Taylor 5827-21 Digital 100 Minute Kitchen Timer

Item #: 913UTL264

Ensure you never overcook or undercook your signature dishes again with this Taylor 5827-21 white classic digital pocket kitchen timer! With the ability to count up to and down from 99 minutes and 59 seconds, this timer is perfect for any bakery or restaurant kitchen. Once it has finished counting, the timer alerts you to take your baked goods, tender meats, or sizzling side dishes out of the oven.

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Taylor 5827-21 Digital 100 Minute Kitchen Timer

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timer easy timers kitchen great magnet price battery hear perfect

We use these 100 minute timers in our kitchen, bakery and barista area. They work great, easy to use. They have been handling heavy use very well!

from Buds & Beans on

We purchased several of these at once for the opening of our bakery 7 months ago. We started having serious problems with the ones we used most within about 4-5 months. Now, two months since then, those have quit working entirely and the good/ less often used ones are starting to go. They are cheap for a reason. Don't waste your money.

from Windowsill Pies on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Worked fine for a while, broke under high heat. We used this near a grill and it didn’t last for a long time. Wouldn’t recommend for a hot kitchen


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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These timers and all timers to be honest you are junk the display goes away they break easily we buy the turn style timers now and stopped wasting money on digital

from Ale House Bar & Grill LLC on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

This Taylor Digital Pocket Kitchen Timer works as a timer. The only downfall is the magnet fell off in the first week of use. Since it was inexpensive it's not that big of a deal. I will most likely not purchase again since I am needing it to be magnetic.


This pocket timer is perfect for our kitchen with multiple ovens running the chefs love that they can clip it to their shirts or stick it in their pockets or stick it on the hoods to keep easy track of time.

from Zelda's Catering on

this is a cheap little timer that will last for a while but eventually the buttons or beeper goes out on them and then you'll have to replace it. I'd recommend just spending a bit more and getting a better timer. Additionally the magnet is really weak.

from Big Al on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Taylor's classic digital pocket kitchen timer is a staple tool in our kitchen. Our kitchen team loves the ease of use as well as the clip.


The taylor white classic digital pocket kitchen timer is great to have in any kitchen, especially when you have multiple timers going. It is accurate and reliable and easy to use.

from Wayne's Smoke Shack on

Cheap and don't always work great. Mainly the buttons don't press well so you have to tap them a few times to get the timer to turn off or on. But like I said they are inexpensive so I just buy new ones every year.

from Deli Station on

Great timer for anything. It's easy to use and operate. The beep is loud enough you won't miss hearing it go off. And the price is amazing

from Big Belly Deli on

These timers are crap. The magnet is weak so the are constantly falling off. And even the adhesive between the magnet and the product is week, so sometimes the timer falls off and the magnet is still stuck to the oven. In either case, when it falls, the battery casing falls off, which jiggles the battery loose, and then guess what? You have no idea how much time is left on the timer. Completely useless.

from The Cake House on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

A very simple and basic timer, but i like it simple. I got 4 of this timer more than a year ago and they have been working well! Changed battery only once so far. I really like it has magnet on the back so i can stick them on the shelf in the kitchen.

from iHeart Tea LLC on

if you leave those next to your fryer or pan, please plastic wrap it, it may last longer! Don't compare this to other fancy one, it does the job right, and cheap! no complain!


This timers are just, OK. They work for a while and then they don't. Not very durable. I can't count how many of these we've bought over the years here and there. Wish they were more shock resistant.


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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

This timer is perfect for me. Personally I am not the best at monitoring time with baking. So this timer comes in handy every time. Setting the time is simple and it displays the countdown well. This has saved a lot of biscuits in my kitchen!


Reliable, with a beep that is just loud enough to hear, with out being over the top loud. I have about 5-5 of these all around the shop.

from The Village Butcher on

perfect for setting a timer and for cooking. set the time and go. the price was good and quality is perfect. looks so good too.


This timer is okay, I've yet to come across a timer that doesn't break within a few weeks of getting it ! Eventually the beeper stopped working on it

from Waverly Deli on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

The timer is really easy to use. We been using this for over year already. Still works fine. Only thing was it on up to 99 minutes .


