6 oz. Stainless Steel Scoop

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This 6 oz. metal scoop is perfect for scooping ice, flour, and other bulk ingredients! Made of durable stainless steel, this scoop has an attractive, shiny appeal that makes it great for front-of-the house applications. Use it to scoop popcorn at concession stands, to fill glasses with ice, or to portion out candy at your front counter. Its material makeup gives it a sturdy and high-quality feel, ensuring you a product with longevity. A smooth handle provides a comfortable grip. It also features a hanging hole at the ends of its handle so you can hang your scoop next to your ice or ingredient bin, keeping it off of unsanitary counters or other surfaces. When it's hanging up, it also allows any melted ice water to dry, preventing the growth of bacteria or mold.

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6 oz. Stainless Steel Scoop

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scoop ice great perfect scooping size stainless steel small scoops
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    These are great for about a year. The shine on them hasn't gone anywhere but they slowly become bent by scooping ice into drinks in a bar setting. I thought I really like them but they are not made in the highest strength qualities.

    from Grand Forks Country Club Posted on

    Very cheap, bends easily. Looks nice but the first time someone goes to scoop a bigger chunk of ice it will bend at the handle!

    Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Shaun! We're sorry this was not heavy duty enough for you! We recommend trying this One-Piece 12 oz. Aluminum Scoop instead for a sturdier construction.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These scoops work very well for our bar and also are used in the kitchen. They are the perfect size for cocktail glasses and are very well made.

    from Spillian LLC Posted on

    I use this as an ice scooper. I think next time I will order the next size up(personal preference). 6oz is fairly small. The product works great though for what I use it for. If I am top lose these I would definitely repurchase them from here again!

    Posted on

    Without a doubt, I would highly recommend this six ounce stainless steel scoop. Its uses are endless with the durability to match. I appreciate the fact that I can scoop anything from hard ice to soft fresh popcorn with no problems and cleaning after is as easy as can be. I have no complaints, it is great and I would definitely recommend!!

    Posted on

    Highly recommend.

    Easy to use. Retains its shine. Has not discolored after several uses. I use it to for my smaller ice containers. It looks very professional and polished.

    from Spiked By T Posted on

    While the material isn't fancy, the scoop is sturdy but light and a good size for scooping ice out of an ice bucket. Also has a hole on the handle which would allow for hanging on a rope or chain in a convenient place.

    Posted on

    This is is the perfect scoop for scooping ice from an ice bucket into a shaker for cocktail-making!

    I don't love the edges, but that's a small complaint. Overall this works well for us for scooping ice for iced or blended drinks at my coffeeshop

    from Birch & Banyan Coffee Posted on

    The left of the two scoopers

    Perfect size scoop for our bulk candy section, small enough to get in the jar opening but able to scoop out a decent amount of product at the same time!

    from Krave Frozen Yogurt & Candy Shoppe Posted on

    I love this stainless steel scoop that can be used in the kitchen with powder or liquid ingredients and is very easy to clean. I like that it is durable and match the other accessories.

    Posted on

    Great stainless steel scoop for multiple possible usage! I love to use this one with my ice machine but I believe that it would be great with flour too!

    Posted on

    this is a good basic scoop. it's meant to scoop heavier duty things like ice, but its a much better tool for lighter weight items like dry pantry goods. for that its great and holds up to a lot of use

    Posted on

    It's an ok scoop but it's pretty light duty, Good for catering events, etc where they are likely to get lost or broken anyway I guess,

    from Queen Bee Restos LLC Posted on

    This is an inexpensively-made scoop (and the price reflects this) but the value is definitely there. It's holding up great and makes consistent measuring a cinch.

    from Signal Beverage Co Posted on

    This is a good scoop, and it is priced good. We bought it to scoop up ice, and it did not work for that, simply because it got too cold. But we use it in our 25# bag of flour.

    from Muncheez Pizzeria Posted on

    This is great for ice from freezer, coolers, ice bins or even dry food. I use this for ice, it works great. From the freezer or from a cooler you can transfer ice to where ever you'd like without using your fingers!

    Posted on

    Really good buy for a really great price. Purchased these scoops from Webstaraunt. These are used for part of my barware to dip ice chips..

    from Wedding/ Party Planner Posted on

    Decent scoop for the price but it is clearly cheap. Good for scooping small amounts of things to get into little bags but that's pretty much it.

