2" Stainless Steel Dial Grill Thermometer - NSF

Item #: 913THGT20

This dial grill thermometer is designed to indicate when your grill is at the perfect temperature for grilling and searing. It is 2" wide with easy-to-read numbers, and has a temperature range of 150 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. To use, place the thermometer directly on your grill or griddle. This dial thermometer can be easily lifted off the grill with tongs or a spatula.

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2" Stainless Steel Dial Grill Thermometer - NSF

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grill thermometer temperature great temp flat top easy works dial
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    We use this to measure the temp of our flattop grills. Easy to read and great quality . The price is just amazing. Love it and will buy more
    Got this to double check the built in thermometer in my outdoor smoker. Also using it to determine hot spots and combat drying out the meats.
    Good looking grill thermometer that works well on any flat surface such as skillets or flat bottomed woks. Takes a while to heat up, but gives a good indicator of temperature.
    The 2" Dial Grill Thermometer is a very high quality made and unique type of thermometer for that niche but often used grill, flat top, frying pan or baking sheet cooking that is a part of so many meals or desserts. The build quality is very obvious from when you first open the package. It has a nice heavy weight feel to it. The Temperature range is very large and fitting to its intended purpose of grill use. As far as I've double checked thus far via an IR Thermometer, it seems accurate. My only negative would be that is seems to be a bit slow to adjust but that isn't a big issue for me.
    Perfect grill thermometer i really like it, works perfect for every grill to control your temperature, its amazing what you can do with this thermometer
    These work great, but get dirty extremely fast and are a little hard to clean the grease off of at the end of a shift on a hot flat top all day.
    Want to get that perfect temperature reading on your flat top grille? Then I suggest giving this inexpensive but great thermometer a buy. Simply place in on the flat top for temp control. Easy to clean
    Works great either on the grill inside or out, laying on a baking sheet in the oven or even in your frying pan to check temp before searing meat.
    These are nice to check the temperature on your flat top. Just chase them around with the spatula or tongs to check different areas. This is really helpful when training up new cooks, so they know that they have their surface at the right temperature. I also bought one for my bbq grill at home and one as a gift for a friend.
    The 2" Dial Grill Thermometer has a nice weight to it and like another user said, no more guessing where the hotspots on your grill are! Excellent deal for the cost.
    The 2" Dial Grill Thermometer holds up well to the heat and it is hard to shatter. It is highly accurate in temperature and low cost on Webstaurant.
    High quality for the money: we use these on flattops and smokers. Haven't managed to shatter one yet. Hard to find item at a great price.
    Good and very handy product. It can be moved around easily at different places. I will buy few more as its very useful to check temp. Well worth the price there should not be no reason to get comments from the Health inspector for not having temp sensor at critical spots. Raaga Chef
    Purchased this thermometer for gauging our grill temps. The thermometer is very accurate and will take up very little space on the flat top grill. It can be a little difficult to clean at times.
    great little thermometer. Works good and easy to read on top of the griddle. No more guessing about what temperature might be or how close. Slides out of the way easy or pick it up with something so you won't get burned.
    This dial grill thermometer is great for controlling the grill temperature during your bbqs. Your guests will be impressed as they try your perfectly cooked meats.
    This gadget was new to me. It has helped me make sure my cast iron is hot enough before I try to sear my steaks. Apparently my phone was not getting nearly as hot as I had thought in the past. This is a great product. My only warning is to be careful because the wires on the sides do get very hot.
    I love this thing now that I have it I don't know how I lived without it you throw it on your flat top on your grill you know exactly what temperature is you don't have to sit there and guess where your hot spots are
    This is a really nice 2 inch tile grout thermometer I did it on my flattop to take temperatures to make sure it's running right and we have it at the right temperature to cook that food at good-quality good price
    Good quality thermometer. It can definitely stand up to high temperatures. We use one on our griddle as well. No issues so far with either.
