2 oz. One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladle

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Designed with soups and broths in mind, the ladle is a very versatile kitchen utensil that can be used in virtually every part of the dining process. Regardless of task, this utensil is up for the challenge. This 2 oz. soup ladle is crafted with durable stainless steel that's strong enough to withstand repeated use in any commercial kitchen. An integrated hooked handle allows for the item to easily sit on the edge of pots, while the one-piece construction makes this item very easy to clean. This ladle is the ideal complement to any chef's traditional set of utensils.

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2 oz. One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladle

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ladle perfect Great piece Stainless steel price serving sauces ladles
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    I really like the design of this ladle. Perfect for soup bars that run a clean setup. The handle is curved which makes it excellent to hang on the rim of soup pots.

    Posted on

    i prefer the one piece ladles because on the two piece the weld points seem to fail after some time and dont like buying the same things over and over

    from Jd reardons Posted on

    This is something who makes sauces or soups in their business or homes. We hang it on our shelve with other sizes also. It washes great and will always be a asset in your business or home. And the price!!! What a buy.

    from DAV Posted on

    This is a great little stainless ladle. It is easy to use and pours easily into ramekins for service. The notched handle is the right angle to hook around your finger or to hang on a rack

    from NomNoms Posted on

    This 2 oz ladle is a great quality: it is durable and easy to clean. The curved handle allows us to hang it on our soup pots which is a huge plus.

    from Johnny Roger's BBQ & Burgers Posted on

    This ladle is the perfect size for scoping soups into a bowl. It fits in most bowls without making a mess on the edges. It also holds a reasonable amount for scoping.

    Posted on

    This is a good product for gravy. Some use it for a cup of soup. It is light weight and can be used for many things.

    from Cannon Falls Senior LLC Lora Bremer Posted on

    This is a great item I love that fact that I found them on this site. the quality and the price are just awesome. Thanks

    from Frontline Foundations, Inc. Posted on

    I got this ladle primarily for pouring small amounts of sauce at a time. The metal it is made from could be just a bit thicker so the handle portion is a bit stiffer. This doesn't effect the overall performance.

    Posted on

    Ladeling some soup

    WE have this product in a couple different sizes and it works well for us. Great serving spoon and allows for us to get a portion out at the right size.

    Posted on

    This ladle is perfect for dipping smaller quantities from a deep stock pot. I didn't pay much attention to the dimensions when I ordered this and it was actually too long for my original intentions of a gravy serving ladle. However, this is definitely a solid ladle and I am sure I will find other uses for it. I am rating this 5-star even though it was too long for a gravy ladle; that was my fault for not reading the dimensions.

    Posted on

    I love how these One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladles come in so many sizes. They are perfect for so many uses and are very durable. I like the one piece design that allows them to look sleek yet remain easy to clean.

    from Treats N Treasures Posted on

    This 2 ounce ladle is a perfect size for serving gravies and other sauces in addition to smaller portions of soup. Because it's made out of one solid piece of stainless steel it is very easy to clean. The hook on the handle makes storage and cooking with this utensil very convenient.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    We love using these small size ladles for sauces and toppings.

    This 2 oz. label has been perfect for us when serving gravy from a crock pot. The long handle remains upright in the crock pot when we are not serving. This has prevented messes and looks very nice on the serving line. We are pleased with this product and recommend for serving small sauces.

    from Jes Catering Posted on

    This 2 oz. One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladle is great for portion control! It is sturdy and doesn't bend easily. The handle is hooked at the end to easily hang on the side of a soup pot.

    Posted on

    This 2 ounce stainless steel soup ladle is a great product for the price. Nice shiny finish washes easily and shines up nicely. Highly satisfied with this product.

    from Phil's place Posted on

    I was getting tired of telling my staff to put less gravy on our entrees and this ladle did the trick. It is high quality and dispenses product easily, great for portion control.

    from Concepts in Catering LLC Posted on

    This small ladle is great for when you need to fish our smaller ingredients, or use portioned scoops.

    The 2 oz. One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladle works great for a smaller portion of sauce. The quality is very good and the price is reasonable. I highly recommend this ladle and would definitely purchase again if needed.

    Posted on

    This is great for sauce and it's a perfect portion. Excellent quality and reasonable price.