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    Really nice scoop. Made strong and slid with a design that allows for optimal scooping. Easy to clean and store, and is sold at s great price.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    This stainless steel scoop is pretty nice it's 6 ounces so it's kind of small but it's very nice looking and works great for having it out of banquets and stuff for a scoop

    from Home Posted on

    This stainless steel ice scoop is durable and great quality! It is easy to use and easy to clean. I love that it comes in different sizes.

    Posted on

    The scoop is more flat than I expected and the handles are somewhat sharp. Also the sticker in the back was really hard to get off, even after washing it with soap and hot water.

    from Taste of Saigon Posted on

    I've never owned a scoop that was better at scooping! okay- so it's really just a glorified spoon but we use it to fill our sugar shakers and it really minimizes product loss and messes. It is smallish and perfect for what we use it for.

    from workhorse coffee llc Posted on

    6 oz. Stainless Steel Scoop this one is actually in our pasta bin it gives the perfect portion do weight for shell pasta so we love this guy only 3 scoops will make a good 1/2 pan shell pasta and cheese

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    A great scoop. Sturdy and functional. The only real fault I can find is the handle...it's not very ergonomic. It would be somewhat uncomfortable to use for longer periods of time. Other than that it's excellent and seems like it's going to last a good while.

    Posted on

    This 6 oz Stainless Steel Scoop is the perfect size to fill up water and cocktail glasses. We haven't had any issues with rust even when we leave it in the ice chest. good quality.

    from Gail B Posted on

    Cute little ice scoop. It is perfect size to scoop ice into small or medium cups. I use for selling drink at farmers markets and I like it. One scoop is perfect portion of ice in my drink.

    from Imsabai Posted on

    great scoop to keep right in the ice chest. won't rust, just the right amount of ice to fill a cup of soda. hands free for sanitary reasons.

    from Daniel C Tolner Posted on

    I love these scoops, I had gotten the cheaper plastic ones and upgraded to these, they are well worth the extra few dollars! I use them for sugar, flour, etc. anything that I keep in a large bin.

    from Cakes by Ashley Posted on

    Used the 6 oz. Stainless Steel Scoop to pick up dog food. I love that this scoop is made of stainless steel. So this makes the scoop so easy to clean and feels very sturdy. Great buy.

    from jwhitten31 on Youtube Posted on

    The perfect size for making a cocktail or filling a water glass. Easy to clean and they don't crack or get brittle like plastics. A big savings over time.

    from It Takes Two LLC T/A Dino's Grotto Posted on

    Great ice scoop, perfect size for one of our rocks glasses or a pint with water. We keep it with our ice bucket for servers, very handy!

    Posted on

    It's quite small for me to scoop flour. I think it could scoop about 150g of dry ingredient as a maximum. but it has great quality.

    Posted on

    This scoop is very lightweight, however impressively sturdy. My only concern is that its a bit small for the application i'm using. I will have to order a larger scoop.

    from Reserva Coffee Roasters Posted on

    This ice scoop seems really well made and will probably hold up to years of use. It's the perfect size for home use. I keep it in my freezer right next to my ice bin. It's stainless steel so it won't rust. Recommended!

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    This is a handy scoop for the price. It is larger than I expected, so it won't be practical for me to use it for flour or sugar, but it is fabulous for scooping ice.

    Posted on

    This scoop is for when I have a house full of company over for dinner. I was always needing something to scoop ice from freezer into a bucket for serving....works much better than me using a spoon.

    Posted on

    No complains about this product. Just came in same as description and photo. it works really good and the price was great as well. We used it for our private parties and it looked really nice with bucket that we purchased from here.

    Posted on

    Very sturdy scoop. Used it to scoop out cheddar cheese to put in warmer to liquefy it. Worked great for what I use it for.

    Posted on

    This is a great value for the money. I bought this to scoop pet food out of the containers to try and get the job done without so much spillage. So far it has worked perfectly for me.

    Posted on

    The scoop does what it is supposed to in scooping ice, however, it is a lot more lightweight than originally thought. It is also sharp around the edges and I worry as employees quickly make drinks and dealing with condensation that their hands may scrape the edge of the scoop.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    This is definitely not a fancy scoop but works for a casual event, fits well to scoop ice into a variety of cup sizes that I tried. It is light weight and even has a hole on the handle in case I want to hang it somewhere.

