12" Stainless Steel Piano Whip/Whisk

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This 12" stainless steel piano whip/whisk features a lighter-gauge, stainless steel wire for whipping and aerating delicate sauces and toppings. The abridged stature of this item allows for a more precise whipping of sauces and batter in smaller bowls.

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12" Stainless Steel Piano Whip/Whisk

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whisk great easy steel sturdy clean Stainless handle price whisks
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    I love these whisks! They are the perfect size; not too big but big enough to do any whisking job. The handle is thick as well so it is easy to hold.
    Sturdy whisk! The only thing I’d change would be to add a hook that makes it easy to hang off a hook of peg board, but other than storage I’ve had no issues so far.
    Happy with this whisk! This 12 inch whip is perfect for medium to large batches or cream sauces and gravies. Thank you for another great product!
    This whisk is very useful and I recommend it to anyone looking for a easy to clean whisk. The stainless steel makes it very suitable for cleaning.
    I love this shorter handle on this sturdy whisk because it allows you to whip smaller batches with ease instead of having a whisk that is too long for the bowl you are working with.
    This piano whisk lasted a full year before the wires started to come out of place with daily constant use. Very durable and easy to use
    These are great. After ordering one, I decided to order a second due to the outstanding quality and reasonable price. The handle is thick and the whole thing feels very sturdy.
    This whisk is wonderful. I found out this product is so light on hand, but does the mixing very well. I event able to mix cupcake batter from scratch easily using only this product.
    this has a great feeling in the hand and truly cant be beat for the price. Perfect for when you need something done by hand and don't want to get out the electric equipment.
    This giant 12" whisk will make light work of your largest bowls of batter. The sturdy stainless steel construction and nice thick whisks make it a very durable product.
    This whisk is a great size for a regular home kitchen and works great. It is well built and easy to use and clean. Works great for making waffle batter in the morning!
    I love the stainless steel piano whip I purchased ! I use it for almost everything that has to do with mixing !! It's a great buy !
    This is a very sturdy 12 inch stainless steel whisk. It was purchased for daily use in a commercial kitchen. Very high quality and highly recommended.
    Incall this wonderful whisk my breakfast whisk. Its perfect for eggs and breakfast casseroles, i made sausage gravy and my gravy came out so smooth! This whisk sturdy and all around just a great buy!
    You can never have enough stainless steel whisks! This whisk is easy to use and easy to clean. It is durable and lasts for a long time. I would buy this again!
    this is a nice large and strong whisk. Priced right and better then you would find in the store. Easy to use and clean, highly recommended
    This steel piano whip/whisk is great. I expected for the price for it to be a cheap quality one; however, I was pleasantly surprised and it is very heavy.
    Amazing whisk! Very durable ! Dose not rust and holds up amazing when dropped! This is a must have in any kitchen! Highly recommend this product!
    this piano whisk is wonderful i ordered this whisk months ago and it is still in great condition , i would highly recommend this whisk
    This is a great whisk. Well built, sturdy handles. Can't go wrong with this one. I've used mine in my home kitchen but I think it would be fine in a commercial kitchen too.
    Easy to clean and of very light weight but yet strong. The stainless steel with shinny finish makes it more elegant. Amazing value for money for wonderful product.
    You cannot find a better wisk for this price. It stirs it wisks it does it add. Very easy to clean and dishwasher safe. I have four!
    This 12 inch whisk is the perfect size to really mix up whatever you are cooking. A solid and heavy handle do most of the work while your hand glides with ease up and down the stainless steel exterior.
    I have always felt that the piano Whisks are the beta when it comes to beating eggs and this did not disappoint. I would reccomend!
    Great smaller whisk. Very sturdy. Great quality for the price. I would definitely recommend to any restaurant owner. This item is great for making gravies and other sauces.
    Great strongly made whisk - has held up well with daily use in a busy kitchen without becoming loose or separating. This is a great and stiff whisk, perfect for whipped cream etc.
    This whisk is a bit too small for our usage. I can see if you are doing some super small quantity stuff. But even then my staff seems to grab the 16" ones!
    Great durable whisk! It is yet to bend and stuff does not get caught in it easily! Easy to clean and our chefs favorite one!
    Stainless steel products are always top of the line. This whisk provides a nice, strong substitute for an electric whisk if one is not available.
    what a buy!!! this whisk is something we needed for our mixing for cake balls and cookie recipes and this is VERY WELL MADE would recommend
    This 12" Stainless Steel Piano Whip/Whisk is a high quality product at a very reasonable price. How often do you find those qualities together anymore? I will probably be ordering other sizes of this whisk in the near future as the need arises. I would highly recommend.