    Nice commercial ladle it works well at our store perfect for serving caramel, chocolate or cheese sauce. Has many other uses as well could be used in a variety of applications.

    from Cayucos Candy Counter Posted on

    Great for food portion control. We use these in everything to keep food costs down and all of our food items consistent. Do not ever heat nestled in a crock pot.

    from Alamo City Golf Trail Posted on

    We used this for gravy at a pig roast party. It was the perfect size for what we needed! Not too big that people were flooding their plates and not so small that you needed a second dip. Quality was pretty good for the cheap price tag. I would buy again.

    Posted on

    shown in an 8 qt pot. I love this size for gravy or other sauces for on top of meals. wouldn't be large enough for soup or similar in my opinion

    This is a great ladle. It is very sturdy and it does not feel like it is going to bend and break on you. I would buy again.

    from Soul Traveler LLC Posted on

    I like the size of this ladle for certain tasks. But I don't necessarily like the feel of these one-piece stainless steel ladles. They feel more flimsy than the two piece ladles.

    Posted on

    This is the perfect ladle for sauces and dressings. it is a small two ounces so it does not scoop too much, but for our servings, it works well.

    Posted on

    these ladles are very comfortable. we use them to pour our sauces into smaller cups. 2oz is the perfect size so that its not too full and spills over.

    Posted on

    I have this ladel in a few sizes and they are great. We don't use them heavily so I cannot speak to the durability but I like the look and functionaility when I do use them.

    from Sweet Gourmet Cafe Posted on

    Perfect ladle with the perfect size, I have multiple of these and use them mainly for a catering buffet setup. They are perfect to be used with hot liquid or cold liquid

    from The Hutton Posted on

    as far as ladles go this is just another typical ladle that does what it is supposed to do. handles could be shorter for steamtable items though

    from great lakes grinders Posted on

    Perfect for salad dressings and syrups. One piece construction makes them a cinch to clean. Inexpensive and surprisingly durable. They sit nicely in the slotted pan lids.

    Posted on

    2 oz.

    Great stainless steel laddle!! This looks beautiful on any display table and has a solid feel to it. The neck feels strong with a tiny give when serving heartier meals like stew.

    Posted on

    Highly recommend!!

    One piece stainless steel ladle held up for a smaller service and had been used multiple times within the day. Held food and liquid well.

    Posted on

    This is a great, long handled ladle for our intended use - scooping cheese sauce from its container to serve with soft pretzels and nachos.

    from Spring Street Treats Posted on

    2 oz Stainless steel ladle

    This small ladle comes in handy when plating. It is also very useful with sauces for deserts. The quality is good and I am very happy with the purchase.

    Posted on

    I absolutely love this product! This 2 oz one piece stainless steel ladle is perfect for the kitchen! It's handle has a hook for easy hanging!

    Posted on

    This to ounce one piece stainless steel late always pretty sturdy it's nice and strong it seems to work well I really like the hooker thing to it makes it easy to hang it up and then you don't have to worry about where you left it

    from N/A Posted on

    I'm really glad I bought this item for this price. It's great to serve soup or anything watery. It can take a good scoop of it.

    from M.G Posted on

    Solid, sturdy and strong. These are a must for any kitchen. Does the job and more. Price is out of this world. Get it from here.

    from Queens pizzaria Posted on

    these simple, one piece ladles are the best for every job where they're needed. the design is so simple but that makes them durable and they last a long time. they're a super good deal for what you pay.

    Posted on

    This is my first set of utensils and these are very satisfying indeed. This is a set that will definitely last me a good long time.

    Posted on

    This is a decent one piece 2 ounce ladle I've use this for many years and my establishment and I will continue to use them very good price you can't go wrong

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Using it in my thick blue cheese dressing

    Perfect size for our pizza sauce serving. It makes portion control so much easier. This ladle is made of great quality material and we I'll be ordering more soon.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    This is an excellent product. We use it to portion out chili for hotdogs. It is perfect for portion control and ensure that each product has same amount of ingredients.

    Posted on

    This two ounce ladle is perfect for sauces on desserts or sauces on a steak! I use it all the time for hollandaise at my brunches!

    from Ashleigh Luna Posted on

    very sturdy, reliable and are perfect for the type of business that they are being used for. I will definitely get more to have extra.

    from pashays Posted on

    This is a basic ladle. Nothing super fancy but it gets the job done. Webstaurant always has great prices and they're a one stop shop for all of our needs.

    from Chick-fil-A Posted on

    Super 2 oz stainless steel ladle from WEBstaurantStore perfect for soups or sauces very inexpensive and easy to clean at a great price I will be buying several more

    Posted on

    2 oz. One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladle #92246812 salad bar dirty hands ranch dressing what to do? use your hands? a dirty sock? what to do?

