1 3/4" Frothing Thermometer

Item #: 913THFR17

Measure frothed milk and hot beverage temperatures to perfection with this 1 3/4" diameter frothing dial thermometer! With an easy-grip clip that attaches to the side of a frothing cup, and a clearly-marked 30 to 220 degree Fahrenheit temperature gauge to ensure accuracy, this thermometer can be used to make sure your frothed milk is the perfect temperature for your lattes, chai teas, London Fogs, and other hot frothed beverages!

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1 3/4" Frothing Thermometer

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    I purchase this thermometer for my soaping business. I found it to be okay. I would have liked it to go up to a higher temp and maybe a longer stem.

    from Hijose, Inc. Posted on

    These work quickly and we're glad to have them at our restaurant for our espresso service. You get what you pay for, and every 'holder' on the stem has fallen off the product (most within the first week of use). The best part about these is that they can be run through the dishwasher which is wonderful for sanitation etc. We purchased [6] in January and only one has completely crapped out on us and had to be thrown away.

    from AZ Catering & Event Planning Posted on

    This thermometer is really good. I had another brand one at home. To compare this new one and my old one, I put two of them into same cup of hot water at same time. The new one showed the final temperature much faster than my old one.

    from YVONNE Posted on

    This is the thermometer you want in all of your steaming pitchers for steaming milk with your espresso machine. Easy to calibrate, easy to read, and designed specifically for milk with the clip for your stainless steel pitcher. Buy one for each pitcher. To calibrate it, fill a glass with ice and then water. The water should be exactly 32 degrees. Use pliers to turn the nut under the thermometer until the reading says 32 degrees. You don't have to calibrate it often, but you should test it every couple months just to make sure it's still accurate.

    Posted on

    We use these constantly at our coffee shop. The accuracy holds up to hundreds of uses a day for months on end. For the amazingly low price, its easy to just order news ones when the old ones have outlasted their lifespan. The clips can become bent/damaged, but can easily be bent back into usable shape.

    Posted on

    Clips tight on pitchers, large dial is very easy to read

    This is an awesome frothing thermometer! I use it for my casseroles and for my homemade soups! It's very consistent and updates degree every second.

    Posted on

    A simple frothing thermometer that gets the job done (and easily). It has a long enough wand / stem to reach in almost any glass and the temperature is spot on which makes making drinks easy! Easy to wipe off and small enough to store in any drawer or cabinet.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    Love this thermometer! It is very easy to read and has the froth and scald for steaming the milk. The metal clip is great keeps the thermometer in place and overall works wonderfully. Is a definate must buy!

    from Java Corner Posted on

    This thermometer worked perfectly! It provides accurate measurements. My previous thermometer was marred on the top so it was hard to read measurements. This one was great!

    Posted on

    The face of this thermometer is large and easy to see. The markers are helpful, indicating the appropriate temperature range for frothing milk. The only thing I would change, is to make the stem just a little longer. If I'm making a small drink, I have to watch to make sure the stem is actually in the milk. The clip is very convenient. Overall, a great thermometer.

    from Julie's Cafe, Ltd. Posted on

    Easy to read

    Our backup frothing thermometer but great quality nine the less and a great price as well. We will be getting a few more soon from webstaurant.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    These frothing thermometers work great. Accurate and easy to clean. They work great with the 33 ounce frothing pitcher. A great addition to our home coffee station. :)

    from Lily Lane Embroidery Posted on

    Love these ! We use these and break them all the time. But who cares they don't cost anything compared to the others that are the same thing

    Posted on

    1 3/4" Frothing Thermometer #913THFR17 as a brew and wine maker these hang on side froth therm help you keep your dial out of the brew while keeping up with the mating process

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    A great little gadget to measure the temperature of the milk being steamed. The marking are clear and indicative of when the milk is frothed and when it is scaled. The probe is long enough for use in large pitchers and small ones as well. The clip on might be a hassle sometimes in holding the frothing pitcher comfortable with the steaming wand.

