Dial Oven Thermometer - NSF

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Take the guesswork out of cooking and baking with this dial oven thermometer! Constructed of stainless steel, it has a 2" analog display so you can clearly see the temperature inside your oven. For added convenience, this thermometer includes both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings and includes a temperature range of 50 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 260 degrees Celsius).

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Dial Oven Thermometer - NSF

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oven thermometer temperature great accurate dial works easy right read
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    These oven thermometers have been a great addition to my ovens, so I know that they are getting to the temp that they are reporting. I am glad for my purchase of these oven thermometers.
    These thermometers work great in my oven. They clip on the front of my oven racks with ease. They even look great with the class door closes. With these thermometers, I have found that my oven dial is off by abou 1/4 of a notch. Really not too bad and now that I know, it is easy to compensate for this.
    A must have to ensure your ovens are holding the correct temperature. Also is a good indication of when your oven might need to be recallibrated.
    Thermometer reads our oven temp accurately and it is a must have for every kitchen with low boys. Because those low boys tend to have off temperature in every unit. Unless you get the oven calibrated, this is a must have. Highly recommend it
    A necessary tool in baking that I never knew I needed! I learned about it in a cooking class and immediately looked it up here.
    The oven temperatures can vary from oven to oven, so this thermometer has saved me from burning many trays of cookies and baked goods. Easy to read and simple design.
    Great thermometer that works every time to give us an accurate temperature reading! Now our cookies are baking at the right temp! Seems like it will last awhile.
    This oven thermometer worked great for the price. Used it in a convection oven and proof box. It also has information regarding cooling times and temps which can be useful for many.
    This is a nice little oven thermometer. The numbers are a little bit smaller than some I have seen but it also gives the temperature for hot holding and roasts which is nice.
    This is a basic no frills oven thermometer that gets the job done with out doing in your wallet. it hangs from the oven, is fast and accurate, and is quite inexpensive it is even NSF certified.
    I have bought one to put inside my hot holding unit. It works great and thanks to it I am always sure that the temperature of food adheres to the HACCP codes.
    It is very inexpensive and works very well in the oven. It is very accurate and all you have to do is hang it on the rack to make sure the temperature in your oven is right
    This dial oven thermometer works great and is perfectly advertised. The dial is clear and the size makes it easy to read. I have been asked about it several times and the accuracy is spot on. I would recommend and will order a second thermometer for home.
    This dial thermometer is inexpensive and well made. It is durable, long lasting and highly accurate. I would recommend this to anyone needing an oven thermometer.
    This Dial Oven thermometer is great for calibrating the oven temperature. it has a small hook on the top to hang from the oven rack, It can read up to 500 degrees.
    This is a pretty nice thermometer for the oven that reads very fast and it's easy to read when it's in your oven you can hang it on the rack and make sure it's holding temperature right
    This oven thermometer is a great choice for any chef looking to made their oven cooking another level. It's great to test to see where your oven temperature really is!
    This dial oven thermometer works great and has a handy clip too! Highly recommend purchasing this it has lasted us a long time good quality for the price
    Nice readable front and works inside the oven and doesn't steam inside it has a lot of different helps with oven temperature and it is small enough not to get in the way of what you are cooking in your oven seems to be fairly accurate
    This is also very good to use in a warmer to keep the temperature on hold. never used it in an oven, but used in our display warmer
    I never trust the temperature of my oven as there are variables in ever oven so this gives me an accurate reading of my ovens temperature. Must have for all kitchens
    This was a must have for me ! I have a older oven and my French Macarons were not baking correctly. I would set it to 300 degrees and it would be 10-15 degrees under. so now that i have this thermometer i can adjust it to be at right at 300.
    I purchased this thermometer and the Taylor brand at the same time to compare. Both seemed fairly accurate. I liked the way this hung a little better than the Taylor brand.
    The Dial Oven Thermometer was a great find. It works really well, I had not a clue that my oven temperature was off. Good quality and price!