It is very hard to beat the price but I would suggest alternative timers. These do not always work and the magnets are weak and deteriorate over time.

from The Pickled Pig BBQ & Cafe on

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Taylor white classic digital pocket timer. It’s a regular kitchen timer. It works well. It’s priced well. We use it to time our electric fryer


They start out good for 1 or 2 months and then the sounds just stops working. They are the best price out of the timers they have but we're buying about 12 a year! So I'm not happy with the product.


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perfect small timers our cooks attach to their chef coats and can walk around without fear of things getting overcooked. great quality for the price.

from Trattoria Locale on

Excellent timer with clear and legible font that can be seen across the kitchen. The alarm noise on it is also loud enough that all staff can hear. The clip on the back also functions as a stand and has a magnet for easy mounting as well.


We offer these to guests that order tea for an accurate steep time. They are inexpensive, work great and are easy to use by staff and guests!

from Downtown Grind on

These timers work very well and can take a beating. The magnet is strong and will stick to metal surfaces. The timer is easy to reset, but we keep several set for specific times that we use a lot.

from Bulgogi Box LLC on

These timers are great and most importantly, they're LOUD! I can hear them going off through all the ambient kitchen noise even when I'm inside the air conditioned office with the door closed. As another plus, you can either use the magnet or stand them up easily on any surface in case you have nowhere to slap a magnet. This is truly a high quality, useful, and indispensable little kitchen gadget at an affordable price.

from Mr. Pasta Catering on

You get what you pay for. Purchased a half dozen - two didn't work out of the package. Only one left working after several months.... and I nearly lost 20 pounds of shrimp because it decided to stop making noise today.

from T.K.Witch on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Straightforward and great timer. Not fancy, not particularly durable but for the price it's been great. I would buy it again. If you drop it, the battery cover pops off.


I have several of these timers. They are simple and easy to use. It has a magnet on the back in addition to a stand for the counter top. Battery operated.


very inexpensive timers that can get the job done if the buttons dont stick half of the time. gets a little annoying when you press the start/stop button and it does a double click so that the timer doesn't actually start. have to keep an eye on it to make sure the clock actually starts the countdown

from stephen on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Great timers to use for frying items. No more having to remember how long the item has been in the fryer. Can't beat the price.

from Thai Nawa Cuisine LLC on

I am not a fan of the timer. The screen is very dim and doesn't show the time well. I ordered two and have only tried one so far. The magnet is strong. I am hoping to give the second one a try.

from Coffee Cat Coffeehouse on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

I've used many different versions of these stopwatch/timers with the same general setup and functions and these are great. The buttons not mushy and unresponsive and the numbers are very clear. One fun quirk about these is the base; the clip on the back has a stand function to let these stand up on counters, but the shake of the base already facilitates this, making the stand functions unnecessary in most cases.

from Full House Cuisine on

Easy to use and has a strong magnetic hold. Perfect size, making it easy to tuck away and not be in the way when trying to cook food.


A perfect solution to end the hassle of guessing when your timing is done for a product. I keep multiples of these handy in my kitchen so that I can time multiple items at once. By using a strip of tape and a marker I lay the timers out and mark what item it's timing under it on the tape so there is no confusion.

from Sugar Lane Bakery on

These kitchen timers work well and are very easy to use. The timer is loud enough to hear across the room, even with other noise going on. Great timers for the price!


It can be so difficult to find timers that are both durable and at least remotely affordable, so these were a great find! Perfect for any kitchen

from The French Press Coffee Co. on

This little digital pocket kitchen timer is a handy tool to make sure that all my baking and cooking stays on time. It is easy to use and the price is right!


Timer works fine but the magnet isn't strong enough so they keep falling off. One of mine fell and broke within the first month of use.


