8 oz. One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladle

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Designed with soups and broths in mind, the ladle is a very versatile kitchen utensil that can be used in virtually every part of the dining process. Regardless of task, this utensil is up for the challenge. This 8 oz. soup ladle is crafted with durable stainless steel that's strong enough to withstand repeated use in any commercial kitchen. An integrated hooked handle allows for the item to easily sit on the edge of pots, while the one-piece construction makes this item very easy to clean. This ladle is the ideal complement to any chef's traditional set of utensils.

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8 oz. One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladle

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Ladle great handle soup quality price piece size stainless steel
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    Really nice quality! Shipped really fast. Came in a well packed box. The ladle itself is really nice and great for the price we paid.
    It's cold outside, put a big pot of soup on and enjoy seeing it with this fantastic ladle! Nice and big and I love the hook so you don't lose it in the pot!
    8oz Stainless Steel measuring ladle. Very durable! Great for measuring all our soups into our soup cups/bowls. We will be ordering more of this product.
    These ladles are a great value. Well-made and offered at a decent price compared to other brands/options. We use these to ladle our soups into containers.
    Good cheap ladle but I prefer ones with a coated handle or even the Asian style ones with wooden handles because these metal handles can get very hot, especially if you leave them in pots over the stovetop.
    Really nice quality ladle! This stores easy hanging off the side of our racks. This size is perfect for transferring larger portions for our recipes.
    8oz ladle is the perfect size to use at home and for special events like birthdays and baby showers. Basically it is used for anything that has liquid.
    The number one way to control food cost is portion control. If you have issues with food cost start at the one location that has the highest chance of variance; plating. Using these portion scoops will ensure everyone plates the correct amount every time. Remove the chance for error and provide the guest with the consistency they expect. These are perfect!
    Amazing one piece construction, great quality stainless steel perfect for serving soup, for a really great price, every kitchen must have this one the ize is great for a bowl of soup!!
    cant beat the price for the 8 oz. ladle.at the price. i was quite surprised of the heavy grade it was.i plan on buying more of them.
    The eight ounce size works nicely for moderate soup and chili portions. They work great for a buffet or self-serve set-up. Well made and sturdy. Great buy!
    Great quality! Easy to store and great to use. Love the stainless steel finish. Use all the time for our cooking use. 10/10 would buy again.
    This ladle has a sturdy construction with smooth round ladle. Been washed a couple times and no pits or rust. Curved top of handle makes easy to grab.
    Got this 8oz for smaller portions of gravy and soups, going by this we can control portions and have consistency while knowing how many servings we are going to get out of batch or pot.
    This 8 oz ladle works well for soups! Solid construction and quality. The curved handle allows the ladle to rest on the side or pots and pans without falling in. Thanks for another great product!
    Great for portioning soups and sauces. Long handle keeps from burning hand. Easy to clean. Sturdy metal but the handle can be bent a bit if you need to for certain setup needs.
    Great ladle! Makes transferring large amounts of stock from one pot to another or from a pot to the serving dish. The style of the handle makes it easy to hang from the pot I'm using or from a rack when storing.
    The 8oz ladle is one of the most used ladles at my house. Great for scooping out soup to the family, and works well for measuring liquids for alcoholic punch. The stainless quality seems great, and the hook end is convenient. Accurate measurement, and common size for a ladle. I like that the measurements are all stamped on the handle. I wish all the sizes would all stack a little nicer, but no biggie. I have used the 8oz ladle several times to scoop veloute into smaller bain maries and it works perfect for that.
    Sturdy ladle at a great price. You can never have too many of these so I suggest buying a few more than you think you need.
    Totally love this ladle for soups, stews, gumbo, chili, etc...... but I also use it to portion my cake batter into pans. It works great even for things out of the norm!
    While it seemed to be good quality at first, the handle turned out to be very flimsy. The handle strains to hold any heavy batter.
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    This ladle works great for portion control and has a long handle. Works great for us. It cleans up great and is a great tool to have.
    This 8 oz ladle is a great quality: it is durable and easy to clean. The curved handle allows us to hang it on our soup pots which is a huge plus.
    Great ladle. It's the perfect size for sauces and it's heavy duty. Cleans up nicely. A great asset for any pizzeria. Highly recommend this item.
    Great tool to have. Than you for having such a great product for such a great price. the quality is just awesome. thanks so much
    Inexpensive ladle that hangs with the others on the side of the shelve racks. Cleans up fast and at this price we have a couple on hand.
    Perfect for reaching down into deep containers to measure a cup at a time. I have organic sugar in a deep container and only need one cup for sweetening strawberries. This worked great for that!
