12" Silicone Tip Locking Tongs

Item #: 9224012BK

These 12" locking tongs combines the convenience of heat-resistant silicone tips with the durability and longevity of strong, heavyweight 1.2mm stainless steel. Each set of tongs is heat resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for use in grilling, baking, and hot food holding. When finished using, simply pull the locking tab for space-saving convenience.

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12" Silicone Tip Locking Tongs

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Silicone tongs great pans easy locking TIP tong tips stick
    Good at the grabbing! The locking mechanism is easy to engage, and thanks to the silicone coating, easy to disengage when your hands are slippery. keeping work stations tidy.
    This is great for nonstick pans. When I use it, for example for flipping meats on a nonstick pan, I don’t have to worry about accidentally scratching anything
    I LOVE these tongs! The silicone works great on the non stick pans. Great quality. Would definitely buy more. The length is a perfect size too.
    Are you tired of those metal tongs that constantly pinch your fingers? Tired of the rivot popping out of the handle? These are well build, fit nicely in your hand and the rubber tips are heat resistant and allow you to pick up even the smallest thing s with ease. I use them to make tortillas and can pick up one or at time.
    Easy to clean and its durable, the silicone tip has not deformed or come off yet, and the locking tip is useful, i would buy it again
    Fantastic tongs to use with surfaces that can't handle metal. The tips are a good texture without being soft, so you can still pick up smaller items with them without any trouble.
    These tongs are really handy when used on a non-stick pan. They have also been able to handle high heat without any issues so far.
    This 12 inch silicone tong is great on the grill line, because it is long and has non slip grip. I like the silicone on the tip of the tong because food does not get stuck. Also the silicone is made with high heat capacity material so, it does not really melt either. The tip locks great which saves me alot of space when I put it away. Highly recommend because it is easy to clean, and easy to handle.
    I LOVE THESE THINGS. I use them literally ALL of the time. I got these a few years ago and they are still being used. I wouldn't hesitate to order again.
    Great easy to handle silicone tongs that I use all the time in the kitchen. Have finger dents for ergonomic grip and don't pinch your skin when you open and close them. Lock mechanism super easy to use. Definitely approve!
    These perform as well as "brand name" tongs I have bought at numerous national retailers. The silicone is soft enough to not scratch non-stick pans but strong enough to grip foods easily. The locking feature is nice (for storage especially) and works easily.
    These are good for when you don't want cooks to mess up nonstick pans by scratching them with metal tongs. They'll save you money in replacing pans over time by reducing the frequency at which you replace pans.
    I love working with these tongs. They have a good grip, but are gentle enough so that they rarely pierce through any breading or coatings when using them to pan fry or sear meats and veggies. Another plus is that you won't feel like your hand is going to cramp after using them for hours doing repetitive tasks like some of the standard metal tongs with hard springs.
    Long 12" tongs, with excellent quality for kitchen use. Silicone coating is usable in nonstick skillets without scratching. High temperature resistant, and easy to clean. Can be run through the dishwasher.
    It is so nice to have some tongs to cook with that are easy to use. The tension on these is light, easy to work. The silicone tips are just pliable enough without being too limp or too stiff. The locking mechanism works easily and they are easy to clean. Perfect!
    Perfect! We just re-ordered so many of these. They are silicone, so they don't stick & they're easy to clean up, and they stand up to heat.
    These tongs are a must have for people that use non stick pans! These keep the coating on the frying pans on. Metal tongs tend to cut up the coating on the pans and mess them all up. Great buy!
    Great tongs. The silicone is nice and thick. It helps really well and can hold heavy objects. These are the perfect tongs for cooking for serving.
    These are a great set of tongs. They work well with high heat foods and don't melt. Great for turning over burgers, fish, or even serving pasta!
    We bought six of these total and they work nice with the non-stick pans. The silicone tips don't scratch the pans at all. The locking mechanism is awesome for storage/hanging.
    These work great for our tables with grill. The only thing is when cutting meat with scissors while holding it with this tong, the silicone got sliced as well. Also, the black shows watermark very easy so it is a higher maintenance.
    Holds hot temperature very well, and it is super easy to hold. The locking mechanism is also a huge plus. We will definitely be ordering more.
    These are great quality silicone tipped tongs. They are perfect for nonstick pans and the silicone tips are very well attached, I don't think they'll ever come off. Nice extra grips on the handles too.
    this silicone tong is great help with my baking and cooking. It has not melted its silicone material is great. And the price is great.