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    Quality ladle had a great affordable price you can only get the best price at the webrestaurant store highly recommended you buy extra good for all applications.

    from H&H CITY PIZZA Posted on

    Use for any application

    These ladles are a thinner guage stainless steel, but serve their purpose well. They are exactly as the specs state they are and are shiny and nice looking on our banquet lines.

    from GBF Catering Posted on

    Great ladle - one piece is important because it will never break apart! Sturdy, and well made, I highly recommend this product. Will definitely be buying more in the future.

    from Ivory Road LLC Posted on

    Great ladle for many uses. The handle is long enough to reach into a deep pot, and short enough for it to not feel clumsy. Love the stainless steel!

    from Milam Street Coffeehouse & Bakery LLC Posted on

    This two ounce ladle works well. It's sturdy but a little too big. I'm happier with the one ounce ladle but I'm still hanging onto this one, hoping to find a use for it later on.

    from Good Doggy Posted on

    Homemade chili

    In catering most every plated entree has a sauce and these are great for dishing it out. We keep a hook on the line with 3 on it. Works great wit popovers and other baking as well.

    Posted on

    This is a great sized ladle we use them for sauces mainly but is a good size for soup as well, Very easy to clean love the one piece

    Posted on

    These one piece ladles are very high quality and an excellent value. The one piece construction makes cleaning and sanitizing a breeze as there are no rivets or seams for contaminants to get trapped in/on. Great for portion control purposes.

    from Hanks Clubs LLC Posted on

    This scoop is a great value. The weight is nice and the size works extremely well for salad dressing and sauces. I couldn't live without these in my kitchen.

    Posted on

    Used the 2 oz. One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladle to pick up lemonade drink mix. Use the ladle and make a drink for you and your loved one. Nice size ladle to have around to use.

    Posted on

    Love, love, love this ladle. The perfect size for sauces. My daughter has this same ladle from culinary school and I had to have one. Its of a great quality and professional look.

    Posted on

    These ladles just came in today and I can say they are excellent as I have used the 1 oz ladles of this same exact product. The one piece makes these products more durable.

    from Kach LLC Posted on

    Used for a wedding for meat balls serving. Perfect sizing for Everyone to not take more then they want. Nice sturdy really easy to clean and stainless great price but of course you going have to buy new every couple of months

    from Private planner Posted on

    We use this to portion queso into souffle cups and it's perfect. It also works well for filling mini muffin pans or dishing sauces. The price is right and it's a very durable ladle.

    from Zulu Co Posted on

    Sturdy and perfect size for serving gravies or dressing ! These are a DEFINATE must for anyone using bulk bbq sauces or ice cream toppings

    from Mile High BBQ & Catering Posted on

    Not the kind of soup ladle you will have for your whole life but it would work for a couple of years. Lightweight and affordable

    from backwater Posted on

    This 2 ounce one piece stainless steel ladle is perfect for keeping in a pot of oil. It measures out the perfect amount when you need to sear something.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    This ladle is versatile for me. I use them to mix and pour drinks and for serving soups on a bowl. Very pretty stainless material and sturdy.

    Posted on

    Solidly built ladle for an excellent price that you can't beat anywhere else online. Recommend this one piece stainless steel over any two piece ladle on the market

    from Chill Brands LLC Posted on

    When you are looking for a 2oz ladle look no further then this 2oz ladle. They are very strong and they last a very long time.

    from NY PIZZA PIE LLC. Posted on

    Great for portioning product accurately

    This is a great ladle! I use it with tempering my eggs when making custards and it really has saved me time and energy compared to the old way i used to do it. Great product for the price!

    from Cleveland Park Catering Company Posted on

    One piece construction is the definitely the way to go. Easy to clean, sanitary and they will not tear your chinois when passing product through it.

    from Creativa Posted on

    These ladles so well for my business. I am always making gravies and sauces for my dishes and this 2oz ladle gives the perfect amount for my clients

    from Jr's Catering Solutions Posted on

    Great price, well made. Creates great portion control. Machine washable. Convenient hook for storage. We have ether full line front one to eight ounce ladles.

    from Cafe Marty Posted on

    Very well made, excellent quality ladle. We use ours for chili and we have been pleased with this 2 oz. One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladles work.

    Posted on

    We sell stew at our bar which might seem strange but for a korean bar is very normal. We need these dippers for sharing stew. Works great!