    THis strong stainless steel ladle performs its basic function well. Can transfer liquids easily and the handle is made well. The all stainless steel makes this easy to wash
    Nice one piece ladle. The handle can be bent easily to fit your hand better. They don't feel cheap when using them to serve soup out of. It does take some skill when pouring into a cup to not spill. Hope this helps
    This soup spoon is exactly as described, I love the ladle, I have shown this item to my friend, they loved it. I will purchase again.
    This is a great ladle. Heavy duty, looks nice. But the best part is it hangs on the side of the pot so it doesn't fall in. Works great for tureens.
    Well, it's certainly the nicest ladle I've ever owned! It has a nice heft to it without being too heavy for use, and the very long handle reaches into my deepest stockpot without risking burning my hand on the steam. The generous 8 ounce bowl is perfect for portion control - one and done! It also makes it a snap to ladle soups and stews into freezer bags in portions large enough to reheat for dinner latter - 1 scoop per serving, easy peasy.
    I’m very happy with my purchase this is a really nice 8 ounce one piece stainless steel ladle it’s got a very nice inexpensive price which is good for the restaurant business P
    This is a bigger ladle. we use it for punch and orchata. One scoop is enough to fill a cup. We have one at our flea market stand
    I like to use this ladle because of its size. The bowl is large enough to scoop a cup at a time which eliminates the problem of not having enough soup to serve everyone. With smaller and larger ladles it is much more difficult to eyeball how much soup to serve each person and to go according to the bowl size often ensures that the first few servings are quite generous and they dwindle down by the last few. Good size and good quality utensil.
    Like the construction of the one piece,seems sturdy as expected, great for service for on 8 oz serving for soup for dinner. Will highly recommend.
    This sturdy ladle has a long handle so you don't burn your hand getting soup. We use ours to measure out our cups of soup because it is a perfect size!
    Great high quality ladle. Well machined with no sharp edges and solid materials. These are an absolute kitchen essential, and we use them for everything.
    This 8 oz. One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladle is an elegant, high quality product at a very reasonable price. Don't often find those qualities together anymore. If I could improve it, which would be difficult, is to put a pouring crimp on one side of the bowl. Cannot seem to find ladles with a pouring crimp anymore, seems odd to me.
    Only ever buy the one piece. That dollar that you save on the two piece is a waste of money. These last forever, we've never had one break on us.
    I purchased this ladle for home use because I wanted something that would serve and measure in one shot. My daughter has type 1 diabetes and we count her carbohydrates at every meal in order to calculate the insulin dose. I was using measuring cups so many times per day that I have 5 sets now! This 8 oz. One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladle has made my life much easier and reduces the amount of dishes I have to do. I also feel the price can't be better!
    The 8 oz. One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladle is a great quality ladle at a great price. It is large enough to scoop soup or punch with one scoop. It is strong, durable and dishwasher safe.
    These ladles work great for serving soup in our cafe!! Nice size as well so you can scoop out a good portion at once. Highly recommend for the price too!
    This is a great ladle. I would defiantly recommend this to any one looking for a high quality durable piece of equipment. I would buy again.
    Nice solid ladle in a great size. Perfect for any soup or sauce need that you might have. I will be ordering more in this and other sizes.
    We purchased the 8 oz one piece stainless steel ladle for daily operations at our restaurants. It is used not only for soups but also for sauces. Great price.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this steel ladle!!! Most definitely worth your purchase! I have a whole bunch of these we use them for soup. The handle never gets hot even it has sat in the warmer all day! I love that about this ladle!!!
    I really love this 8 oz. One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladle. It's very durable and will last for a long time. I like the long handle that allows to reach in deep pans easily and safely. Super easy to clean. I just place mine in the dishwasher after use. Very good price for this very good quality ladle. I will definitely purchase this item again.
    I love that this is a one-piece handle, no rivets makes it super easy to clean by hand, and less likely for food to get stuck in the first place. Quality product and I don't expect the handle to bend any time soon.
    The amount of the size is right. Look strong to use it longer. It helps to portion the amount of soup, gravy, cream or anything you need the same amount every time you use.
    This is a solid 8 ounce ladle! I'm sure I will get many years of use out of it at a price that was a fraction of my national food service provider!
    These are very shiny and easy to clean! it gives a great perfect measurement every time, I also got the 6 oz ones and high recommend them!
    Great stainless steel ladle to create perfect 8 oz. portions. Takes out the guess-work and makes sure that all portions are equal in size. We use these for soups and stews. Thumbs up!
    Nice heavy well made ladle. The price was great and we always need a few extra ladles in the kitchen. i was very pleased with the price and the quality.
    A bigger sized ladle that is perfect for dipping bowls of soup in one dip. Love the lip on the ladle so I can rest it on the pot without dripping all over the counter.