    A great oven thermometer for the price. Receive accurate readings from your oven with this exceptional thermometer. Just place the thermometer onto oven racks to receive current temps.
    Very accurate and easy to read in the oven. Really like how I can hang it and the hook is adjustable so that I can hang it where it is most convenient for me to see..
    This is an interesting gadget. I tried it out and it works great! But my oven is pretty accurate in temperature so not useful to me. But if you have an oven that you're not sure of degree then this is right for you!
    making sure your equipment is operating properly is really important, so using something like this dial oven thermometer is a great investment to make sure your oven is running at the right temperature.
    Simple oven thermostat works well, shatter proof glass sits on the oven rack or can be hung. Great price, good buy always know what the temperature in the oven is.
    I keep this thermometer in my oven to see if its accurate or not, the only complain i have is that the top hook does not have enough curve, im afraid to knock it down if i touch it a little
    Great deal on a nice little oven thermometer and keep an eye on them make sure that the thermostat is actually working I want a great price from the webstaurant.com
    A must have for your oven to properly check your temperature is to make sure your oven is running correctly that way you always know the right temp to have your pies and various goods
    This is a good dial thermometer. I use this inside a meat smoker during cooking. It is an accurate and durable thermometer. I would recommend it.
    Dial Oven Thermometer - NSF #913THOV20 my oven home oven that is has long since become unreliable at keeping proper temp metering so having this nondigital representation is a good safety step
    this is easy to read hang any where u what. I like that it has the meats on it that help to teach beginner cooks.
    A nice sturdy thermometer that is easy to read. I have one in each of my dual oven. Seems like it will hold up to the heavy use. Helps make sure the temperature is accurate.
    This is a very accurate and very reliable oven thermometer. I've tested it against a digital probe type k-thermocouple and its temperature always matches within 2 degrees. The dial is nice and clear and very easy to read.
    One of the best investments for my home baking hobby. My gas controlled tiny baking oven without a temperature readout or alert function to notify the temperature of the oven needed these oven thermometers to help me gauge the approximate temperature of the oven. I have two of these one on either of the two racks and helps me gauge when the whole oven is at the right temperature. The glass face is sturdy even after a year of abuse by me knocking them around in the oven and the hook or the stand makes it possible for me to hang them on the rack or just place them on the rack. Definitely a good investment even if your oven is high tech.
    checked all my oven with this and it is spot on. knowing that the temp is right makes cooking easy and consistent. just put in the oven and forget it.
    Works well, just make sure you position it right in the middle of your oven and in a place where you can see it. Inexpensive and effective.
    The dial oven thermometer went great in my new, yet used oven. I was unsure of the temperature settings but I have been assured with this thermometer.
    Great economical oven thermometer. I have one in each oven at work, and they all seem very reliable. Easy to read from a short distance as well.
    This is a really nice dial oven thermometer. It works very well and is made of good quality. No issues with it to date. I would recommend this product.
    I like to keep this dial oven thermometer in our oven at all times because it confirms that they are running at the correct temperature.
    Works as intend. I have tested it with a few ovens and outdoor grills and the temperature is right now. It can hang from something or sit on the base of the oven to get an accurate reading.
    We have 2 ovens and use these. So far they have worked well. My only complaint is that I have to move it around when loading and unloading since my oven is small
    These are nice oven thermometers. They are holding up really well for us. We have them in all of our ovens. They are pretty easy to read and do the trick.
    The reading is fairly accurate but this doesn't get secured in place in the oven. Hanger is probably too short so it often falls when inserting something in the oven.
    These dial oven thermometers are ok, they do the job but are not the quality i was expecting. They appear to give a fairly accurate temp, enough for what we do.
    this is a great basic thermometer! my oven is a not one of the new ones and I was having difficulty adjusting the heat. This thermometer is a life saver.
    Great thermometer! Basic, but great. We use it all the time and it's very quick and accurate. It's easy to clean and I believe it's a must have in every kitchen.