    Posted on

    This frothing thermometer works awesome! Just keep in mind that it reads a little bit behind. I think one of the biggest mistakes that people make is scorching the milk so I make sure my employees use this every time.

    from The Homestead Posted on

    This product meets my business needs. It's the perfect size for smaller frothing pitchers. It cleans up easily and seems like it will last a long time.

    from The Bean Tap Posted on

    When you operate a coffee shop and stretch your own milk good thermometers are a must for consistency. These work great and are a tremendous value.

    from Gramma Brauns Hometown Market Posted on

    The price is unbeatable, works great. I get accurate reading and my frothed milk turns out just the right temperature. I like that the clip is adjustable. My frothing pitcher is kind of short so it was nice to be able to slide down the clip and attach it.

    Posted on

    This is a helpful addition to our coffe house this 1 3/4 frothing thermometer is easy to read large numbers cleans up easy we have a few of them very handy

    Posted on

    Larger than I realized. But not a bad thing. Very easy to read and the clip is continent for frothing pitcher. You will probably need to calibrate but that's pretty easy to do.

    from Turntable Cafe Posted on

    perfect little thermometer. it isnt so big that you cant see the foam, but it is clearly visible. the levels of where to heat to are nice to have(140-160 for latte etc)

    Posted on

    Great thermometer for steaming milk, accurate, easy to calibrate. The large dial face makes for quick & easy temperature reading. We use with many sizes of steaming pitchers, very happy with this product.

    from Bada Bean Posted on

    These awful thermometers have been the bane of my existence since I purchased them. They didn't come well calibrated. I had to take them off their clip to calibrate, and once you take them off the clip it will slide right out if you put the clip back on, so then you have a loose thermometer rolling around in your cup while you're steaming. They're completely unusable in the larger steam cups without the clip. They become uncalibrated every few days so watch out for getting really weird temperature readings. Like 200 degrees for a cup of milk I just got out of the fridge, after calibrating the thermometer the day before. Do yourself a favor and buy frothing thermometers from espresso parts or a different company that caters exclusively to coffee shops.

    from Oxford Coffee Co. Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Robert. We wish this thermometer would have worked out better for you! We recommend trying Taylor's 5997E 2" Cappuccino Frothing Thermometer instead!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This thermometer constantly needs to be calibrated. I've done it a few times a day and it's still not reading accurate after an hour or so. Will purchase another brand next time.

    Posted on

    Thank you for reviewing this thermometer, Nancy! We're very sorry it didn't work for you. We suggest trying this Taylor 5997E 2" Cappuccino Frothing Thermometer instead!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    The 1 3/4 " Frothing Thermometer is perfect for the 33 Oz frothing pitcher. It seems to be right on the mark with temp and hangs just right on the side of the pitcher.

    from Cafe roasters Posted on

    While this is a basic accessory to any coffee house, this thermometer is the perfect size to accurately determine the temperature in your frothing pitcher.

    from Cobleskill Auxiliary Services Posted on

    This thermometer takes very accurate temperature for the perfect late. I use this to verify that I'm not I've doing my frothing of the milk.

    Posted on

    Our barista likes this frothing thermometer. It is handy to test the temperature of the steamed milk so it does not get too hot or to be not hot enough.

    Posted on

    This thermometer is pretty tall. There is clip attached on the back, so you can clip on to a frothing pitcher. It slowly reaction to the temperature, but Its a good quality.

    Posted on

    I started calibrating only to be pleasantly surprised to find that it came calibrated to within one degree right out of the package! Originally bought this to test milk warming on the stove for homemade lattes. I used it today to test the water temperature for yeast. It was slower to register than thermometers I've used at work (in a coffee shop). It will probably be perfect for a slow heat method like stove-warming.

    Posted on

    Some thermometers slip sideways when clipped on or attach at an angle that's difficult to read. I like these thermometers because the clip keeps it from wobbling about in your pitcher and the dial is large, making it easy to monitor temperature while heating.

    from By the Teaspoon, LLC Posted on

    Easy to read dial that stays put.

    Wish it read a little faster since by the time the milk is at the perfect temperature, the thermometer is still catching up to read the temp.

    Posted on

    For the price, this is a great frothing thermometer. It can take some time to register and customers can get impatient, but one is truly needed to make a great espresso drink or cappuccino. Recommend for the price!

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    1 3/4" frothing thermometer

    The art of cappuccino making is not an easy one, and without tools like this my workers would be generations behind. But thankfully we can use the Frothing Thermometer to gauge the temperature and make sure the customers don't burn their little lips.