    Great size for soups and I can get the whole portion in one scoop. Good for little side soups in our warmer setup. Would buy again.
    These are nice weight serving ladle. They are an exact 8 oz, or 1 cup size and should work well in the serving line of our daughter's wedding reception.
    8 oz one piece ladle is strong and sturdy! This ladle is one piece which means solid in construction! Does the job and price is right! Webstaurant store does it again!
    Perfect ladle to serve the correct portion of soup or sauce. It looks durable and hard use. I had bouth it in different sizes, and all of them are good!
    These ladles are great quality. We use them to serve our soups each day at our bakery. Would recommend them. I might consider getting the ones that have the rubber on the end though.
    This is a BIG ladle! Perfect if you are serving bowls of soup. The handle was a bit longer than I'm used to so I think anything in a larger pot would work a little more easy. I am getting used to the handle length even for home cooking because I like the serving amount.
    There's not much to say about a ladle, but the quality is great and they're plenty strong enough to handle daily use in the kitchen.
    Only complain is that the sides seem a little sharp, but for the $$ it's hard to complain. This is the perfect size for soup in my opinon.
    Great polished finish and no one will know these are used for portion control serving. It will fit perfectly into the Choice 11 QT Soup Chafer!
    Good quality product at a really good price. I've had these for quite some time now and they hold up well. I will be ordering more soon.
    This 8-ounce ladle is perfect. I primarily use it for when I make soup at home. Also I use it for dishing out homemade sauce when I make lasagna. Thank you webstaurant store for the low price and the quality of this item. And I will continue to use your site.
    I like that this ladle is one piece so there isn't a joint for food and bacteria to get caught. I do feel the metal is a bit thin but I haven't had any issues with it yet.
    Very nice 8 oz stainless steel ladle. It's perfect for soups. Great size and primo price point. I like it alot thank you WEBstaurantStore for another great deal
    Soups, Stews, Beans and a lot more to use this 8 oz stainless steel ladle for. Sturdy, high quality and cheap; I sometimes use it when we can veggies.
    These are a nice size ladle for dishing out our soups in our shop. They are not real heavy. I was a bit disappointed at that but we'll see how they hold up. Overall I think they will do the job that we need them to do.
    Really nice solid ladel. Heavy constuction means it will last a long time and should not bend easily. Great for serving soup or just general use.
    Long handle makes it easy to reach into pot without getting your hand dirty or burnt. Sturdy metal prevents it from bending and makes it more long lasting.
    This ladle is great. The hook at the end allows you to hang it from the pot for easy access. I love that it comes in many sizes.
    This ladle is sturdy and works well for what I got it for. It helps me with my serving portions for gravy and sauces. 5 stars
    Used the 8 oz. One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladle to pick up pistachios. This ladle is great for putting 8 oz worth of pistachios nuts in a bag and taking it to the office so you can snack on it while at work. Great purchase.
    bigger then expected and deeper. The handle was really longer then I had thought, probably about the size of a normal forearm, and couldn't use for it's intended use for pizza sauce.
    Great ladles for many uses. We would definitely recommend these for perfect portions of. Marinara sauce on spaghetti or a bowl of soup. Throw them in the dishwasher at end of day and they clean up easily.
    I am in receipt of the 8 oz One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladle. it is well made, has a long handle, will be easy to clean, and best of all, it measure one cup exactly, which is great when you are dealing with portion control issues.
    This is a good, sturdy ladle for the price. It has a nice, long handle with a hooked end for hanging off of tall pots or a storage rail. It works exactly as I would expect...I recommend.
    I really like the size of this ladle. It is large enough to portion out stew or soup all in one fluid movement. The handle hangs nicely on the side of the pot for easy use. My only issue is hanging it on my rack. I have a curved rack with hooks for hanging my tools. I can hang it over the curved area but the ladle part sticks out quite a bit. I have figured out I can turn it around and hook it backwards around the rim but it is very awkward. I am going to try and take it to someone who can drill a hole in the handle so I can hang it on the hook backwards. Problem will be solved.
    I purchased these to use for our wedding. They were slightly bent upon arrival but that won't make a difference I am sure they will work out just fine.
    This 8 ounce one piece stainless steel ladle is great for measuring a pancake recipe. Alternatively it can be used to skim stocks or soups.
    Perfect size portion for serving soup on a cold day. It is light weight and sturdy. I also use it for serving drinks on bbq days.
    In the winter we serve a ton of house made soups. This ladle is sturdy, the perfect portion, easy to clean and was super affordable.
    This is the perfect ladle for that cup of soup or stew that you've been cooking all day. I love the handle and the shininess of the product. It is so easy to clean up and it keeps its shine.
    The best! I am a home chef and this is the right size for the job. I can serve a hardy portion of soup with just a scoop and half. Hangs nicely off my wire shelving.