    Really like the added features on these tongs vs some of the other basic ones. They collapse down to fit in drawers and the silicone tips are great so you don't mar a non-stick pan.
    Great tongs. I have dozens of metal tongs, but needed something to use when I'm cooking with non-stick pans. This tong does the job, and well.
    Hands down the single BEST silicone tongs that I have ever used. They lock and unlock with ease, which is so important when your hands are full. The tips are thick and flexible, and are fantastic at picking up hard to grab pieces out of the pan.
    These 12" Silicone Tip Locking Tong #9224012BK are the best tongs I've had, soft silicone tips that are heat resistant that can handle even fragile desserts without breaking them.
    great use for daily cooking purposes they are easy to grip with the handle and easy to store! they are quick and easy to wash
    A pair of silicone tongs is essential for any kitchen. Great for turning or flipping foods without scratching or damaging pans. It also keeps your hands a good distance away from heat and splattering oil.
    Very nice tongs! I was a little skeptical of the price but upon receiving these tongs I am pleasantly surprise! They are of high quality materials and construction!
    great silicone tip tongs! I bought these to use with my non stick pans. they work great & i haven't had any issues with scratching (the reason i bought these) they are a bit wobbly side to side, but they still work great. the locking feature is a wonderful added bonus!
    These tongs are super heavy duty. You can actually feel the quality. The lock is great so they take up less space in my utensil holder.
    The 12" Silicone Tip Locking Tong is a fantastic product! They are durable and close evenly. The locking mechanism is easy to use and it stays closed when locked.
    These locking tongs are made of heavyweight stainless steel with a silicone tip and silicone handles. These are great for any use, and particularly good for using with nonstick pans.
    These tongs work well, although we have noticed that it is best not to use them around exceedingly high heat such as your grill, or a very hot frying pan. If used as intended they were very well.
    These tongs are fantastic for the price. I use them for everything, from turning meats and vegetables to plating pasta and salads, they are a great all purpose tool.
    This is one heck of a comfortable pair of tongs to use I really like the silicone tip their perfect to use and cast iron or carbon steel or Teflon pans really nice and the rubber on the handle that's a nice comfortable grip
    This is my favorite tong ever. I love this 12" Silicone Tip Locking Tong. The silicone tip makes it super easy to grab the product. It's 12" long with is a great reach and most importantly, I love the locking mechanism in the back which will allow you to save tons of space in your drawer.
    These 12" silicone tip locking tongs are great for grilling with. They are long enough to keep your hand way from the heat. Heat resistant up too 400 degrees. The locking handle is great for storing in the drawer.
    These are the tongs I have been looking for. They are silicone on the handle to keep it cool and comfortable. The silicone tip keeps nonstick pans from getting scratched. I like this longer size for grilling and grabbing things out of the oven.
    Sturdy tongs that have silicone tips and sides for easy comfort and prevent slipping. I ordered smaller set and had to order this one when it became available.
    Was very excited to find these with the silicone tip. Good quality and allows you to cook without scratching your pans. Locking feature keeps them neatly stored away.
    I think this silicone tong is great for cooking and serving food. It is strong and durable. The length is great too. Glad I bought.
    great product with a good feel and application range. Good for hot and cold applications with no noticeable loss of control and was offered at a great price
    Exactly what I was looking for!! I am tired of scratching some of my pans with metal utensil. These work great and keep my pans in great shape.
    Pretty good tongs for the price. Not the heaviest duty, but by no means flimsy. They have worked well so far and hold up to moderate use in the kitchen. The silicone coating is nice to prevent scratching of seasoned or non-stick surfaces.
    These are my new-favorite tongs! The silicone on the handles keeps my fingers cool. The soft edges of the silicone-covered tips protect cookware surfaces. They do their job well and look nice enough for serving.
    Great medium-large tong with silicon tips. I like how durable and well made is this kitchen tool. Silicone tong will prevent any scratches in scratch sensitive pots.
    Very versatile tong. It has the power to grab and go but doesn't leave any scratch marks in your new pans. I love this thing.
    I got these tongs for use with my non stick cookware and they are perfect for that because they won't scratch the pans yet are strong enough to pick up heavier items like a steak. They tips are rubber coated so they won't bend.
    A must in any kitchen, commercial or at home. These are just perfect and even if the price make you think that it will be a clumsy tool, these are far from it. I got them hooked near the oven and use them in all my non-stick pot and pan and they became my favorite tool. Really like the locking device, the ring for hook them and the thickness of the silicone part. Again, another item with a price tag that is cheap for a good quality product.
