6" Dial Candy Thermometer

Item #: 913THCF20D

Whether you're making sweet, hard ball candies or soft and chewy caramels, this candy thermometer will help ensure consistent results time after time. Specially designed for candy and deep fried items, this thermometer has a 2" wide dial with an easy-to-read gauge. To reduce guesswork, the face is labeled with the appropriate temperature ranges for hot holding, caramelizing, and deep frying with temperatures ranging from 100 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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6" Dial Candy Thermometer

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thermometer candy Great clip side accurate easy pot price temperature
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    This candy thermometer is great for candy making or for meringue buttercream that required temperature checking. For the price, I think it is worth it !
    bought this mainly cause of the price and to have a spare.i checked with my main unit and it was perfect temperature.i would buy this again.
    Nice candy thermometer for the money. I use them to maintain TCS in hot holding containers and they work great. If I was making candy, I might spring for something a little nicer.
    This 6" Thermometer works great for measuring liquid! The extra long length allows me to drive deeper into the pot than most thermometers, I also like the little clip on the side which makes it easy to attach to the pot to keep track of temperature.
    Gets the job done! So far, it's been accurate within 2 or 3 degrees compared to my thermapen. The construction seems solid, and the clip is super helpful.
    Made candy apples with this guy and they came out great. Can't wait to make more they were so perfect everyone loved them. I would recommend.
    This is a simple but accurate thermometer. I use it on determining the internal temp of meats and chickens but it is also great for calibrating the temp on your oven. Every so often I notice that my foods are cooking somewhat less evenly and this thermometer helps me fix the issue.
    I use this thermometer as a backup to my fancy digital thermometer. It is very accurate. It is a good product at a great price.
    It is one of the greatest buy from Webstaurant.com I use the thermometer when frying and it work great. My deep fryer doesn't have temp control so I really like it. Very accurate.
    Awesome candy thermometer. Attached clip angles thermometer into the middle of the pot instead of right near the side. Nice large dial, making it easy to read. Good value.
    I use my candy thermometer when am heating my isomalt,and it helps alot to achieve the desired temperature,it's glass screen is big enough and makes it so visible. And with the hook attached to the pan doesn't slip or slide .
    Great little candy Thermometer. We use it to test the temp of our chocolate for dipping our waffle cones. Works perfectly every time. Length is good for deep warmers.
    We use this in our deep fryers on the food truck so we know when the oil is ready and also monitor its temp duri g food service.
    The 6" Dial Candy Thermometer is reliable and highly accurate. It is inexpensive and well made. It hangs freely on the side of any pot.
    First rate thermometer that works with a wide range of functional pot depths, without contacting the sides. Way better than the glass bulb types as you can leave it in the oil all the time and not have to worry about it breaking.
    This thing is perfect for frying! It'll teach you exactly what temperature you are at, meaning you are less likely to burn and destroy food!
    Really good 6 inches dial candy thermometer it has a nice long shaft on it I really like the clip on the side to clip it on the pot in the little adjustable marker on the side to set where you want your candy temperature to reach
    Although description says it's for candy, I use it for water temp for tea as well. More sturdy ham stick glass thermometers which break too easily .
    Not very happy with the quaility of this termometer. The thermometer didn't work after the first use, I ended up burning a few batches of sugar because the temp was totally off. I would not reccommend buying this product.
    Thank you for your review, Karen! We are sorry this thermometer broke already; a Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this shortly!
    It works. Fits well onto the side of my dutch oven which I use for frying. The clip is convenient, and the little blue dial can be adjusted to let you know when the cooking medium has reached your desired temperature.
    A candy thermometer is a must have when making swiss or Italian meringue icing. This one does a great job and the clip hold it in place nicely.
    Thermometer is a must for any kitchen. No more questing about the food temperature. This item is easy to clean and store. Very accurate item at a very small price.
    Loved the clip on the side that helped keep the thermometer just where it needed to be. Was essential for candy making and a variety of other confectionary tasks.