    Posted on

    Very high quality, heavy duty scoop. We use this for serving hash browns and scrambled eggs in exact portions, which ensures that each customer gets a consistent serving size.

    Posted on

    These scoopers are great for scooping up ice for our cocktails. It's the perfect size and since they are stainless steel, the color does not change even after contact with water for a long period of time.

    Posted on

    This scoop is perfect for making small and medium drinks. I like the size and shape of the scoop. Works great and a great value!

    from Aunt B's Tropical Teas and Citrus Sensationz Posted on

    These are great little scoops! I bought them for scooping ice from ice buckets at a catered event but they are multipurpose scoops--good for flour, sugar, etc. Well-made, sturdy, sleek, and attractive.

    Posted on

    I used scoops like this at work and wanted one for home entertainment. This is very good to use for ice it scoops and pours vevery easily. This scoop retains its brilliant shine no matter how much you use it.

    Posted on

    Great scooper for ice or other tasks you might have. cleans up very well along with being very durable to everyday use in the work palce.

    from Louie Pizzeria Posted on

    Excellently made scooper. I was worried about this product being too filmy but it's a solid product. Excellent for soda drinks and easily fills a 16oz glass with a single scoop. I'm more than happy with the purchase!

    from Ironclad Brewery Posted on

    These 6oz stainless steel scoop are perfect for scooping up popcorn. I also use it for ice. It is small enough to fit into a bag when scooping popcorn. It is well-made and looks great.

    Posted on

    this is a nice looking, shiny, sturdy little scoop. it is just the right size to fit inside the cups so the ice does not spill.

    Posted on

    Bought this not really sure if it would be the right size on a buffet, for a wedding...I was so happy because it worked out so well! We used a galvanized tub for the ice with this scoop...it is the perfect size for plastic solo cups and nice and sturdy!! So glad I bought two...we will use them again and again!

    Posted on

    This is the second scoop of this kind we have purchased. They are sturdy, lightweight and the smaller sizes are perfect for scooping ice, sugars and dry toppings in our mini donut business. Great product for the price.

    from Grams Mini Donuts Posted on

    Looks nice and sophisticated. It works as intended, its stainless steel and easy to clean. It works a lot better than plastic, if you're going to use it for heavier objects. If you're using it as an ice scoop though, I recommend you buy something a bit bigger. At least 8-10oz.

    Posted on

    these 6 oz stainless steel scoops are a must have for everyone. they look great in use and they clean super easy. and at this price you cant go wrong.

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    We use these for the candy store gallon glass containers for candy that is too small to effectively use the tongs. Perfect touch and stay nice looking.

    from Sweet Alice's Posted on

    This 6 oz scoop is prefect for filling most glass sizes. The design is lightweight but yet feels very sturdy. The price here is by far the lowest around.

    Posted on

    All my concoctions of inebbriation start with this simple but elegant tool, that enables me to provides just the right amount of ice for any creation

    from Triple B Services Posted on

    Great for ice, but buy a back up. The handle broke after about 6 months. It was such a great deal, we don't mind buying a back up!

    from Your Pit BBQ Posted on

    These scoops are great for our frozen yogurt bar. They look very nice and are a good weight. They wash easily without streaks or tarnishing. I only ordered a few to try them out but will now order enough for all of our topping choices.

    from No-Rea LLC Posted on

    We use these scoops for candy on our Candy Buffet tables. I had purchased a different brand from webstaurant store BUT found that these shine more. The shape is also very eye catching and elegant. Very satisfied with my purchase.

    from Celebrity Fruits and Candy Posted on

    This scope is a good size for filling small beverage glasses. The handle is a V shape and the edges a sharp so I find it very uncomfortable to use.

    Posted on

    Thank you for reviewing this product! If you're looking for a similar scoop with a different handle, we recommend item 407ASFB7, a 7 oz. one piece flat bottom aluminum scoop.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I purchased two of the stainless scoops to use in an ice bucket and they did not disappoint. They came in handy and the size is great.

    from New Era Services Posted on

    I purchased several of these to use at my step-daughter's wedding for a candy table. They are too big for that, but we have been using them for ice and they work great!

    from thetammster Posted on

    We are happy this is such a multipurpose tool. For ice, or dry ingredients, fits perfectly into our needs. And just the right size too.