    This is an excellent whisk. The tines are nice and sturdy and the handle is a nice size to hold firmly. I highly recommend it.
    I...LOVE...THIS...WHISK! I honestly didn't expect much, because it was so inexpensive, but it is bar far, one of the BEST whisks I have ever owned. The weighted handle makes whipping and whisking easier. Great product!
    I really like this whisk. I use it weekly and it's held up to multiple uses and washings. Heavier than I expected for being less than $2.
    I just used this for hollandaise sauce and it worked like a charm. The sauce came out to be the perfect / ideal texture thanks to this whisk. Great product for any kitchen.
    I didn't like these whisks. They were too heavy, and the wires were too close together, so it didn't whisk my cake batter right. I will not be buying these again.
    Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry you did not prefer this whisk; we recommend trying this Vollrath Jacob's Pride 12" Piano Whip/Whisk with Nylon Handle instead!
    These are the very best quality whips for eggs, cream, or meringues. Excellent performance, and durable at a fraction of the cost of most suppliers!
    We own multiple sizes of these steel piano whisks to ensure we have the right tool for the job. This 12" whisk is great when mixing sauces or toppings in various size bowls. Even if you only have a small bowl to work with this whisk works great. The stainless steel design ensure strength and durability and also makes it very easy to clean.
    Great length, great feel and definitely does what it is suppose to do. Feels sturdy in my hand and dishwasher safe. What else can you ask for
    This stainless steel whisk gets used all the time and it has held up nicely. It is heavy duty and very easy to clean. Great value.
    This whisk has a nice weighted handle giving it a premium feel. Its great for whipping up eggs for scrambled eggs or mixing spices when making a rub. So many uses.
    Ok for the price its amazing product! they are huge and are professional whisk and is heavy duty. it works great and you feel like professional chef
    This is a fantastic whisk. It's very sturdy and I feel like it will last a long time. And if it doesn't, I know I can buy another and not break the bank.
    I love this whisk so much. It's got a great weight to it and is comfortable to hold. I am still surprised by how affordable this is.
    A very bare bones whisk and which is what I wanted, but my only complaint is that the end is not covered so the hollow handle allows whatever to end up inside it. A simple cap on the end would keep this thing from being crazy to clean.
    I was in love with this whisk from the moment I picked it up! My husband immediately thought I spent a small fortune for it at Williams Sonoma! The durability and quality construction are so evident. I’ll be buying the whole set now!
    This wisk is a great tool all kitchens must have you will love the quality of this tool! You can wash it by hand or in a machine!
    This whip works great for the price you can not go wrong very sturdy and feels good in your hand. I will buy again if i need to. Thanks for such a great product at a great price helps us smaller mom and pop shops stay in business.
    This whisk does the job perfectly! I am not worried about this falling apart - it really seems sturdy. It is also really easy to clean.
    Love this whisk! it's my go-to whisk. Strong, and it gets the job done. I suppose the handle could be more comfortable, but then it would be fatter and wouldn't fit in my utensil caddy as easily.
    This is such an awesome whisk. For the price you really can't beat it. It's heavy and built solidly so it will stand up to vigorous whisking. I love it.
    I have bought expensive ones from home parties. The price was much more and the quality less. Heavy duty and sturdy. Love the longer handle.
    12 stainless steel piano whisk. The best thing about this whisk is the fact that the wire part that is attached to the handle is somewhat sealed so it is sanitary as when it is washed there is no residual water under the handle.
    We go through whisks very quickly here and it is important to have an inexpensive, yet moderate quality product. This fits the bill perfectly. I would recommend.
    This is a great whisk. I bought it because for less than two dollars I barely had anything to lose and was so surprised by the quality. It's got a great weight to it and looks very nice.
    I highly recommend this 12" Stainless Steel Piano Whip/Whisk . Really good for whipping egg whites, mousses, whipping cream and custards. I will definitely purchase this whisk again.
    Standard Stainless Steel Whisk works great. Good quality and easy to use. The handle is easy to hold so it's easy on the hands. Would definitely recommend for others to get.
    Love love love this whisk. Perfect for any home kitchen. It is strong, sturdy and well made. I would recommend this whisk to anyone wanting a good quality whisk.
    The 12' Stainless steel piano whip is a must have for my kitchen. I only have 2 but I keep thinking I shoud get a few more. Very well made, holds up very nicely to thicker sauces and batters,
    I watch the food network channel all the time and see the Chefs use these often. I had to replace mine and I decided to purchase this one. I am pleased that I did
    This 12" stainless steel piano whip/whisk is perfect for mixing creams or cake batters or for almost anything else that you can think of. It's very strong and is very easy to clean up. Definitely recommend.