    Love the silicone tongs. They make for an easy clean up, when it comes to tossing a salad. Nothing gets stuck in the handles or stick to the claws.
    12" Silicone Tip Locking Tong #9224012BK if your needing a delegate yes firm touch on a sensitive food item these coated tongs help you achieve that
    The tongs are very sturdy, don't feel like they are going to fall apart after a few uses, Plus the silicone tips make them very versatile by being able to use them with nonstick pans and such.
    These 12 inch tongs are great to have and use for any nonstick pan or any pan that you cannot use metal utensils for. The plastic on the end is heat resistance and does really well in the hot PMs. I highly recommend having this in your set of tools for cooking. I have the 9 inch and the 12 inch and it's great to have both!
    Excellent quality tongs. They are sturdy and the silicone tips hold onto food securely. The length is perfect and they lock and unlock easily. They look way more expansive then they are.
    These tongs are excellent! They're the perfect length without being too unwieldy. The nonstick ends help a lot when using them on more delicate food or pans. They're also surprisingly sturdy and well-made. The pair it replaced cost twice as much from a leading box store, so I'm very happy with this purchase.
    These tongs are well made and not as flimsy as some of the other models I’ve used. The rubber has stood up to all kinds of heat and hasn’t deformed or melted. It’s nice having a pair of tongs that don’t scratch our cast iron.
    Very good tongs! We use them with our non stick pans, and it definitely helps a lot with keeping the surface of the pot scratch free. Highly recommend.
    Loving these tongs!! They are some of the best tongs I have ever used. The handle is really comfortable to use while grilling, the long pair made it so I barely got close to my grill when making barbecue chicken which was super nice. Some tongs I have used in the past have been uncomfortable to keep opening and closing but these made it easy to grab things without hurting my hand. BEST BEST BEST.
    Great go-to for picking up hot items and keeping hands off of the food. The lock makes them super easy to store and silicone tips make it easy to not worry about damaging pots and pans.
    These are actually pretty good tongs. The locking feature works great and the silicone tips protect non-stick cookware from damage. However, the silicone tips were molded and put on the tongs as opposed to tongs dipped in silicone. The difference is that with these, water (among other things) can get in between the silicone and metal. For this reason, you need to take care to properly clean and sanitize these, especially if you're working with raw meat or eggs. Perhaps this is the reason these aren't NSF listed.
    Great tongs especially if you are looking to protect pots or pans. The silicone tip seems very nice and well constructed. These should last a long time if they are taken care of.
    Simple, Great Design but the thickness of the Silicone tips make them useless for handling meats. I was not able to use them to flip steaks or skinless chicken breasts.
    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear you couldn't handle any meats with these tongs. Our product experts recommend any of our Heavy Weight Utility Tongs as meat friendly alternatives.
    These tongs are very well made and work great when using them for grilling. I have been using these for months on a daily basis and they still look brand new.
    Great tongs for the price. They lock, which makes them easier to store and keep out of the way. Easy to use, can't beat the price.
    Every kitchen needs this silicon tip tong. Finally my non-sticks pans are saved. For some reason my family members do not understand that they should not scratch the pans and ruin it. Well, my pans are saved with the help of silicone top tong. And the locking system is amazing too.
    My chef can't Live without these. The locking mechanism really helps reduce hand fatigue from squeezing. The silicone tips can handle the heat and they are gentle on delicate food like fish and pasta. Also won't scratch a nonstick pan
    These are, hands down, the best silicone-tipped tongs I have ever used! I cook for a large number of people, and often use tongs to toss large amounts of pasta, etc., and these ones are the only one I've found that are strong enough to do the job right!
    Can you ever have too many tongs? Quality and design like the expensive ones at the fancy kitchen stores, but the price of a restaurant supply store! I need to order more as we fight over them!
    Love these. They are the perfect length and the ends dont scrape my pans. They seem like they are going to last very well with as much as they get used!! Great buy!!
    These tongs are sure to last a while! Locking feature is perfect for carrying them in your hand easily!! Nice price for nice quality 12 inch tongs!!!
    I looked at IKEA for tongs like this, but they didn't have them. They had some little skinny ones. I love how they have the silicone tip, it grips very well.
    a 9" silicone tong that locks. I hate to scrap my pan so i use this whenever i cook. its a great buy and it'll last for a while

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