    These are good just to make sure that your grill is actually cooking off at the temperature that you knobs state they are. Try to keep it clean though because you don't want to cross contaminate with a thermometer. Great product though and handy to have from Webstaurantstore.com.
    This thermometer has an accurate reading but no probe. We used the dial grill thermometer to attach to the face of a smoker. I worked just fine. i would recommend as a replacement piece for a grill
    Sits right on top of a grill to give an indication of the temperature range you're hitting. I prefer infrared, but this works on flat grills.
    Great value for the price. Good for calibrating a flat top. Takes a while for the thermo to actully get to the correct temp but really good price.
    My chef really likes this. We had some issues with our grill temperatures, but in utilizing this thermometer we were able to determine that our flattop grill was not calibrated correctly. We also determined that one of the ovens in our double stack was actually lower than it should have been. This is a really effective and necessary thing to have.
    I needed this to test our pizza oven because it went to a higher temp. Works good- oven doesn't. I just put it on aplate and ran it through the oven. Good, easy to read dial.
    I purchased this as verification that my ovens are holding temp. It appears to function well and syncs up with the set oven temp. I would buy again as need arises.
    Got this item a month ago. Have used this therm multiple times and am happy with the quality of the item. I will purchase again when the time comes
    I got this for my husband since he fried our cheaper one in the grill. Easy to read and works as it claims to on the grill.
    A very reasonably priced thermometer for checking the surface of a griddle. it takes a bit of time for the thermometer to react, but it works. Can't beat the price on it.
    Love this thing! It is very heavy so it makes great contact with the grill. It responds quite fast and is easy to move arounf with tongs or spatula, it is also very easy to read.
    This thermometer is the greatest!! I use it often to check grill temperature for cooking meats. It also helps when you think your grill is on its way out, to see where your at for the temp. A handy gadget to have.
    I was really, really hoping that this would work better than it does. Not that it doesn't accurately tell you the temp, because I'm sure that it does, but the problem lies within the -time-. This thing takes FOREVER to read the temp. And that just isn't acceptable when you're trying to calibrate your flat top. Disappointed.
    Thank you for your review! This thermometer is a great value, but we're sorry to hear it was disappointing - please feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Representative. The Taylor 3506 oven thermometer is another option with many positive reviews.
    this product is very well built and sturdy, keeps accurate temperature and i use it in my ovens to check temperatures. for the price it worth it. easy to read and keep clean
    I bought 4 of these thermometers to calibrate the 48" griddle i refurbished. i replaced the 4 thermostats on the griddle with new ones and converted from Natural Gas to LPG. I placed the grill thermometers over the thermostats in the griddle plate and they worked very well. i was able to dial in the thermostats because LPG burns hotter than Natural Gas. I now use them to make sure the griddle plate is up to temp before cooking and watch for griddle creep. They are very durable as well.
    This is a decent thermometer for grills. It is easy to attach and is very accurate. Nice large range of temperature readings. Great for ovens too.
    Great grill thermometer! Very large dial face makes it easier to read!! Great tool for preheating the grill to the proper temperature!! Easy to calibrate!!
    Wonderful small thermometer that can be easily slid to any part of your grill surface to get a temperature reading. It is well made to last.
    Grilling has a little guess work to it for me. This thermometer is right on target and takes the guess work out of grilling. Works very well and allows me to keep that right temperature. Great product. Would recommend.
    They work great while they last, but it's a good thing they're cheap... Keep a couple of back-ups around. After a few months of regular use the needle sticks (always makes me frantic trying to figure out what's wrong with my grill), giving you a false reading. Good while they last, though.
    I cant believe how inexpensive these are! heavy duty and works great! just put it on the grill and no more guessing if the grill is hot enough. perfect!
    I've never seen a Grill-Top Thermometer this nice ! Ones I've used in the past were very lightweight - it took little to dislodge them. After just one or two Grilling sessions their faces would darken and be unreadable. Junk. And they weren't cheap ! This rugged instrument weighs 5 Ounces - which is a lot. And including the handy placement hooks it's over an inch high ! Would buy again - though I doubt I'll need to !

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