not as well.
    Love that the handle isn't long, which makes it very easy to grasp the pasta. It opens and closes easy even for me with arthritis.
    These tongs are a nice size for smaller hands like mine. It is an effective way to fish out pasta out of hot water. The price is lower than any I have seen through any vendor.
    These tongs are really nice for serving spaghetti. They are not too large and bulky like some I have seen. These are working very well for us.
    We bought these for spaghetti, which is their normal purpose. But my father figured out that they grab the weird shapes of ice cubes his machine makes, so... they're never available for pasta!
    I use these tongs in every day life after using an item similar to this in the restaurant. I love these as I don't have to use a strainer. Perfect for almost any pasta!
    I used the 8" Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tongs to pick up chicken drumettes. There are so many different uses for these tongs. I like that they are stainless steel.
    These 8" Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tong was elegant and added a beautiful feature to my serving line. i would definately recommend these tongs for caterers.
    Very sturdy and useful. Can be used to serve pasta and also salad. Easy to use and clean. Very useful for larger portions and looks cute.
    We have a catering business and one of the services that we provide often is Buffet, this 8" Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tong works just great for us, we recommend it.
    It is a hassle serving fried noodles or pasta with a fork. Well, not anymore with this tong, guest can picked up the noodle with eased. I loved webstaurant. The answer to all your catering needs.
    What more can I say, these are great spaghetti tongs. They grab the pasta well (spaghetti, alfredo, even angel hair) and are easy to use.
    These Spaghetti tongs are a nice alternative to the traditional pasta forks. They are much easier to use and customers have better control over the amount they "grab". The Stainless material makes for an extremely durable product.
    This is the web site to get all your high quality cookware. Adding these spaghetti tongs to your order is something all should do. Even if you get these utensils as spares, don't pass them up.
    I saw a similar tong at my friends house and thought I need one too. i found this one on this website. it works great on Spaghetti, coleslaw, fruit salad, any other salad. I really like this tong.
    This 8" stainless steel spaghetti tong have a good shape and very useful. Good price and the delivery was very quickly. I recommend this product.
    The 8-inch stainless steel spaghetti tong works great on a buffet table for pasta, salad, longer vegetables like asparagus, haricot verts. Also a good size for a dessert tray.
    These Spaghetti tongs should be mandatory when cooking pasta, linguini, or spaghetti. Very clean looking and easy when cooking spaghetti. I didn't have to go to Italy to get them. Thanks WeBstaurant!!
    This is a nice piece. Great for serving long pastas and noodles. Holds them very well. It's not flimsy. And the price is as great.
    These are good for serving up fresh spaghetti plain without sauce! Guests can use these tongs to easily grab what they want from a buffet then top the pasta with sauce!!!
    if you are serving pasta of almost any type these 8in stainless steel tong is a super must have no chasing lost noodles and keeps the line moving
    very useful. I love it. It's make easier on the buffet line to serve any kinds of noodles. Also, I use in serving green salad, too.
    The pasta was easy to serve our guest, and kept the buffet line moving at a steady flow. This is a must have when serving!

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