    The 12" STAINLESS STEEL PIANO WHIP/WHISK is one of my favorites. I purchased for home use but I definitely think it is restaurant quality. I'm sure I couldn't find a whip of this quality at such a low price. This is a great value and I highly recommend this product. Works really well for scrambling eggs.
    Nice size whip! Used for key lime pie, scrambled eggs, mixing dry cake batter. It's a little larger than most of my whites so that made it nice for the larger batters.
    I absolutely love this whisk. Heavy duty restaurant quality. Heavy duty yet light weight. Great price for this item will be buying more for sure.
    Who doesn't love whips? I bought Webstaurant OUT!! I got all different sizes because variety is the spice of life, and I'm cooking up a storm with my new whips!
    Good product. Didn't rust after multiple washes. Worked well with soups, batter, and other areas that needed to be mixed. Will order more as it is a good product. I have no complaints.
    I really like the piano whips for their flexibility. It makes it easy conform to the bowl and make sure all your ingredients get mixed well.
    A lot of times, the wires on shorter whips like this are too firm. On this whip, they are perfect. This is a great whip for the price.
    This is the perfect size whip. I love using it for making a roux. I prefer a whip to a spoon for cooking. This is very sturdy and has gone through the dishwasher without any issues. Will be ordering another and maybe other sizes as well.
    This size whip is perfect for my mixing powder into liquida- the number of rings is perfect!! The stainless steel construction and weight are impressive!!!
    This is an excellent whip. Many that I've used become loose over time and allow the wires to rotate independently of the handle and eventually come out. This is not the case. After two years and many wash cycles, this whip still works great. Do pay attention to the size! This is quite a bit larger than the standard whip you'd buy at a retail store.
    This a fantastic whisk. The quality is top notch and I couldn't be happier with it. I only use this for larger dishes. I bought the smaller versions of this for smaller quantities of ingredients.
    Whips can come in handy for all sorts of things. We use the smaller ones for making smaller batches of sauces. These are easy to clean also.
    A heavy duty whip perfect for whipping up or fluffy, buttermilk pancakes. I love the sturdy construction because it does not give way when I beat heavily. I have bought two of these so far and love them.
    This 12 inch piano whip never seems to fail. It's perfect for whipping delicate sauces and ingredients. The stainless steel wires can hold up for years.
    I am always skeptical about buying a whisk online because I am worried of the integrity of the wires. These whisk are strong and can hold up to some sturdy products like caramel. I love these whisks
    This whip is a whole lot sturdy then what I thought I was buying, it has weight behind the handle and can beat up egg whites nicely.
    Great universal whisk with a strong handle. I use whisks all of the time in my commercial kitchen and the thick handle makes the whisks last longer.
    This piano whip works wonderfully, and it's a must have item for our kitchen. We only ordered 2, but turns out we need a lot more!
    This are my favorite tools in my baking kitchen. This whisk is very strong and great quality. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a great quality whisk.
    My favorite thing about this piano whip is the handle - its much thicker than any of the other whips i've had and it's very ergonomic to use, on top of being very sturdy. The loops of the whip don't shift/bend or come apart during use or washing.
    great for whipping up lighter things like whipped cream but strong and sturdy enough to take on thicker batters and the like. best quality whip out there.
    This Whisk Is So Good And Sturdy Compared To The Ones Being Sold In stores. It is handy and the price was excellent. This is my second one from here and I love both.
    What a nice whisk I got from the Webster on store works great for whisk in my mashed potatoes and Maia whip cream all kinds a whip stuff with this nice fancy whip
    High quality stainless steel whisk. Very well put together. One of the best whisks I've owned. I loved the extra weight in the handle. Great value!
    We have several of these in other sizes too and find them to be super durable and nice to use. They make the job easier
    This is a very nice brand of whiskey it works really well for making mashed potatoes which is my main use for their tough and sturdy
    Great for whipping light sauces and marinade. The whisks are thinner and easier to whip compared to french whips. Perfect size for smaller bowl, quality is on point. Great buy, would definitely recommend.
    It's just a whip. It's difficult to write a review as such. But it's affordable and it works and is easy to clean. Well worth the price
    We love being able to get all kinds of handy quality kitchen tools from WEBstaurantStore like this 12 inch piano whip mixer for mixing batter's or gravies the uses are endless great price as well.
    I love this piano whip! I use mine for making whipped cream, pecan bars, puddings, creams, etc! Easy to clean and super durable. Won't bend too much!