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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

this is a convenient digital pocket kitchen timer due to the size, weight and easy way to use it. i have to of them in my kitchen.

from cocoshake on

The Taylor 5827-21 help a lot in the kitchen when there's a lot of orders. When I need to make coffee or tea I can just set the timer and finish with make orders.

from Bounce Milwaukee on

These timers are an amazing value! We use them to time espresso shots at our coffee shop. We also use them to keep track of time while steeping teas, as most of our teas need 6-10 minutes to fully steep.

from Amateur Coffee on

I purchased this timer recently and I absolutely love it !!!! It's awesome and amazing I love the fact that you can clip it to your pocket, it has a little stand, and a magnet on the back of it !!!! Highly recommend !!

from Wu'Chan Cupcakes on

Poorly made, the magnetic is very poor, weak and it's not attached well so the timers fell of so easily. Sadly, both of mine fell off to the floor and broke both of them because of the poorly magnetic.


Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Great timer for your stove, refrigerator, or pocket. It is very inexpensive and has lasted us a while. Very easy to use and good size. Has a magnet on the back and a clip as well.

from Sig Services on

Nice timer. Real easy to use. I wish the magnet was stronger. You need to use both hands when handling otherwise it will fall. Hope this helps

from Good Times Cafe on

Good timer. Very loud, cannot missed. Good battery life. We especially love that it uses regular aaa battery so it’s easy to change. And no need to buy those small button type batteries.


Nice timer, comes with a triple a battery just pull the plastic! Timer has a good size display and loud enough to hear from another room.


Simple yet functional. The readout is very easy to see, but the volume of the timer alarm is a little hard to hear if you are working in a loud kitchen setting. For the price, you can’t beat the quality.


This is a great kitchen timer. It’s simple to use and rings a loud but not obnoxious alert. Easy to set the time and reset to use again


These kitchen timers are super convenient. I use one for my household and one for my business, and it works in both environments perfectly well.

from Town Square Market on

This is an easy to use kitchen timer. The one on my oven no longer works so this was a good replacement. There is a magnet and a clip on the back to keep it in place


This Taylor Digital Pocket Kitchen Timer is a great low profile and compact timer for when you need to leave your workspace and keep it on you while working on other tasks.

from Lance on

Every kitchen needs one of these, and this one really does the trick. Simple, easy to use, clean an durable. It does what it should.

from Cactus House Midtown on

This is a main stay on our kitchen line. Works after being dropped multiple times and the alarm is loud enough for us to hear across the line.

from backwater on

These digital timers work great for us. They are easy to set and reset and they are loud to hear so we know that product is done.


This digital card and it works really good very easy to set and a nice small compact size I like out has a magnet on the back so I can hang it on the side of my stove or on the fridge

from P2B on

Easy to use, great display size & nice noise level. I bought 4 of these for my cafe & they work great! Will definitely recommend.


We really like these pocket kitchen times. They work really well and are inexpensive to replace when they get lost. The also wipe down easily.

from Tranquillity on

Fantastic simple timer for a low price! We seem to go through a lot of these at our coffee shop bakery. Numbers are easy to read, buttons work well and chime is nice and audible over our kitchen noise. At this price we can afford to break/lose them!


I bought these kitchen timer because i prep a lot of meat and i set it for 30 minutes to make sure i get packaged up the meat in the allowed time so it doesn't go bad. glad i bought this huge help

from Primitive Choice on

I like this digital timer a lot more than the annoying ones you crank up. The screen has big font and is easy to read. Great purchase if you hate using your stove timer like me.


This timer is perfect for the coffee shop or cafe owner that needs to time and adjust their espresso shots. My only complaint is that you have to hold down the minute and second buttons to reset, which can be a bit annoying if you're trying to time several shots in a row without losing speed.

from Marine Park Coffee, LLC on

Bought two of these taylor digital timers, they lasted 2 weeks before breaking. One works but does not beep, the other counts up instead of down. Would not purchase again.

from Del Sol Bakery on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

This timer is very good. It is very easy to work and we use it for timing espresso shots at our coffee and tea shop.

from 5 Points Coffee & Tea on

Really reliable- and loud! Loud enough to hear over the fryers going, and keeps us on time. Can also set a time and leave it (i.e. it's always set for 8 min) so it saves time if you're using the same timer for the same items over & over again.

from The KBH on

we use timers for almost EVERYTHING in our busy coffee shop. these are a good value for the cost and haven't failed us even once!

from workhorse coffee llc on

These are great timers. Very affordable. Every kitchen should have a handful of these The magnet on the back is great. I will buy more of these.