    Easy to use and it seems to hold off on any moisture getting into the glass. A great buy. I haven't had to adjust the calibration and our coffee shop loves them.

    from breezy point international Posted on

    This is ideal for working in a coffee shop. You need to know the proper temperature in order to foam and serve proper drinks. And don't underestimate the two metal clamps. YOU NEED THEM or else the thermometer will be in the way of your steaming.

    Posted on

    We have actually had better luck with different thermometers, but for the price, this one is adequate. There are others out there that may last longer, but not for this price!

    from The Pearl LLC Posted on

    Love this product and works great when frothing. Its even handy for latte art if really needed. Easy to clean and the price is great as well?.

    from S & J Coffee LLC Posted on

    A solid item. Quick response and easy to adjust. I've been using them in my shops for quite some time now and haven't got a single complaint.

    from Kitty's Coffee Posted on

    You must know the temperature of the milk for all espresso drinks. This is a perfect thermometer for that need. Prices right. Works well. Looks good.

    from Big Eddy's Deck Bar Posted on

    No more guessing when it comes to milk temperatures! This thermometer clips right onto the frothing cups we use and the temperatures are very accurate.

    from GGWO Cafe Posted on

    Great thermometer! We use this thermometer for monitoring safe temps for foods that we prepare and keep in roasters and slow cookers. We've found these to be very reliable and in compliance with our health inspector's requirements.

    from Jefferson Country Store Posted on

    Best couple dollars you'll ever spend! The dial is extremely clear, and shows the zone where the milk is too hot. Clips to the cup and very easy to use.

    from The Mission Church Posted on

    Another dynamite accessory for my expresso machine. Affordable necessity to create those great lattes and cappuchinos that the customers demind. Price is right again as webstaurant comes through to meet my needs.

    from Stella's Cafe & Catering Posted on

    Ours still are accurate after two years of using, dropping and abuse! Do not submerge the heads underwater - a quick sterilization is best. I calibrate every month or so, but it hasn't really been necessary.

    from Lutheran Church Posted on

    This thermometer is perfect for making lattes. The temperature goes up and up until it reaches the froth zone. The meter is labeled red and says froth above the correct temps so you know when to turn off the steam.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    The thermometer attaches to the side and you know to turn off the steam once you're in the red forth zone.

    Happy to find this item. I use it for bulk yogurt making. It is easier to use than candy or fry thermometers that are more common.

    Posted on

    Making bulk yogurt. *waiting for temp to get between 105-115 f.

    This frothing thermometer is perfect for our cafe. We make all types of coffee drinks and need to froth the milks. This ensures that we don't burn any of our customers. It is very strong and the design is great as it clips on frothing pitcher.

    from Havana Nights Café & Bakery Inc. Posted on

    Steaming milk at a precise temp is very important and people do not realize that. This thermometer is accurate and fast and fits very well on my steaming pitcher

    Posted on

    Same exact unit that my local supplier wants more for. High quality, great price, quick shipping, can't ask for more. Thanks for the great deals for small businesses.

    from Espresso Rescue Posted on

    This thermometer is durable and the temperature reads quickly, and I like the way this thermometer clips to the side. Clear numbers and no twirling all over while frothing milk.

    Posted on

    This is a good thermometer to have when training employees how to make specialty coffee drinks. It easily attaches onto most containers and is easy to read.

    Posted on

    WE love these for our Lattes and Cappuccinos. they are easy to clean and are submersible. we bought 2 of them and will buy more

    from Mary M Morgan Posted on

    good thermometer, great deal and good price since my staff is forever throwing them away, I replace them two or three times a week.. works good and helps make a good cappuccino

    from Dishes At Home Posted on

    Fantastic thermometer! These are just perfect to monitor the temperature of our friolators and also helps us maintain the temperature for any intricately vegetables we cook.

    Posted on

    Glad I bought several of these thermometers. The dial is easy to read while steaming, but wish the clip was stronger/longer so I could pour with it on the pitcher.

    Posted on

    I bought one of this for my employee who made coffee for my restaurant. They said this is one of the best thermometer that got fast respond. I definitely buy more.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    For frothing latte and cappucino this thermometer has the quickest response of any I've ever used, and we've been in the coffee shop business for over 12 years.

    Posted on

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