2" Refrigerator / Freezer Dial Thermometer NSF Listed

Item #: 913TMTRF2

This 2" refrigerator / freezer dial thermometer is constructed of durable stainless steel. It has a temperature range of - 20 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and both thaw and frozen zone indicators. The 2" dial thermometer has a base stand as well as a hook for hanging.

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2" Refrigerator / Freezer Dial Thermometer NSF Listed

4.8 stars from 76 reviews


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    This is a very sturdy thermometer that gets the job done. When it comes to thermometers, you’re always worried about calibration. This thermometer seems to match all of mine calibrated thermometers. I would definitely buy this again.

    Posted on

    Great price just watch out for the shipping if you are adding it to a order. Seems they ship these from a different warehouse and the price gets high.

    from Mimi's Cookies N' Creamery Posted on

    It reads the lowest temperature, and easy to use/ heavy duty. You can put anywhere in your fridge for a accurate read. I recommend it

    from Sushimotion Posted on

    Cold thermometer

    I am glad i purchased couple of these affordable thermometers. They work great and are very easy to read. For accuracy compared them with another thermometer and my readings were spot on.

    Posted on

    Good standard thermometer, it's a great buy besides your required to have one in each of your refridgeration units. Might as well get this one, it's a good product!

    Posted on

    This is a good quality thermometer! Construction is solid, and thermometer works reliably. Gauge is large and easy to read. Helpful in checking fridge and freezer temps.

    from Abstruse Pastry Company LLC Posted on

    As used in our kitchen, a reliable thermometer

    works great in terms of accuracy. Compared it side by side with another freezer thermometer and they both work great. I do like the other freezer thermometer by Taylor a little better. I think the dial is easier to read

    from armand’s Kitchen Posted on

    2” fridge / freezer dial thermometer

    I buy these pretty much in bulk. It seems fridge thermometers are always getting crushed or lost or I don't know what. I always like to have one in every door of the fridge and freezer. These work for both and are easy to read.

    Posted on

    I bought 2 of these fridge thermometers...just in case one would fail during an inspection. I am happy to report that the 2nd, so far, hasn’t been needed. Plus, they hang great from the interior wire shelving

    from Dawgs & Divas, LLC Posted on

    Excellent thermometers! I use these in my coolers to make sure that they are fully functional and they get the job done at a great price.

    Posted on

    The thermometer is small, functions well, and comes with a 1 year warranty. It is also very affordable. I like that ti can stand up and hang, giving multiple options.It could be a little easier to read like some other models, but for the compact size and low price, I'm pretty satisfied with it.

    from Http://shavetools.com Posted on

    Hanging in a freezer.

    Great price, easy to use- you just clip them on one of the racks in your fridge/freezer, and it makes recording your temps and adding them to your log quick and easy!

    Posted on

    This is a great tool to verify the accuracy of your refrigerator or freezer temperature. It is small so will fit without taking up precious space.

    Posted on

    Nice design

    Easy to read and quick to tell temperature. I have one in the freezer and one in the refrigerator. Temps seem to be very accurate when tested with infrared thermometers as well.

    from Trayvax Posted on

    Keep one in every freezer

    Easy to read thermometer and very inexpensive. It is required by health departed to keep your refrigerator and freezers at certain temperatures. This dial style thermometer will help you do that. Use the convenient hook on the top to hang the thermometer from a rack in your freezer or refrigerator. The dial is large has very clear markings.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Easy to read 2" fridge and freezer dial style thermometer. Keeping our green chile at freezing temperatures.

    This 2" Refrigerator/ Freezer Dial Thermometer hangs easily in a freezer or refrigerator. It is accurate in temperature readings and long lasting. I would highly recommend this for any residential and commercial kitchen.

    Posted on

    Great little thermometer! Helps you to keep an eye on your fridge temps. A great value to help your restaurant stay compliant! (Order two to always make sure your temp is correct!)

    from Jersey View Bulk Foods Posted on

    Amazing price for these - they are a must item in our fridges and freezers for montioring temps daily. Easy to see and read for quick temp checks!

    from Naughty Boy's Rolled Ice Cream Posted on

    Hanging the thermometer in fridge

    A must have in the kitchen, in fact, buy several. These conveniently clip to refrigerator shelving and stay out of the way. Easy to read. Health department loves them!

    from Barbecue Blast Inc. Posted on

    Required by health department in most states.

    Great reach in thermometer, we used the lot of 12 ti replace all of our reach in and walk in thermometers and they have been working great!

    Posted on

    The 2" refrigerator/freezer dial thermometer is a very durable product. I will definitely buy more and I would recommend it to anyone in the business

    from Sonic Posted on

    This is a sturdy dial style refrigerator or freezer thermometer that seems to be very accurate. So important to monitor the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer for food safety. This gets the job done

    Posted on

    Perfect for measuring freezer temps

    I was wanting a freezer thermometer just to make sure the temperature in mine was exactly what I needed. This one gives an accurate reading and is fairly priced.