from Soul Traveler LLC on

Great little timer so far but we haven't used it long. Very easy to use and loud enough for a home kitchen, or to clip to your clothes or set on the counter in a commercial kitchen. Large buttons and display. Pleased with this purchase and price.

from E Lou Coffee on

Tayler white classic disital timer was a great purchase, I fgo two and they work great in my kitchen, I love that you can stick them to the ovens or have them sitting on a table.

from Sweet Gourmet Cafe on

We are very pleased with the Digital Timer. The small size is perfect and the magnetic back is great for quickly attaching to the oven so you don't lose it.

from Prime Cakes LLC on

Great little timer. We use it for timing our bake times on waffles. Simple to use and easy to set. Wish the start button was a little bigger, but that is a minor issue.

from Payette Liege Waffles on

I like these simple little timers---easy to use, nice loud alarm, really long lasting battery. However, several of my multiple set have stopped working within a few months. It took a few burnt pans before I realized that the alarms simply stopped working. If you write to the manufacturer, they will replace them, which is better than having to continually repurchase.

from FrostAvenue on

Great little timer. It keeps good time & is very accurate. It is small enough to keep pretty much anywhere in the store. Would highly recommend if you need a timer.

from Perry's Pizza on

As the description says: it's white, it's classic, and it's digital. For the money, it's a great timer. It won't last forever, but i'ts nice and loud, the magnet sticks well on equipment, and it even has a little stand built in so you can prop it anywhere. And it's so simple, even your most doofus-y employee can figure out how to set it!

from Burhans Enterprises LLC on

Basic timer, but that's all we need it for. It's digital and is really easy to use and see. Inexpensive but works well and fills our needs.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

This timer work great for counting down and up on thngs. Compared to other timers and price, this one is the best buy your your money.


I love this small timer. It is easy to set and is perfect to slide in my pocket that way I never forget about the items in my oven.


I use this timer for everything. From baking and cooking sensitive dishes that you want done exactingly, or to waking yourself up when you don't trust your other alarms.


The best part about this timer is the absolute ease of use. With only 3 buttons on its face, getting to know this device is so simple!


This classic digital timer is useful for keeping track of items in the oven. I like that is has both a back clip and a magnet, so it can be attached to metal kitchen equipment.


You get what you pay for with this timer. They work great...for a while. Like a lot of things, they aren't made to last. They seem great at first but don't last very long in my restaurant. Maybe it's our BBQ environment, but I think they should last longer than what they do. The screens start to fail; the buttons start to fail. You get what you pay for and this is no exception.

from Jimmy G's BBQ on

We appreciate your review, Jim! If you ever have any problems with the product that you have purchased, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These timers are simple, easy to use, and reliable. We are able to make sure our dishes are never overcooked with these. They beep fairly loudly too

from Cassava LLC on

Sir Clean recommend this product Taylor 5827-21 White Classic Digital Timer, the material is very resistant, we use in specific activities. We like the price.

from Sir Clean Corp on

These are mediocre at best. Several have broken. The backs have pooped off. However, they still perform their basic function of counting down the minutes,

from Ohana kava bar on

We are a big fan of this little timer. Durable enough, strong enough magnet, loud chime when time is up. We use it as a reminder to check temps and it couldn't be any easier to use.

from Crown Jewel Beverages on

The timer itself seems to work great, however the magnetic clip on the back tends to break off very easily. For the price you cannot complain.

from Viva Chicken on

Nice digital timer with reasonable price. It works well. I don't like timers with too many functions, but this one is very simple and works good for me.


We wanted a very basic digital timer for multiple uses. These are easy to read and use. The nice thing is you can count up or count down. The back also has a nice clip and magnet so it can stand on its own, be clipped, or stick on metal for multiple uses.

from Oxxshire Creamery on

This is a nice timer for my food service. It doesn't seem like it will break. My only problem is the magnet. I wish it was bigger so it didn't fall as offen.


Simple timer. The size is small. But display screen is big enough to read. I don't like start button is too small to press. Not so easy to start.

from Ooink on

nice simple timer. It is a little hard to get to work all the time as one of the buttons seems i have to hit it several times to register, but it works well. It has a nice strong magnet and it has several beeps and then stops. You need the timer near you as you couldn't hear it well in another room, but it's nice to not have it super loud.