    Great for scooping a portion of food for bowls of soup, rice dishes, stew. Great price and the stainless steel ladle has been used for years now.
    I like to use ladles for many different tasks these perform very well. I find the 8oz is perfect for my waffle iron, and like using it for soups and sauces. The hook makes handing very conveniant.
    Great 8oz laddle awesome stainless steel work nice on using for my soups and some beverage to easy and handy dishwasher safe great apperance awesome!!!
    A one piece ladle is the only way to go if you don't want the bowl to fall off the handle one day. Nice weight, good quality and balance, great price.
    Long handle helps prevent spills and come on for this price it is sensational! We have several of these for our cup size soup serving.
    This large 8oz ladle is great for serving larger portions of products such as soups. It also is well suited for transferring products from the pot into cook-chill bags or retail portion containers. Since it's made of one piece of steel, it's very sturdy. And the hook makes it easy to store.
    Having a range of different sizes of ladles can make lots of tasks easier in the kitchen, an 8 oz./1 cup size is a good place to start. The metal is thinner than some versions on the market, but it gets the job done. The large hook end makes it easy to hang.
    During soup season this ladle came in handy. It prevents spills with long handle and big scoop. No need to re scooping. the hook on the end helps in not fall into the pot. planning in buying more in different sizes.
    Good ladle for the price. Metal is fairly thin, but seeing as it's only used to serve liquids and semi liquids, I see no issues. Would not be suitable for stirring larger quantities of something thick.
    Very nice one piece ladle. 8 oz portion size was perfect. Curved handle allowed the ladle to sit upright and not slide into the soup.
    Very great product. The curved handle allows for the ladle to rest on the edge of a large pot without falling in the pot. Very sturdy!
    Good item for the price. We use these a lot in our commercial kitchen, I will purchase this item again, very happy with the performance and durability.
    Solid construction, very good quality stainless at an amazing price. Love the ladle volume sizes available and the handle designed to hang on the pot edge and tool rack.
    Sturdy construction and great price. I have a number of these - use them in my soup kettles, to get thick soups out of their cooking pots and to portion the soups correctly. They hang well on my stainless steel shelves too. Nice smooth edges.
    8 oz. one piece ladle. This is very durable and I like the one piece ladle, no breaking. This is a great size for portion control also.
    Overall a very nice one piece ladle. Very easy to clean chrome finish and no burs or rough edges to catch you or your towels.
    I chose this ladle due to the added durability of its one piece construction. I use it for serving soups, tomato sauces, and gravies; it's also very useful for ladling a measured quantity of jam or syrup into jars during canning season.
    These are a must have if you serve soup. They are a nice stainless steel construction without any hard to clean spots at the handle.
    This style of ladle allow for easy storage. The one piece design allows for easy cleaning. The hooked handle keeps the ladle from falling into the pot. highly recommended.
    This basic 8 oz. one-piece ladle is a good product. It's easy to keep clean with no nooks or crevices. The ladle is made of a heavy gauge metal, and is very sturdy. The actual ladle part is just over 4" across and about 2" deep. Plenty of room to scoop up whatever's cooking in your pot :~)
    A very basic ladle and does what it suppose to. Being made from one piece of metal, you never have to worry about it breaking apart. The top of the handle if very thin and easily bendable. This makes it so you can change the size the hook at the top of the handle to whatever you need. Overall good purchase.
    The best ladle we've had. It's pretty tough with the one pice design and cleaning doesn't take much. Whether it's soups, sauces, braised items, this ladle makes portioning easier!
    We ordered several of these ladles and are glad we did. They work great and are so handy. Plus, I bought a couple for home use also.
    One piece ladle is the way to go. The price is a little higher but you reduce the risk of it coming apart. With moderate usage a two piece will come apart.
    I am very pleased with this product for the price. I use these often in my mobile commercial kitchen. It is perfect for serving directly into my storage containers for take out orders. Great product.
    These are great so that our workers know the exact amount to give each customer so there are no over or under pourings of our soups! Has saved us money and really like how they label them with oz. on the handle!
    This is a nice, basic ladle. It has a useful hook on one end which we use to hang it over a bar on the edge of the shelf. It's sturdy, and so far has held up well.
    Nice and easy to clean. I like that it has oz marked on the handle so we don't grab the wrong ladle. Would be nice to have a small pour spout.
    when it comes to ladles you need them to take a lot of repeat use. and for this price wow can it take a beating, been using your ladles for over a year now and have lost none. great job
    Works well with our 11qt soup kettles and is the perfect size to get your bowl filled with one scoop. Also it's easy to clean.
    I was unsure what size ladle to get, but I'm grateful I got the 8 oz. It's great for everything from soups and stews, to jams.

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