    This Piano Whip is great. It is a wonderful larger size and very sturdy. It has held up very well and I know it will last for a long time.
    I love this whisk. Its a little bigger then i expected but thats ok because the quality of it is awesome! will definitely purchase more of these!
    One of mine favorite tools in the kitchen. Great size for most cooking project. Light but durable. I can't make sauces without this tool! Highly recommended!
    These are the best, most durable whisks you'll find anywhere! I've purchased multiples to give as gifts, along with measuring cups & spoons. Such high quality. While I like the 10" better, the 12" is a must for larger jobs.
    This is a great whisk. Much more sturdy than other whisks I own. I also bought the 16 inch version, but that feels a little too big for me to use regularly. Construction seems nice and solid.
    This whisk withstands every day use. It's great in the dish washer and easy to clean. I highly recommend this if you are looking for an inexpensive whisk that gets the job done.
    This is solid and easy to clean. I do not use it that often, but it cleans well in the dishwasher and gets the job done. Great quality and I would recommend.
    Nice quality whisk. I have not had any issues with this whisk and it is nearly good as new after two years of home use.
    Who doesn't love a good whipping right? :) This is a great little tool for small jobs and small spaces, I love love love this product.
    This is a pretty heavy whisk, but it works well. It has a good amount of wires. My only other criticism is that sometimes water gets stuck in the handle when washed.
    This Whisk works really well. It is very comfortable to use. Just the right size for medium sized tasks. The wires are strong and very durable.
    The piano whip is good for making almost anything. I use the 12" whip for larger batches of mixes that don't need to be whipped as vigorously. I'm pretty small and its a little too large for me to use all the time.
    I bought several of these and they have stood the test of time. We have not had a single issue with any of them and would buy them again. For the price and the durability, these are amazing.
    Perfect for whipping up sauces and soups, mixing up items that have been coagulated or separated because of heat or lack of heat. Solid all metal construction.
    We've been using this for a little while now. The price was great and the quality is fantastic. We abuse out hand tools daily and this takes a licking and keeps on ticking lol.
    I have no complaints with this whip. It does the job well! Sting and sturdy. Has held up well after several uses. Cleans easily- would order again
    We love these piano whip whisks. They are very durable and they will last for a very long time. Our cooks are hard on utensils, but these whisks have held up to all of the hard use they get.
    Good quality whip, they are of good quality for the money and have served us well from sauces to batters and toppings, great product for the money.
    Nice sturdy well made Piano whip that we use daily, so far it's held up great & I expect to get plenty more years out of it. Best price all around. Thanks Webstaurant for great customer service
    A great tool for whipping up potatoes or just string liquids, its very light in the hand and great to work with, food rinses very cleanly.
    I purchase this for my home. I will be back to purchase it for a more demanding environment. Thank you WEBstaurant Store for the price and quality.
    This whisk is good for whipping egg whites. I find that the size of it works well for whisking in air. The grip feels good in my hand.
    Perfect average whisk. When you think of a average whisk, I think this comes into mind, perfect density and thickness of wires, comfortable sturdy constructions, large enough to whip, beat, fold, whatever you need!
    This is a great wisk! it is great for sauces and mixing batters and does a fine job of whipping egg whites and cream. The handles are heavy and feel very well built. I am very pleased.
    Purchased this item about a month ago. When I received them, I was very surprised at the weight and quality of the item. I will definitely purchase this item again.
    I LOVE this whisk! It's heavy duty enough to where the wires are not bending when I have to stir thick things. I also love the handle because it is the perfect size for your hand to be comfortable! I highly recommend this whisk!
    Very sturdy whisk for preparing our waffle cone mix and whipping our yogurt. The handle is very comfortable to hold. It is easy to wash.
    When you need a professionally functioning commercial kitchen, these whisks are perfect. High quality, durable and great sizes letting you handle what you need to handle as the whisk does its job.
    Another great product that needs to be in everyone's kitchen. These wires are thinner than the french whisk but still sturdy. They are not as voluminous as a balloon whisk. They are great for mixes sauces and dry ingredients together.
    Great tool, I ordered this whip for my soap making, I want another for baking, I did order more more products after I ordered this but I forgot to add this to my cart, so I will re-order it soon. A must have for the kitchen :)
    So much more robust than anything I find at the store. I use a whip very rarely so I'm glad this comes in at a great price point. Easy washed and guaranteed to give years of service.
    This is just a regular piano whip as it says in the description. It's not anything spectacular but it does the job and I have no problems with it.