    Posted on

    Nice quality ladle but handle was a little too long for our needs. Good price and looked nice in the buffet line but awkward to hold and use.

    Posted on

    Love this one piece ladle. The stainless steel construction makes it rust proof and easy to keep clean. On my rebuy list without a doubt.

    from Vamcomplex USA Posted on

    I got this to use for filling cupcakes - the 2 oz size is perfect for filling a standard size cupcake pan. The one piece stamped design is quite sturdy.

    Posted on

    I use this small ladle for evenly distributing sauces and batters and they do a great job. The hook at the end of the table are also conveniant for hanging. Very pleased.

    Posted on

    Very high quality metal ladle. Why would anyone ever buy a two piece ladle. Anyways 2 ounces is the perfect size for scooping some of our sauces.

    from Shawn O'Donnell's American Grill and Irish Pub Posted on

    This light stainless steel ladle works great for portion control and also a handy ladle for soups and gravy! I actually bought 2 of them!

    from Gini's BIRDIEBREAD Posted on

    Great ladle, easy to clean, a little wider rim then what I am used to but I think it will work just as well, Thanks!

    from Lemon Squeezers Beverage Co. Posted on

    We use these for almost all of our ladled items. This includes sauces and portioning purposes also. Durable and reliable. Another great product by these guys!

    from Charleston Sports Pub Posted on

    The price is incredible, one piece for easier cleaning and sanitizing, perfect capacity for small quantities and scooping into portion cups. This ladle can't be beat!

    Posted on

    Love these little ladles for sauces, and small amounts of sides or topping. Great price, decent quality build. Impossible to beat. Not that great for sideways scooping, otherwise wonderful.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    Skip the two piece ladles and go with these solid one piece ones. They are much more sanitary (no seam in which to breed bacteria) and they'll never break apart. A great value!

    Posted on

    I bought this 2oz ladle to use in my food wagon. I use it to put chili on hot dogs. It is the perfect portion control device for this. This ladle has held up nicely over the season for me. It is durable and easy to clean. Based on price, quality and functionality I recommend this product.

    from Tin Brook Bed & Breakfast Posted on

    this 2 oz one piece ladle is a very well built product. we use them all day long everyday. always do the job we need. cleans great and ships fast.

    Posted on

    In the past, I have had several two piece ladles that were welded together break with normal use. These one piece ladles cure that issue.

    Posted on

    Nice ladles! Solidly built and versatile. We scoop salad dressings or marina with these. Easy to clean and the stainless steel seems to be high quality.

    from DJK Establishments, LLC Posted on

    This is a nice ladle at a good price but I did not realize how big two ounces is. If you want a very small ladle for ice cream toppings get smaller.

    Posted on

    This solid one piece ladle is a staple for every kitchen. The hooked handle keeps it from falling into pots. Since it is made of stainless steel, this ladle will last.

    Posted on

    Ordered these labels to use for dipping our au juis sauce. This little ladle is a great size for smaller servings. Very sturdy and easy to clean

    from Sergeant Major's Subs Posted on

    I was not sure how strong or how this would hold up being used everyday, But I must say that the 2 oz. One-Piece Ladle is really strong and durable. Its also really nice knowing how much is exactly in your ladle. The 2oz size measurement allows us to be more spot on with servings. I am going to have to buy a few more of these.

    from Flour City Popcorn Company Posted on

    This is a great tool. It's solidly constructed of stainless steel, imprinted with the 2oz capacity, and definitely useful (like in those cases when you want to ladle 2 oz of pizza sauce onto homemade pie). The curved handle is also great to prevent the ladle from sliding away into your pot. Highly recommended, and the price is reasonable.

    Posted on

    This ladle works great. It's very sturdy and easy to clean, and easy to hang when not in use. And priced very reasonably also. We'll order more as necessary.

    Posted on

    One piece is the way to go. It stays together, unlike a two piece that will eventually fall apart. It is definitely worth paying a little more.

    from Sbarro Pizzeria Posted on

    This nice one-piece small sized ladle is great for portioning sauces for pasta and even for broths and sauces to finish dishes! Built to last!!!

    Posted on

    The perfect size to dish up some hot sauce for burgers and hots off of the grill. Very easy to clean, which is important after a busy night on the grill!

    from Webster Athletic Association Posted on

    This is a great 2 oz ladel, all one piece and very sturdy, we use these as a perfect portion control for our barbeque sauce.

    from Golden Rule BBQ Posted on

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