    Excellent quality candy thermomemeter, it's very convenient to have it clipped on the side of pots for cooking sauces and gravys. I recommend it to all caterers.
    This item is a large easy to read. I love the clip on the side. It is easy to clip onto my pot as I can read the large display as I make caramel or hard candy with no second guess to when or not to take off the heat. It also has little guide points on the display. For items you might not be sure about.
    Excellent quality candy thermometer. The addition of the little marker on top makes it easy to remember the desired temperature for the candies you're making. Well worth the money!
    Finding you get what you pay for when it comes to thermometers. If you are using it regularly I would recommend a higher quality unit. If this is for the occasional holiday candy it should suit most users needs.
    This thermometer is decent. Feels a bit cheap and I honestly don't think it will last a very long time. The metal clip feels chintzy...it just doesn't have that much clamping force. The glass on the face of it seems like it will break in short order if an accident occurs. I will say though that it's easy to read and functions well. And it's accurate...I tested it by boiling some water which we all know boils at 212° Fahrenheit and it was spot on.
    first of all, amazing price! love that it can be attached to the side easily I use it pretty much every other day, and so far, its holding up well.
    This thermometer is true to its descriptions. It heated up to 350 degrees and more. The price is unbeatable and it is very easy to use and read. thumbs up
    its a thermometer, it works, but do not run the top part under water as i found out that the seals are not water proof
    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. Please remember our Customer Solutions team is there to help with any issues you have.
    Warning: misleading product description. Item description clearly states that this thermometer can re-calibrated and describes the process whereby you stick it in boiling water and use the difference between the reading and 212 degrees F to adjust. Well, here is the reality: there is no adjustment screw. You are just supposed to remember the difference and from then on adjust in your head all measurements you make. In my case, it read 200F in boiling water. So obviously, a few problems with this: 1) if I am frying in oil at 365F, what do I consider my drift? The 12F difference I observed at 212F or a proportionally larger gap? 2) what happens when it needs to be re-calibrated later? I am supposed to keep remembering a different number like all the darn PINS and website passwords? For an item I will be using once a month at best? Nope. This item is going back. Spend more but get something that can actually be adjusted to true temp. I am particularly peaked as the manufacturer deliberately set out to mislead with the bogus claim that this thermometer can be calibrated with that lame "process". Read Less Read More
    Thank you for the review! We're sorry this didn't work as you would have liked. Our Customer Solutions team was happy to get this resolved for you!
    This candy thermometer works perfectly. It is great for making terrific candy treats and so much more. I'm very happy to have purchased this necessary tool.
    6" Dial Candy Thermometer #913THCF20D we make syrups here and you need to heat your bath just like with candy to make a thick syrup
    This candy thermometer is perfect for making candy and any type of Italian buttercream. It has a nice weight to it and is also very durable.
    This candy thermometer is the perfect size and it's impressively accurate. The pocket clip makes it accessible and the face is easy to read. Great buy.
    This thermometer has a 2" face which is very easy to read. It comes with a clip so you can attach it to the side of the pot you're using. The probe (stick) is very long and reaches almost to the bottom of a stainless steel candle pitcher.
    Works great for checking the temperature of my heated milk that I make yogurt or jam . My order arrived in three different groups in a different time that make it not so convenient.
    Well made and I expect it to last a long time. My first time owning one of these and really excited to give homemade marshmallow a try this year.
    You have no idea how many of them glass candy thermometer's I went through before I found these. I now have 3 of these just in case. But so far so good. Like that it clips to the side of the pan also. I hate holding it.
    A great price and a decent product. I've used this almost daily calibrating fryers, cooking sugar etc and it still works wonderful. We run it through our machine and it hasn't taken in any water.
    I am yet to use these, but I am sure they will do the job, ordered one first, then ordered two more for my soap making.
    Used this candy thermometer today when I was making a batch of candy apples. Just needed something basic and this exceeded my expectations and the apples came out great so it is certainly accurate.