Great little digital timer for a great price! Super easy to use, with only 3 buttons to deal with. It stands on it's own, or, you can clip it to a surface, or use the magnet on the back to stick to the fridge. The timer beeps loud enough that you can hear it from across a room.


Everything you could want in a timer. Small, portable, loud, easy to set and use with one hand, counts up as well as down, large display for easy reading. Can be attached with the magnet on the back or the clip. Taylor is a great brand overall and this product is no different. Highly recommended!


This is a great price for a classical digital timer. It is nice small size, and I really like that it has the magnet on the back, so that it can be placed on something and out of the way.


Does everything you ask it to do and priced very competitively. Small enough to put in your pocket but still easy to have out on a surface to see where it doesnt take up too much space.


Great very easy to use timer. Large display screen is easy read and setting/resetting is a quick. Because the size, a larger magnet would have been nice. Definitely would buy again.


This is a good timer. It's easy to set and takes a beating when I am moving fast and drop it after getting it set and started. Works great even after I abuse it. For the price, it can't be beat.

from City Grind Espresso on

At this price I can easily purchase multiple units. They are great for helping me keep track of multiple items cooking/ baking at the same time.

from The Sweetest Things, LLC on

So many Kitchen timers are confusing to use. This time is simple to set and works like a charm. I highly recommend it! Great timer.


I absolutely love this timer. It's super simple to use. Setting the timer and resetting is so easy. The beeper is plenty loud to be heard while working in a busy kitchen.


These timers are easy to use, the beeping sound is loud enough for you to hear it but not loud where it would scare you which i really like.


Needed a new timer and this one is a great option. Stands up well and has magnet on the back if needed. Beep is loud enough to hear over other noise going on so I don't forget to check on the cookies.

from Kelson Inc on

This is a great timer. Only down fall i have is I wish the display was bigger so you can see the time farther away.

from Watershed Cafe on

Taylor's digital timer is simple yet great quality. It has held up under heavy use. The numbers are easy to read. Overall it's a great product.

from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. on

What can I say? This timer keeps time and has the kind of beep that cuts through all of the kitchen noise (though it's not too loud).

from Cobscook Community Learning Center on

I have used many different types of timers, but this one is the best. It keeps accurate time, is easy to see the time pass and is easy to use. It also holds up well over time.


I know dropping times is not advisable, but the cheaper ones I bought at Wal-Mart have lasted longer than this one. We only had it for 3 days, and it had been dropped one, and it no longer makes a sound.

from Treva's Pastries and Fine Foods on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These timers and just the right size to be handy in the kitchen. They are easy to set and perfect for our work. A must-have in any school or home.

from Whitehall School District on

These digital timers are great for using in the kitchen with each pan or oven. Magnets hold to some surfaces and the stand works great until it breaks but still a great product for the price!

from Meacham Hams Inc on

The picture is not accurate as they send a more updated model which is even better. By far the best price on the market. As low as half the cost of other retailers online and locally.

from Kach LLC on

I purchased the Taylor white classic digital timer. This timer is easy to program. The magnets are convenient to place the timer near the item you are cooking.

from Jack & Alice LLC. on

This timer worked great for the first month or so, but after that the buttons started to stick and the numbers seemed to run off the sides. It's inexpensive, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much. The beep alert isn't as loud as I would like- better for a quiet, home kitchen than a commercial kitchen where things seem to be a bit nosier.

from mustang alley's on

I have had this timer for about six months. The beep is not very load, but I can hear it, although my kitchen is relatively quiet. After about four months of use, the buttons stick. So sometimes you think you have set the timer and you have not, and the same applies to stopping the timer. So you must watch very carefully to make sure the timer has been started. I now wait to see the seconds tick down, as just merely pressing the button is no longer reliable.

from The Inn at Shasta Lake on

This timer is great for clipping on the the side of a shelf. We attach ours by our sink and set it so we don't forget to turn off the water when filling the sanitizer bowl


This inexpensive timer is very versatile. I bought it to replace a more expensive one from one of those parties that died when my daughter dropped it in a bowl of batter...The great thing about this timer is that it has a magnet and a stand and a clip, so you can use it or attach it anywhere.