    Great size for taller pots. Works well, cleans well and very high quality for a very low price. Ordered theses in several sizes. Highly recommend
    This is a good size for larger whipping tasks, but that aren't mega size like a gallon of whipped cream. The wires are nice and thin for beating eggs or cream, and the handle is sturdy, if a little weird because it is full of sand instead of a solid substance.
    Not a fan - it doesn't have a loop at the bottom to hang this from a hook in the kitchen in order to save space.
    Great weight, just the right size for quickly whipping up sauces. Stands up to pretty rigorous use and thoroughly blends dry ingredients in seconds. Gets a ton of use.
    Not my favorite whisk - it's not as solid as I would like. It does get the job done, is easy to clean and durable.
    The piano whip is much more flexible than the french whip and is great for delicate sauces or conforming to a pan to really get all the fond off the pan (think roux or gravy).
    these are heavy duty quality and the price is unbeatable will definitely be ordering more for the kitchen. great for just about any whipping, sauces etc.
    This whip is indispensable to me in the kitchen. I use it for beating eggs, making whipped cream, and whisking all sorts of cake batters. It fits in one's hands well and is comfortable to hold. Important especially since whisking can be quite tiring. An exceptional product.
    We have been using this 12" piano whip for various tasks such as whipping cream and mixing sauces. The handle is a nice diameter but the cap on the end of the handle is not flush with the handle: it sticks out just enough to be uncomfortable depending on how you're holding the handle. I am happy with the performance though so we'll see how this model does before we try something different.
    At this price, do you really need to think twice about this tool? If you're concerned about the quality, it's great - better than any whisk I've used. If you already have whisks, who couldn't use a couple more.
    I wanted a proper whip for my mousse and homemade whipped cream, this is a professional grade whip, and will make soft, airy peaks perfectly. I love the way this moves through soft butter too. IT's just a good whip for homechefs, and small caterings. I suggest picking up 5 of these, at this price point. I am thinking great for children's cooking classes, these are a nice size and the kids will love them.
    This 12" piano whip is a great tool in the kitchen. We use it for whipping cream into whip cream, eggs etc. It is well made, heavy-duty, and feel comfortable in the hand. It is a good size also.
    One of my favorite purchases from Webstaurant is these whips. I bought one and then ordered a second. They are well made, heavy-duty, and feel comfortable in the hand.
    we love this whip for eggs and other softer ingredients. it's a nice size for small batches. The quality seems good and the price is great.
    I was needing a nice new whip and I've found my new favorite, I love the weight of it! It feels good when held in Your hand! I love it and I'm going to buy extra , not because this wont hold up (its super derable ) but because I Use mine so often!
    This whip is my favorite for working with lighter ingredients, like eggs and such. It is much more flexible than the french whip, and can conform to the corners of a pot or the slope of a bowl nicely. This is an absolutely excellent product for the price.
    These are great whisks. We use them for many different tasks with great results. They are also pretty easy to clean, which is a huge plus.
    This is a great whip for the sauces, your hands don't actually get that tired even when making sauces that require lots of whipping. A+++
    What a nice size this whip is. I use whips/whisks every day. This one made speedy work of blending dry ingredients together for my coffee cake. Used it again today for eggs. Best one I have ever had. Ordered a second one for our travel trailer. Love the comfortable, sturdy feel.
    The 12" piano whisk is a great item for whipping heavy cream into whip cream. The piano wire makes the whisk a bit thinner it is great.
    This is a nice large whisk for any task in the kitchen. Works well with stainless steel mixing bowls and large pots. Great for scrambling large batches of eggs.
    12" Piano Whip perfect for my batches of soap! Stainless steel material stands up to the chemical reaction perfectly. The 12 inch size is also perfect to hold and control
    This is a very high quality whisk that can be used for just about anything. I have many of them at home. I use them for pancake batter, whipped cream, and even gravies!
    Love this whisk! The size is great. It's durable, and not a even a hint of rust, which happens to so many of these. Great item!
    These are great for many different things. Mixing up sauces and encorporating roux, mixing various batters like cake or pancake. Deffinetly worth the couple dollars it costs!
    These are hight quality, heavy duty whips but very economical. We have used ours everyday, for over one year, and they show very little wear.
    It is a very durable whisk that can be home kitchen or commercial use. It is plain but the size makes a good plus for this item. It's not too big nor too small
    we have used this product for almost daily for the last three months , we have used it heavly and it is still going good quality.
    These whips / whisks offer great quality for a great price. They are made very well and work well for mixing light batters and dry mixes.
    12" Piano Whip is very high quality with the price of walmart or kmart. Webstaurant has the best price, i definitely will buy more and highly recommend.
    I used to use the cheap ones from Walmart, but these are so much better. They really hold up well, and the price is great.

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