    Posted on

    Accurately helps me make sure my freezer is cold enough.

    Great little thermometers. Big face plate is easy to read when it's stuffed in the back of your refrigerator. We've had the same thermometer for 2 years and it's never stopped working.

    Posted on

    Conveniently hangs out of the way, and holds up well over time!

    This tiny dial thermometer works great and is perfectly advertised. The small dial is great and the size makes it easy to use in a walk in freezer or fridge.. I have been asked about it several times and the accuracy is spot on. I would recommend for both walk in freezers and fridges.

    Posted on

    Perfect little thermometer....sits perfectly inside refrigerator or freezer

    The 2" Refrigerator / Freezer Dial Thermometer works great. It's a good item to have to check your freezer temperature. Excellent quality and price. Highly recommend!

    Posted on

    This thermometer is my favorite. The quality is excellent as well as the price. Works great!

    I leave this in the cooler that I use at the farmers market and it's served its purpose. Health department was happy to see that I had a thermometer inside.

    from Filling Good Posted on

    We use these thermometers in all of our freezers and refrigerators at our custard parlor. They are accurate and easily visible with out needing to open the doors.

    from McFen Custard LLC Posted on

    This is for freezers! It's NSF Listed and generally got good reviews. Does the job . We give 4 stars and a recommendation for others to try.

    from Queens pizzaria Posted on

    These come in handy with all the coolers and freezers we have In a small space. It helps ensure that our coolers and freezers are staying at the temp they need to for safe food Handling.

    Posted on

    passed all tests but seal was lost in one of the thermometers and it fogged up when the door would open. tossed it and used a new one that worked well

    from great lakes grinders Posted on

    Not only is it NSF approved but it also is impressive with its always accurate readings. Keep food storage area temperatures maintained with this perfect thermometer.

    Posted on

    As with the Oven Thermometer this one is very accurate and easy to hang where I need to see it. The price is right and will be order more when I need to replace the ones I have.

    from Grocery/Deli Posted on

    This is an awesome thermometer! It's for fridge or freezer! It reads temperature almost emediately. It's sits or hangs nicely. Small enough to to use in any size fridge or freezer!

    Posted on

    NSF approved solid , very good price comparing to other markets and local shops , fast delivery , hanger is adding more pluses for choice this item

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    We needed multiple display thermometers for our fridges and freezers for our store. These work well and I like that it has food temps on it. The only reason for the lower rating is that we also bought the Taylor 3507 TruTemp thermometers and we really like the color coding on those ones better for quick glances.

    from Oxxshire Creamery Posted on

    Easy to read and sturdy. We use these refrigerator/ freezer thermometers in each of our coolers on our food truck. We will reorder more as needed.

    Posted on

    this refrigerator thermometer works great. It gives an accurate reading and can withstand drops to the floor. I would highly recommend this to anyone concerned with food safety.

    Posted on

    all refrigerators should have one, I mean all of them no matter the brand because even a few degrees off can sharply cut off the lifespan of food

    Posted on

    Does everything you'd expect. The case is sturdy, the temperature is accurate, and the peace of mind you get from the easily readable display makes it a great buy. I use them in all of my equipment to supplement the tiny alcohol thermometers that come in most equipment.

    from Bradleys Cheesesteaks & Hoagies Posted on

    a very accurate low priced thermometer to keep in coolers for monitoring temps or placing on refrigerator shelves for quick temp checks. but don't drop it, or it will not be trustworthy again

    from Heritage Fields Farm Posted on

    2" Refrigerator / Freezer Dial Thermometer NSF Listed #913TMTRF2 hight traffic less efficient freezers need a non digital meter to lower spoilage rates and waste

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    Great product. We use it in our walk in refrigerator,, freezer, and ice cream dipping cabinet. A must have to make sure all is at a proper temperatures for food safety. Awesome price and NSF listed.

    from Creamland Food & Ice Cream LLC Posted on

    These are a great size and it is convenient that you can hook them on wire shelving in your walk-in, refrigerator or freezer. They are easy to read.

    from Open Range Coffee & Cafe LLC Posted on

    Good product to have around and for this price, it's hard to buy a few! I like the simplicity of the design but more importantly, it does exactly what you need it to.

    Posted on

    The price is right for these simple easy to use fridge thermometers. We are required to have one in each reach in refrigerator. It's also nice that there are able to hang so that they don't take up shelf space.

    from Chick-fil-A Posted on

    This thermometer is just what the health department ordered! It's small and unobtrusive, which means it's perfect for our overfilled refrigerator. it works well for it's price tag

    Posted on

    These thermometers are great to use in both refridgerator and freezer units. They are very accurate and easy to read. You can place them almost anywhere depending on the machine.