Every coffee shop should own multiple of these timers. They are simple and easy to use. Keep your drinks consistent form one to the next with these quality timers.

from Nudge Coffee Roasters on

We chose this timer because it has a AAA battery which can easily be replaced. it has a nice loud ring, but is hard to turn off without it falling, thanks to the clip on the back.


When I am cooking I like to see how long it takes me to get something done so I'll know in the future. The Taylor 5827-21 White Classic Digital Timer works great for this. I was able to see how long it took me to separate bulk peperonni into portioned bags for the future. Glad for the purchase.

from jwhitten31 on Youtube on

This time does exactly what it's supposed to do. It times. My only complaint is that you CANNOT turn it off. It's always set to zero, so to me - it feels like this little timer is going through batteries like crazy. I wish there was a switch, also - the magnet is not very strong and the timer tends to slide when stuck on a ferric surface.


While this timer is loud and accurate, the clips are terribly CHEAP. I ordered 6 of them at once and 4 out of the 6 clips broke within 1 month of very gentle use. The other 2 are still holding on, but 2 out of 6 are terrible odds. Conversely, out of the 2 alarms that do work, only 1 of them has buttons that don't stick and become defective once you try to stop the alarm. It resets back to 0:00 instead of the set time about 90% of the time. I will NOT buy these again.


Thank you for reviewing these timers. We are sorry they have not worked out for you. Since these are still under warranty, a Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to proceed with either replacing these items or crediting you for them.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Love these timers and so far they work really well. Haven't had an issues with them yet. Nice beep, east to set and use. Seems like it'll last a while.

from 3 Leaf Tea on

This is a perfect digital timer for my kitchen. It's simple to use with minute and second buttons. You can reset the time, but there is no on/off button. You just have to let it stand and leave it on until it decides to turn off by itself. Also there is a magnet attached to the back, so it's great for a steel prep table. It also has a clip, so you can just clip it onto something if your surface isn't steel.


Performs as a timer should. Taylor makes great products and as some of our others were starting to look dungy and have numbers rubbing off we thought it best to upgrade and to what better one than a reasonably priced Taylor Digital timer.

from Miller Enterprise LLC on

We ordered 6 of these. Of the 2 we opened and tried, one has no display...it will beep if you set the timer, but no display. We tried multiple batteries. The 2nd has a good display but the alarm is barely audible. I really like Taylor as a brand but these timers are terrible.

from Plymouth Pond Farm & Bakery on

Thank you for reviewing these, Steven. We are sorry they did not work well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon to resolve this issue.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

great digital timer. It is small, easy to use and very reliable. Big buttons and big numbers make this easy to use. We will reorder these when it becomes necessary.


Easy to use timer that's actually kind of tough - I've dropped it a few times with no noticeable effects. Definitely loud enough for a home kitchen.


Got this for my dad for his grill, the magnet is strong enough that it doesn't move around. Beep is moderately loud. Works for me!


Simple little timer. Beep is not the loudest, but loud enough for a small kitchen. Like the magnetic backing, but overall build is cheap. Would reccommend if budget is totally inflexible.

from Mike's Mindful Plate on

It's a simple little timer, but it works great and is easy to use. I clip it right onto my apron while I am working. Simple, efficient, and super affordable.

from Sugar Buff on

These little timers work great at the right times. It is a little quiet when it goes off if it is intended for use In a loud area you may want to purchase something different. But if you need a nice compact timer that's easy to use, this will work great in quieter areas.

from Gallaghers Pizza on

These have been great timers for our bakery, we've tried the taylor brand cheaper version and they broke within days. This model we've been using for 10+months now. Great value!


I purchased several of these for my bakery. The noise level in the bakery is moderate. I have a hard time hearing them. Some seem to be louder than others but still they are not nearly loud enough. I would not purchase them again.

from Sugar n Spice Bakery on

Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear that your timer isn't loud enough in your bakery. For a louder timer, try this Taylor Pocket Timer.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

I agree with others that this timer has a nice LOUD alarm and is accurate, easy to use. However, I purchased two of them and within one week, both had broken their clips. So I am unable to carry them around, which is what I really needed. Wish this part of the timer was a bit more robust. They had not been subjected to any harsh treatment - the clips just are very flimsy.

from 7th Heaven Cafe on

Thank you for your review! We’re sorry to hear your clips broke so soon. Your account has been credited for the defective timers.