    Posted on

    stainless steel scoop

    This stainless steel scoop is just the right size to scoop popcorn from our popcorn cart right into the little red and white popcorn bags I bought from this site. The scoop is of very good quality.

    Posted on

    Bought this to go with a customers order for her wedding, she loved the stainless steel touch and was very pleased with this item and the shaker.

    from Candle Lynn Posted on

    This ice scoop is very nice. It is a very good product for a very good cost. If works perfect in the soda fountains. Cleans very good.

    Posted on

    Great price we bought in many different sizes to see what worked best. We use all in different areas of the restaurant the smaller one works great in our trailer.

    from Midway OH Boy Posted on

    These 6 oz stainless steel scoop are so good for everything from flour to ice. It is perfect size for filling glasses. Another great item from webstaurant.

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    This is a great ice scoop -- the perfect size for filling glasses. A lot of scoops are too big to use for beverage service, but this one works great. Lightweight and easy to clean, too.

    from Professor Cocktail Posted on

    Very sturdy and good product for the price. I use it on a regular basis for serving up ice for drinks at different functions. I also use it to add cube ice to the hopper of my sno-cone machine and it works very well. Very pleased.

    from GDB Enterprises, LLC Posted on

    love this scoop. use it in the ice bin. will last for a very very long time. can't beat the price anywhere. highly recommended to all.

    from Boonies Bar and Grill Posted on

    This is the perfect ice scoop for any bar! Nice small size is great for filling cups of all sizes! Also a nice scoop for dry ingredient bins!!

    Posted on

    Very good quality stainless steel scoop. Initially thought to use for a popcorn machine, but now use as an ice scooper. Perfect for ice bucket. Would order again.

    from church Posted on

    Perfect scoop. Strong and easy to use. I was worried it would not hold up for me, but it is working out well as a hard oil scoop. Working well and worth it at such a great price

    from Primitive Gardens Posted on

    These are nice for many different uses. Scooping ice into pitchers, flour out of the floor flour bin, and even self serve buffet lines or services.

    Posted on

    Love this stainless steel scoop!! I use it at parties and get togethers to fill glasses with ice. It's a lot more convenient to use this scoop than tongs. Plus, it is perfect size and cleans up nicely!

    Posted on

    These smaller scoops are great for scooping ice for filling glasses. They could also be used in your canisters for your flour and sugar. Many uses around the house!

    Posted on

    The 6 oz. Stainless Steel Scoop is ideal for serving ice at our catering functions. They fit nicely in the glasses without spilling ice all over the place.

    from Mary B's Southern Kitchen Posted on

    I love this scoop. We use it for filling our cups over and over. It cleans up perfectly, and looks great. Great price as well, will buy more as needed, but i dont see this one needing replacing any time soon.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    Stop freezing your hands making drinks at your next gathering use this 6 oz. Stainless Steel Scoop from The Webstaurantstore.com, buy yours today and see for yourself.

    Posted on

    This is a great scoop. I use it to scoop frozen fruit out of the freezer to put into smoothies. It is just the right size.

    from Energy Crave Posted on

    A good scoop for just about anything from cereals, flour, sugar, candy, etc. Easy to clean. I'm sorry I only bought one. Next time I place an order, I'm stocking up on more of these.

    Posted on

    these are great, six ounces are alot, when youuse these for candy,like i do.i also use it for ice i thought they were alot smaller,but am very pleased that there werent.

    Posted on

    These ice scoops are a great value--important since they seem to walk off easily. You may need something like Goo Gone to get the stickers off of them.

    from Rochelle Myers Catering Posted on

    Here again, for the money, you just got to have a bunch of these on hand. Great quality for the price. Ice, dry ingredients, candy jar displays, bulk spices, coffee, you name it. Web restaurant continues to deliver the quality in their stainless smallwares.

    from morton pub Posted on

    If you own a bar, you need a good small metal scoop for putting ice in your drinks. This one is great. Small and economical!

    Posted on

    Sturdy, high quality, and the perfect size for scooping out smaller bulk items - like scooping sunflower seeds or baking soda into smaller containers for easier use.

    Posted on

    Nice scoop to have handy for a variety of uses. Nice quality and a handsome addition to the rest of the products purchased from this site. Highly recommend due mostly in part ot the fine quality, usefulness, fair pricing of items, and especially the great customer service. -Patricia from Front Royal, VA

    Posted on

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