    We love this thermometer! It is easy to read and very accurate! I would highly recommend this to anyone that needs an oven thermometer. It is very good quality.
    Great little thermometer that has useful info printed on it like safe temp to hold foods warm., broil temp etc, takes the guess work out when following recipes for consistent results. . just remember to let it cool, or wear mits to take it out after using, ouch!!
    This thermometer does a good job of confirming the temperature and it did not discolor from the oven heat like some other ones we have had. The only thing I don't like about it, is that the hook on the top is so small that it easily falls off of the rack we hang it from. We usually have to re-hang it a couple of times per day!
    Easiest way to check at a glance to make sure the holding containers or the oven is up to the correct temperature. This way I can make sure my holding containers are keeping a safe temperature.
    This thermometer has been hugely helpful for making sure my temperature stays consistent and my goods are baked well and through. A very useful tool for bakers.
    Is very easy to use, just put it in the oven and wait! Now I know why it always take me longer than the time on the recipe!
    This oven thermometer works great and helps to provide insight on my oven temperature. I love having the option to hang or have the thermometer stand on the rack.
    This dial oven thermometer is great! Now I can bake all my pastries at the perfect temperature which gives an even bake. It hangs easily on the oven rack too
    As a baker, we all know there are really a few things which can help you be successful. We all have those recipes which have been passed down over the years, or that go-to recipe for heavenly cupcakes. Aside from your recipe, the use of quality ingredients the most important factor is heat. Shortly after a fresh batch of cupcakes using a known go-to recipe I noticed something was off. Being in a new location with a new oven I was perplexed. I hadn't changed attitude nor am I baking in an igloo so I knew the issue was the oven. This lead me to purchasing two of these oven thermometers. Why two, because often calibration is off with some manufacturers. But this wasn't the case here. I placed both in the oven, one in the middle and the other in front on the middle rack. Both showed the identical reading. However, I set my oven to 350F and found the gauges both to read ~340F. So, I turned off the oven, let it cool down and reset the temp to 360F. After about 20 minutes of pre-heating, the gauges showed 350F. The outstanding price for these gauges prevented me from wasting money on ingredients due to poorly baked goods. I highly recommend purchasing at least one, if not two. To all you bakers, have you ever had to rotate your cupcakes? With these two thermometers I realized while my oven is off by 10 degrees, I don't have the hot spots causing uneven baking. Read Less Read More
    pretty much does what it says, good at keeping a check on actual temperature of your oven or checking temp of hot boxes as well.
    Great thermometer for your oven to have in it. Have two an has worked just fine since the day i bought them for each of my ovens.
    Our home oven bakes too hot. I got this cause I was frustrated with having to fiddle with temos not knowing what the actaul temp was. I hang it in the middle and center of the rack and it is easy enough to read through the glass of the oven. Enjoy hwving it
    This dial oven thermometer is perfect for any food service establishment. I bought one for my gas range. The health department requires it and they are very satisfied with mine. It is very solidly built and has been working for me without issue for a while now. My gas range can run hot at times so its nice to be able to look at the thermometer to make sure the temperature in the oven is perfect. I like the ability to hang it with the little hook on the top. It keeps it out of the way. Based on price, quality and performance I recommend this thermometers.
    So many home ovens are not calibrated correctly causing poor results. This tiny tool is all you need to make sure you're baking at the right temperature.
    accurate inexpensive placed in all ovens. have reordered when broken fom accidents. relialbe hangs from oven shelves. keep as high position as possible to avois breakage
    Great for the oven to make sure our pies are baked at the precise temperature, really simple to read and cleans up with no hassle, buy one today.
    These are basically the counterpart to the refrigerator/freezer thermometer. And now I can say that I have multiple of both and they work great. They read quickly and you can sit them or hang them, whichever works best for you. Unbeatable price.
    It is an oven thermometer, so it does it's job. If your oven doesn't have clear glass doors to look in, then it is harder to know the temperature.
    Don't trust your oven's thermometer, chances are it's lying to you. With the Oven Thermometer Dial NSF you can be assured that the temperature you need is the temperature you receive.