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this Taylor digital timer is a great item to have in the kitchen. we have it on the line and use it daily. has worked great for us. and for this price you cant go wrong.


Great little product with a strong magnet and good clip. For the price you cant go wrong, and even better it comes with the battery.


Holds nice to the side of a fridge and has good sound to alarm but display broke after 1 week of use just sitting there.


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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Basic digital timer. We use this device on a daily basis and have never had any issues. We like the clip on the back, timer could be somewhat louder. Might be hard to hear in loud kitchen.


Has lasted a long time. We are still using this and it gets knocked around and used frequently all day long. I would definitely purchase this item again.

from BlueSteele Coffee Company on

This has been my favorite time for many years, I recently tried the Taylor 584221 and like it much better. The clip on the original ones broke within several uses, while it can't be clipped to me, it otherwise works well. Its simple to set and use.


I love these times so much,that I just ordered 2 more! I have double ovens and it having the magnet is great for each one. I can even clip it to my apron when I am running around.

from Baked and Sconed, LLC on

You need timers in your restaurant! And not just to see who wins the race around the dining room. It works for cooking applications, too! Great purchase.

from Michael's Pizza on

LOUD and in charge. The timer can be heard across a busy kitchen, with the convection oven screaming, the exhaust fan blowing, the ticket machine spitting out orders at a rapid pace, and the general hubub of a kitchen. Keeps time accurately. The only annoyance is that the magnet is a long strip, and doesn't stick to a curved surface (like some of the smaller timers do), but the trade-off is that the unit itself is really sturdy. I've dropped it a couple of times already, and no problems at all. It just keeps on beeping.

from Sacred Chow on

Really searched long and hard for a small timer that we can use to keep our multiple items accounted for. These work extremely well and love them.

from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen on

Keeps time well enough and comes in at a good price, but make sure to be close when the alarm does sound off, or you will not hear it.


I like this time because it's digital, magnetic, and only takes one triple A battery. I can hang it right above my oven and see the time great.


The Taylor 5806 Classic Digtal Timer.It is great for timming your baking products,or even cooking products so they are done. We love it with it's magnet so you can put anywhere.

from Harrison enterprizes on

The timer works great as far as timing goes. However, the volume of the timer is not nearly loud enough for a loud restaurant environment.

from Sbarro Pizzeria on

Thanks for posting your review! If you need a louder timer you should consider the Taylor 5839 Four Event Commercial Kitchen Timer. It has an extra loud 100 dB alarm!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Love the timer! It is an required item for my baking now! It is so simple to operate, it can be reset with one hand. It can be clipped on your apron soyou always know the time!

from Sugarpie Bakery & Cafe on

Nice little timer. Not real loud, but it can be heard over the kitchen noise. The only thing we don't like about it is, on our other timers when you press the stop button it resets to the previous programmed time for you to use again, or know what time just went off, on these it resets to zero, so you have to reset again, and you don't know what just went off if you have multiple timers going.

from Tavern on the Square on

This is a great little timer, goes higher then alot of similar models you can get locally. The magnetic back allows you to stick it to your oven or wherever you may need it. Only takes one battery and it goes forever.

from B.C. Bagels on

This timer works great at our espresso bar. The size is not too big and we love the fact that the magnetic back sticks to the machine.


I dropped this timer on a cement floor and it still worked for me. I like it because when it beeps, it does not stop beeping until you shut it off so incase you don't hear it, you for sure will. I also like that it has a clip on the back so you can clip it to your shirt if you have to run around and do other things. It also has a little metal piece in it so you can set it on the counter and see it.


Great kitchen timer! Great price and worth the investment! Counts up and down so it fits any preference! Great for putting on your station but doesnt take up much space!!


A great timer for a great price. You can set it up picture-frame-style on the counter, or stick it to a magnetic surface. It counts up or down and is simple to use.


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