    Great little thermometer for the price. I use it for making my candy and it is very accurate. It clips to the side of my pot and stays in place. This is a great purchase.
    I know it says candy thermometer, but It can also be used for deep frying. I check the thermometer using boiling water and it was right at 212F I was impressed. I often pan fry chicken and not all cooks can tell the temp of the oil without a thermometer and this tool is perfect. The price is amazing and I like the plastic dial cover because dropping it will not cause broken glass.
    This is an exceptionally nice thermometer for deep fat frying. The clip to hold it to the pot is very convenient, and the length of the thermometer works great with the seven quart fryer pot we bought here.
    I like this dial candy thermometer because it is not glass, and therefore I don't have to be quite as careful about accidental breakage. I make no-bake granola bars.
    The thermometer has a clip the hold it on the side of the pan, which is very helpful when stirring candy as it boils. Accurate & easy to clean.
    Good old fashioned thermometer. The dial is pretty fast considering it is bi stemmed metallic thermometer. The red metal arrow slides easily. Pretty simple thermometer.
    This is a great item at a great price. You really can't beat Webstaurant for quality items at great discount prices. This Candy Thermometer is no exception. I don't really have a high volume use or need for an expensive candy thermometer, but when I do make candy or need a candy thermometer, I want one that I can count on for reliability. This one fills the bill. It works great.
    I was so excited to purchase a ''real'' candy thermometer only to find out that I cannot trust it. I'm not very happy about it. I was using my old trusty one with it just to see if was reaching temp at the same time...it wasn't. I have yet to see this one go above 260 degrees. I need a good one for our brittle's and toffees. Do not buy this.
    Thank you for your review! A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact shortly. These thermometers are a great value, but if you are looking for an upgrade, try the Taylor 3505 TruTemp candy and deep fry thermometer instead!
    This is a great thermometer. I use it primarily when making caramel or also when heating oil for frying. I've never had any issues with it and the readings are accurate every time.
    Excellent Candy Thermometer; I often use it o measure oil temperatures whilst deep frying. Works as written; it was calibrated properly out of the box. Solid purchase, especially for the price.
    The thermometer is easy to read and has good markings and info about what temp is for what. This also clips easily to the side of the pot and stays put.
    This candy themometer really stay put and hang firm by the side of the pot without slide around,you don't ve to hold it and burn your hand with hot steam,best tool for meringue Swiss butter cream
    Perfect, easy-to-read, big numbers. The glass doesn't fog up and the little clip is a great way to keep the thermometer in place. Another great buy from Webstaurant Store. Also, I'm always amazed at how quickly my items arrive.
    I was needing a good candy thermometer and I got excited when I saw that this one was so cheap. I'm happy that I bought it because its turned out to be the best one I've ever owned!
    Easy to read, easy to use. You use to test the temp of our fryer oil. Can move the dial to where temp should always be at.
    Nice looking and functional candy thermometer at a great price. The clip is a little wobbly on the side of the pot, but the dial has a clean face and up to 400 degrees.
    The best thing about this thermometer is that the numbers are easy to read! The adjustable clip does get hot when in use because it sticks out.
    This is a great dial style candy thermometer!! Easy to read large dial face!! Nice clip on feature makes it easy to handle!! Works perfectly for sugar garnishes!!!
    A great thermometer to have for sugar. The clip on the side fits perfectly on any sauce pan. Its also very accurate too. Good deal.
    I bought this thermometer because I was tired of the glass one fogging up or getting covered with candy and I couldn't read the markings. Not the case with thiw one. It works great and has an adjustable clip so I can put it anywhere I need to and always read the gauge.
    This thermometer is a must for a candy making enthusiast. It works well and the price is cheap. Makes a great gift for someone who has everything.
    Great thermometer to have around the kitchen and very affordable - perfect for candy as it says, but also for any bakery items like breads. A necessity for restaurants (food code).

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