    My ovens are crazy! The temperature varies greatly between the top and bottom (and from day to day). The oven thermometers are a great affordable way for myself and my bakers to stay on top of it. No more burned cake hooray!
    Quit working after 2 weeks. Never was dropped and was never place in the ovens if the temperature was higher than suggested. They look great but they are also very hard to keep clean.
    Thank you for your review! This thermometer is a great value and has many positive reviews. A Customer Solutions representative will be in contact about the defective thermometer. If you are looking for an alternative, the Taylor 3506 oven thermometer is another great option.
    Our oven temp always varies and our last thermometer broke (purchased on Amaz.on a year ago). We wanted something cheap that works and this is the one!
    Especially for baking delicate cakes and French macarons, it's CRUCIAL to know that your oven is actually at the temperature it should be. I've used new, state-of-the-art ovens at friend's houses bringing along my own thermometers, and even those do not match what we set the temperature to. Thus it's not just an issue of old ovens being the problem. These thermometers are great for always knowing the real temperature of your oven. At this price, I even recommend buying and putting several in your oven since they can have hot spots.
    So cheap! I bought this to be sure my oven is the correct temperature. I make macarons and sometimes they take a longer than usual. This handy tool takes the guess work out. thanks
    These are great for calibrating ovens and making sure they work properly. Easy to read and even easier to hook onto an existing oven rack.
    I bought these to replace ones I bought elsewhere because these numbers are larger and much easier to read. I recommend these thermometers and would buy again.
    Basic oven thermometer. It quickly reacts to temperature and is accurate. It can't be permanently left in the oven because the lettering will burn off at high temps.
    Very nice looking and heavy duty great for any oven whether in the home or food vending business a must have to keep track of temp in the oven. Not cheap looking at all!
    i have no complain about this over thermometer what so ever. It is a product that works great but for a cheaper price in the market.
    Use in my mobile commercial kitchen trailer. It was a small price to pay for the peace of mind that my temperature is what it should be. Very satisfied, works well. Recommend highly. Also the refrigerator and freezer one as well.
    This oven thermometer is helpful for checking your ovens and making sure the internal thermostat is working correctly. For hot pizza / bread ovens, will not hold up however.
    This is an awesome thermometer. I paid much higher price for far less quality years ago for one that was lost during a move. This is right on point accurate and we tested it not only on our oven, but on several friends ovens comparing thermometers they had been using against this one. Also by using an infrared laser thermometer we tested the results. In every test this Oven Thermometer was the most accurate of all the other thermometers my friends purchased in various retail stores. Webstaurant has the highest quality products at the lowest price and I test that statement often and have not been disappointed yet!!
    This thermometer is accurate, but it just does not stay in the oven. I tried to secure it in various way, but it falls out every time I open the door. Bummer.
    Thank you for your review! We're sorry you did not like this product. Please contact our Customer Solutions team if you have questions or if you would like product recommendations.
    Just like the Freezer / refrigerator version of the same model, this is accurate and performs well. We keep a couple extra around as we find they don't break that easy but they can dirty up in the oven after significant use.
    Great value! This inexpensive items is worth 5 times the money. I found out why my breads were coming out burnt - my oven was 20 degrees hotter that it was supposed to be. It's a great tool in my kitchen!
    Well Made, like everything I've purchased here. Heavy, smooth, and as far as I can tell, quite accurate. I especially appreciate the guidance printed on the face concerning what Temperatures are appropriate for different purposes.
    I did not prefer the printing on the dial, but a highly functional thermometer nonetheless. It has some kind of clip on the top, not a catch for hanging it from a rack.
    Sits right on a shelf in the oven, and have gotten accurate readings (I can tell because it's corrected the temps when we changed over to new ovens that were not heating properly). Passes Dept of Ag inspection!
    Excellent oven thermometer, and is very accurate. Definitely a necessity for restaurants to meet food code requirements, and very well priced - get a few!

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