    Posted on

    Works well, just make sure you position it right in the middle of your fridge rack and in a place where you can see it. Inexpensive and effective.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    held for the health department as requests to + - 2 degrees. We have on in all of our prep areas that need to hold their refrigeration.

    from Eastern Managment Sports Posted on

    We have used the 2" Refrigerator Freezer Thermometers in our coolers and freezers for quite some time and they are reliable and an excellent product.

    from Cramer Enterprises Posted on

    By far the best price on the market. As low as half the cost of other retailers online and locally. These can fit almost anywhere.

    from Kach LLC Posted on

    This refrigerator/ freezer thermometer works great, even in a residential refrigeration unit. The top hook fits perfectly on the rack and stays put. The large numbers are easier to read at a glance. NSF Certified always a plus!

    from Little Bear Baked Goods Posted on

    My fridge was giving me some problems so I ordered two of these. One so that I could monitor the refrigerator and the 2nd so that I could monitor the freezer compartment. When they arrived I placed them both side by side on the counter and noticed there was a 6 degree discrepancy in the readings. I decided that for the price it was no big deal and would suit my needs.

    Posted on

    Thermometer number 1 in fridge to monitor temp. It sits nicely on the shelf and is easy to read.

    This 2" Refrigerator / Freezer Dial Thermometer is stainless steel and sturdy and is NSF listed. I has a range of -20 to 70 degrees and has a thaw indicator as well. This item is a must have for any restaurant where accuracy is paramount to meeting critical standards for food storage and safely. . It can stand on its own, or be hung by the hook at the top and is just the right size.

    from Russ H. Posted on

    These thermometers are the perfect size for any style refrigerator or freezer they are easy to place and clear to read when needed love them

    from Brookies Posted on

    we have a sandwich shop with several refridgerators and freezers..we have these in all the boxes the health dept requires them and we do love the health dept...l.o.l.

    from the bean bar Posted on

    This freezer thermometer stays in our freezer and can be trusted. It is a good size and hangs nicely on a shelf. It is good quality.

    Posted on

    These things work great to keep your fridge or freezer. Health inspectors love seeing them. Can't beat the price on Webstaurantstore either. Has been very accurate for us.

    from Toni's Depot Posted on

    great item to confirm your refrigerator is maintaining it temperature readings in all areas and shelf levels. also necessary item for food inspectors to confirm you equipment is working at proper levels.

    from Chad Fenner Posted on

    The freezer dial thermometer is very handy inside our cooler. The dial itself has a sleek look and its to read and note temperatures in our business.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    After researching lots of thermometers to find the best ratings, reviews, etc., I chose this one and it did not disappoint. Easy to read and durable.

    Posted on

    these are a must for refrigeration and freezer for inspector, and they work well. great for checking temp for transporting cold items in coolers as well.

    Posted on

    This thermometers are really good and the best part they have a good price. They are also very accurate, I use them on all my refrigerators in my shop.

    from The Coffee House Posted on

    Nice value for an essential item. I keep one in each fridge as well as my kegerator. For the small cost, it is a nice piece of mind to ensure my equipment is functioning correctly at a quick glance.

    Posted on

    We run an ice cream shop and the health department requires our fridge to be at the correct temperature for serving ice cream. Having this in our fridge let's us know if anything is off with the temperature

    from cone zone Posted on

    The item is just as listed. It works great and gives accurate readings. We will definitely be purchasing these again if we ever need more thermometers.

    from Don Luis Catering Posted on

    I have an older model fridge/freezer combo model that I bought used and it has a 'dial' thermometer read on the front of each side. Obviously, I didn't know to trust it, so I bought these because I've used them for years in restaurants and they work great. So far, these have worked fine for me, like always.

    from A Tasty Affair Posted on

    Clear display and a functional hook for hanging. These are exactly as advertised and time will tell how well they hold up to surrounding moisture. Purchased 6 of these and all were giving the same reading when they arrived.

    Posted on

    I love these little thermometers. They are a great size, perfectly reliable, and rather rugged. I use them in my coolers when I vend my frozen products. Easy to read, they make my life easier. Totally recommend for any application.

    Posted on

    We are required to have the thermometers and this one is great. Gives accurate reading of the temp in our display case and our refrigerator.

    from So Chocolate Posted on

    These thermometers have done a great job. We keep 2 thermometers in each area and these have been dead on accurate every time in every application.

    from Sbarro Pizzeria Posted on

    this thermometer has lots of things going for it. it's nsf and it's very accurate. it has a hanger on the back for the rack.

    Posted on

    Works great. Used it to calibrate an old oven. It is easy to read and easy to set or mount into the oven or refrigerator.

    from Local Alternative Inc. Posted on

    we bought 2 of it and leave one in our refrig and one in the chest freezer. it works perfect and help us to keep right temperature.

    Posted on

    This thermometer worked well, it was easy to use, easy to read, nice info on the dial (Freeze / thaw). it does not hang from certain kinds of racks however, but that is dependent on your situation.

    Posted on

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